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Favorite Cartoon Theme Song

Question: What is the best cartoon theme song?
Created by: babyeater at 03:47:12 PM, Monday, June 05, 2000 EDT


Heckle & Jeckle of Course

Old FartJul 24 2000 7:23pm

Anybody else cry when Optimus Prime died at the end of The Transformers cartoon? (hope I'm not giving anything away here)

texagoJul 24 2000 7:23pm

LoudAsHellJul 24 2000 7:23pm
Pinky and the Brain, Mighty Mouse, Animaniacs, and Scooby Doo are all here! What a hard decision!

LaDiosaJul 24 2000 7:23pm
Pesonally, I preffered the Raggy Dolls!

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:23pm
What about the Simpsons? They're a cartoon, too!!!!!!!!!!!!

kickandrunJul 24 2000 7:23pm
too many! oh itz hard to decide!

tta_itz_roxJul 24 2000 7:23pm
Hey! Evangelion is NOT a cartoon, dammit!

The Dancing Panda: it's ANIME!Jul 25 2000 11:40am
i am so glad u put jem on here i thought no one remembered that cartoon gald to see someone does. Lets be serious jem's music on the cartoon is better than some of the music most artists make nowadays

shaqqqAug 22 2000 9:29am

AnonymousSep 05 2000 6:02pm
WHAT ABOUT BLAZING DRAGONS what about blazin dragons?

stanley cowensSep 05 2000 6:07pm

STANLEYSep 05 2000 6:16pm
glowfriends,pound puppies,beverly hills teen,rainbow bright should be on here rainbow bright had the coolest music ....oh and my little pony ,captain planet,mr. bogus,darkwing duck,goof troop,oops i did it again

fire_spriteSep 05 2000 6:23pm
see worst poll...check matrix vs. mission impossible

AnonymousSep 05 2000 6:24pm
All I have to say is......Jem, Jem is outrageous. OOoooo Jem, Jem is exitement.....

CinergyMay 06 2001 6:35pm
Wings of silver, nerves of steel, Silverrr Hawwwks! Partly metal, partly real, Silverrr Hawwwks! Soaring through the highway of the heavens in their flight, Silver Hawks, a rainbow in the niiight!

NeekoJun 12 2001 10:14am
How bout "the gummy bears"

musicmanSep 30 2001 8:03pm
Scooby Doo rules! Go Daphne

DANANov 08 2001 4:43am
SPACE GOOFS. No contest. What can possibly compete with Iggy Pop and company singing, "La la la la, la la-la la la, we like monster men"?

Cardinal 1Dec 16 2001 6:28pm
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles seems to be missing... and what about underGRADS... or do T.V shows with different ending songs count? Because if ending songs count than I believe the old Jim Heson Muppets show had the best ending song. "In the jungle, the quiet jungle. The Lion sleeps tonight!"

ChenardMar 25 2002 3:59pm
OH DUDE!!! I totally forgot about Doug! That was the best cartoon for music. They had a sweet theme and they made up a sweet song about banging on trash cans and poo. it was awesome! YEA DOUG!

ChenardMar 25 2002 4:02pm
i liked might mouse.

bahramDec 20 2002 11:04pm
what about Darkwing Duck!!!!!!!???????HUh,you dissin; me

why do you careDec 20 2002 11:05pm
By far Baby Looney Tunes theme song is the best forget the rest.... :)

JenAug 12 2003 9:33am
underGRADS has the best theme song by far! and simpsons! cuz underGRADS theme song is by GOOD CHARLOTTE!

GurlAug 17 2003 1:49pm
why are the jetson's labeled as 30 and 33

word2wise@eartlink.comSep 09 2003 1:34pm
why are the jetson's labeled as 30 and 33

word2wise@eartlink.comSep 09 2003 1:35pm
Speed of lightning, roar of thunder Fighting all who rob or plunder Underdog. Underdog!

dashSep 09 2003 11:23pm
hello Samurai Pizza Cats?

FireSep 21 2003 8:12pm
Hey If anyone can find the pound puppies theme song lyrics can u email me at and put the subject as pound puppies... thanx!!!! i really need this!!!

