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Fave *MTV* Show

Question: What is your most fave show on MTV?
Created by: bubble_gum at 06:06:52 PM, Monday, May 29, 2000 EDT


ok so I missed making of the video for NSYNC it's gonna be me if you know when it is going to be again let me know!!

hey youJul 24 2000 7:23pm

gakk, you're disgusting

LaDiosaJul 24 2000 7:23pm
LaDiosa, your disgusting! You have no right to criticize her opinion. If she likes Nsync you should respect her for that. Its her choice, not yourse and she's not imposing her opinion on you so you should just shut up because its ppl like you that piss the rest of the world off. Get over yourself. Your not perfect and not everyone likes what you like so unless you want someone chopping down one of the things you really like alot, SHUT UP! Hey you, i dont know when its gonna be on again, i'm not an nsync fan but you might find a transcript or something at an nsync website. I'm a hansonfan and i know i can find just about anything at so there has to be a thing like that for nsynce. I'm not a nsync fan but i am a hanson fan and i know what its like to be ripped on for my opinions. Dont let ppl discourage you, if its what you like thats all that matters and everyone else has no place telling you that you shouldnt like that. Peace and power to ya! ~*~Jess~*~

my name is already in my messageJul 24 2000 7:23pm
DARIA rules!!!

pghAug 01 2000 6:23pm

Blue Suede ScooterAug 10 2000 10:13am

Blue Suede ScooterAug 12 2000 6:45pm
Hey, stop wasting your tme with stupid shows like daria.Now here me out.i know a lot of people like that poo show, but to me its just a show about some punk ass girl who likes to try to be sarcastic and funny.Not cool guys.Why not watch real shows where you dont have to see a bunch of stupid worthless poo?i know a lot of people are going to make comments about this, so BRING IT ON WHORES!if everyone would realize how dumb that show is this world would be a better place.

Jared SmithJul 06 2001 9:50pm
No Loveline?

Loveline loverJan 24 2002 11:19pm
Wheres Jackass????? Jackass is the best MTV show for sure!

cjFeb 01 2002 8:35am
MTV is total CRAP!

AnonymousAug 11 2002 9:17pm
"jared smith" ur so wrong. daria iz my lief practically. i watch it everyday. i get all my advice from that show. for example, i sumtimez feel "down" becuz uv all thu snobby "popular and cool" people, but daria helps me by saying thingz about how shallow they are, and makes me feel better bout myself. so if u dont mind, we'd all liek u 2 SHUT THE f*ck UP

AnonymousJun 30 2003 10:17am

hgcAug 07 2003 6:56pm
i usually like to watch rockzilla and fuse on mtv 2

el gatoFeb 19 2004 5:07am
the osbournes too

el gatoFeb 19 2004 5:07am

AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:32pm
Parental control is good.

HeatherMay 30 2006 7:41pm

BrendonDec 26 2013 7:03pm

TigerEyez c:(Karen c:)Dec 26 2013 7:05pm

BrendonDec 26 2013 7:06pm
Nothin. Just tired of all the drama :P

TigerEyez c:Dec 26 2013 7:07pm

TigerEyez c:Dec 26 2013 7:08pm

DiamondDec 26 2013 7:09pm

TigerEyez(Karen c:)Dec 26 2013 7:11pm
Nothing e.e And are you my nigga Karen or some "Other"??

DiamondDec 26 2013 7:15pm
I'm not "Catwoman:3" i posted a pic of me, scroll down on Advice: Love

TigerEyez c:Dec 26 2013 7:16pm
.-. Nehhh- OKAY :D oh wait i cant click on them o.o

DiamondDec 26 2013 7:18pm

AnonymousDec 26 2013 7:19pm

DiamondDec 26 2013 7:19pm
<b style=color:blue> hi

AnonymousDec 26 2013 7:20pm
SOMEBODY HELP O.O and its like <b style="Color:blue"> cx

