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The Consumption of Piss

Question: Would you ever risk drinking your own urine?
Created by: TwistedClown at 03:26:06 PM, Wednesday, August 16, 2000 PDT


twist...i love you, dude. i drink pee everyday....yuummm!

spookyAug 16 2000 10:31pm

You know, urine is sterile. You could drink it and it would pretty much be more pure and safe then the water a lot of places in the world.

The Dancing Panda Knows Little Facts of Life That Poke Holes inAug 17 2000 8:22am
cum taste better then piss, but I like to piss on my self in the shower

having a good timeJun 08 2001 10:47pm
I wouldn't drink my own piss, but, I've drank countless gallons of piss. Iove it!

ThirstyMay 14 2002 3:13pm
i'd rather drink urine then lick my hand because at least urine is cleaner than cleaning products and ur hands have two whole layers of dangerous, discusting bacteria.

GO WASH THOZE HANDZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Apr 17 2003 3:06pm
Sure, if I was getting paid! And if I had drinken enough water...

Another AnonymousMay 14 2004 6:07pm
yes....with a hint of black current, should take most of that fowl taste away!?

jennyApr 27 2006 8:52am
just realised a spelling error i no!!!

jenApr 27 2006 8:53am
#009 (Tue.) 2/27/07

UpdateFeb 27 2007 1:23pm
Yes, Jenny, electrifying!

an intelligent life formSep 22 2009 12:57pm
I thoroughly enjoy drinking both male and female urine, in fact I just love to have my stomach filled to capacity with this lovely tangy tasting golden nectar. In fact I am my dominant wifes toilet, and when ever she has a "girls night in" party. The wine flows freely, and all of her female guests from time to time use me, many of them several times before they eventually go home in the early hours.

faceunder1Aug 01 2011 11:53am
NEVER!! Only if i was pade 1020 dollars. I want a tablet and 3dsi

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