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Question: If It Was Legal, How Would You Kill The Person You Hate?
Created by: onimonkii at 06:01:19 PM, Wednesday, July 26, 2000 PDT


Personally....I would first beat them with a baseball bat until they've lapsed into unconsciousness. I would then shoot them repeatedly until I'm sure they're dead. Next up would be filling the bullet wounds with dynamite and blowing them up. After the esplosion I would gather all the body parts that were strewn about and light them on fire with a healthy dose of gasoline...but that's just me.

gypsyqueenJul 27 2000 10:45am

I would chain everyone I hate together, cover them in petrol then set fire to one and watch them all go up!!! Or I would rip out their intestines right in front of them before revoving all their vital organs as slowly and carefull as possible, then set fire to their corpse!!! Methinks I am sick

WendyAug 17 2000 10:39am
I try very hard not to hate. It's not a comfortable emotion for me. But I did have a very vivid dream a few nights ago that I was strangling my father. I think strangling might have been good for an option in this poll.

finderSep 06 2000 10:42pm
oh my god, you people are sick. please don't think about this type of poo

moiDec 26 2000 7:25pm
I would have sex w/ a madd hot guy for about... i don't know how long then I would start to scratch him up and down till he bleeds and do that repeatedly until i finally .... well i would scratch until he dies. wow that's a long time

AnonymousMay 06 2001 12:28pm
but that would mean you'd have sex with the guy you hate. i dont get it. i really like the idea of burning them, but i'd want to do it slowly, and maybe run their wrists on those potato slicer things and then pour lemon juice on it. ouch. heeheehee.

FonGJul 21 2003 10:36pm
I`m a big girl, and my boss is nly 100 lbs. My strength is enough. I dont need any weapon. I would strangle him and then grab his neck and fling his lifeless body against a concrete wall. If it were legal, I definetly would

MelissaOct 26 2005 8:10am
I would construct a multi-storey guillotine, place figures-of-hate in each storey, then release specially weighted blade, then just sit back and let the good times roll!!!

an intelligent life formAug 15 2009 6:32am
This one my weak submissive husband

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:19pm
How can you be useful for me in many ways with your strength?

weak!Dec 22 2015 2:20pm
Changing car wheel, lift u, open jars for u, fix hard things for u, carry all the stuff with u on my shoulder hahaha

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:22pm
But why lift me while you carry heavy stuff for me?

weak!Dec 22 2015 2:25pm
Because you're my spoiled weak submissive husband, and u should enjoy because this is going to be the only situation i lift u without being naked

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:27pm
So you mean that I call you to lift heavy things and not only you lift that for me but same time you will lift me? ??

weak!Dec 22 2015 2:30pm
But if I'm your husband i should help you with heavy stuff is my duty

weak!Dec 22 2015 2:34pm
Yes exactly, because men are weak creatures and shouldn't carry heavy stuff or even go to the fifth floor daily. This why they should marry woman like me, don't you think?

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:34pm
Hahaha, honey your duty is to worship my muscles and feet and watch other men doing it that's your whole duty

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:36pm
So you think i don't have to walk to the 5th floor? Should I always call you to carry me??

weak!Dec 22 2015 2:36pm
Yes always, anyway if we get married you'll be a house husband so you won't leave the house quite often

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:37pm
But you don't get upset if I disturb you just to climb stairs?

weak!Dec 22 2015 2:38pm
No I won't. Your legs muscles are so weak to do it, so I should help u

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:39pm
But you can get tired there is 5floors anyway

weak!Dec 22 2015 2:42pm
Plus what will we say to the neighbours if they see you carry me onto the stairs

weak!Dec 22 2015 2:45pm
I'm imagining my life with u. You'll be at home waiting for me, when I come home i can flex my muscles for u and you'll be kissing my feet, then some man will come to the house to wrestle him, I'll destroy him and you'll be cheering me, then i'll slap him for u until he cries, then i'll make him kiss my feet worship it kiss my ass, while you watching us. Then i can f*ck u while he'll be sucking my toes. After I finish i'll have a bath and one of u will be cleaning my ass.

