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What is your favorite cartoon of all time?

Question: This is about people choosing thier favorite cartoon of all time.
Created by: Fyrefly03 at 04:50:03 PM, Monday, May 08, 2000 EDT


well i love most of the cartoons..they all have a different story, that's why i like all of favourites are Daria, Tom and Jerry, Simpsons, South Park, looney toons, Scruffy, and more..

smitaJul 24 2000 7:22pm

wowie! lets all go jump off a cliff! smita wrote likes south park and the simpsons! but then that's the only decnet thing she likes...pitty...these plus points are kinda don't count since you have so many other sins...sorry mate...

moiJul 24 2000 7:22pm
i am very sorry about those little spelling errors...a lip of the finger i might add just incase crip_m2 happens to look. here let me re-write it for you guys: 'wowie! lets all go jump off a cliff! smita wrote that she likes south park and the simpsons! but then that's the only decent thing she like...pitty...these plus point kinda don't count since you appear to have a multitude of sins going against them...sorry mate...

moiJul 24 2000 7:22pm
where do you live moi? saint croix?

marvJul 24 2000 7:22pm
crazy people... Superfriends is the best... DUH!

AquamanJul 24 2000 7:22pm
What about the Care Bears?? They rocked!

Fuzzy NavelJul 24 2000 7:22pm
Sunshine Bear -- POO

Chicken BooJul 24 2000 7:22pm
I completely forgot about all the cartoons i used to watch! TMNT, the Transformers, Carebears and Jem are all poohot! Go the Pokemon and Daria and Hey!Arnold and Dragon Ball Z and yeah...i think ill go now...

Breastly MoogirlJul 24 2000 7:22pm
..couldn't was a tie..Smurfs! and Scooby-Doo!

NirVaNa ChiCkJul 24 2000 7:22pm
The Critic!!!! I love that cartoon, it?s funny!!!

DARYJul 24 2000 7:22pm
I will never understand why people put a choice in a poll more than once. Why are there three BLANK choices in this poll? I voted for a blank choice just because I could.

NeekoJun 12 2001 10:11am
Who likes Daria?Hey i've got an idea!Lets make a stupid cartoon about a bitch girl who hates everything and tries to be funny!i would wrather eat poison than watch that poo show.

JaredJun 29 2001 10:00pm
crap, i spelled rather wrong in my first comment, pay no attention to that.

JaredJun 29 2001 10:01pm
The best cartoon of all time? Rocky and Bullwinkle -- no contest.

Cardinal OneJan 10 2002 10:15pm
kid cartoons suck! only spongebob squarepants, simpsons, futurama, b&b, and king ofthe hill r ok.

BLONDLadyJul 13 2002 7:41pm
what about samurai jack????????? samurai jack is awesome.

TiNA_The_aNgElAug 12 2003 4:55pm
What about X-Men, bad ass mutants kicking ass, you cant beat that.

MattApr 14 2004 4:59pm
Bugs Bunny would be much higher if it wasn't there two times

Yeah dude!Sep 20 2004 12:51am
My Dad the rock star is the best fuckin show ever

GothicKatanaGurlChickMar 27 2005 10:39am

AnonymousMay 25 2006 2:52pm
I like SpongeBob SquarePants, especially the episode "The Bully" where Flatts wants to kick SpongeBob's butt.

Cedric J. LessigApr 19 2007 7:48am
You like that one, eh? How about I kick your butt, and see how you like that.

Flats FlounderApr 19 2007 7:49am
That's great. I want to die in my sleep, so can you put me on tranquilizers first?

Cedric J. LessigApr 19 2007 7:50am
Tranquilizers? Noooo way! I want you to suffer a painful death.

Flats FlounderApr 19 2007 7:51am
Okay, then I'll just say my prayer. After I die, I will wake up in a stress-free place.

Cedric J. LessigApr 19 2007 7:52am
Ced, don't do this! You're scaring me!

Carolyn LessigApr 19 2007 7:53am
What do you care? You don't even like me.

Cedric J. LessigApr 19 2007 7:54am
Cedric, you're my brother!