TheresaSep 27 2003 12:56pm
repent or perish

AnonymousMar 16 2004 10:10am
repent from your sins or face GOD'S wrath in HELL

AnonymousMar 16 2004 10:11am
the gummy bears theme song is the best!

why should I tell u?Apr 27 2004 4:25pm
If god does exist I will destroy him and free all who may suffer under his reign....UNDERGRADS FOREVER

Nitz WalshApr 27 2004 10:28pm
hi.. do you have a copy of lyrics of the theme of gummy bears? please attach it here.. thanks!

fameMay 08 2004 11:16am
No Invader Zim? For shame!

AnonymousAug 26 2004 3:41pm
He-Man theme song makes my spirit soar.

AnonymousMay 25 2006 2:51pm

AnonymousMay 25 2006 2:51pm

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:20pm
heyyy guys, go to

LUSTDec 12 2007 12:19pm
Found facebook account with email: password ayo gulat

SabrinaApr 12 2010 9:11am
duck tales

read thisApr 30 2013 3:50am

SaskeOct 28 2013 8:56pm

AnonymousNov 29 2013 9:18pm
Mephiles, It's Maddy here. d=

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:19pm
I chose Death Note in other.

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:19pm

MephNov 29 2013 9:20pm
Soul Eater in other

MephNov 29 2013 9:21pm
Hehe Hi! It's so private here! -Hugs you-

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:21pm
yeah - hugs back- Sorry About the shet that happened

MephNov 29 2013 9:23pm
Mephiles I don't know why but you're like a magnet to me. That's why I was so upset about Kelly. And Kelly offended me in a few ways, and so did you. I'm sorry. .-.

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:23pm
Im Sorry aswell My heart told me No but my mind said yeah

MephNov 29 2013 9:25pm
Let's sit on a couch! ^_^ -GRaBS YouR HaNDs aND PuLLS You To a RaiNBoW CoLoReD CouCH- Sadly, I have schizophrenia as well. I believe I do, anyway. So does my family. .-. I talk to myself and argue with myself when I'm alone and my guardian recorded it and showed it to my family. I feel awful. .-.

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:27pm
We can cuss and it won't take it out! f*ck, poo, Damn...

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:28pm
Dang it! X[)

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:28pm
After this gets too full we can go to the next poll down from this one in entertainment. d=

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:29pm
XD I talk to my self late at night

mephNov 29 2013 9:30pm

MephNov 29 2013 9:31pm
In my bedroom I believe thing are in here that aren't... .-.

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:32pm
Mephiles I need you. .-.

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:32pm
Aww -hugs- I Can Feel Ghost with my Palm, i Call it soul Preseption like in soul eater

MephNov 29 2013 9:33pm
-Sits on your lap on the couch and leans into you putting my head against your chest- .-.

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:33pm
I love how you are like me. Deranged, evil, loving, sweet, crazy, etc. X[)

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:35pm
-Rubs your sholder

MephNov 29 2013 9:36pm
I don't want you to look at me like I'm like any other girl, because I'm not. Please trust me when I say that. .-.

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:36pm
Yup, I think your my Twin Just that your a girl

MephNov 29 2013 9:37pm
-Puts my arms around your neck and leans up, putting my knees on each side of you, leaning toward you to the point that my lips touch yours, and I start taking them up and down, kissing you-

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:38pm
Mmm <3

MephNov 29 2013 9:40pm
-Gets up and turns off the light then walks back to you, sits in front of you and pulls you sideways so you're laying down and I lay on top of you with a blanket on me, then starts kissing you again-

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:42pm
-Raps arms around you-

MephNov 29 2013 9:44pm
Awe. -Puts my hands up over your shoulders from your back and rubs my tongue against yours as I kiss you- (I'm good at giving detail, huh???)

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:47pm
Maddy ya there?

mephNov 29 2013 9:47pm

MephNov 29 2013 9:48pm
Hehe I don't know. I looked in the mirror, so I think I am... X[)

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:48pm
-Rolls over beside you and snuggles against you- X]

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:50pm
XD I Got Sarah (kelly) Mad At me XD

MephNov 29 2013 9:51pm
your so warm as if your... On Fire?

