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What makes you happy

Question: which makes you the happiest???
Created by: Angel512 at 06:47:05 AM, Saturday, June 17, 2000 PDT



AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:20pm

Alot of those make me happy, like....Music, hangin with friends, and my pet...hehehe, too bad I wouldn't know if my b/f makes me happy...cuz I don't have one!!!!!! Not that it bothers me(sniffle sniffle, cry cry)

shit damn fuckJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Shoulda put something in about surfing the Internet and taking silly little polls... heh. Although my pet makes me the happiest, I have this black-and-white cat and she sleeps on my feet.

RandomJul 24 2000 7:20pm
the chronic

meancatJul 24 2000 7:20pm

WILDCHICKENJul 24 2000 7:20pm
um..being intoxicated makes me happiest!!

kronic krenAug 15 2000 6:11pm
uh....nothing makes me happy...

if you're suicidal and you know it graba knifeAug 29 2000 7:15pm

ILOVEERIC.NETMay 07 2003 2:32pm
What we want and can get makes us happy.What we want and cant have makes us un happy.We should not expect anything and be happy for what we have.

AnonymousSep 08 2005 12:00pm
What makes me happiest is the thought of a future female supremacist society.

Lou RollsApr 30 2006 8:51am
Being in the presence of a woman, but she must be VERY beautiful. If she is average-looking, its like she's not even there. 25 2006 2:37pm hi How are you doing today i,hope every thing is under control ,? if so thanks be to God almighty who made it so ,My name is wanita. I come across your address on this site and i personaly became interested in being your friend even more than that ,but as time gose on we will know better , though we can not meet face to face for the moment ,but all is the same I will be very glad if you can contact me with my email address ( so that i can send you my pictures and tell you more about myself Hoping to talk to you soon ,have a nice day and ramain Bless. Regards,

efua_wanita2@yahoo.comDec 07 2008 5:38pm
an obedient slut serving me on her knees 24/7

jacobOct 04 2010 11:17pm
Well, just being alive makes me feel joyfull, !!!!

¥Mar 21 2013 3:27pm
having sex every day

AnonymousMay 26 2013 1:03pm
f*cking and get head

Stuuddd Jul 19 2013 9:38am

BrianJan 04 2014 1:21pm
hey @Brian. is ur other name on here Draco??

Jamie13Jan 04 2014 1:22pm
used to be but im useing my real name now

BrianJan 04 2014 1:23pm
eva said sorry for lying she told me to tell u cause she left likelike the other day because of heaps of fakers

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:23pm
do u remember me?

Jamie13Jan 04 2014 1:24pm
yea she wont say sorry -_- ik her she holds a grudg

BrianJan 04 2014 1:24pm
jamie13 hmm whats ur old name or other names

BrianJan 04 2014 1:24pm
no but really she told me to tell only her best friends emo guy and momo so yeah anyways she siad sorry hecause she lied to you guys

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:26pm
yea not the first time i was lied to but tell her its ok

BrianJan 04 2014 1:27pm
how old did she say she was?

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:27pm
she said she was 14

BrianJan 04 2014 1:28pm
hahahahahahahhahhhahhhha she wishes

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:29pm
o.O how old is she 17?

BrianJan 04 2014 1:30pm
haha no

hannah1234 xp i'm 17 thoJan 04 2014 1:31pm
Jessica13, SK, Artimis1, J14

Jamie13Jan 04 2014 1:32pm
oh jessica yea i remember lol i think i remember u hannah and then how old is she

BrianJan 04 2014 1:33pm
wait before i say how old r u?

hannahJan 04 2014 1:34pm

BrianJan 04 2014 1:34pm
be4 u left i gav u a J keychain, Remember?

Jessica13Jan 04 2014 1:35pm
oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeah well shes 18 bye *gone*

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:35pm
yea *pulls it out of my pocket*

BrianJan 04 2014 1:36pm
wait i wana talk to her she was mad at me bc i lied to her saying i was 14 to date her but wtf o.o

BrianJan 04 2014 1:36pm
yea uuhh she said that you cant get mad cos she lied once and you lied 1234567890987654331 times .-. and she dot come on this site anymore im talking to her through her phone #

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:38pm
ask her if i can tex her

BrianJan 04 2014 1:40pm
oh*blushes* u actually kept it. why?