DiamondDec 26 2013 7:23pm
What's up? & how did u know i am black? o.O

TigerEyez c:Dec 26 2013 7:24pm
No it works both ways

Karen c:Dec 26 2013 7:24pm
I'm friends with the Monster that's under my bed

AnonymousDec 26 2013 7:27pm
Wow ._. JUST CAUSE YOU BLACK DON'T MAKE YOU A NIGGA MOTHAf*ckA! annnnnnd I cant click on no posts it says Python prese something xD

DiamondDec 26 2013 7:31pm
Ik. It's da stupid ass site

Karen c:Dec 26 2013 7:42pm

DiamondDec 26 2013 7:49pm

Karen c:Dec 26 2013 8:00pm
Wow XD

GabbywabbyDec 26 2013 9:20pm

GabbyDec 26 2013 9:25pm

Gabby wants someone to talk toDec 26 2013 9:30pm
Will u really talk this time

bubbaDec 26 2013 9:40pm
ok yay finally someone to talk to thanks god!×{)

GabbyDec 26 2013 9:41pm
wyd? how r u? are u ok? I wanna play!;P

GabbyDec 26 2013 9:42pm

TrevDec 26 2013 9:42pm
Y havnt u been talking to me? I miss u

bubbaDec 26 2013 9:44pm

loganDec 26 2013 9:44pm
Yes Yay I'm bored! CRY ME A RIVER!;P i love dat song!

GabbyDec 26 2013 9:44pm
Can we cuddle?

bubbaDec 26 2013 9:46pm
Im sorry V i just kinda was sick of talking to you! n hey logan ={))

GabbyDec 26 2013 9:46pm
hugs u and kisses u on the lips i love u gabby

loganDec 26 2013 9:47pm
Yeah!*hugs V tight n kisses his cheek* i really missed you bubba!;P

GabbyDec 26 2013 9:48pm
I missed u too, I just I was tired of them always talking to u bad, example Logan he loves u one secongpd and the next hates u, I love u 24/7 and was just sad u ignored me, hugs u back

bubbaDec 26 2013 9:49pm
K i know you love me logan!=) *hugs you back n kisses you on the lips than licks ur face* ehehehehe!^_^ ;*

GabbywabbyDec 26 2013 9:50pm
as long as im with u u can do what ever u want with me smiles i just love u kisses u on the lips again

loganDec 26 2013 9:51pm
Awe:( sowwy i wuv you!='D I bet most people saw the last pic of me the real me n think im ugly so basically i posted my friends pics up before that one!;P

GabbyDec 26 2013 9:52pm
I love u gabby and u r beautiful

bubbaDec 26 2013 9:53pm

GabbyDec 26 2013 9:55pm
Ehehe #^_^# how beautiful bubba?;P

GabbyDec 26 2013 9:56pm
i cant see any post im just lost without u gabby and i get mad but it gos away in less than and hour thats how much i love and care about u

loganDec 26 2013 9:56pm
On scale one to them a billion

bubbaDec 26 2013 9:57pm
ha im beautiful!×{) n well yea ok logan :>

GabbyDec 26 2013 9:59pm
i love u so much i want u in my life no i need u in my life gabby my heart has ur name all over it and it beats for u <3 :>

loganDec 26 2013 10:00pm
One to ten u r a billion lol

bubbaDec 26 2013 10:01pm
Gabby u r one in a billion I love u

bubbaDec 26 2013 10:03pm
C= awwwwww #^_^# ;P I love lollipops!;{) XD -wraps my arms around ur neck n kisses u on the lips- I wuv you logan!! YOU KNOW I ACTUALLY NEVER CRY WHEN PEOPLE ARE MEAN OR SOMEONE I LOVE AND TRULY WANT LEAVES MEH BUT WITH YOU I ACTUALLY CRIED LOGAN LOLI HAD TO TAKE A SHOWER BUT I WAS STILL CRYING!XD My sister took me out of the shower cuz she thought i was gunna hurt myself! cuz i've done it before!;'PPP but I love you logan!;///3

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:07pm
kisses back i love u to gabby iv never ever stoped thinking about u

loganDec 26 2013 10:09pm
= } Guess what!!!!!!!

