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Created by: pepsi_gurl at 01:52:58 PM, Wednesday, June 21, 2000 EDT


america kicks ass! no question!

Calibabe16Jul 23 2002 10:31am

I second that, and I'm canadian.

AlbertanAug 10 2002 7:25pm
canada iz ok, but AMERICA IZ BETTAH BABY

AnonymousApr 30 2003 11:50am
i like amERICa cuz it has the name ERIC in it.

ILOVEERIC.NETMay 16 2003 1:25pm
America? You guys are truly idiots. It's USA. America is referring to both Canada and USA. We both live in North America, it belongs equally to both the USA and Canada.

Guess whoJul 01 2003 9:46am
f*ck you you racist bastard. anywho, i hate the american government, but i have to say that i'm glad as hell to be living in sunny california!

FonGJul 21 2003 10:08pm

LIVE WITH ITApr 09 2004 12:40pm
Canada all the way. Second largest country in the world.

AnonymousFeb 25 2005 12:37pm
canada kicks ass 18 is the drinking age party on bitches!!!even though i live in america(to strict)

ilovemycanadianmattyMar 11 2005 4:31pm
Canada is better because the USA is infested with disgusting useless nasty Puerto Ricans.

Victim of HispanicsJul 11 2006 10:07pm
hi ._.

jackJan 01 2014 2:20pm
*walks around* heh i should start doing the art of throwing knifes like my friend tyler

jackJan 01 2014 2:23pm
well how qm i doing? @ myself

jackJan 01 2014 2:25pm
oh very good @ myself

jackJan 01 2014 2:25pm
who do you think is awesome? @ myself

jackJan 01 2014 2:26pm
that i cannot answer @ myself

jack gone crazyJan 01 2014 2:27pm
i think CoD ghosts is a fun game but battlefield 4 is too realistic @ myself

jackJan 01 2014 2:28pm

jackJan 01 2014 2:29pm

jackJan 01 2014 2:29pm
*punches myselfs tooth out* OW SHIT YOU DIRTY FIGHTER!

jackJan 01 2014 2:30pm

jackJan 01 2014 2:30pm

jack wants to do something tht starts with a "s" Jan 01 2014 2:33pm

jackJan 01 2014 2:33pm
*kisses u*

AnonymousJan 01 2014 2:41pm
o.o who are you anon

jackJan 01 2014 2:49pm
o.o still tht anon WHY DA FUDGE DID ANON KISS ME XD

jackJan 01 2014 5:00pm
hey ...

AaronJan 05 2014 7:43pm
o.o still tht anon WHY DA FUDGE DID ANON KISS ME XD o.o copying myself:D

jackJan 05 2014 7:46pm
lol ik y

AliceJan 05 2014 7:49pm
Um hi alice???? hey mah man!!!@Jack

AaronJan 05 2014 7:50pm
xD im emailing with lilli and steve/anon64.6

jackJan 05 2014 7:55pm
tell lilli to get on this poll

AaronJan 05 2014 7:55pm
gbBYJU great post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector do not notice this. You must continue your writing. I'm confident, you've a huge readers' base already!

ALvquOkpARDec 21 2014 2:30pm

NB3Sep 28 2015 1:13pm
Im so so so so so so so sorry :( I wasnt thinking

DioxSep 28 2015 2:21pm
I don't mind :3

NB3Sep 28 2015 2:57pm

DioxSep 28 2015 3:05pm
Nope ^-^

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:07pm
I feel so bad though

DioxSep 28 2015 3:07pm
Don't! :D

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:10pm
Why? You liked me gone ;-;

DioxSep 28 2015 3:11pm
NO -_-

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:12pm
Sure <3

DioxSep 28 2015 3:14pm
I would hate myself if I was happy you left c: <3

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:15pm
I would still love you :3

DioxSep 28 2015 3:15pm

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:18pm
Yes because I want you happy :3

DioxSep 28 2015 3:18pm
I love you :3 btw I hope you're still small enough that I can go on my tip toes and you could bend down a bit just for a kiss xD

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:22pm
I might not be XP But Ill bend down for you :3 Or Ill lift you up (by your butt)

DioxSep 28 2015 3:24pm
I don't mind either of them choices :3

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:26pm
Or if anything you can lay on top of me <3

DioxSep 28 2015 3:27pm
I meant in public ._. xD

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:28pm
Oh then yeah I suppose Ill bend down to kiss you :3 So we would be public irl? :D

DioxSep 28 2015 3:28pm
I guess o.o but probably not to my friends .-.

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:30pm
Whys that?