Carolyn LessigApr 19 2007 7:55am
And you get mad at me easily.

Cedric J. LessigApr 19 2007 7:56am
So now what? You're letting this big ol' fish beat you up?

Carolyn LessigApr 19 2007 7:57am
Anything is better than how I feel when you get angry at me.

Cedric J. LessigApr 19 2007 7:58am
Listen up, Flatts! You may not kick anyone's butt, you understand? Or you're getting an X!

Mrs. KochApr 19 2007 7:59am
And what's the X supposed to stand for?

Flats FlounderApr 19 2007 7:59am
That's for misconduct!

Mrs. KochApr 19 2007 8:00am
Can I take your order?

SquidwardApr 19 2007 8:01am
Yes. I would like a Krabby Patty with no tomatoes, pickles, or onions.

Cedric J. LessigApr 19 2007 8:02am

SquidwardApr 19 2007 8:02am
I don't like tomatoes, pickles, or onions. And you're funny when you get mad.

Cedric J. LessigApr 19 2007 8:03am

SquidwardApr 19 2007 8:04am
When my tear ducts kick in, I take any old tissue, and I cry.

SquidwardApr 19 2007 8:05am
Ignore the last comment. This is how "Four-Ply" goes. When my tear ducts give issue, I can't use just any tissue. I need four-ply, four-ply, four-ply when I cry.

SquidwardJan 18 2008 8:37pm

AudienceJan 18 2008 8:38pm
That's not Boys Who Cry!

PearlJan 18 2008 8:38pm
anyways, sorry to get back to the original topic but Thundar the Barbarian was my favorite half hour of Sat morning.

80s kidMar 28 2008 9:21pm
SPONGEBOB IS THE SHITTTTT! all those other shows suck ass. but spongebob rocks! my 19yr old uncle still watches spongebob so do i! :D

Minty -FUCK OFF STALKERS!Jun 16 2011 9:21pm
Hey arnold, rocket power nd rugrats nd looney tunes!!!!! (: but u kno rocket power was da poo!

ima ima MUTHAFUKIN MoNsta! (;Jul 14 2011 10:03am
well, id say tht there weren't much good choices or cartoons tht i didn't know wat da hell dey were but, id hav 2 say ren and stempy, they were sooooo kewl bac in 2005 lol im only 11 WAT DA HELL? u forgot forest gump and little rascals!!!! i hate u now! u forgot the classic old yeller too!!!

frenchgirl<3Oct 07 2012 9:34pm

mmmooorrrooonnnsssNov 14 2012 8:00pm
the REAL frenchgirl<3 [this other one stole my name, i originally had it before she was even born! and im 19, im from france, for real. bonjour merci, haute fait rendre hasard deux mille. jusque dépanneur c'est présentation moi?

RÉAL frenchgirl<3Nov 14 2012 8:03pm
Hey maddy

MephDec 11 2013 7:37pm
Hey Mephiles. ^_^

MaddyDec 12 2013 6:19pm
What's up

MephDec 12 2013 6:56pm
Hey! The sky's up. =3

Maddy oppDec 12 2013 7:15pm

MephDec 13 2013 4:30am
Hey? You oN at the MoMeNT?

MaddyDec 13 2013 3:43pm

MephDec 13 2013 6:55pm
Hey babe. (=

MaddyDec 13 2013 7:44pm
What's up?

MephDec 13 2013 7:51pm
Nothing. I've been busy studying. .-. Lol

MaddyDec 13 2013 7:54pm

BpDec 13 2013 7:55pm
あいうえお、かけくけこ、さしすせそ、たち Oh f*ck it. I hate the hiragana langage. Its hard! !Σ(×_×;)!