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:49pm
I'll tell them my husband is so weak, and i love him because he's so submissive so i lift him onthe stairs as a reward for being a submissive husband

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:51pm
I would be very ashamed of being lifted by my wife when she talks with people. ..i suppose that you put me down when you stop and talk with them

weak!Dec 22 2015 2:54pm
If you have a bath you want me to wash all of you?

weak!Dec 22 2015 2:56pm
Hahaha, don't be ashamed. I've lifted all my neighbors before. No I'll keep lifting u while i'm talking to them. Did u like my imagination for our life?

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:56pm
Yes i want u to wash every part of my body. But if you don't want i can let other men do it. I mean if you might feel disgusting from any part

Woman Dec 22 2015 2:59pm
How come you have lifted all of them? What if they ask you questions or silly chat for 10/15 min will you be tired or still can hold me up? Yes I love everything of your imagination life for us

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:00pm
There's nothing disgusting in your body. I'm jealous of it. Size and strength

AnonymousDec 22 2015 3:02pm
Yes, because I wrestle all of them as well. They all fear me to death. I can lift u for 25 min easily. So would you give me a bath, or let the other man do it, or you'd make parts and him parts

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:03pm
That's great. So you'll clean my ass, i love u you're the perfect husband

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:04pm
Man 25 min of girly chat on the stairs while my muscular wife never let me touch the floor

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:08pm
Of course i wash you if you are my wife i should love every part of your body. ..Most of them bigger eheh

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:09pm
Yes sure. You deserve it. I'm so strong i can do it easily for u. But it'll be humiliated for u. Although don't worry I don't have girly chat, I'll be on hurry to start beating my men

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:09pm
Hahaha, yes especially my ass it'll take with you hour to clean it, because I need my ass to be so clean

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:11pm
What if an old lady asks you to help her with her husband would you carry both of us? Emarassing also an old weak man?

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:12pm
You can hold me up more than 25 min I'm scared and impressed by your strength seriously!

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:13pm
Haha, yes I would. He's an old man and you're my weak husband.

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:13pm
You would scare him! Holded so high from just the strength of a powerful arm of a enormous women

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:14pm
Haha, yes he might fear me, and refuse to be carried by me

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:15pm
What if he refuses

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:16pm
But I was thinking doing 5 floors may be good for doing a bit of exercise for me at least my muscles don't shrink completely staying home

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:18pm
If he's old man i'll leave him. But probably other men will be beated for that. Because I don't like for any man to say no.

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:18pm
No I want your muscles to be shrinked. At some point you'll struggle to lift my boobs,

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:19pm
Would you like to take him overhead just as a proof that roles are changed now and women are the ones who are strong

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:20pm
That's how you like me to be? Skinner and weaker than now? Less muscles

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:21pm
Surs i do it but not with old man. I'll do it with young men including you and husband and other men

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:21pm
Yes men aren't allowed to have any strength and muscles

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:22pm
But i am close to 80 know don't think that you can lift me overhead :( I wish to try tho!

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:23pm
Why do you want me to be weaker than now? It would not be any difference for you. You already stronger than I ever dream to be

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:24pm
Hahaha, you think i can lift double your weight. I can play with u as a baby you're not enough man to me

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:24pm
I know but I wish men to be way thinner and weaker. I think they're sexier that way

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:25pm
You can overhead lift 160 k? ? I can't even lift it from the ground! !!!

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:26pm
Yes i can. I can lift two men at the same time with your weights

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:27pm
Yes but my bicep will become 11 inches for sure after a year without exercise! 8.5 less than yours and I bet also smaller than the forearm

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:27pm
Yeah lift ok but overhead? You know what does it mean?

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:28pm
Hahaha, that would be so sexy. You won't be able to open my ass for cleaning it. I will have a lot of fun with u

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:29pm
Sure i know, and when I marry u i can show it to u many times each day. Also, if u r thinner and weaker that means your dick will be smaller and i like small dicks

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:31pm
Swxy if your husband flexed arm (if any muscle left) is smaller than your forearm and waay smaller than the bicep?

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:31pm
So you want to say that you can be able to actually lift me and one other my size overhead? ?!

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:32pm
Haha, no muscles left actually. We've been married for 6 years he was destroyed through these years

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:35pm
I'm saying i can lift 160 kg over my head

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:36pm
You are not human! I can't move 160 from the floor!