Jessica13Jan 04 2014 1:41pm
i keep all gifts

BrianJan 04 2014 1:41pm
u cant im talking to her through landline so ya she outta credit on her phone

hannah123Jan 04 2014 1:41pm
ugh email fb?

BrianJan 04 2014 1:43pm
she dont email and her cant go on fb lol

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:44pm
omg xd

BrianJan 04 2014 1:45pm
haha lol xp

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:46pm
well tell her i wana stay her friend if shes sorry

BrianJan 04 2014 1:46pm
how can u she dont go on this site anymore Xc

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:47pm
give her my number then tell her text it wen u can

BrianJan 04 2014 1:50pm
ill give u hers

hannaah1234Jan 04 2014 1:50pm

BrianJan 04 2014 1:51pm
it is 027...965...2737

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:52pm
Hi. Sorry if im bugging ya'll.

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 1:52pm
ask her if i can text her right now n see if she gets it

BrianJan 04 2014 1:52pm
ur fine lilli

BrianJan 04 2014 1:53pm

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 1:54pm
just text her

hannah123 she wont be able to txt back but she wil tel me if sheJan 04 2014 1:55pm
im done with gabby

BrianJan 04 2014 1:55pm
k texted her

BrianJan 04 2014 1:56pm
ops its 2937 not 2737 lol

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 1:57pm
Well, thats good *Jumps on ur back* @Brian

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 1:57pm
lol ok

BrianJan 04 2014 1:58pm
yea ig *holds u by ur legs*

BrianJan 04 2014 1:59pm
I guess Jeremy is mad at me, idk why, he likes me, i like him, but it won't work out :/

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 1:59pm
lol yea there weird

BrianJan 04 2014 2:01pm
g2g bye

hannah1234Jan 04 2014 2:01pm
Hehe:3 *Pokes ur cheek* you sext? I had no idea! *Blushes* *Kisses Brian*

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:01pm
later hannah

BrianJan 04 2014 2:01pm
yea i sext lol *kisses back*

BrianJan 04 2014 2:02pm
*Kisses you deeply* I do sometimes. lol.

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:06pm
lol *kiss back deeply*

BrianJan 04 2014 2:07pm

Jessica13-gone crying eyes out-Jan 04 2014 2:08pm
What? o.o@Jessica *Gets down & jumps in ur arms & kisses ur neck* hehe@Brian

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:10pm
*catches u* hehe n jessica u stoped talking to me so..

BrianJan 04 2014 2:12pm
*Kisses ur neck, slightly biting it*

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:13pm
mmm lilli

BrianJan 04 2014 2:14pm
*Smiles & pulls ur shirt up & kisses ur chest*

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:15pm
mmmm lilli omg :)

BrianJan 04 2014 2:18pm
Hehe *Pushes u down & rips ur shirt off & sits in ur lap & takes my shirt off*

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:20pm
um lilli sry but we shldnt u have a bf

BrianJan 04 2014 2:21pm
No. I dont

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:21pm
no? what happen? *u feel a buldg in my pants*

BrianJan 04 2014 2:22pm
He saw those messages where i confessed & btw, that Anon was Brendon. *Giggles & gets up & strips nude* hehe what about this?;) *Licks ur c*ck* Hehe

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:27pm
lilli u still there?

BrianJan 04 2014 2:27pm
Omg brian I said I was sorry!!

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:28pm
ohhh fck lilli ur tongue feels so good

BrianJan 04 2014 2:28pm
go back to beni u care for him more than me >.>

BrianJan 04 2014 2:29pm
SO YOU DON'T FORGIVE ME???please forgive me brian!

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:29pm
Hehe *Starts sucking on ur c*ck*

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:29pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:30pm
how can i trust u gabby and lilli ur super hot but hold on babe k?

BrianJan 04 2014 2:30pm

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:31pm
Lilli go to the post below this one if you wanna sext without the drama ;)

AnonymousJan 04 2014 2:33pm
-_- she dsnt sext with anyone u have to no her @ anon

BrianJan 04 2014 2:34pm
Ugh ok All I Want to say brian is that i'm sorry for everything that I did/said to you....