MephNov 29 2013 9:52pm
I know, I stalk you and the people you hang out with and expect you to find it not incredibly awkward in any way at all. ^_^ But I don't want to hurt you in any way, so don't worry. d=

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:54pm
Thanks Im use to being Stalked, Nty I know your here

MephNov 29 2013 9:55pm
I'm on fire? I'm not in hell! O.o Actually, if I'm so hot I wonder if my tongue will burn your mouth or not. (-;

MaddyNov 29 2013 9:57pm

MephNov 29 2013 9:59pm

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:00pm
Above is an old pic of me. d=

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:01pm
you need to post it in the other page

MephNov 29 2013 10:01pm
Cause it cant work here

MephNov 29 2013 10:02pm
Post what? X[)

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:02pm
The pic iz on te Dsi

MephNov 29 2013 10:04pm
I really do love you, even if you killed my family I would still love you, no kidding... X[)

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:08pm
Youz I kutie, i would kindnap you now

MephNov 29 2013 10:09pm
Go ahead, my psychopathic demon. (=

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:11pm
Btw my eyebrow is messed up in that pic and my eyes make me look like I'm stoned on marijuana. X[)

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:12pm
I Have An EyeBrow Scar/ i Have Died In Kellys eyes and Left is A Psycotic Viper

MephNov 29 2013 10:13pm
I know that, for I know everything. -Hugs you- Don't leave me until I go to an asylum. O.-

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:15pm
Alright, I Pledge My Alegence to the Psycho, That wants to be wisped away

mephNov 29 2013 10:17pm
No, if I go to a mental hospital you can be my roommate. (They don't do that, do they?) X[)

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:18pm
I dunno/ The Bish Wants me Back

MephNov 29 2013 10:19pm
YAH, about that, you're MiNe. -Jumps on you and hugs you-

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:22pm
Yup -kisses-

MephNov 29 2013 10:23pm
-Kisses you back leaving your lip purple- That wasn't lip stick, that was a hickey from me biting to hard. (:

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:26pm
:) Brb I Need To Walk the dog at 1:30AM

MephNov 29 2013 10:29pm
You're really walking a dog at 1:30? Okay! d=

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:30pm

MephNov 29 2013 10:31pm
What i ment by that was i needed to use the bathroom

MephNov 29 2013 10:32pm
X[) Okay! Lol! I'm retarded. O.o

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:36pm
XD -Kisses

MephNov 29 2013 10:38pm
-Kisses you back- Am I ugly? O.o X[)

MaddyNov 29 2013 10:40pm
Nah Your Beautiful/ im stinger Shhhhh

MephNov 29 2013 10:45pm
Maddy? you dar

MephNov 29 2013 10:59pm
I'm here now! ^_^ HeHe!

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:07am
Kelly DOES want you back she thinks she'll go insane without you! You taught me the psychopathic ways and she thinks you will keep her sane! Sorry I had to get that out. ^_^

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:21am
Its kay

MepuNov 30 2013 10:22am
Now I'm upset how she has to bring up her "tears" and stuff because that's how girls get guys back with them. Yes I'm still stalking... Hope you're not mad that I don't like Kelly that much... o-o

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:26am
You called me a nerd! Dick! Haha! -Playfully hits you then hugs you-

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:29am
its ok <3/ im not falling for it again, Till she Has gone to the Keshin And join the madness i wont go back to her willingly. Even so im loyal to you

MephNov 30 2013 10:30am
XD ow my Pride

MephNov 30 2013 10:31am
Haha okay! -Hugs you and kisses you-

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:32am
Im only Into Crazy Chicks now <3

MephNov 30 2013 10:33am
I hit you with LiKe an ounce of my weight and it hurt you? Haha! -Gives you a Hersheys bar and m`n`ms and some skittles-

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:34am
Aww! That's sweet! But offensive to other girls! Haha!