Gabby Dec 26 2013 10:10pm
what :)

loganDec 26 2013 10:11pm
:"( I guess I'm forgotten about again

bubbaDec 26 2013 10:11pm

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:12pm
am i bi-polar? idc gabby i fuking love u kisses u and continues refusing to stop

loganDec 26 2013 10:13pm
no V i wuv you too!:D ♪say my name say my name if no one is around you say baby i love you if you ain't runnin games say my name say my name you acting kinda shadey and callin me baby why the sudden change?♪XD

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:16pm
♪Say my name than cry me a river!♪ XD

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:18pm
OK, love u to, pulls u to me and gives u a big hug

bubbaDec 26 2013 10:19pm
so uh gabby do u uh wana go out blushes

loganDec 26 2013 10:19pm
YESSSSSSS!!!!!;P -jumps on ur back n puts my right arm around ur neck n kisses ur cheek n licks ur face- woo-hoo its bout time you asked me my love!;DD @logan

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:22pm
:) smiles about to tear up im so happy i finally have u in my arms :,)

loganDec 26 2013 10:24pm
:' D just to tell you baby ummm....i don't got anything else but this right now cuz i still don't got my phone!!I'M HAPPY MY DADDY BOUGHT ME MY NEW SHIRT THAT I WANTED MY BFF BOUGHT ME MY HEELS!XD C: my room i painted it black n purple!Haha my room is huge well the one here at my dads house!THEY GAVE ME BACK TO MY DAD!:P IM NOT IN DAT STUPID FOSTER HOME ANYMORE!;DDDDD

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:29pm
thats wonderful news babe :D

gabbys babyDec 26 2013 10:30pm
mmm gabby lets play ;)

DaddyDec 26 2013 10:31pm
Lmfao Ima cookie!XD -puts a cookie in front of my face- lol i love you babe!;P *sits on ur lap*

Gabby loves ur lap!;PDec 26 2013 10:32pm
-_- no "daddy"

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:33pm
hehe aw i love u to -wraps my arms around u and holds u- (imma do dashes now and see how it works)

gabbys baby loganDec 26 2013 10:34pm
ok sweet herat then come give daddy a kiss

DaddyDec 26 2013 10:36pm

DaddyDec 26 2013 10:36pm
Hehehe!#^_^# -kisses ur neck n takes off my shirt-

Gabby loves my baby loganDec 26 2013 10:37pm
gabby -blushes as u start to feel my boner-

gabbys baby loganDec 26 2013 10:38pm
no daddy ...... i will if logan says its ok! are you ok with him logan?

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:39pm
imma be selfish so no my gabby <3 shes mine

loganDec 26 2013 10:39pm
ok fine *walks out the door and leaves

DaddyDec 26 2013 10:40pm
Mmm!;P -takes ur shirt off kisses you on the lips than kisses ur abs making my way down to ur pants unbuttons and unzips ur pants n pulls the down than makes my way up n kisses u on the lips-

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:45pm
mmm gabby -blushes more and gets harder as i keep kissing u-

loganDec 26 2013 10:46pm
Night love u

bubbaDec 26 2013 10:49pm
XD lol i just wish i could suck on ur cóck logan!;P

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:50pm
mmm gabby your so naughty ;)

loganDec 26 2013 10:51pm
Night V love u too!;D

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:51pm
Hugs u tight and kisses ur cheek, Logan don't hurt her or I hurt u, bye hun

bubbaDec 26 2013 10:53pm
Gabby you would love to gag on my c*ck to

DaddyDec 26 2013 10:53pm
Ehehe! yea logan!;) So open the box don't need no key im unlocked n i won't tell you to stop!;ppp

GabbyDec 26 2013 10:54pm
mmm yes i will! ;D -strips us both fully naked i go between ur legs and starts eating u out and i blush like crazy

loganDec 26 2013 10:56pm
-moans loudly- MMMM OOH LOGAN!!!!;P

Gabby is fingering herself!;DDDDec 26 2013 10:59pm
mmm gabby ur juices taist good -eats u out faster licking ur cum up-

logan jacking offDec 26 2013 11:01pm
Mmmmmm uugghhh oohhh!Yess more!!-bucks hips n cums in ur face-