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:37pm
Why he's destroyed? You make him smaller and weak?

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:38pm
This is scary potentially you can lift me over head with a single arm?!

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:39pm
Hahaha, no i'm not. I'm a hulk and a monster and a bull. With cow boobs. So tell me have u ever been in situations where you're at the same room with one being kissed and worshipped by other man?

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:39pm
Ya maybe i can. I've never tried it, but i can try it with u. My husband now is so small and weak and scared

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:41pm
No never been in this situation or any other like you describe before

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:42pm
Was he bigger and stronger at beginning of marriage?

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:43pm
Wow, so are you excited to try these things with me. Because you're open minded man i might let u bring a friend with u so he would be the guy who's kissing and worshipping me

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:44pm
Yes but i was always much bigger and stronger as I told u i make men almost slaves or babies so i force to lost weights. I can have more fun with them this way

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:45pm
No one of my friends would like to worship muscle clearly over sizings theyrs

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:47pm
During the years you got bigger and strong and hegot the oopposite? How does he feels about it

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:48pm
Yes you're right men don't like woman like me. This is why I beat men to force them to worship me. I'll be lucky if I marry you

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:48pm
I would love to compare all the time

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:51pm
Yes exactly. He says he regrets it. He thinks marrying from me was a mistake, and he always advice men not to marry strong women. He hates when i f*ck others but he can do nothing about it. But you won't have this problem because you're new open minded husband

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:51pm
Not only compare worship and kissing as well.

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:52pm
You think you are going to grow more muscles?

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:52pm
Of course compare kiss and worship! If you like

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:53pm
Yes sure. Now i'm 29 women become more mainly when they're above 40 so i can develop more and more muscles

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:54pm
So you can be a muscular grandma? Eh eh

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:54pm
That's my good submissive husband. So I'm right you don't have problems with other guys. Right?

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:55pm
I'm scared of you beating me so i will not stop youffighting other man

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:56pm
Hahaha, still too early for grandma. I can be extremely muscular mainly mum. With weak small submissive husband like u. Haha

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:56pm
Good husband you can't stop me, and I can do what ever I want. I'm just curious would u have problems? Hopefully not

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:57pm
Powerful and muscular yes...but not manly you are full of curves bug ass and tits so you have female shape

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:57pm
You wrestling men? No I will be excited I think. ..and bit scared

weak!Dec 22 2015 3:58pm
Thanks that is pretty nice compliment. Men usually don't tell me such complaints really thank u

Woman Dec 22 2015 3:59pm
You think at 50 you still will be bigger and stronger than me?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:00pm
Good i love you. But u should know I wrestle men topless, and sometimes naked. And after i beat them I make them kiss me worship me and give me bath. Hopefully you'll still excited with these things as well

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:01pm
Surs, probably i'll be bigger and muscular than now, and you'll be smaller and thinner. How old are you?

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:02pm
You crush a man? Having a wife stronger and more muscular than every man I know? Yes it's exciting

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:02pm

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:03pm
That's absolutely great having a husband never mind if I crash a man naked that's the best thing i can ever have. 27 you're young so i'll be older than u, you're a real baby hahaha

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:04pm
It's a problem having younger weaker husband?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:06pm
My husband will be weaker definitely. Younger I don't know I've never think about it. I don't imagine young man wants to marry woman like me

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:08pm
Can I ask you a question? It ever happened to youto meet a old high school mate? He was maybe bigger and astronger than after all these years you by case meet him and he's so weak andssmall compared to now?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:08pm
Women like you in what sense?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:09pm
Sorry never happened because i was always stronger bigger and muscular more than all my male friends

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:10pm
Ok happen that you meet someone from high school anyway? You had grown much anyways

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:12pm
I mean why a young man would marry a woman who wants him to sit by her feet long hours, and clean her ass. Why a young man would marry a woman who can wrestle and spank him? Who wants to bring other men as well? Who full of muscles? Who her recent husband fear her to death? I know I scared u now. Haha

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:13pm
Because is natural that you control if you are stronger. ..and you can do lot of things to me with that strength bad but also good; )