MaddyDec 13 2013 8:00pm

MaddyDec 13 2013 8:00pm

MephDec 13 2013 8:01pm
Haha I suck. d=

MaddyDec 13 2013 8:04pm
Beleave in yourself

MephDec 13 2013 8:06pm
Okay. .-. Are YOU Patty? Because if not I will beat your face in with a stick. X[)

MaddyDec 13 2013 8:08pm
No I'm not patty and I think she mean friend that is a girl

MephDec 13 2013 8:10pm
She said she's dating you. O.o

MaddyDec 13 2013 8:11pm
I'll text her see what she ment

MephDec 13 2013 8:12pm
Yeah she ment friend

MephDec 13 2013 8:15pm
Ohhh Kay she is creeping me out

MephDec 13 2013 8:35pm
Hey... I'm breaking up with you... :( But you're still my best friend and I love you. ^_^

MaddyDec 14 2013 6:37pm

MaddyDec 14 2013 6:45pm

MephDec 14 2013 7:18pm

MephDec 17 2013 5:26pm
I have been busy, Breyden is treating me like I'm invisible (it's normal), Hannah is growing up on me, my friends are mad at me, and they're all I have. .-.

MaddyDec 18 2013 6:47pm
My sis is all I have at home, though. ^_^ o_O

MaddyDec 18 2013 6:47pm
Oh wow

MephDec 18 2013 6:55pm
Why are you breaking up with me

MephDec 18 2013 6:55pm
.-. I think that with Breyden it's just my imagination. Stalk him on Facebook and don't mention me, okay? His name on Facebook is, "Breyden T Burns."

MaddyDec 18 2013 6:56pm
Because of Breyden... And I won't be on for only a little bit anyway. I've been busy because family is staying with us. .-.

MaddyDec 18 2013 6:57pm
I wanna stalk your Facebook!

MaddyDec 18 2013 6:58pm

MephDec 18 2013 6:58pm

MephDec 18 2013 6:58pm

MephDec 18 2013 7:00pm
Hey. I posted a new (bad pic because of bad lighting and my hair wasn't fixed) pic!

MaddyDec 19 2013 4:19pm
You look cute

MephDec 19 2013 4:39pm
It's a ducky picture though. X]

MaddyDec 19 2013 5:57pm
lol Everyone is saying that my hair sucks, but honestly it's not fixed. At all. lol!

MaddyDec 19 2013 5:59pm
Heheh it's alright to me, I mainly look on the inside

MephDec 20 2013 5:24am
=) -Hugs you-

MaddyDec 20 2013 10:09am
-pats your back

MephDec 20 2013 12:10pm

MadduDec 20 2013 12:53pm
* Maddy

MaddyDec 20 2013 12:53pm
What's wrong

NephDec 20 2013 2:07pm
lol Everything. -Fiddles with hands-

MaddyDec 20 2013 6:37pm
Heh -kisses your cheek

MephDec 20 2013 10:12pm

MaddyDec 21 2013 3:35pm

MephDec 21 2013 3:36pm
-Screams- (A screamo scream, duh. (=)

MaddyDec 21 2013 3:38pm
I'm listening to a cool song, it's snowing, and I ate out someone. JK! I'M NOT LEZBO!

MaddyDec 21 2013 3:39pm
Hey, upload a picture to and give me the url so I can see you!!!

MaddyDec 21 2013 3:39pm
Ok... - sits down

MephDec 21 2013 3:40pm
-Covers my eyes and curls into a ball- SORRY. .-.

MaddyDec 21 2013 3:41pm
Nyfb just called me babe but I'm not dating him. I hate when I virtually kiss someone they take it to heart. Lol... I say the wrong thing to people don't I?

MmaddyDec 21 2013 3:43pm
Kinda -sighs-

MephDec 21 2013 3:44pm
…………………………………………………………………………… I feel horrible... .-.

MaddyDec 21 2013 3:48pm
For what? Tearing my heart out of going for the scumbag

Poison-ViperDec 21 2013 3:52pm
I'm not even dating him!!! -Walks away and faceplates the floor in a closet LiKe a moron and closes the door- Remember, I have personality disorders...

MaddyDec 21 2013 3:55pm
I'm on my knees, please help me stay alive! Take my hand, don't let me fade away...

MaddyDec 21 2013 3:57pm
-rolls my eyes and helps you up

MephDec 21 2013 3:58pm
!$@&$#!!! REALLY?!?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!?!?!????