DioxSep 28 2015 3:31pm
Cuz I know my friends xD but when we're older.. I'll obviously tell them .-.

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:32pm
Why would they make fun of you or something?

DioxSep 28 2015 3:32pm
Maybe or just judge me cuz I met you online.. or the age gap .o.o

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:33pm
So what? If you really love me then why should age matter or any of the other stuff really?

DioxSep 28 2015 3:34pm
I know but it's like I don't want to lose you cuz of my friends but I also don't wanna lose my friends .-.

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:35pm
You wouldnt lose me no matter what. why would you lose your friends?

DioxSep 28 2015 3:36pm
If they didn't want to be my friend cuz I met someone online and has been going out with him for a long time

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:37pm
So you would lose them because of me?

DioxSep 28 2015 3:38pm
I don't know ;-;

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:39pm
Why dont you ask there opinion sometime? Like just randomly ask what they think of internet relationships.

DioxSep 28 2015 3:40pm
Oh I did today with Molly :) she said she wouldn't mind and the only thing that would bother her would be the age xD

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:42pm
Then you look at parents XD Theres like 8 years in between mine. I really love you :3

DioxSep 28 2015 3:43pm
Yea Ashley's mum and step dad are 13 years apart xD I love you more :3

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:44pm
What if I see you with your friends and run over and kiss you :p Boom rekt :) So what would be there concern about the age? Just that im older?

DioxSep 28 2015 3:45pm
Then just run off.. xD yea just that you're older

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:46pm
Yep :D Then Ill say im 14? or 13?

DioxSep 28 2015 3:46pm
Eh maybe o.o

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:48pm
I bet I could win over your friends :p

DioxSep 28 2015 3:48pm
I don't know xD Ashley, Grace and Molly can really keep a grudge.. did that make sense. ?? o.o it did in my head xD

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:49pm
I still think I could make them like me >_> Maybe we should start out of friends at first then tell them later after they like me?

dSep 28 2015 3:51pm
Yea :D see you have a brain.. I do not :3

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:52pm
I have your brain o.o

DioxSep 28 2015 3:53pm
You must be pretty dumb then xD

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:54pm
Your very smart :3 Just not that smart because you love me XD

DioxSep 28 2015 3:55pm
I'm very smart to love you -_-

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:56pm
Fair enough :p I am awesome >:D I really love you so much

DioxSep 28 2015 3:58pm
I love you so much too <3 :D btw I'm going to bed.. falling asleep xD goodnight speak to you soon :3

NB3Sep 28 2015 3:59pm
NIGHT WOMAN -waves like a crazy person-

DioxSep 28 2015 3:59pm

DioxSep 29 2015 11:19am

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:21am

DioxSep 29 2015 11:22am

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:22am
I love you so much that I would do anything for you right now

DioxSep 29 2015 11:24am
Anything?? o.0

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:27am
Yes anything.

DioxSep 29 2015 11:27am
Wow o.o

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:28am

DioxSep 29 2015 11:29am
Nothing ^-^ it just means alot

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:30am
Really? :o

DioxSep 29 2015 11:31am
Yea :3

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:32am
God I feel so warm now :3

DioxSep 29 2015 11:37am
Aww me too ^-^

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:40am
Really? :D

DioxSep 29 2015 11:42am
Yepp! :3

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:43am
I like you U_U Your pretty

DioxSep 29 2015 11:44am
I'm not pretty xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:46am
Your so funny -_- You are :3

DioxSep 29 2015 11:47am
Thank you :3

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:49am
Your welcome... so 12 still a no go for sexy time?

DioxSep 29 2015 11:51am
I didn't say that o.o

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:54am
Well is it?

DioxSep 29 2015 11:54am
Um I don't know .-.

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:56am
No one will know :p

DioxSep 29 2015 11:57am
I know .-. but it's a big secret.. :/

NB3Sep 29 2015 11:59am
How? :p

dSep 29 2015 12:00pm
It just is

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:00pm
So you wouldnt want to keep it secret?

DioxSep 29 2015 12:01pm
No obviously I would but idk..

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:04pm
I dont want to pressure you :p Im just gonna ask every day XD I will make you feel good though :3

DioxSep 29 2015 12:06pm
xD I'll still fool around with you :D but yea ya'know.. :p

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:08pm
Fool?! No Woman I will touch you and pleasure you :3

DioxSep 29 2015 12:09pm
Fiiiinnee xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:10pm
Sweet :D SO what you wont try to resist or anything?

DioxSep 29 2015 12:11pm
Only if I don't like what you're doing :p

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:15pm
What wouldnt you like you think?