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:14pm
Yes many times. Once i met with three guys from my high school at bar. They already knew i was much stronger, but we had arm wrestling and all of them lost. Then one of them ( the single one) come back to my house, beated him wrestle him and spanked him. Worship my feet and sent him back home

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:15pm
They used one arm to armrest you at the bar? Why the single guy came to your place?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:17pm
You keep proving how great husband you're. I can't believe you. You know i just beated my husband right now because I compare him to u. Wish u were in the bed with me instead of him

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:17pm
Can you please spank him and count how many spank you need with your hand before he cry?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:19pm
The other guys have wives so they should come back. Of course not they used both hands, and everyone in the bar laughed at them

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:19pm
I can, but I don't dirt my hand with men's ass so i only spank with my slippers

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:20pm
3 guys crushed by one arm of your. ..was difficult? U like people see you beat in man in this way?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:21pm
Can you try now and tell me how many you have to give before a man cries

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:22pm
Sure i liked it. All men in the bar was terrified. I'm preparing my husband for the spanking

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:22pm
How you prepare him

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:23pm
No other men tried to beat you at arm wrestling in the bar that day

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:24pm
Okay, we're ready now. He's on my knees naked, i hold the mobile in one hand and putting it on his back so he won't move, and my slippers with other hand. I put a rope Around his hands so he can't resist

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:25pm
Omg is so weak you can punish him while you can text with me??!!

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:26pm
Okay give me something to excite me while i'm spanking him. Tell me a scenario you imagine for me, you and other man on the bed for a full night what would you do my submissive husband?

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:27pm
Yes i'll be slapping him and chatting with u

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:28pm
I will kiss every cm of your body, ask you to flex while I lick!

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:30pm
Wow your husband is resisting long time with spanks! Have you started?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:31pm
The other starts to kiss feet and I will focus on huge boobs and biceps with tongue, lips and both hands

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:32pm
My husband is finished he's crying it took 37. Usually with other men take less but my husband get used to it. Hahaha

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:34pm
That's great could you describe in more details how you'll kiss my boobs and the other my feet? Does it bother you if the other one has eriction?

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:36pm
How can you explain him this senseless spanking?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:37pm
Sorry I don't understand what do u mean?

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:38pm
The other will massage every inch with hot massage oil! I'll squeeze one by one your boobs kissing in circles until I reach the nipple. Than I bite softly and suck while one hand is on the boob and the other on your hard bicep

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:40pm
You just spanked him but he doesn't know why! How can you explain to him

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:41pm
That is absolutely perfect. Keep talking, want me to flex for u or for the other

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:41pm
I want to flex just for me!

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:42pm
Nothing, he knows that I'm talking to another guy, and I told him that he's great one, and i was already angry from him because of u and kicking him while he's kissing my feet. So i said nothing just shouted st him because he's so stupid and ropped his hands

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:43pm
And while i suck the nipple i wish you to grab my new and push my face deeper into your boobs or on the flexed muscle you want me to kiss

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:44pm
Haha, alright but reoi punish jealous men. Then how do u want to proceed

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:44pm
That's so perfect. First at my boobs then at my flexed ass.

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:45pm
Every muscle you make me kiss you make me compare and tell me how small mine are close to yours

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:46pm
Keep going I love your ideas. Then what?

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:47pm
You used full force spanking? He needed 37 to cry or you could have make him cry early?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:47pm
Can you do this ideas?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:47pm
No sure, not full force. Maybe 25%. But because i spank him daily it takes quite long, with other men it takes less than 10

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:48pm
After a wile you can grab my wrist and hold me steady asking me to get free, meantime you make the feet guy suxk your toes, and I'll be fighting to be free and you lough at me

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:49pm
Yes all of them; the muscles comparing, and the boobs and ass one. I'll do it allfor u. Remember no jealous and yes for other men

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:50pm
25% for less than 10 is sufficient? If u give just one full strength than?

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:51pm
How many toes he can suck each time?? I'll laugh at u a lot because you'll try a lot without chaance to free your self. You're my husband and I can never let u go

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:52pm
Hahaha, maybe 1 or 2 of full power might do it. But I want to enjoy it as well

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:53pm
You can really hold me just by one hand?!