GabbyDec 26 2013 11:05pm
gabby babe i would love to sit here and fuk u hard but i gotta rest so ill be up tomorrow

logan so want gabby to fuk himDec 26 2013 11:07pm
ok we'll do this tomorrow ima go to sleep too!=) I love you babe -kisses u goodnight n hugs u-sweet dreams baby!IM BE DREAMING OF YOU!;///3

Gabby wuv loganDec 26 2013 11:10pm
aww ok come here tomorrow what time is it there now and sweet dreams ill be dreaming of u to -kisses back and hugs-

logan wuv GabbyDec 26 2013 11:12pm
its 11 something here :) aww ok love you!={)

GabbyDec 26 2013 11:13pm
same wait were do u live cali?

loganDec 26 2013 11:14pm
Lol yea i live in palmdale,Ca

GabbyDec 26 2013 11:14pm
wow babe i live is bakersfield ca

loganDec 26 2013 11:15pm

GabbyDec 26 2013 11:16pm
yea :D ill be up at 5

loganDec 26 2013 11:17pm

GabbyDec 26 2013 11:18pm

loganDec 26 2013 11:18pm
n ok Idk i wakeup rilly early i wakeup at 4

Gabby don't want u to leave her!=(}Dec 26 2013 11:20pm
yea idk i sleep heavy so i will most likely be up at 5

logan wants gabby in his arms rite now :(Dec 26 2013 11:21pm
lol you know how many times i tryed to kill myself today!? .-. like 17times!XD But i just decided its best to cut so i did. lol

Gabby can't sleep shes too happy!={)Dec 26 2013 11:22pm
aww babe dont say that <3 :(

logan dsnt want to sleep but needs to sleep to be awakeDec 26 2013 11:23pm
Lmfao I showed my ex jose what i do when me n him were dating n he still has those images in his head! OK I WON'T SAY THAT NO MORE!<3 well ima go to sleep already babe! *kisses you* goodnight!

GabbyDec 26 2013 11:27pm
-kisses back- good night babe

logan loves u with all his <3Dec 26 2013 11:28pm

Gabby says ur her world! n shes going to sleep:)Dec 26 2013 11:30pm
night :)

logan cant live without u and is asleepDec 26 2013 11:31pm
Hey & awe that's so sweet:)

Artemis:3Dec 27 2013 4:55am
Hey =)

GabbyDec 27 2013 4:56am
I'm cold!

GabbyDec 27 2013 4:59am
I'm full of energy! *Turns on "Can't touch this" by MC Hammer & does the sprinkler*

Artemis:3Dec 27 2013 5:00am
Meee tttooooo

Artemis:3Dec 27 2013 5:01am

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:01am

Lilli(Artemis:3 duhhh)Dec 27 2013 5:02am
like Idk i'm cold n h0rny but thats meh!;D

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:03am
Yeah, xD Ur awesome!xD

LilliDec 27 2013 5:04am
Aww #^_^# haha you tooo ur amazing!=)

GabbywabbyDec 27 2013 5:05am

Lilli--oh w.eDec 27 2013 5:06am
Nahhhhhh. *Hugs a ballon*

LilliDec 27 2013 5:08am

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:08am
*hugs a tree* ahaha my uncle said if i feel lonely hug a tree!×{)

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:10am

LilliDec 27 2013 5:11am
xD *Hugs Saturn*

LilliDec 27 2013 5:12am
Ha Beni lost 2 great wonderful girls!XDD

1111Dec 27 2013 5:12am
Nah. I dont deserve him....

LilliDec 27 2013 5:13am
Yea!;P@1111 lol lilliana

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:13am
I hate Maddy!

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:15am
Thing is, i really like Leo aka Mephiles/Viper

LilliDec 27 2013 5:15am
I dont hate her. I`m mad at her.

LilliDec 27 2013 5:16am
Gabby are u 1111?