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:35am
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! X[)

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:37am
Ik its offensive but still if they really lov me they will Go crazy over me

MephNov 30 2013 10:38am
I'm crazy over creepypasta, you, someone at school, a friend I e-mail, etc. Lol X[)

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:39am
I'm a virgin, I'm only 12, yet people call me a slut because I'm different. Lol!

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:44am
Yeah -Rubs your shoulders

MephNov 30 2013 10:47am
X[) I find it hilarious and distinctively devious. d=

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:50am
yupz - Slaps your bootie

MephNov 30 2013 10:55am

MephNov 30 2013 10:56am
My booty! Grr! O.O -Jumps on you so you fall on a pillow-

MaddyNov 30 2013 11:03am

MephNov 30 2013 11:08am
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MaddyNov 30 2013 11:10am
Mephiles I love you!!!

MaddyNov 30 2013 11:13am
Cool -Kisses

mephNov 30 2013 11:14am
I Love you too -Kisses

MephNov 30 2013 11:14am
-Kisses you back-

MaddyNov 30 2013 11:19am
Brb... Family is here...

MaddyNov 30 2013 11:20am

MephNov 30 2013 11:21am
Plays With my Hands

MephNov 30 2013 11:30am
Weee I'm back! 仝

MaddyNov 30 2013 12:02pm

MephNov 30 2013 12:21pm
What does that mean? Oh, Welcome Back. =] ~HuGS you~

MaddyNov 30 2013 12:41pm
-Kisses yur cheek- how much do you love me?

MephNov 30 2013 12:45pm
Hmmm... I love you so much I'd fight for you back if someone's stole you from me. I love you so much I give my heart to you. -Cuts my heart out and hands it to you-

MaddyNov 30 2013 12:49pm
The Maddy on your post "Maddy I'm backy" isn't me. I can't post advice.

MaddyNov 30 2013 12:51pm
-Puts it back inside you-

MephNov 30 2013 12:51pm
I See, but you do believe me when i say i dumped her

MephNov 30 2013 12:52pm
O_O If you know what I'm sayin. (-; X[)

MaddyNov 30 2013 12:53pm
Yes I saw you dump her.

MaddyNov 30 2013 12:54pm
いぉヴぇよう! (That was I love you in japanese characters, but still In English.)

MaddyNov 30 2013 12:57pm

AnonymousNov 30 2013 1:00pm

MephNov 30 2013 1:03pm
When people ask if I want to sext I lie and tell them that I'm on my period. X[) lol

MaddyNov 30 2013 1:06pm
XD Question, Would You sext with me in the future?

MephNov 30 2013 1:07pm
YAH. O.o

MaddyNov 30 2013 1:23pm
All i wanted to know -pats your cheek and kisses you

MephNov 30 2013 1:26pm
-Hugs you and kisses you back gliding my tongue in your mouth-

MaddyNov 30 2013 1:28pm
Mmm <3 -places my hand on yur butt

mephNov 30 2013 1:33pm
You LiKe asses too much! Lol d=

MaddyNov 30 2013 2:28pm
Yeah Butt For real doh (see whti did there)

MephNov 30 2013 2:32pm
Yah I saw what you did there. d= -Grabs you by the waist and pulls you to me and wraps my right arm around your neck and kisses you-

MaddyNov 30 2013 2:37pm
-Kisses back

MephNov 30 2013 2:47pm
-Pretends to dry humps your ass- LOL!

MaddyNov 30 2013 2:47pm
Sorry I like to play around LiKe this a lot. O_O

MaddyNov 30 2013 2:50pm
Its Ok I dont mind you Humping me

MephNov 30 2013 2:52pm
Oh lol you said that LiKe a boring person. -Hugs you- What do you look like?

MaddyNov 30 2013 2:54pm
Question Do you have An FB?