Gabby has to go in like 5mins and won't be on for a couple of daJan 04 2014 2:36pm
Well go to the post below this one and we can "get to know" each other*

AnonymousJan 04 2014 2:36pm
I'll talk clean if i do chat, no sexting with an Anon -_-

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 2:37pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:37pm
*tackles gabby into bed naked and rips off her clothes. Pushes my dick into her pussy roughly and kisses her as i start to thrust in and out*

brianJan 04 2014 2:38pm
>.> idk if ill take a sorry gabby that really pushed my buttons back there

BrianJan 04 2014 2:38pm
dont FCKIN FAKE ME ^^^^^^^^ the sext one

BrianJan 04 2014 2:39pm
^^Fake^^ stop it anon. Go to the post below

AnonymousJan 04 2014 2:39pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:39pm
-_- fcking fakers i swear ill kill every last one

BrianJan 04 2014 2:39pm
Im sorry I truely am.

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:40pm
>> u have 1 more chance

BrianJan 04 2014 2:41pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:42pm
if u blow it thats it gabby im done

BrianJan 04 2014 2:42pm
do i make myself clear?

BrianJan 04 2014 2:43pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:44pm
Blow my dick

BrianJan 04 2014 2:44pm
stop it faker -_- ^^

BrianJan 04 2014 2:44pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:45pm
ok then repeat it so i no

BrianJan 04 2014 2:45pm
Stop faking!-_-

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:45pm
Im horny -.- so sext with me and ill forgive you

BrianJan 04 2014 2:45pm
grr -_- i know who u fcking are so stop faker

BrianJan 04 2014 2:46pm

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:46pm
Hes the faker, im really horny from lilli... Please sext with me gabby... Then ill forgive you...

BrianJan 04 2014 2:47pm
say it *yes if i mess up i lose u*

BrianJan 04 2014 2:47pm

BrianJan 04 2014 2:48pm
Yes if I mess up I will lose you.

GabbyJan 04 2014 2:49pm
thank u ur forgiven

BrianJan 04 2014 2:49pm
Gabby sext now or you lose me. Lilli made me horny obviously -.- now fuсking finish what she started -.-

BrianJan 04 2014 2:50pm

Gabby Jan 04 2014 2:50pm
dont talk to me lilli any more ik its ur faking me -_- and gabby ill meet u back at the other post ok?

BrianJan 04 2014 2:51pm

Gabbywabby!:)Jan 04 2014 2:52pm
What? Me? Faking you? It might be Jake, my ex, he's back & still trying :/

Lilli:3Jan 04 2014 3:21pm

BrianJan 04 2014 5:24pm
Hi ._.

LãylãJan 04 2014 5:33pm
hey its draco

BrianJan 04 2014 5:34pm
Hey Draco, Why did you call me?

LãylãJan 04 2014 5:35pm
just wana talk i cant read posts so

BrianJan 04 2014 5:38pm
Do you have Kik?

LãylãJan 04 2014 5:40pm
no but we can text my phone is a gay phone

BrianJan 04 2014 5:41pm
xD my number is 323 320. 6810

LãylãJan 04 2014 5:43pm
i think iv texted that number befor o.o

BrianJan 04 2014 5:44pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 5:41pm
ONE! It's one,one for the money

GabbyJan 15 2014 5:42pm
TWO! its two,two for the show

GabbyJan 15 2014 5:43pm
Ugh I'm bored anyways just came back from dance class...

GabbyJan 15 2014 5:45pm I was awesome in class!;PPP

GabbyJan 15 2014 5:46pm

Gabby Is not asking you if you want a cookie-.-Jan 15 2014 5:47pm
Anyways I'm talking to myself...

GabbyJan 15 2014 5:47pm
Soooooo...Ima go to sleep bye and goodnight..

Gabby loves all of you! ;*Jan 15 2014 5:49pm
Hey gabby

KiritoJan 15 2014 5:56pm
Gabby, you here still

KiritoJan 15 2014 5:58pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 5:58pm
No one else would talk to you, so I am.

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:00pm
I like to crawl under and in weird places and in weird looking things!;p

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:00pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:00pm

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:01pm
Poo! Poo! Poo! Poo!xD

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:01pm
You're really bored, aren't you?