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:53pm
Yes its true but I wanted to know how many you need to get a guy cry if you want to do it quick

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:54pm
Yes absolutely. I can do it trust me. You're not that big. And in this point i'll be horney which means stronger hahaha

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:54pm
What you do if you are horny

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:55pm
Quick I don't spank, i kick and it's one kick. 29 things 19 calves can do it easily

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:56pm
So you mean that you like to spank for long time? Why

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:57pm
I'll be stronger i can hold u with one arm lift u and play with your dick, while there's a man struggling under my feet. You don't mind if the other guy has eriction right

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:57pm
No I don't care about anything just you

weak!Dec 22 2015 4:59pm
Yes it's humiliating for men to be spanked. Especially like this and with slippers it's like they're 4 years old. And i love to humiliate men and treat them like babies

Woman Dec 22 2015 4:59pm
That's my greatest submissive husband. I want lift u and play with your small dick.

Woman Dec 22 2015 5:00pm
Did u sleep? That's expected from a weak husband. I think if we can have night together as husband and wife. I'll lift u to with one hand and grab you to me so your dick will be trapped between my boobs. I'll squeeze it until you mastribute, and I'll mastribute the other guy if he's good as foot slave. Then I'll be sitting above one of u so he can pleasure me with his toung. Later we'll go the three of us and both of u will give me bath. Then we'll all sleep in the bed and i'll be hugging both of u so tight, each one is stick to one boob, while my husband will be sucking my toes while I'm sleeping

Woman Dec 22 2015 5:12pm
Yes sorry I fell asleep. ..

weak!Dec 23 2015 5:53am
Haha, that's expected from weak men, when they get their amusement, it's too hard for them to stay awake. That's normal weak men

Woman Dec 23 2015 5:57am
Are you upset?

weak!Dec 23 2015 6:23am
I'm used for weak useless men like u.

Woman Dec 23 2015 6:23am
I bet so I think is rare to find someone stronger than you

weak!Dec 23 2015 6:31am
Sure not. I'm not looking for someone stronger than me, I'm just looking for someone who want be crashed under me. Hahaha. Just kidding I'm looking for weak useless men

Woman Dec 23 2015 6:33am
Ah ah ah you think I am?

weak!Dec 23 2015 6:45am
Hope you'll be one of them. It's obvious that you're weaker than me. And it's obvious that you're extremely submissive and believer in strong women supriority. And I love that

Woman Dec 23 2015 6:46am
We'll yeah its pretty clear who got muscles between us!

weak!Dec 23 2015 6:53am
Yes definitely it's so clear. Hope you're a good foot massager and keep on this absolutely non jealous attitude

Woman Dec 23 2015 6:56am
I'm not jealous. I'm jealous about your muscles. ..I feel iI'm the child ahah

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:00am
I ve read some other posts of you in this website, you said to one guy that while you flex your bicep he can hold and get lifted was it true?

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:03am
One day we should go to the gym together and you can prepare all weights for your training and beside that mines with exactly half .. to see if i can train with that. ..

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:04am
Be jealous from my muscles as much as u want. The important thing don't be jealous from me with other men. Yes i can do it, and I'll do it to u my submissive husband. You can't lift half my weight we can try with 1/4 I don't want u to hurt your self

Woman Dec 23 2015 7:09am
For biceps for example how much is a quarter for me

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:12am
Let's say can u do 15

Woman Dec 23 2015 7:16am
Uhm no i think for series is 8/10 max but 15 is not 1/4 of yours

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:17am
It's even it's less than my 1/4 i do between 65- 70. How much u can lift for 12/ 3

Woman Dec 23 2015 7:18am
Maybe 8

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:20am
But I'm talking about 8 kg in a single hand

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:21am
8!!! OMG, so maybe we can do it 1/8 hahaha. You know when I marry u, you'll become weaker your training weight might become 5

Woman Dec 23 2015 7:22am
Yes sure in single hand you dumb

Woman Dec 23 2015 7:22am
So you saying that you can do 12/3 with 8 times more my training weight

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:26am
Yes I already do it with weights above 65 kg. you do the calculations

Woman Dec 23 2015 7:27am
Omg you lift more than 8 times my max. .. I'm nothing close to you! !

