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Sports person of the year

Created by: ponch at 10:49:44 AM, Friday, July 28, 2000 PDT


martina hingis rocks

jolieSep 28 2001 8:34am

martina hingis rocks

jolieSep 28 2001 8:34am
KELLY HOLMES!!!!!!!!!!

AnonymousDec 20 2004 11:51am
Cristiano Ronaldo

Nor Cal PortugueeFeb 11 2006 3:32am
Kelly holmes runner and judo expert army ladies champion

AnonymousMar 10 2014 10:23am
Welcome anitacat!! The long awaited fight between christina and anita is about to start.the fight takes place in an old metal shipping container on a near derelict farm way out in the sticks ,that has been bought for the purpose of illegal girlfights,by a group of millionaire girlfight afficionados who wager huge sums on the outcome.the container is twenty feet by eight ft wide,with a door at each end through which the fighters will enter.there are cctv cameras set into the ceiling for the audience,who will watch from the comfort of a large house a couple of miles the farm,the two women wait separately,each with a burly minder.christina prepares,pulling a short black and white tunic dress on over her shoulders,accentuating her large firm breasts with a deep vee kneckline,and showing off her long pale coltish legs to perfection.todays girlfight is the long awaited black vs white showdown between thirty five year old christina and the younger anita.this battle even more eagerly awaited than usual because these two women are sworn enemies,and each has vowed to kill the other.they will fight nhb,with no interference,and only one can leave the container.the only key is suspended from the ceiling above them!

cOct 15 2015 5:35am
After a brief warm up,the minder escorts christina to one door of the container,whilst anita is brought to the other.despite her quite natural last minute nervousness,the shapely blonde is hugely excited at the prospect of getting her hands on her rival,feeling the telltale wetness between her legs and longing to get at her.the door slams shut behind

cOct 15 2015 5:49am
Anitacat.....write twenty or so lines,leaving it where i can a day each till ive kicked your fat ass bitch!!

cOct 15 2015 6:01am
Mel.c the ex spice girl beat Kelly Holmes at judo

AnonymousOct 04 2016 4:50pm
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