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:02pm
XD ik I'm pretty small for my age.....omg I'm heavy xD jk I'm 93lbs

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:03pm
Yess I'm really-really-really bored

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:03pm
Omg I want a cookies!!!!!;))) xD *licks your face*

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:05pm
I can see that

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:05pm
😱 *slaps Elmo*

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:06pm
Are you really licking my face?

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:06pm
Bad Elmo!

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:06pm
Yes *sits in your lap* I like you...*kisses you on the lips softly*

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:08pm

Gabby is tired...:/Jan 15 2014 6:08pm
You like me?

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:09pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:09pm

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:10pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:10pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:11pm
Anyways..... Omg I fell on my ass today...xD

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:12pm
Is it because I talk to you?

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:12pm
I'm really tired I should go to sleep...xD

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:13pm
No it's cuz of something else!;)

Gabbywabby;)Jan 15 2014 6:14pm
orange neon crochet swimsuit!xD

Gabby is going to bedJan 15 2014 6:14pm
Ouch, did it hurt?

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:15pm
I'm really-really tired Ima just go to bed already goodnight I love you!;)

GabbyJan 15 2014 6:16pm
Okay, but I still want to talk to you

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:23pm
Why do you like me? Please, I want to know.

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:32pm
Why do you like me, please tell me, I REALLY want to know! PLEASE!

KiritoJan 15 2014 6:38pm
Lmfao I'm never gunna tell you sweetheart!;)

GabbyJan 15 2014 7:04pm
I'm back, my WiFi won't work, why won't you tell call me sweetheart?

KiritoJan 15 2014 7:38pm
hi kirito.

kellyJan 15 2014 7:45pm
Hey kelly

KiritoJan 15 2014 7:48pm
i don't know you, but do you wanna chat or sext?

kellyJan 15 2014 8:02pm
i've seen you name on likelike lately, and i'd like to get to know you.

kelly 14Jan 15 2014 8:05pm
XD hey Kelly

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:09pm
I'm bored omg I went to school smelling like WEED xD c;

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:10pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:11pm
Ima whore! XD jk

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:11pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:12pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:12pm
Well night bitches!....

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:12pm

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:13pm
Kelly and Gabby, are either of you still here

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:15pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:16pm
I like cookies!

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:16pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:16pm
Cuz bitches stick together!!!...😝😜😛

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:17pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:17pm
You want to talk still

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:18pm
I wanna see your c*ck...o.o jk jk jk

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:18pm
im a couple places, kirito. just trying to find a hot post where we can enjoy an evening together.

kellyJan 15 2014 8:18pm
would that be with you?

kellyJan 15 2014 8:19pm
Umm sure kelly

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:20pm
O.o @kelly. *hugs you tightly* I wuv you!;)@kirito

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:20pm

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:22pm
I know you love me Gabby

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:22pm
I'm bored! *gets naked and runs around the room*

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:23pm
Woo-hoo!!! XD

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:23pm
im going back to a kelly post on general.

Wet KellyJan 15 2014 8:24pm
XDDD well Ima just go back to sleep .-.

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:25pm
Huh?why are you running naked Gabby?

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:27pm
Goodnight sweetheart!😘😍😘😉😘@Kirito

GabbyJan 15 2014 8:27pm

GabJan 15 2014 8:28pm
Um, goodnight

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:29pm

KellyJan 15 2014 8:34pm
Hey Kelly, you said you wanted to get to know me

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:36pm
yeah i do

KellyJan 15 2014 8:41pm
how old r u and do u have a gf

KellyJan 15 2014 8:42pm
So what do you want to know

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:42pm
I'm 14 and no, I don't have a girlfriend

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:43pm
well do u want a gf

KellyJan 15 2014 8:44pm
Uh, yes

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:46pm
well i could be your gf

KellyJan 15 2014 8:47pm

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:47pm
yeah, if u want but i get off in 10 minutes but i do come on everyday

KellyJan 15 2014 8:49pm
Umm, sure

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:51pm
cool -hugs u-

KellyJan 15 2014 8:52pm
Uh, yeah, cool

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:53pm
look i gtg ttyl -kisses your cheek- goodnight cutie

KellyJan 15 2014 8:54pm
Oh, uh, goodnight

KiritoJan 15 2014 8:55pm
Gabby are you here

KiritoJan 16 2014 1:05pm
Gabby, are you here?

KiritoJan 16 2014 3:05pm
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