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:30am
Hahaha, sure I told u I'm strong to the point that i can f*ck men. Weak submissive men

Woman Dec 23 2015 7:30am
So rapid math your arm is 8 times stronger than mine, so even if I use 2 on my arms vs your single one you are still 4 times stronger

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:35am
Hahaha, yes so u need other 4 men like u, just not to lose arm wrestling against me. Remember my arm is the weak part of my body. Imagine my legs

Woman Dec 23 2015 7:37am
Scary and humiliating

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:45am
Means that arm wrestling with you for me is impossible to move you a single cm with all my strength and u need maybe a quarter of your strength to hold me.. no need to put effort

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:48am
I can't imagine your leg strength!

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:54am
Hahaha, I told we won't be wrestling. I'll be playing with u. Literally with my legs if i step on u i'll smash u.

Woman Dec 23 2015 7:56am
I ask about arm wrestling

weak!Dec 23 2015 7:57am
Yesi told u with arm wrestling it won't be wrestling it'll be a joke for me. How to wrestle a man with 1/4 my strength maybe i just need to keep my arm up. Haha

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:00am
Yes fot you is joke for me I would be sweating. .. would you like this?

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:03am
I apparently have 1/8 of your strength!

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:06am
It's insane you can easily put 3 times my training weight just to show me and lift it with smile on your face

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:08am
I didn't ask but how long he cried yesterday after the spanking

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:12am
Yes I love to see u sweating. I told u this is normal u should always look at us as a mother and child. He kept crying for hours because I kept kicking him while he was kissing my feet, and i spanked him another time after u slept. Do u like how i tretmy husband

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:21am
I like but I'm scared you will be doing same with me!

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:23am
t's insane you can easily put 3 times my training weight just to show me and lift it with smile on your face

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:24am
Hahaha, don't you want me to marry you, everything comes with price. No don't worry because you won't be alone

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:24am
Would you spank and beat me ??

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:25am
You should notice 8 times with my arms so my legs would be 12 times more. And I'll be making fun of u not only smiling hahaha

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:25am
So you want to try the gym comparison thing?

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:26am
Making fun of me? How

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:26am
Yes sure, you're my husband and i need to show who's the boss once in awhile. But it won't happen often because i'll have probably at least more 2 or 3 men to take care of. Haha

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:27am
12 times? Mean that you can legpress 1000k? And calf rise?

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:28am
I prefer to do it in private gym if u wann do it in public one I have no problem. By teasing and laughing at ur joke body

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:28am
Yes. About 900

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:29am
How can you show who is the boss? I can see your strength and muscle everyday I'm not stupid I will surely know my place

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:29am
Are u afraid now of my slippers hahaha

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:29am
Private public i don't mind i just wanna try. ..i know I'm going to humikiate myself but i like your power

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:30am
I know, but this's my way with men I should spank them and beat them at the same time you'll be watching me spanking and beating other men

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:30am
I'm afraid of your power

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:31am
Good boy. Good boy we can do it around my other men hahaha

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:31am
Hahaha, okay soon you'll relize how strong is my slippers

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:32am
You want to do this "competition"

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:38am
I think it is so ridiculous our strength difference

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:39am
Haha, sure i live to humiliate men and you'd be so humiliated. It's silly how weak men are, this is shy it's better for u to band over every time u see me hahaha

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:42am
What do you say to joke at my attempts to win?

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:44am
I think seeing the amount of muscles I will give up before trying unless you want me to

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:48am
Oh please I can't imagine. It never happened to me thsat i list to a man in physical competition. Do u really think an Insect like u, can compete with me

Woman Dec 23 2015 8:48am
No i don't think i can move one cm nothing of you mum

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:50am
But I mean while you see me failing what things you will say to me

weak!Dec 23 2015 8:51am
Are you spanking again your husband?

weak!Dec 23 2015 9:17am
No I'm not but I'm really busy at work

Woman Dec 23 2015 9:18am
Ok sorry

weak!Dec 23 2015 9:19am
When you get free

weak!Dec 23 2015 9:49am
Give me 45 min

Woman Dec 23 2015 10:55am
All right

weak!Dec 23 2015 11:19am
Are you there?

weak!Dec 23 2015 11:58am
Yes I'm back now.,hey what do u want me to do to my husband tonight?

