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How Do You Want To Die?

Question: If you could pick how you would get to die, how would you want to go?
Created by: Random at 01:43:00 PM, Monday, July 31, 2000 PDT


I'd like to be blown to death, if you get my drift.

AnonymousAug 01 2000 5:51pm

Yes, I think I do. I'll send over a White House intern.

RandomAug 01 2000 7:20pm
No thanks, I've seen the White House interns.

AnonymousAug 02 2000 7:57pm
I mentioned this in another post somewhere.....but I'd like to stuff my clothing full of candy and jump off a very tall bulding in a populated region so that when I make impact with the pavement I'll burst like a pinata...that's how I'd like to go...... anyway......

gypsyqueenAug 02 2000 8:37pm
Why die when you can smile

AnonymousAug 05 2000 4:46pm bout all those ways combined.

if you suicidal and you know it graba knifeAug 29 2000 7:56pm
I wanna be frozen, first have as much SEX as I can! Hellz yeah!

AnonymousMay 06 2001 12:31pm
i want to eat as much as possible, and then just have heart failure.

Jordan FlynnJun 21 2001 6:35am
who the f*ck would want to be burnt to death? good lord, what is wrong with you people??!?

someone, somewhereNov 04 2001 12:22am
I would like to die young... if you're gunna die having sex chances are you will be to old to enjoy it (: I would say shot because I would be having sex with Karen at the time and her boy friend would shoot me.

SuPeRNoVaMar 20 2002 3:52pm
i wanna have a heart attack on a roller coaster, so that way i could die having fun

funinthesunJul 18 2002 10:47am
burning would hurt hella bad

Sea Urchin of ChairsAug 11 2002 11:37pm
I would be having sex for about an hour or two with Miss America and I would come and go at the same time. I would be feeling no pain.

The Big DickApr 16 2003 2:39am
i'd wanna die with G-D

happy earlApr 30 2003 12:26pm
If i couldnt do the rollercoaster thing, i'd want to swallow a fishhook so it would go all the way down and hook onto my ass, and then just hang nude from the eiffel tower. that would give ppl something to talk about

funinthesunJul 21 2003 10:28pm
If you push it up from the other way it's less painful.

GordonJul 28 2003 12:45am
I love you sticks man!!!

AnonymousJul 28 2003 12:46am
i want to die in my sleep.. peacfully! Nothing more.. lol.. I want to die in ^^^ arms

JeSuSFreAkFbCd2oo4Apr 26 2004 8:37am

GIRL WITH BIG BOOBSMay 22 2004 9:36pm
I wanna be chopped up with one of them there Ginzu Knives you see on the tele, and they feed to a tank full of hungry Piranha fishes.

AnonymousJun 08 2004 11:40pm

XTC333Jul 29 2004 5:57pm
Id like to get headscissored to death bewteen two powerful female thighs

AnonymousOct 26 2005 7:57am
Im my sleep!? a big celebrity award ceremony....think id make the headlines??

lucyApr 27 2006 8:57am

AnonymousMay 25 2006 2:41pm
I will die for the right to free the people in my tribe from the taxes of mr bush ill probly get shot by a semi machine gun doin so

LetoJun 02 2006 6:28pm
I wanna finish my dreams then die looking up at a sunny sky full of clouds listening to Somwhere over the rainbow.

999Sep 10 2006 8:11pm
I want to be shrunk to the size of an insect. Then be tossed into a spider-web. And get sucked dry while looking into the shiney eyes of spider.

MostMar 08 2007 11:44pm
id choose to be frozen b/c ud be so num with cold that u wouldnt feel anything

<3samJul 06 2007 9:06pm
i want to die of old age

AnonymousApr 05 2008 1:22pm
die in a threesome with my boyfriend and the guy i like.

HORNY_AS_HELLMay 10 2008 6:03pm
I'd like to die peacefully (who wouldn't - well some people on here apparently lol) after using my life really well, making the most of every moment and then to go on to life, real life with God on the New Earth (see Chronicles of Narnia for inspiration)

AnonymousJun 01 2009 7:41am

toddFeb 01 2010 4:51pm
During an outstanding blowjob by the world finest Girl. I'll go with a smile on my face.

AnonymousAug 25 2010 2:12am
I want to be smothered to death; my face between the ass cheeks of a depraved Mistress. I will be tied down, unable to move as she sits on my face, slowly asphyxiating me as she jerks me off.

subslave1007@yahoo.comDec 14 2010 7:58am
Why would you want to feel any pain before you die, or feel extreme pain? Man I want to go as peacefully as possible, and as old as possible so I can enjoy my life as long as I possibly can.

AnonymousMar 15 2011 7:44pm
I know what I don't want to die as, I don't want to die feeling lonely and I think I need another voting option.. I want to die being someone's food.. like a dinosaur or perhaps a shark... I don't want to rot in a grave, or become ash... dying should be at cost to save someone, whether literally saving her from death, being her food, or die with hope my death can save people ( in case I'm evil genoside-maniac, which I'm not thank god )

dinoraptor101Mar 23 2011 7:37am
Question: If you could pick how you would get to die, how would you want to go? By suffocation as a result of having my face sat upon by a very large Queen of a tribe of Amazonian cannibals who would then after I was dead, cook and eat my flesh. I have always wanted to be a Woman, and now at least I would be a part of every one who had filled their stomachs with the meal I had provided.

faceunder1Jul 31 2011 3:05pm
I don't manna die, I wanna live forever!

Live Forever!Sep 01 2011 3:52pm
I don't wanna die, I wanna live forever!

Live Forever!Sep 01 2011 3:53pm
faceunder1, lol that would be a great way to go.

jmanerJan 01 2012 5:37pm
My fantasy of another way to go. Is to be reduced in size until I could be swallowed whole and alive down into a woman's stomach where I would be digested into nutriment for her benefit, and excrement for later disposal. Although it would be a long slow, and painful death, it would also for me be well worth the suffering, knowing that in due course I would become a part of her, and in that sense still alive. I have always wanted to be a woman, and now at least I would be a part of one.

faceunder1Mar 08 2012 8:42am
i want to be martyred in a jihaad

AnonymousOct 06 2012 5:08pm
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