MaddyDec 21 2013 3:59pm
Maddy, don't leave me. Please.

MephDec 21 2013 4:03pm
I'm not leaving you! I've been trying to help, actually, but it's hard when you type things like that...

MaddyDec 21 2013 4:06pm
Sorry - holds out my hands

MephDec 21 2013 4:07pm
-Grabs your hands and pulls your body against mine then let's go of your hands and wraps my arms around you- Please deal with Nyfb... I have to go. I'll be on tonight though...

MaddyDec 21 2013 4:11pm

MephDec 21 2013 4:13pm
... 仝

MaddyDec 21 2013 4:23pm
A tree?

MephDec 21 2013 4:27pm

MaddyDec 21 2013 5:10pm

MephIlesDec 21 2013 5:26pm
X[) -Hugs you and kisses you-

MaddyDec 21 2013 6:08pm
Maddy, are we back together

ViperDec 21 2013 6:51pm

MaddyDec 21 2013 6:55pm
-hugs and kisses you

MephDec 21 2013 7:41pm
Sorry for the late response I was building a store in minecraft 75% complete

MephDec 21 2013 7:45pm
Oh that's cool. (= -Hugs you and lays on a couch in the dark- I love the dark. ^_^ It's cold and so... Me...

MaddyDec 21 2013 7:46pm
- sits next to you wrapping a blanket around us

MephDec 21 2013 7:53pm
-Pulls you on top of me and cuddles into your body- ^_^

MaddyDec 21 2013 7:56pm

MephDec 21 2013 8:00pm
-Kisses you fiercefully, wrapping my arms around you as tight as ever, than I lick your tummy- o.O

MaddyDec 21 2013 8:06pm

MephDec 21 2013 8:08pm
The voices inside my head are taking over, they're telling me that my life is in danger! Lol H®rny? -Puts my hands in your shirt and rubs your back-

MaddyDec 21 2013 8:12pm
-starts to feel unconftable

MephDec 21 2013 8:15pm
-Rolls over- Hey, my back really hurts atm so I wouldn't feel uncomfortable.

MaddyDec 21 2013 9:57pm
No I just mean that you are making me hard

MephDec 21 2013 10:02pm
X[) -Lays on you, my back to your chest, with your hands in your hands and my head is beside yours because I moved my head over- (o.o)

MadduDec 22 2013 8:18am

MephDec 22 2013 8:20am
-Rolls over so my face is facing yours and I lean down and LiCK YouR tummy again- (-;

MaddyDec 22 2013 11:41am
-face is completely red

MephDec 22 2013 2:47pm
-Goes up and licks your lips and starts kissing you with my hands curled up in a ball on your chest with my legs on each side of your body-

MaddyDec 22 2013 3:40pm
(now I'm h0rny as fûck

MephDec 22 2013 6:54pm
-Puts my hands on your shoulders and sits up and rubs my ass on you- Did that help?

MaddyDec 22 2013 8:40pm
No just made me even h0rnyer

MephDec 22 2013 8:42pm
Oh... -Stops- X[) I'm not a slut so I'm going to stop physically pleasuring you...

MaddyDec 22 2013 8:44pm
It's ok, after all we are dating again

MephDec 22 2013 8:47pm
Well, I'm not who you think. You know nothing about me compared to someone I know and love... Sorry I feel invincible and somewhat odd and queer at the moment and partially convicted of a felony that was never even convicted, which was fazed down to the point of being very subtle and stringy, metaphorically, of course...

MaddyDec 22 2013 10:58pm
Sorry I got a little fancy. O_O -GRaBS YouR HaND aND TaKeS You To See THe STaRS Fall DoWN iN THe eND- (This WILL happen. It's called revelation and it happens in the end!) Oh and we'll see the devil and Jesus and they with fight, I think... lol I don't know. O.o

MaddyDec 22 2013 11:05pm
Oh wow xD

MephDec 23 2013 12:42am
Hey! X[)

MaddyDec 23 2013 2:54pm

MephDec 23 2013 2:57pm

MaddyDec 23 2013 3:23pm
Maddy check your email I sent you a pic of me

MephDec 23 2013 3:33pm
I can't for a while, I will later though. ^_^ Are you cute!?!?!