Lilli is suspiceriousDec 27 2013 5:18am
OMG o.o I HAD A CRUSH ON HIM BUT HE FOUND OUT!XD Yea he's a funny sweet smart .... and ima stop there!;P god damn i still can't go in to any post.

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:18am
Ha nah i ain't 1111 im GABBY!;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:20am
Me niether. I asked him out, hee said he'll need to think about it but temporarily yeah

LilliDec 27 2013 5:22am

Gabbywabbylilms.awsomenessDec 27 2013 5:22am

LilliDec 27 2013 5:23am
LOGAN!!!!!!!!:3 sowwy im just happy -kisses lilli on the lips- ;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:25am
Awe! U & Logan make a good couple:)

LilliDec 27 2013 5:28am

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:28am
<b style=text:blue> hi

AnonymousDec 27 2013 5:29am

LilliDec 27 2013 5:29am
Awe thanks Logan is my WORLD!!:)

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:30am
i'm cold & h0rny too! o.o

LilliDec 27 2013 5:31am

LilliDec 27 2013 5:31am
;) lol -hugs lilli tight-

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:32am
*Hugs back*

LilliDec 27 2013 5:33am
I'm not lieing i really did scare myself!=(

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:33am
Then eat!!

LilliDec 27 2013 5:35am
I never notice how skinny i am.

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:35am
Why *Kisses a table*

LilliDec 27 2013 5:37am
Nahh i don't like food!XD

Gabby only eats 1 or 2 times a dayDec 27 2013 5:37am
Idk i guess i just never took a good look at myself. XD BUT NOW I HAVE o.o HEY AT LEASE I STILL GOT ASS N BOOBS!;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:40am
Bad! Eat! There's this dude at my school that is corny, he burps like a kitten, he looks interexic but he's a pig that chokes on air!

LilliDec 27 2013 5:41am
XD Ok i'll eat but im afraid to gain weight i don't wanna be fat n heavy!=( i injoy being 93lbs

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:44am

LilliDec 27 2013 5:45am
XDDD I want my dad to buy me my fluffin ICECREAM EVEN THO ITS 5:48am n no stores are open!;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:48am
*Kisses a chicken*

LilliDec 27 2013 5:49am
Why you kissin random shít come kiss me!;P

GabbywabbyDec 27 2013 5:50am
Okay *Kisses your lips*

LilliDec 27 2013 5:54am
Mmmm! *kisses back n wraps my arms around ur waist n pulls u closer to me*

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:56am

LilliDec 27 2013 6:00am
lmao i saw a blue jay!;P PUSSSYPUSSSYPUSSSYCAT!!!!!!=}}

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:01am
*Kisses ur neck*

LilliDec 27 2013 6:02am
*Falls asleep*

AnonymousDec 27 2013 6:06am
*moans alil than takes off ur shirt n kisses ur shoulder n neck*

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:06am

LillianaDec 27 2013 6:06am
*Grabs ur ass & kisses ur neck again*

LilliDec 27 2013 6:07am
umm...ok anon! lmfao

Gabbywabby Dec 27 2013 6:08am
Ahaha i don't wanna do this no more lilliana!:PPP lolz my dad bought cookies but i ate them all i want pie!

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:11am
Pi Or Pie?

LilliDec 27 2013 6:12am

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:13am

LilliDec 27 2013 6:13am
Omg is this crazy i dreamed i was getting married! n ii saw that i was like 18 or 19 i just coulld not see who i was gunna marry!XDDD

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:18am

Gabby tasted tyler n he tasted like pie a week n a half agoDec 27 2013 6:25am
O.o Text? Mail? → find out why you had that dream

LilliDec 27 2013 6:25am
XD *sucks on ur cheek* ehehe!#^_^#

Gabby Dec 27 2013 6:28am

LilliDec 27 2013 6:29am
*Hugs u*

LilliDec 27 2013 6:30am

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:31am

AnonymousDec 27 2013 6:33am
*hugs u back n licks ur face n neck*

GabbywabbyDec 27 2013 6:34am
*Kisses yo cheek*@Gabby

LilliDec 27 2013 6:34am
*Smiles *

LilliDec 27 2013 6:35am
Hehehe!;PP *blushes* #^_^#

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:36am
*Pulls u close & looks into ur eyes*

