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who's the most annoying?

Question: ok they may be rich but who makes u want to take a hammer and hit them in the head.
Created by: fireflame at 01:30:00 AM, Saturday, April 01, 2000 PST


so much animosity, don't let it consume you, hon

mommyJul 24 2000 7:24pm

Jul 24 2000 7:24pm
If i could murder someone and get by with it, I would kill Paris Hilton! She is soooo f*ckin annoying its irritating!

ConilynJan 08 2004 8:38pm
She OUGHT to be killed. She is a DEAD WEIGHT on humankind.

The human speciesJan 22 2004 11:57am

AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:43pm
No one is anymore annoying than Sarah Palin, and everyone who thinks this bitch is the best thing ever. This republicans think they are a bunch of no its all. They talk trash on liberals because they are as soft as the person can be. So the so called educated former government raise a daughter know get knock-up at 17 and these kind of children are suitable to use as political gain. No one want to be like Danny Tanner from Full House.

Republicans are stuck up bitchesMay 16 2010 8:36pm
Heres my vote, MILEY CYRUS, LINDSAY LOHAN,NICKI MANJI. Because they are all full of theirselves.

HeatherDec 22 2010 9:28pm

1Jun 23 2014 8:36pm

-1'Jun 23 2014 8:36pm
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