MaddyDec 23 2013 3:41pm
Oh and do you consider yourself cute?

MaddyDec 23 2013 3:43pm

MephDec 23 2013 3:43pm
Cool! X[) Umm, could you upload it on tinypic and give me the url because I can't get on my e-mail... Well, if you know how to, of course...

MaddyDec 23 2013 4:05pm
Uhh, you said that if I was talking to Nyfb behind your back than you'd kill yourself. Nyfb is a little retarded because he said that it means you don't care! X[) Yes I've been talking to him, and yes, he's trying to steal me, but don't worry; I'm you'res and you're MiNe.

MaddyDec 23 2013 4:09pm

MephDec 23 2013 4:28pm

MephIlesDec 23 2013 4:31pm
X[) Your smile is funneh. O.o LiKe a smirk, but not a smirk... You should wear a hoodie more often! (=

MaddyDec 23 2013 4:38pm
I posted your pic, don't murder me! :D

MaddyDec 23 2013 4:41pm
Why T.T

MepjDec 23 2013 4:44pm
X[) Thou LikeLike needeth to knoweth... T.T Hey, I posted my picture and you have yours now. X[) I never judge by looks, Meph. O.o

MaddyDec 23 2013 4:46pm

MephDec 23 2013 4:50pm
And now my head is being chewed off by an anon

MephDec 23 2013 4:56pm
Why??? 0.0 I didn't know that LikeLike would be a douche...

MaddyDec 23 2013 5:39pm

MephIlesDec 23 2013 5:52pm
Sorry! そっか! Lol

MaddyDec 23 2013 5:56pm
It's ok - kisses

MephDec 23 2013 5:59pm
-Kisses you back and hugs you- ^_^

MaddyDec 23 2013 6:02pm
So what do you wanna do?

MephDec 23 2013 6:07pm
I don't even know. .-. X[) -Kisses you and jumps on your back-

MaddyDec 23 2013 6:11pm
I would like to sext but you won't want to yet

MephDec 23 2013 6:12pm
Well we could play around for a little bit. ^_^

MaddyDec 23 2013 6:46pm

MephilesDec 23 2013 6:49pm
Haha! -Takes you to a bedroom, locks the door, and pokes you then jumps on the bed and leans against the wall while standing- X[) You can do little sexy things if you want. (; (=

Maddy [=Dec 23 2013 7:10pm
-hops on the bed and walks on all fours sexly towards you

MephDec 23 2013 7:37pm
X[) -Jumps at you and pulls you up and collapses on you and starts kissing you- d=

MaddyDec 23 2013 7:38pm
-I wraps my arms around you

MephDec 23 2013 7:41pm
-Grabs your hand and takes you outside in the cold and walks you to a tree house in which I have packed with snacks, blankets, etc with a flashlight and gets under a blanket (there's 200 more X[)) and turns on the light and a random lantern and starts kissing you- (I let my imagine RuN wild- (=

MaddyDec 23 2013 7:45pm
My best friend in the world is Michaelnox is why I put a heart. lol I love that guy!!! =)

MaddyDec 23 2013 7:47pm
(XD) -blushes-

MephDec 23 2013 7:48pm
-Grabs your head and kisses you fiercefully, wrapping my arms around your shoulders as I lay on your (now warm as fudge) body- X[) No I'm serious, if Michael were to come on I'd make you jealous by the things I'd do to him. .-. That fudging beautiful pedo! Arggg... You're 21 years old who's attracted to 8-13 year olds yet you still have your virginity and live with your parents! X[)

MaddyDec 23 2013 7:52pm
XD yeah I see that

MephDec 23 2013 7:54pm
Sorry he makes me laugh… And I told him things that not even you know about myself... I'm very attached to him...