LilliDec 27 2013 6:37am
*looks in to ur eyes n smiles*

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:39am
*Smiles & kisses u* :)

LilliDec 27 2013 6:41am
*kisses u back w/ tongue* lol you know i sleep with a thousand pillows on my bed n my dad tucks me in so that i won't fall off my bed!MY BED IS HUGE FOR ME ITS A KING SIZE BED!XDDDD

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:46am
*Wraps my arms around ur waist* lol

LilliDec 27 2013 6:48am
lol *giggles* i wuv yew!!

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:50am
I love yew too

LilliDec 27 2013 6:52am
=D what do the elfs say AAHHHHHHHH OMG!!!!!!!!i know him SANTA OOOOOMMMMMGGGG!!!!!!XD

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:55am
O.o O.o

LilliDec 27 2013 7:00am

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:01am

LilliDec 27 2013 7:02am
I love jenna marble im watching her fluffin videos

Gabby XDDec 27 2013 7:05am

LilliDec 27 2013 7:05am

Gabbywabby!;3Dec 27 2013 7:07am
*Pokes ur cheek*

LilliDec 27 2013 7:07am

Gabby;3Dec 27 2013 7:09am
lol i want logan.

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:17am

LilliDec 27 2013 7:26am
im awake

loganDec 27 2013 11:25am
gabby why do you kiss people and say u love them if your dating me?

loganDec 27 2013 11:34am
O_o Ohhhh Im telling all of this

AnonymousDec 28 2013 8:17am

gabbyJan 02 2014 2:01pm
Hewwo =^_^=

GabbyGabJan 05 2014 8:52am
sup :p

GracieJan 05 2014 8:55am
If know nobody ends up coming to talk to me i'm just gunna go back to sleep....

Gabby Jan 05 2014 8:56am

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:57am
I'm tired n I wanna go back to sleep.

Gabby just came on to say goodmorning n goodnight.Jan 05 2014 9:00am
See no one here .-.

Gabby should go back to sleep n shes in pain.Jan 05 2014 9:01am
why are you in the hospital?

GracieJan 05 2014 9:06am
cuz I have...nvm....Im tired ima go to sleep...if brian comes on tell him the surgery when fine n im ok...night

GabbyJan 05 2014 9:09am
Went****not when!okay well night

GabbyJan 05 2014 9:10am

GracieJan 05 2014 9:11am

BeniJan 05 2014 9:23am
Hey, :,(

bubbaJan 05 2014 9:24am

BrianJan 05 2014 9:53am
Gabby.....i call u gabbygab

AaonJan 05 2014 4:33pm

Gabby Jan 05 2014 8:16pm
wtf gabby ur a wh0re

AnonymousJan 05 2014 8:16pm
anon ur a whore -_-

BrianJan 05 2014 8:17pm

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:17pm
gabby u heard me whore

AnonymousJan 05 2014 8:18pm
heyyo XD

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:18pm
and ur a no named bastard ^.^ @ anon

jackJan 05 2014 8:18pm
Why are you calling me a whore?

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:19pm
and hello brian *looks u up and down* hello ppl

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:20pm
hey gummy

Brian suprised to see u hereJan 05 2014 8:20pm
actually nobody heard you xD @ anon

jackJan 05 2014 8:20pm
jack gotta be literal xD

BrianJan 05 2014 8:21pm
Hewwo to you wyd?^_^@ilovegummys

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:21pm
so... u friends with theresa and y r u surprised

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:21pm
watsup? @ gabby

jack is trying to be calm o.o its 5 a.m. Jan 05 2014 8:22pm
hey gabby bear

BrianJan 05 2014 8:22pm
oh wtf ur her friend then

BrianJan 05 2014 8:23pm
Well whatever,i'm too much in pain to be fighting with a lowlife mothaf*cka!-.-

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:23pm

BrianJan 05 2014 8:24pm
oh yeah did ur surgery go well?

jackJan 05 2014 8:24pm
duh im her best friend

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:25pm
wait what?! did u check me out gummy?