Woman Dec 23 2015 12:13pm
Do you have any weight at home?

weak!Dec 23 2015 12:23pm
Sure. I have from 20 till 40

Woman Dec 23 2015 12:27pm
Oh ask him to lift the 40. Tell him if he did not you will spank him again

weak!Dec 23 2015 12:29pm
Hahaha, there's no need for the 40 he can't lift the 20. I'll do it for u. Just to tell u i can tell him that my new husband wants me to spank u

Woman Dec 23 2015 12:31pm
Tell him you want to train so either he brings you the 40 kilos or he will be spanked

weak!Dec 23 2015 12:33pm
Hahaha, i'll do it. He is so f*cked, I'll change him to do it, or he'll be spanked

Woman Dec 23 2015 12:35pm
Please can you ask him to stop you from lifting the 40? If he can no spanks if he can not let him cry with less spanks as possible

weak!Dec 23 2015 12:40pm
That's great ideas u have.

Woman Dec 23 2015 12:44pm
You can lift 40 while he tries to stop the weight?

weak!Dec 23 2015 12:46pm
Yes i can because usually i lift more 65 kg. I'm trying it now, but wish that this idea won't be applied on u someday

Woman Dec 23 2015 12:47pm
Why this won't be applied to me?

weak!Dec 23 2015 12:49pm
No it'll but I thought u might be scared, from spanking you. I'd love to do so. My husband fail to stop me and fail to lift it, so it's spanking time

Woman Dec 23 2015 12:50pm
How it happened can you describe? Can you spank him and let him cry in very few spanks? As less as possible?

weak!Dec 23 2015 12:53pm
I told him that my new husband wants me to challenge u. First I ordered him to lift the 40 kg but he tried so hard and fail he almost lifted it for fee mm. Then i told him to try to stop me, he tried so hard, even he hang him self from my hand, and i lifted him and the weights at the same time it was incredible. Then i put him on my knees, naked him and spanked him, he collapsed and cried after three slaps by my big slippers hahaha. So you'll be instead of him

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:00pm
Are u happy now my weak submissive husband?

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:07pm
I'm very happy 3 spanks and he cried? ? Wow was hard for you?

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:08pm
Good, no it wasn't hard, but i use like 80% of my strength. Do u want to be in his place? Wannybe my weak husband??

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:09pm
Yes! I want to have a hulk wife

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:10pm
But really he can be lifted by only one of your arms holding your hand???

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:11pm
That's perfect, you can be mine whenever u want. Can u describe now for me how u imagine ur hulk wife with u and other men in bed as well?

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:11pm
Yes really I told u i was amazing wish u could see me. In the night in the bed would u like to see me wearing something or topless or entirely naked

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:13pm
You enjoyed lifting him like this? Topless will be great and I wish to sick your titts hard and for long

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:14pm
I wish i could see as well first your bicep expanding and getting hard than your husband feet slowly rising off the ground

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:16pm
Yes i loved it he was so scared. Topless it is. You don't like women pussy or you don't like ass? If u want i can breastfeeding u. So u can suck as much as u want

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:17pm
If u wish to see a lot, you should come to become my husband and then you'll be mine forever and i can do to u anything i want

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:20pm
Go and try again tell him that is your arm against all his body weight and strength. . He have to stop you from lifting him...If he fails tomorrow no lunch so he'll get even weaker

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:22pm
40 kilos is enormous weight I can not lift it for a single time and for you seem normal

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:24pm
I'll do it but now he's worshipping and kissing my feet.

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:25pm
How big is your husband arm?

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:26pm
40 kg, is so light i do up to 70 kg. So you don't want to see me naked? Would u want breastfeeded by me?

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:27pm
I don't know we don't measure him he's with nothing to be measured.

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:28pm
For you 40 is light? ! I'd love to be breastfeed by you but how? You are my wife so of course I want to see you naked

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:28pm
He is smaller than your bicep not flexed?