MaddyDec 23 2013 7:55pm
Sorry I doubt you care about a guy I love more than anything I can think of! X[) lol… I told him I loved him more than anyone and anything in the world. O.o

MaddyDec 23 2013 7:56pm
-heart shatters-

MephDec 23 2013 7:58pm
A long time ago I told him that. .-. That was before I knew you. I don't even talk to him anymore really...

MaddyDec 23 2013 7:59pm
Oh ok -glue heart together again

MeohDec 23 2013 8:03pm
-Hugs you-

MaddyDec 23 2013 8:08pm
-kisses your lips

MephDec 23 2013 8:10pm
-Kisses you back- X]

MaddyDec 23 2013 8:17pm
Love you

MephDec 23 2013 9:00pm
Love you too. I can't wait till tomorrow... (=

MaddyDec 24 2013 8:30am
Yeah ^•^

MephDec 24 2013 8:40am
I probably get two furbies but hopefully they're different colors. My Dad got me a blue furby, so... YAH... O.O And then my sister ordered me something, Old what it is though, my other sister Holly And my Nanna got me something, then Nanna got me something by herself, I was going to get something for Breyden but I'm not going too because I've gave him a lot of things already and he hasn't gotten me anything... I give him candy and stuff and one time a bowtie because skinny people that are almost 6"0 tall deserve bowties... He loved it, though. ^_^ And my cousin got me something as well...

MaddyDec 24 2013 8:46am
*Not old, idk!

MaddyDec 24 2013 8:47am
XD. All my things are in cute little bags

EphDec 24 2013 8:48am
This is how I even got to know Breyden: I sat at the lunch table in the morning one day and he saw me but said nothing. Than when I was going him, him and another kid, started walking behind me and I just slowed down so that they caught up with me, mainly Breyden, and he talked to me a lot in that amount of time. ^_^ I mentioned his t-shirts (My Little Pony) and when I got home, I did my homework, and my sister and her boyfriend came to our house. My sister immediately told me to stay away from Breyden because he "does drugs and drinks all the time." The kid that was with us apparently told my sister, and Holly started accusing me of flirting with him and stuff even though I Hadn't... Then her retarded boyfriend told me that he went to the Orrs high one time (the Orrs is where they hang out at) and drunk and on pills apparently and he made him go home. He's one of my best friends now. I don't really care who says to stay away from him.

MaddyDec 24 2013 8:55am
*When I was going home, stupid ass cracker Kindle. O.o

MaddyDec 24 2013 8:56am
Except he has a crush on me now... o_o

MaddyDec 24 2013 8:57am
Why are people saying you lied? Lol!

MaddyDec 24 2013 9:01am

MepjDec 24 2013 9:02am
I dunno

MephDec 24 2013 9:05am
Hey. (=

MaddyDec 24 2013 7:03pm
Hey merry giftmas

MephDec 24 2013 7:24pm
(= I have a pink furby (spotted with white) and her/his/shemales (?) name is Skylar, then when I get my next blue furby boom (he, not she x[)) his name will be Groovy! (=

MaddyDec 24 2013 7:39pm

MephDec 24 2013 9:09pm
=/ BOrIng! Lol

MaddyDec 24 2013 9:37pm
Aww -kisses

MephDec 25 2013 10:31am
X[) lol! (=

MaddyDec 25 2013 5:00pm
Thanks for making me feel like crap (my future boyfriend)

MephDec 25 2013 11:18pm
That's Andy Sixx and he would never date me and I said future which in reality meant never! d=

MaddyDec 26 2013 6:01am
Uhh Mephiles I'm breaking up with you…

MaddyDec 26 2013 9:54am
So, I'm guessing you are the one on LikeLike being a dick toward me…

MaddyDec 26 2013 3:51pm
Why? T.T

MephDec 26 2013 6:12pm
And no im not him

MephDec 26 2013 6:14pm
Maddy I wasn't on all day

MephDec 26 2013 6:22pm
And you know I'm viper

MephDec 26 2013 6:22pm
Uhh Cookie Boy! OKAY! HE'S SO NICE AND SWEET! Uhh I got it out. ^_^ I still love you like I love all my friends. (=

MaddyDec 26 2013 6:24pm
So in not you bf anymore?