MephNov 30 2013 2:56pm
No! Because if I got one my family would find out! O-O

MaddyNov 30 2013 2:58pm
Hmmm This will be tough-gets A Mirror- Im 66inches, hispanic, thin Dark Brown short Hair i like to spike up, Dark Brown eyes,And a scar on my left eyebrow,A Faint Mustache, And A Burn Scar On My Left Foot

MephNov 30 2013 3:02pm
Maddy Ya there

Meph Nov 30 2013 3:33pm
How'd you get a burn scar on your foot babe? Lol Almost all my friends have a faint moustache! The guys anyway. d=

MaddyNov 30 2013 7:00pm
Actcident with handcuffs

MephNov 30 2013 7:12pm
That's not cool! I got in an accident when I was 3. I was walking and I stepped on these nails that stuck in my foot all the way and they went past the bone! JK but I did step on nails when I was three. X[)

MaddtNov 30 2013 7:21pm

MephNov 30 2013 7:22pm
*Maddy... I guess you could say Maddt! Hey make up a nick-name for me for likelike baby! X[)

MaddyNov 30 2013 7:23pm
I love you! I love you! You're not only amazing, but a beautiful individual. X[)

AnonymousNov 30 2013 7:24pm
(Above) is me.

MaddyNov 30 2013 7:24pm
{Ok Dont Say Bunny Boo Meph} psychotic Bunny

MephNov 30 2013 7:26pm
Awww thanks -Kisses-

AnonymousNov 30 2013 7:26pm

MephNov 30 2013 7:27pm
Psychotic Bunny, huh? I like it! (]=

PsychoticBunnyNov 30 2013 7:29pm
Cool whats mine?

MephNov 30 2013 7:32pm
Blue Psycho, Snicker, or Snabs... I secretly call you all of these! X[)

Maddy/PsychoticBunnyNov 30 2013 7:35pm
Blue Psycho It Is

Mephiles The Blue PsychoNov 30 2013 7:37pm
People think that you have to have an emo haircut to be emo. They also think emo is a music genre. X[)

MaddyNov 30 2013 7:37pm
Aww! So cute! X[)

Maddy the Psychotic BunnyNov 30 2013 7:38pm
Hey let's start at the next poll under this one! It's hard to load now because of all our comments.

MaddyNov 30 2013 7:39pm
I'm here

fakerDec 27 2013 4:10pm
If never been on polls...AWESOME

fakerDec 27 2013 4:13pm

Karen :Dec 27 2013 4:15pm
soo wat do you want to talk about :)

Karen c:Dec 27 2013 4:18pm
o.o i voted dragon ball z xD (and i meant tht vote xD)

jackDec 27 2013 4:19pm
Ha I dono XP

fakerDec 27 2013 4:20pm
BTW teen titans XDXD

fakerDec 27 2013 4:20pm
OMG YESH hhahah

Karen c:Dec 27 2013 4:22pm
xD i wuv dragon ball z

jackDec 27 2013 4:22pm
Haha wanna make a polllll

fakerDec 27 2013 4:23pm
no i do not like Dragon ball Z -_-

Karen c:Dec 27 2013 4:23pm
yeah go ahead :P

Karen c:Dec 27 2013 4:24pm

fakerDec 27 2013 4:24pm
It no worrrrk

fakerDec 27 2013 4:29pm
yeah it doesnt

AnonymousDec 27 2013 4:30pm
Uhhhhh sôooø

fakerDec 27 2013 4:32pm
have you ever sexted:)

Karen c:Dec 27 2013 4:39pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 4:42pm
REAAALLY? XD @ gabby

jackDec 27 2013 4:44pm
anyone wanna facetime me

Kenzie:DDec 27 2013 4:47pm
XDDD Yea nígga!;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 4:47pm

Kenzie:DDec 27 2013 4:49pm
im bored >_< i watched like all the funny youtube vids on my 3ds and beat all my games xD *sits down on my big couch*

jack (im no nigga xD im a homo sapien xD Dec 27 2013 4:50pm

Gabby loves these fukin new headphones!!!Dec 27 2013 4:50pm
xD i was wondering where everyone was

Gracie Dec 27 2013 4:51pm
hey where is blade

BrendonDec 27 2013 4:51pm
i got turtle beach x12 gaming headset/headphones to listen to it on the headset instead of tv xD they awesome

jackDec 27 2013 4:52pm
Lol me too i watched all of youtubes funny videos n i saw lots of my videos that i made of me n my friends! than i posted them i was crackin up i can't believed i smashed that cars window i didn't even know i posted that one .-. XDD

GabbyDec 27 2013 4:53pm
can u watch youtube vids on a dsixl

BrendonDec 27 2013 4:55pm
probably the best thing i ever did was put clear plastic wrap under a toilet seat and my dad got so mad oh yeah and another thing i did was had an RC car and made a ramp to jump into my bro's bed xD and another time i shot my brothers with a water gun and knocked them into a pool xD

jackDec 27 2013 4:57pm
Lmfao pop it by YG sounds sooooo much fukin better on these!