DioxSep 29 2015 12:16pm
I don't know yet xD we'll find out I guess

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:17pm
Yeah I suppose :p But dont stop me before I start -___-

DioxSep 29 2015 12:20pm
Hehe I won't :3

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:22pm
Good :D I think you will like it :p

DioxSep 29 2015 12:23pm
I know c; xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:24pm
So you never tried kissing? :o

DioxSep 29 2015 12:25pm
Nope .-. I told you.. I've never kissed anyone

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:26pm
Should ask your mom for advice :p SHe might give you the "talk"

DioxSep 29 2015 12:29pm
Umm no xDD

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:30pm
Pft so shy :3

DioxSep 29 2015 12:31pm
I know xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:31pm
So your boobs huh.... I think Ill have most fun with them XDD

DioxSep 29 2015 12:33pm
xD What you gonna do with then o.o

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:35pm
Squeeze them play with them motorboat them just have fun really XD Can you do me something ? :o

DioxSep 29 2015 12:36pm
Umm depends.. o.o xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:36pm
Can you just put your hands on your breasts and tell me if there soft or firm? Or just what they feel like lol

DioxSep 29 2015 12:37pm
They're soft v.v

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:39pm
Sweet :D Warm? :O

DioxSep 29 2015 12:41pm
I don't know xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:42pm
Pft they will be ;)

DioxSep 29 2015 12:43pm
Um okayy c:

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:43pm
Have you ever hear the song dancing in the moonlight??

DioxSep 29 2015 12:44pm
Um I think. Not sure.

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:45pm

DioxSep 29 2015 12:46pm
I will in a minute :3

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:47pm
Thanks babe :3 This song is just too good :3 You might be too young though

DioxSep 29 2015 12:48pm
Oh okay xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:50pm
I may be 15 but god the classic songs are the best <3

SSep 29 2015 12:51pm
I like some old songs :3

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:51pm
Some :p This song is just amazing bet your mom knows it :p

DioxSep 29 2015 12:53pm
I know some bands like the Mamas and the Papas, Fleetwood Mac, The Blues, Pink Floyd :D

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:55pm
They all suck :p Also you know how your scared of flying, why?

DioxSep 29 2015 12:56pm
No they don't -_- I really enjoy all them bands. And cuz I feel like the plane is gonna crash

NB3Sep 29 2015 12:57pm
Why you think that? XD

DioxSep 29 2015 12:58pm
Just cuz xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:00pm

DioxSep 29 2015 1:01pm
Just.. cuz xD idk!!

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:02pm
If the plane we were on crashed at least my last moments would be with you :3 Death could look me in the face and I would still offer him breath mints the bastard.

DioxSep 29 2015 1:03pm
Aww :3 I love you

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:04pm
I love you more :D What else you scared of?

DioxSep 29 2015 1:05pm
Umm I don't know o.o

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:07pm
Spiders? XD

DioxSep 29 2015 1:07pm
Yes! 0_0

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:07pm
Theres one above you .-.

DioxSep 29 2015 1:09pm
Noo -.-

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:10pm
You can feel lots of them crawling all over you...

DioxSep 29 2015 1:11pm
Shut up xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:15pm
:p Btw shower brb :p

DioxSep 29 2015 1:15pm
Okay :3

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:16pm
Where can I find Wormspore

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:17pm
..on Destiny?? o.o

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:18pm
Uhh everywhere on dread naught its useless though byeeee

DioxSep 29 2015 1:19pm
I need it xD okay bye

NB3Sep 29 2015 1:30pm
Back :D This time I didnt die :D

DioxSep 29 2015 2:03pm
Yay :D

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:07pm
Sorry I took so long >_> spent about 10 mins on my hair <3

DioxSep 29 2015 2:08pm
Okay xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:11pm
I think my hair might be the only thing I love any where close to as much as I love you :3

DioxSep 29 2015 2:13pm
Aww ^-^

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:18pm
So what you up to?

DioxSep 29 2015 2:18pm
Vault of Glass

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:20pm

DioxSep 29 2015 2:20pm
What?? o.o

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:21pm
Full team? -_-

DioxSep 29 2015 2:22pm
3 o.o

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:23pm
We gave up xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:25pm
Who was it? XD

DioxSep 29 2015 2:25pm
We were on the sync plates xD we were doing it for like 15 minutes so we gave up xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:29pm
Sister nd bf? XD

DioxSep 29 2015 2:30pm
Nope xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:32pm

DioxSep 29 2015 2:33pm
Nah ppl I met ages ago :) good friends

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:34pm
Better than me? Trick question :D

DioxSep 29 2015 2:35pm
xD What we gonna do when we meet?!?! xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:36pm
WE ARE GOING TO RULE THE TOWN :D And I want to love you and treat you :3

DioxSep 29 2015 2:38pm
We could make.. A PILLOW FORT IN THE HOTEL!!!!! :D :D :D

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:39pm
Oh yeah for sure :D And we need to race down the hallways :D

DioxSep 29 2015 2:42pm
And then get kicked out!!! :D wait..