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:29pm
Hahaha, imagine I won't let u see me naked. Breastfeeded i mean by lifting u like baby and walk with u while u r sucking my tits as I breastfeeding u. Men feel safe between my hands and sucking my tits the love it. Yes 40 is absolutely nothing

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:31pm
Definitely it's smaller than my biceps not flexed. He hardly have the power to massage my big feet

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:32pm
I will feel safe as well it'll be a dream if I can be breastfeed by you!!

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:33pm
Mine fully hard and flex are 13,5 bet your forearm is as big or even bigger

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:34pm
I want to try to lift single hand 40 k to see how hard it is! I remember once I tried 20 and I couldn't do even one singled lift with my arm

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:35pm
Really, you'll be breastfeeded every night before we go to sleep I usually mastribute men while breastfeeding them do u like that?? Sure mine 19

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:36pm
Yes you told me your bicep is 19.5 (scary) but your forearm?

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:37pm
Hahah, my weak husband you're so weak, and when we'll be together you'll be much weaker i bet u won't be a ble to lift 10

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:37pm
Its 20

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:38pm
Every nigh treated as a baby? Well now I'm not worried I'm too heavy for you so yes please

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:38pm
Forearm is part between elbow and wrist

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:39pm
What is 20?

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:40pm
Too heavy you're funny. Yes every night as adult baby. Your head would disappear between my boobs. Hope my hand won't hurt ur dick. Hahaha

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:41pm
Yes I think it's 20 haven't measure it recently

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:42pm
That's a dream

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:42pm
What is the dream?

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:43pm
Your body and u breastfeeding

weak!Dec 23 2015 1:43pm
Thank u. Your dream will come true I promise. But remember some nights it won't be for u it'll be for others and you'll have to watch and suck my toes instead

Woman Dec 23 2015 1:45pm
Promise? ?

weak!Dec 23 2015 2:04pm
Yes promise. But as I told u in other nights u have to do different things

Woman Dec 23 2015 2:09pm
I'm okay because I know that some night I will suffer but I would enjoy as well

weak!Dec 23 2015 2:22pm
I'm glad that you're okay. But which nights you'll suffer and which you'll enjoy??

Woman Dec 23 2015 2:25pm
Up to you

weak!Dec 23 2015 2:29pm
I know it's up to me. But I told u in some nights u'll have to suck my toes and watch my with other men in the bed. Will this be enjoyable nights for u??

Woman Dec 23 2015 2:32pm
The night of breastfeeding

weak!Dec 23 2015 2:34pm
Okay i makes sense. Although i was hoping if u would enjoy the other night as well when you'll be sucking my toes and watching me with ither men. But that's okay

Woman Dec 23 2015 2:36pm
I never did maybe i will get used to! But I would enjoy to feel and compare muscles

weak!Dec 23 2015 2:38pm
Really. I wish to have a husband enjoy watching me with other men while he kissing my feet. Enjoying the idea that I'm much stronger and muscular than and that I humiliate him as much as i want, and he can do nothing. Enjoying the idea that those other men will be suffering instead of him for a while. I'll do anything to this extremely submissive weak husband

Woman Dec 23 2015 2:42pm
It's me!!! Wonna touch those muscles all day

weak!Dec 23 2015 2:44pm
Hahah, you'll touch it. But I don't think you enjoy kissing my feet and seeing me with other men. But I'll let u touch me all the time, because you're submissive enough

Woman Dec 23 2015 2:46pm
No much choices

weak!Dec 23 2015 2:48pm
Definitely no much choices. Men have no opinion in my house, i just wish if i can marry such submissive man like that. Anyway men do it but I'm looking for someone enjoying it

Woman Dec 23 2015 2:50pm
I will ;)

weak!Dec 23 2015 2:51pm
You'll enjoying me watching me with other men, while you're sucking my toes?? I doubt it

Woman Dec 23 2015 2:53pm
No but sacking titts yes

weak!Dec 23 2015 2:54pm
Hahaha, sure you'll enjoy sucking my tits. I can't let u suck my tits if I'm with other men unless each one of u suck from different boob. Hajahaha

Woman Dec 23 2015 2:57pm
Move to this poll please:

Woman Dec 23 2015 2:58pm
Because this one will close st 300 comments. It's above this one in 3 polls

Woman Dec 23 2015 3:00pm
Not working

weak!Dec 23 2015 3:06pm
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