GabbyDec 27 2013 4:58pm
only on 3ds by getting the app @ brendon

jackDec 27 2013 4:58pm
*puts my turtle beaches on and listens to demons then radioactive then monster then the fighter by gym class heros (feat ryan tedder) (first 3 by imagine dragons)

jackDec 27 2013 5:00pm
Lmfao do it do it do it allya ladies pop yo pussy like this

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:01pm

fakerDec 27 2013 5:04pm
*walks over to my bar and grabs a beer* o.o *sips it*

jackDec 27 2013 5:06pm
i got a hangover ohhh-oh-oh gonna keep going till i throw uuup gonna keep it going keep it going o.o xD

jackDec 27 2013 5:08pm
Izaac wanna play?;)

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:09pm
im weird *sobs* WHO CARES!!! xD *walks over to play a game with my old buddy jason/a.k.a. a slasher from friday the 13th xD*

jack Dec 27 2013 5:12pm
Nooooo I'm out I would like to ;) but now I have a gf XP

faker outDec 27 2013 5:14pm
some days i think of trying out sexting o.o thts like the only secret i have on here o.o

jack Dec 27 2013 5:15pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:17pm
may i join the party :)

BrendonDec 27 2013 5:17pm
yeah thts my secret tolol @jack

BrendonDec 27 2013 5:18pm
hey srry my dads in the hospital...hey GabbyWabby

CarterDec 27 2013 5:19pm
*giggles* I want a cookie!;P no-no-no i want someones lollipop!;)

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:19pm
i ahave a my room lol

CarterDec 27 2013 5:20pm
oh..i guess i will leave :/

BrendonDec 27 2013 5:21pm
Hey carter;)

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:21pm
xD i just wasn't expecting it @ gabby

jackDec 27 2013 5:22pm
Hey Gabby ;)

CarterDec 27 2013 5:22pm
you can stay brendon -if you want to

jackDec 27 2013 5:22pm
one day just one day xD im gonna use my ipad to use likelike xD

jackDec 27 2013 5:23pm
ahhh k

BrendonDec 27 2013 5:24pm
lol that was the point jack sometimes you just gotta go with it!;)

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:25pm

GoldenΗorse(Lilliana)Dec 27 2013 5:25pm
I would ave went with i ;) haha

CarterDec 27 2013 5:25pm
Some ones lollipop? u nasty ass f*ck

AnonymousDec 27 2013 5:26pm
hi o.o @ lilliana

jackDec 27 2013 5:26pm
i got 2 un-used lollipops in my room xD

jackDec 27 2013 5:27pm
so do i!!!!!! XD

CarterDec 27 2013 5:28pm

jackDec 27 2013 5:28pm
lol what do you guys pefer boobs v.s ass!

Gabbywabbylittlems.awsomenessDec 27 2013 5:29pm
Ik! Me cray cray!@jack

Lilliana(Should i keep GoldenΗorse?)Dec 27 2013 5:29pm

CarterDec 27 2013 5:29pm
Hey! @Carter

LillianaDec 27 2013 5:30pm
No..lilli it remnds me of milo...he was a golden color..and we won the gold in all out around shows...ppl nicknamed him The Golden Horse :(

BrendonDec 27 2013 5:31pm
o.o tht one part of me tht i don't use on here is wanting to bring itself out why da fudge do i seemingly always give into urges xD imma hold in -at least try o.o

jack *THINKING ABOUT T XD* Dec 27 2013 5:31pm
I'll stop. :) i'll use Rainbow fairy(JK HELL NO I AINT 5!o.o)

LillianaDec 27 2013 5:32pm
how da fudge should i know xD i never had sex before @ gabby

jackDec 27 2013 5:32pm
Oooh Tell em!@jack

AnonymousDec 27 2013 5:33pm
call me.. goku o.o

goku/jackDec 27 2013 5:34pm
No! Jack!