MephDec 26 2013 6:40pm
That's great information. I'll pay you back later thanks!

MaddyDec 26 2013 6:50pm

MephIlesDec 26 2013 7:02pm
The feet pictures! I'll thank you for the favour however you want, thanks!

Anonymous (Faked by Maddy)Dec 26 2013 7:06pm

MephDec 26 2013 7:10pm

MaddyDec 26 2013 8:00pm
Maddy, are we still together? Or is this it cause I'll get another girl and forget you and I don't want that to happen

MephDec 26 2013 8:08pm
A girl will make you forget about me? And no I'm with Beni...

MaddyDec 26 2013 8:13pm
u.u fūcking fakers!

MephDec 26 2013 8:18pm

MaddyDec 26 2013 8:21pm
If it wasn't for the person who faced me we could still be together

MephDec 26 2013 8:24pm
What do you mean?

MaddyDec 26 2013 8:30pm
I mean the last 3days I was faked

MephDec 26 2013 8:38pm
You were??? =/

MaddyDec 26 2013 8:39pm

MephDec 26 2013 8:47pm
You didn't even check to be sure did you?

MephDec 26 2013 8:56pm
I tried...

MaddyDec 26 2013 9:12pm
Well now you know

MephDec 27 2013 2:50am
Okay… o_O

Maddy Dec 27 2013 1:49pm

MephEohDec 27 2013 2:02pm
When someone tells you to go to hell, say,"I'm sorry, I can't because Satan has a restraining order against me.

MaddyDec 27 2013 2:08pm

MephDec 27 2013 3:28pm
Hi. (=

MaddyDec 29 2013 12:23pm

MephDec 29 2013 12:28pm
What's up?

MaddyDec 29 2013 12:33pm
Nm u

MephDec 29 2013 12:39pm
Did you know that they infused marijuana in Reese's peanut butter cups???

MaddyDec 29 2013 12:45pm

MephDec 29 2013 1:54pm
They used too! (]X

MaddyDec 29 2013 4:58pm
They make food with marijuana all of the time. -_- lol!

MaddyDec 29 2013 5:01pm
Meph? 0.0

MaddyDec 30 2013 1:47pm
I want your babies XD

MephDec 30 2013 1:56pm
Can you post this on my last post for the dick heads? "Nah I don't give a f*ck for a reason you know! (]X Really I don't care what you say. You need to learn from your parents mistakes- Used a condom! Oh and Z I could whoop your skinny ass -_-"

MaddyJan 01 2014 6:50pm
OH REALLY NOW? -Hugs you- (]X

MaddyJan 01 2014 6:50pm
-pats your back- your hella cute ;)

MephJan 01 2014 6:53pm
you are such an ass @Meph

zJan 01 2014 6:54pm
Thanks! Which pic you like best? 0.o And can you post that please? In my name?

MaddyJan 01 2014 6:54pm
Z your boyfriend Mike is being an ass so go shut the f*ck up and go eat your Dad's cum bubbles.

MaddyJan 01 2014 6:56pm
Oh god fakers will be coming here now

MephJan 01 2014 6:56pm
And fück you to bïtch @Z

MephJan 01 2014 6:57pm
I don't give two f*cks, Meph. All you have to do is Leave. GO TO THE POLL BELOW -Cough-

MaddyJan 01 2014 6:58pm
The picture in Nah you all need to go blind. ^_^

MephJan 01 2014 6:59pm
Haha Mike apologized X[)

MaddyJan 01 2014 7:00pm
Why? Because it looks like I'm grabbing the c*ck that I don't have? (]X

MaddyJan 01 2014 7:01pm
No because it looks like I could photoshop myself in the picture with you

MephJan 01 2014 7:02pm
ha, gay

AnonymousJan 07 2014 7:02am

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Is it convenient to talk at the moment? seroquel sales In any case, the water has been collected in a reservoir next to the storage pools used for spent nuclear rods and has been recycled back into the storage pools, and so poses no threat to the environment, the official added.