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:45pm
Woman if you get me kicked out then I have to stay with you U_U

DioxSep 29 2015 2:45pm
You have nowhere to sleep v_v

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:47pm
Couch -_- Your bed -_- Floor -_-

DioxSep 29 2015 2:49pm
Nah not the floor :o I wouldn't let you sleep on the floor xD I would sleep in my mums bed, you would be in my bed and mum will be on the sofa xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:50pm
Or I could sleep with your mom ;) Jk :p Why not with you ;-;

DioxSep 29 2015 2:52pm
Cuz my mum would be in the same room -.-

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:54pm
So what? She not approve ?

DioxSep 29 2015 2:55pm
Well yea. And even so I like my privacy xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:56pm
HOW DARE YOU :p If your allowed to stay with me for a night your sleeping with me >_<

DioxSep 29 2015 2:57pm
No I meant if she did let us sleep in the same bed I wouldn't want her in the same room xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:58pm
And plus I sleep half naked .-.

NB3Sep 29 2015 2:59pm
Oh I understand that :p Half? What you wear? :D

DioxSep 29 2015 3:01pm
Just a loose top and underwear xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:02pm
Oh ok :p Thats not bad for me to be with you >_>

DioxSep 29 2015 3:02pm
But I don't wear a bra xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:03pm
Ill give you a bra... hand bra :D

DioxSep 29 2015 3:04pm
Oo I like that :D

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:05pm
So do I ;)

DioxSep 29 2015 3:05pm
I know you do c:

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:07pm
I love you <3 I think it should be ok to sleep together :p

dSep 29 2015 3:09pm
I love you too <3 I'll probably sleep in weird position if I was with you xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:10pm
Well I hope that you just sleep either on me or like resting your head on me :3

DioxSep 29 2015 3:13pm
That's cute ^-^

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:15pm
Yeah :3 God I feel so cozy just thinking of it :3

DioxSep 29 2015 3:16pm
I know me too >.< if I was in a playful mood I would lay you down and just sit on you xD then fiddle with your hair :D

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:18pm
Sit on me how? My chest? :p

DioxSep 29 2015 3:18pm
I don't wanna kill you!! 0_0 jeez

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:20pm
You wont :p I would love for you to do what ever to me :3 Im going to pull you on top of me anyway while kissing you :3

DioxSep 29 2015 3:21pm
You're gonna make me daydream about that now xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:23pm
Really? Well daydream about you and me first meeting :) Im going to drop anything Im carrying and just hug you and probably cry out of joy :)

DioxSep 29 2015 3:27pm
Nah I'll be the one crying :3

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:30pm
We both will :3 If I can still cry anymore :/

DioxSep 29 2015 3:30pm
Why?? whay's wrong?? o.0

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:31pm
Uh If I cry It hurts a hell of a lot :/ I didnt cry since I was 4 or 5 till about 2 months ago XD

DioxSep 29 2015 3:32pm
Oh wow you'll be crying of joy and pain o.o what happened two months ago?? unless it's personal you don't have to tell me :3

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:34pm
My heart was broken, at least thats what my friend told me, I just shutdown and hurt a lot. I cried in the corner of my room for about 3 hours and passed out, then woke up and felt like dying.

DioxSep 29 2015 3:36pm
Aww baby.. I'm sorry about that

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:37pm
Dont be it all passed :) When I think of it my chest still hurts >_> But its fine because Im with you :D

DioxSep 29 2015 3:38pm
I know :3 I still feel sorry though

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:39pm
Thanks :3 Dont be sorry about someone like me though :) You tired?

DioxSep 29 2015 3:41pm
Kinda, you??