LillianaDec 27 2013 5:34pm
*sits on jacks lap n grinds my ass against his cóck*mmmm!;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:35pm
Call me... Chi

Chi/LilliDec 27 2013 5:35pm
*yawns* im bored >_< *gets on my bed*

jackDec 27 2013 5:35pm
Tell em wat i said on my email! I cant copy & paste on this nasty-ass nintendo wii!

Chi/LilliDec 27 2013 5:36pm
(im thinking just a minute)

jackDec 27 2013 5:37pm

AnonymousDec 27 2013 5:37pm

AnonymousDec 27 2013 5:37pm
pooty horse

AnonymousDec 27 2013 5:38pm
no h*rses >_< I FUDGING CAN'T DECIDE

jackDec 27 2013 5:39pm

AnonymousDec 27 2013 5:39pm
Anon u annoyin da fluffin crap outta meh!STOP CORECTING MY SPELLING!

GabbywabbyDec 27 2013 5:39pm
No! You** annoying** Fluffing** Out of** me** Correcting** Gabby**

AnonymousDec 27 2013 5:41pm
i have decided o.o my answer is.....

jack (the answer to me sexting is... o.oDec 27 2013 5:41pm
Why dew people say i'm pretty, even tho, i'm ugly?

ChiDec 27 2013 5:42pm
STOP -_- !

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:42pm
Please cutie pie!

ChobitsDec 27 2013 5:42pm

AnonymousDec 27 2013 5:43pm
Exactly im ugly too lilli huh? aint i ugly?

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:44pm

jack (o.o i said yes) Dec 27 2013 5:44pm

Chi/Chobits/Lilliana(When i said please cutie pie i was jk)Dec 27 2013 5:44pm
*Kisses u & rubs ur cοck*@jack

BeautifulRiderDec 27 2013 5:45pm
No! i'm ugly... boys always run from me... :'(

Chobitz(Chobits)Dec 27 2013 5:47pm
Leave jack alone!@BeautifulRider

ChobitzDec 27 2013 5:49pm
Ummm...ima just go to sleep n maybe go to my exs house n beg him to let me in cuz im like that he might even get to f*ck me who knows Well ttyl!Peace my níggas!

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:49pm
NO! LOGAN Will leave YOU! STOP!!!

ChobitzDec 27 2013 5:51pm
o.o who are you *backs away from beautifulrider* hi i was thinking sorry @ lilliana

jackDec 27 2013 5:52pm
bye-bye ^.^ @ gabby

jackDec 27 2013 5:53pm
Ha well he not on is he he might not even see this!-_- *shrugs shoulders n walks way*

GabbyDec 27 2013 5:53pm
i officially did something tht would change my life on here o.o i said yes to sex o.o

jack *ppl think im weird but..I DONT CARE I LOVE IT XD*Dec 27 2013 5:58pm
xD i noticed it was 3 am so i guess i go

jack *ppl think im weird but..I DONT CARE I LOVE IT XD*Dec 27 2013 5:59pm
Jack look at ur email!

MarinaDec 27 2013 6:01pm
ok @ marina

jackDec 27 2013 6:02pm
Reply to me

Marina is ugly, but needs opinions from peopleDec 27 2013 6:05pm
Hi Karen

KieDec 27 2013 6:10pm
Hey Kie!

Karen c:Dec 27 2013 6:19pm
Kieran! Email meh!

Marina & Lilliana & Karen c: & Katie use the same emDec 27 2013 6:21pm

AnonymousDec 27 2013 6:21pm

fakerDec 27 2013 6:33pm

OrDec 27 2013 6:37pm

fakerDec 27 2013 6:40pm

fakerDec 27 2013 6:47pm

fakerDec 27 2013 6:59pm
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