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What is the perfect name?

Question: wat is the perfect name for a girl????
Created by: Jake82 at 06:50:34 AM, Tuesday, June 20, 2000 PDT


Why are these all porno/pet names? you are such a loser!

salliJul 24 2000 7:20pm

wait a sec! There is no need to diss other people. I like most of these names and one of them is mine! So why write somthing mean? If you have an opinion state it nicely or don't state it at all. Well bye bye bye

EmilyJul 24 2000 7:20pm
YAY!!! my name is on there, but it is spelled wrong

mistiJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Once again, poor options - not that I don't like any of the names but they hardly represent a large portion of the population do they? Also, did you know that Sara means Princess?? There's a bit of useless trivia for you!!!

kirstyJul 24 2000 7:20pm
My name would have to be the perfect name, Nayda. Its unique and beautiful. However dont pronounce it the way its spelled. Pronouce it like Nyda. Oh yeah its hispanic too.

NyAJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Sara is (usually written as Sarah!! And I like all the names except Princess, that's no name, that's a title!!!

AstridJul 24 2000 7:20pm
I only know people named Emily, so you know, I'm kind of partial :)

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:20pm
What I meant was, out of the names on this list, the way as spelled

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Samantha is the neatest name on that list.

LaDiosaJul 24 2000 7:20pm
they are all either too common (don't get mad my name is on there) or too over the edge. you need a nice simple but unique name. remember the person has to grow up with that name...a 50 year old Shy????? I don't think so.

mistiJul 24 2000 7:20pm
yeah i have to agree with misti shy??????? i mean maybe cute at first but have to think of what the hell that poor kid will have to go through!

cute n innocentJul 24 2000 7:20pm

WILDCHICKENJul 24 2000 7:20pm
emily is the best name prolly cause its mine!!! but spell it EMILIE cause that's the cool way to spell not payin anyone out but whos ever heard of the names shy and princess?? that has to be the gayest thing ever...see ya suckers

the one and only EMILIEJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Well I don't like the name Angel b/c there ia a nasty girl in my school w/ that name but I like Nina and Misty.

Lil' DevilMay 06 2001 11:57am
Yeah, I agree, Shy and Princess are studid names but the coolest one ever is Kirsten. And no not just because Kirsten Dunst (or however you spell her last name) is a hottie.

Master BaterJul 18 2001 2:04am
Spell it with an "h" for Christ's sake!!!

SARAH (yes, there is an "h")Nov 04 2001 12:32am
oh yeah, Sarah means Princess, and Princess is not a name

SARAHNov 04 2001 12:32am
princess, angel, and shy are all words and descriptions of things--not people! they are the most pathetic choices!

wouldn't you like to knowFeb 28 2002 2:36pm
Jannifer is the perfect name b/c it has so many different variences of the name and it can be found on a mug or keychain very easily

AnonymousMay 26 2002 3:11pm
MY NAME IS MISTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i love the name MISTY..... Well.. its the only one i ever had and well. you learn to live wit it

MistyApr 30 2004 8:25am
ps... just because our names arnt salli, (we have a pig named sally) dosnt mean there porno names..

MistyApr 30 2004 8:25am
I've met a Princess and apparently our unflattering, incredulous response was typical. And as for Shy. What the hell kind of name is Shy? Maybe she could marry a guy named Timid.

iskoJul 15 2004 7:42am

XTC333Jul 29 2004 5:54pm
Mistress or Goddess should precede the name of any Woman or Girl.

Lou RollsMay 01 2006 5:37am
What about the name "CLIT"? After all, CLIT is purely female (BTW, her full name would be CLITORIS!!!).

a CLITORIS admirerApr 26 2010 1:59pm
Thanks for helping me to see things in a dinefreft light.

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tvJLlKxpOct 18 9:16am
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