BrianJan 05 2014 8:25pm
Hewwo jackmeoff!;PPP and nm just laying down btw thats all I can do while im in here.whatsup with yo?;P

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:26pm
but i gotta slep ._. i gotta choice to make a HUGE one it'll change mah life on here

jackJan 05 2014 8:26pm
Yes my surgery was awsome!=^•^=

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:27pm

BrianJan 05 2014 8:27pm
eww no im just mad at u @brian

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:28pm
*looks up* thank u y u mad at me me n her a friends

BrianJan 05 2014 8:28pm
0.0 damn dat nígga fine!!!!

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:28pm

jackJan 05 2014 8:29pm
What brian;P

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:29pm
was that u on lillis poll?

BrianJan 05 2014 8:30pm
idk i just dont know brian

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:30pm
What poll???o.o I just wokeup.....

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:31pm
um ok o.o'

BrianJan 05 2014 8:31pm
ok it was a fake then nvm gabby

BrianJan 05 2014 8:32pm
yesh... i still cant believe u srry

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:32pm
Ó_Ô←Confused face!

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:32pm
believe me wat u talkin bout

BrianJan 05 2014 8:33pm
u know brian tht topic i couldnt get over

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:33pm
gabby i think brendon or aaron faked u so nvm n omg no gummy

BrianJan 05 2014 8:34pm
yesh srry didnt theresa tell u im the type of grl who hold grudges

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:35pm
um she left that part out o.o'

BrianJan 05 2014 8:36pm
oh did she well i hold grudges so now u know *just blew ur mind* bam

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:37pm
im bored hrny n my phones dead im all messed up >.<

BrianJan 05 2014 8:38pm
Ummm....O.o....ok....Omg omg omg ok so this boy/guy came in to my room like nothing and he was just looking at me while I was sleeping...And than I wokeup and I was like" WHO DAFUQ ARE YOU!?!?!?" and he was soooooooooooooo hot and he all like" I love your eyes"....I was like "aww thanks but who are you cutie!"...and he said"im in the wrong room but Idk I couldn't leave you all alone here."....

Gabbywabby:3Jan 05 2014 8:38pm
um ok yea u hold grudges i do to sometimes

BrianJan 05 2014 8:39pm
okay then and i know ur phone is dead

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:39pm
does she tell u everything? @ gummy and >.> @ gabby

BrianJan 05 2014 8:40pm
sometimes... not all the time i usually have to get it out of her

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:42pm
Idk I got his number tho!#^_^#

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:42pm
o.o''' so even the time uh umm fck o.o

BrianJan 05 2014 8:42pm
the time... wat brian wat

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:43pm
cool um yea idk ig gabby ur just omg how can i put this not socialable to talk to any more bc it just brings me down sometime caus u have sex alot n say u love people but dont mean it v.v

BrianJan 05 2014 8:44pm
okay then

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:44pm
nothih! nvm dont look at me like that *turn my back*

BrianJan 05 2014 8:45pm
O.O ok Ima just leave forever.=)

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:47pm
...... um did i miss something and gummy wat r u doing here

meandu4everJan 05 2014 8:48pm
ok ur fun to talk but all im sayin is dont brag about ur sex life

BrianJan 05 2014 8:49pm
meandu4ever hm havent talked to u i think whats ur old name if i might ask

BrianJan 05 2014 8:50pm
yea... srry hun@tisa

ilovegummys123Jan 05 2014 8:50pm
No-no-no ppl are right I have no point to be on this site.

GabbyJan 05 2014 8:51pm
um brian im theresa and my old account was ilovegummys123 until my friend hacked it so i gave it to her and wat r u doing here

meandu4everJan 05 2014 8:52pm
gabby im trying to be nice if u want me to be a dck i can -_-

BrianJan 05 2014 8:52pm
eat sleep rave repeat t(-_-t)

ShreveJan 05 2014 8:52pm
oh wtf >.< omg

BrianJan 05 2014 8:52pm
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