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I've only just arrived where to purchase propecia Aug 1 (Reuters) - Shares of American Homes 4 Rent,the second largest single-family homeowner, fell as much as 3percent in their debut as investors remained wary about thecompany's ability to turn a profit any time soon.

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Special Delivery albuterol inhaler cost The birth of Prince George was formally registered yesterday just like anyone else’s, except that his parents gave as their occupations Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom and their usual address as a palace.

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I'd like a phonecard, please purchase motilium online "After patiently starting a relationship of trust with Tiiceey, and through him with Afweyne, which took several months, both were prepared to participate in this (film) project," Delmulle said.

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How many more years do you have to go? retin a micro price The courtyard will serve 600 kids in the kindergarten to eighth-grade school, as well as a new early childhood center that will open at the school in September, Bloomberg said. The new center — FirstStepNYC — will offer full-day year-round programs for at-risk children ages 6 weeks to 5 years, officials said.

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Where did you go to university? proscar 1mg Eighteen months since the last U.S. troops withdrew from Iraq, Sunni Islamist militants have been regaining momentum in their insurgency against the Shi'ite-led government, and have been emboldened by the civil war in neighboring Syria.

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Get a job purchase stendra online There is no love lost between the Foxies and Olbermann, either. In 1998, long before he referred to Fox as “the Fix Network” on his MSNBC political show, Olbermann was the anchor of “The Keith Olbermann Evening News,” a Fox Sports Net show designed to challenge “SportsCenter.” Olbermann, who also hosted Fox’s MLB studio show, was dumped by Fox, leaving under a cloud of controversy in 2001. 

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Could you please repeat that? buy imovane 7.5 mg An attorney for former University of Miami pitching coach Lazaro Collazo, for example, claimed in court papers opposing a deposition filed in May in Miami-Dade County circuit court that MLB investigator Neil Boland and senior counsel Patrick J. Houlihan engaged in “intimidation, harassment, coercion, embarrassment” when they questioned Collazo about Bosch and Biogenesis. Collazo said the investigators came to his home and frightened his wife and two youngest children.

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Could you tell me my balance, please? purchase motilium online It helps, of course, that the guy is played by Robert Redford, a man who knows something about holding our attention. And that he does, as an apparently well-off retiree on a late-life adventure. Though who knows what the sailor’s backstory is? We have to live entirely in the present with him, from the second his boat is hit by a cargo container and begins taking on water.

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Get a job lasix 15 mg "They are seeing that some of these bonds will trade to zeroif the loss-absorbing features are triggered," said onefixed-income specialist at a private bank. "If my collateral maybe completely gone, I will give zero leverage, as well."

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Can you hear me OK? tetracycline 500mg cap At stake, of course, is what remains of his massive contract. If Rodriguez is suspended under baseball's drug agreement, he would immediately appeal unless he agrees to a settlement that would keep Selig from banning him for life. An appeal would prevent Rodriguez from losing salary until an arbitrator rules on his case. If Selig uses his powers to suspend A-Rod, he would immediately lose salary. While MLB officials could not have been happy with Rodriguez's comments, they must have been surprised, as were the Yankees, with his claim that he is among the players who want to get rid of PEDs. MLB officials have shown their evidence, believed to include hundreds of emails, text messages and phone records detailing his dealings with Bosch, to Rodriguez and the Players Association and have had discussions about a possible settlement, although one source described those talks as less than productive.

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A pension scheme buy cheap tinidazole Britain's quarter-on-quarter GDP growth is expected to have doubled in the April-June period to 0.6 percent, and rising U.S. home sales are likely to show the housing recovery on track despite a recent rise in mortgage rates.

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I don't like pubs zopiclone 7.5mg online Sales of consumer products edged up 0.8 percent to $3.61 billion, held back by disappointing demand for oral care and wound-care products. Within the consumer division, sales of over-the-counter medicines rose 6.4 percent to $975 million, as recalled brands such as Tylenol and Motrin began returning to U.S. drugstore shelves.

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