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:42pm
Not untill my street lights go off >_> MY SYSTEM

DioxSep 29 2015 3:43pm
Well alrighty then xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:46pm
What ever happened to you able to pull all nighters? XD

DioxSep 29 2015 3:47pm
I know!! xD what happened to me?! xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:48pm

DioxSep 29 2015 3:49pm
xD I guess it got to like school then my body clock went all funny and now I get.. TIRED ò.ó

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:51pm
Well I tell my brain what to do :p I always go to sleep when I need it :D I always wake up to shower (die) and go get a drink in the mornings anyway, OMG THIS MORNING they had fresh doughnuts :D

DioxSep 29 2015 3:54pm
I want fresh doughnuts ;-;

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:56pm
It was sooo nice :3 They must have been late with getting them out :D I aint complaining. Woman we will get a doughnut making machine when we live together :3

DioxSep 29 2015 3:57pm
Umm sure xD

NB3Sep 29 2015 3:58pm
Sure?! Mate we are gonna be the best couple :3

DioxSep 29 2015 3:59pm
I know we will ^-^

NB3Sep 29 2015 4:00pm
Its midnight o.o You want to sleep babe?

DioxSep 29 2015 4:02pm
Yep xD goodnight :3 speak to you soon :D

NB3Sep 29 2015 4:03pm
Loves you <3

DioxSep 29 2015 4:04pm
Loves you too <3

NB3Sep 29 2015 4:06pm

DioxSep 30 2015 9:17am
Uh brb in like 20 mins going to get some Asian food

DioxSep 30 2015 9:19am

DioxSep 30 2015 10:08am
HAI xD I was on Xbox but I wasn't physically on Xbox.. yea xD

NB3Sep 30 2015 10:31am
Oh ok <3 Btw I have a new idea.

DioxSep 30 2015 10:33am

NB3Sep 30 2015 10:34am
Have you got any likelike posts saved?

DioxSep 30 2015 10:35am
Umm no why??

NB3Sep 30 2015 10:37am
Grab A quick post off love and bookmark it, then edit bookmark and change the id to 1 3 3 7 without spaces.

DioxSep 30 2015 10:38am
Idk how to do that o.o

NB3Sep 30 2015 10:39am
ON 2DS?! Should be a bookmark page button

DioxSep 30 2015 10:41am
Ohhhhhhhhh I found it xD why??

NB3Sep 30 2015 10:42am
So we can have a post that goes for ever.

DioxSep 30 2015 10:42am
Oh xD I'll try

NB3Sep 30 2015 10:43am

DioxSep 30 2015 10:45am
Wait is the id the http thing o.o

NB3Sep 30 2015 10:45am
I'm confuzzled o.o

NB3Sep 30 2015 10:47am
Nah just at the end where it says adivce change the id there

DioxSep 30 2015 10:51am
I'm back xD

NB3Sep 30 2015 11:13am

DioxSep 30 2015 11:15am
I went downstairs to eat cake .-. and take photos cuz it's a special day!! >.<

NB3Sep 30 2015 11:17am

DioxSep 30 2015 11:19am
A birthday

NB3Sep 30 2015 11:20am

DioxSep 30 2015 11:24am
We were taking photos and I got a paper plate and drew a face on the back and put it over my face when they took the photo xD then my sister brought her Spiderman mask down and wore that for photos xD

NB3Sep 30 2015 11:30am
Lol sounds like fun :p WHOS BIRTHDAY WOMAN

DioxSep 30 2015 11:31am
A person xD the cake was yummy o.o

NB3Sep 30 2015 11:32am
TELL ME WHO WOMAN -_- Or at least tell them happy birthday from me :p

DioxSep 30 2015 11:33am
And I was jump roping for an hour xD with breaks.. obviously

NB3Sep 30 2015 11:36am
You should go have fun :p Leave me and we can talk later :3

DioxSep 30 2015 11:37am
Ya sure?? :3

NB3Sep 30 2015 11:38am
Yes Im sure :D Just tell me what time you will be back :3

DioxSep 30 2015 11:39am
Okay :3 I'll be back in 1 or 2 hours c: I'll talk laterr love you <3

NB3Sep 30 2015 11:41am
Love you more ;-; Miss you already

DioxSep 30 2015 11:42am
Nvm xD there not doing anything

NB3Sep 30 2015 11:47am
You're probably gone xD

NB3Sep 30 2015 11:49am
Ffs woman pls

DioxSep 30 2015 12:03pm
Fine if you want me to go ;-;

NB3Sep 30 2015 12:16pm
I dont <3 I love you too much

DioxSep 30 2015 12:18pm
I love you <3

NB3Sep 30 2015 12:28pm
I love you more :3 So there not doing anything?

DioxSep 30 2015 12:29pm
Everyone left xD apart from the ppl who live here xD

NB3Sep 30 2015 12:30pm
So whos birthday was it? Sophie right?

DioxSep 30 2015 12:31pm
No xD

NB3Sep 30 2015 12:31pm
Then who?! Btw go up.

DioxSep 30 2015 12:32pm
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