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Ambiguity: emulate or eradicate?

Question: If one is found to be in an ambiguous situation, which has become ambiguous because of another person who is ambiguous, should the ambigous person be:
Created by: boo at 08:36:53 AM, Thursday, August 17, 2000 PDT


ow... my head hurts. but i do like casseroles

AnonymousMay 12 2003 5:54pm

AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:30pm
Darken? d=

MaddyDec 12 2013 7:13pm
Draken* Stupid kindle.

MaddyDec 12 2013 7:14pm

MaddyDec 12 2013 7:28pm
Hey I'm here

nyfbDec 29 2013 12:40pm
Hi! 0.0

MaddyDec 29 2013 12:43pm
I think I'm leaving likelike

nyfbDec 29 2013 12:45pm
Why? =(]

MaddhDec 29 2013 12:48pm
I feel like I'm not wanted here anymore, I saw wat u TLD beni and it kinda hurt

nyfbDec 29 2013 12:49pm
NO YOU'RE NOT LEAVING! -GRaBS you and holds you down and collapses on you so you won't move and then I kiss you quickly (It's not cheating because I didn't fudge you)- 0_0

MaddyDec 29 2013 12:54pm
But u told him wen I asked u out that someone asked u out he told u something and then u were like oh well its just nyfb, that sounded like u don't even care about me

nyfbDec 29 2013 12:57pm
Nyfb It's because you're a friend. A friend I don't expect to lose… You're one of my best friends! I told him that! I tell people that I love you because your my best friend! I love you! I love all of my friends! Don't leave because of a misunderstanding, Nyfb. I don't want to lose my best friend on here. I said that because you forgive me easily. Not to mention, you didn't lose anything by asking me out, and you never gained anything. It would be like leaving for no reason! -Kisses your cheek and let's you back up-

MaddyDec 29 2013 1:03pm
Hugs u, but the way u worded it. It made it seem like u didn't care if I saw or not. I low u with all my heart and I don't wanna lose u either

nyfbDec 29 2013 1:06pm
My personality and perspective of things is weird is why you misunderstood me… I'm different as you can see. O_O

MaddyDec 29 2013 1:10pm
OK, hugs u tight.

nyfbDec 29 2013 1:12pm
I posted something on LikeLike for you…

MaddyDec 29 2013 1:14pm
Thank u Maddy.

nyfbDec 29 2013 1:16pm
You're very welcome. .-.

MaddyDec 29 2013 1:19pm
Maddy do u have a kik?

nyfbDec 29 2013 1:22pm
No… .-. Are you staying? Uhh I wanna play a game. Go to (go to the regular chat) and put these as your three interests: candy, gunships (?), and fudgedicks… Let's try to find eachother! X[)

MaddyDec 29 2013 1:29pm
Put commas though or it won't work.

MaddyDec 29 2013 1:30pm

nyfbDec 29 2013 1:32pm
Can't find u

nyfbDec 29 2013 1:35pm
I can't find you! X[)

MaddyDec 29 2013 1:55pm
I couldn't either, do u no another site to talk on?

nyfbDec 29 2013 1:59pm

MaddyDec 29 2013 2:34pm (My school when Retro Bill Visited X[))

MaddyDec 29 2013 2:45pm
Hey ii gtg, live u

nyfbDec 29 2013 3:01pm
You live me? O_O

MaddyDec 29 2013 4:37pm
X[) I live you do.

MaddyDec 29 2013 4:43pm
Sorry love!! And stop calling urself ugly

NyfbJan 01 2014 7:52pm
X[) Hello. O.o You saw my pics? X[)

MaddyJan 01 2014 8:01pm
Yes!!! U look amazing!!! Hugs u tight! I missed u so much! I thought about u everyday i was gone, i love u so much

NyfbJan 01 2014 8:03pm
-Hugs you back- X[) Aww thank you! It seems like most of my friends are guys on this Website. -_- lol And in real life I also ave a lot of guy friends and Hannah is my best friend there. O.o And there's a boy that's tried countless tries to get me to date him -_- lol d= You're sweet.

MaddgJan 01 2014 8:07pm
Lol, well i still try lol!! Did u miss me cause i missed u like crazy? Kisses ur cheek. R u and jake dating? And thanks

NyfbJan 01 2014 8:10pm
Jake isn't dating me. Beni is. O.o I DID miss you actually. O_O

MaddyJan 01 2014 8:12pm
Oh i didnt know if u were single or not, my bad lol! And really how much?

NyfbJan 01 2014 8:14pm
I don't really know. I thought about you occasionally... Hmmm... lol X[)

MaddyJan 01 2014 8:20pm
I bet u missed me every second i was gone lol, ik i missed u that much! Uhh:/

NyfbJan 01 2014 8:21pm
-Hugs you and kisses you- I don't care if I have a bf, you need kisses. O.O -Puts my lips to yours and rubs my tongue against yours and hugs you- <3

MaddyJan 01 2014 8:25pm
Awwww ur so sweet!!! Kisses u back!!! I love u maddy

NyfbJan 01 2014 8:26pm
Hey will u post a pic of u just for me?????

NyfbJan 01 2014 8:27pm
I posted all of my pics lol just look at them I posted about 6 or 7

MadduJan 01 2014 8:28pm
Ok lol! Kisses u one more time! Maddy could we snuggle for a while??

NyfbJan 01 2014 8:30pm
I guess. (]= -Grabs your hand and pulls you to a warm bed and lays in it with you- (=

MaddyJan 01 2014 8:33pm
Thanks! Lays beside u and wraps my arms around you! I wish i had u in my arms all the time, ur so sweet and beautiful! Rubs ur side

NyfbJan 01 2014 8:35pm
Awe... <3 -Grabs your chest and rolls over on top of you and snuggles into your chest- Don't make me brake up with Beni. O.o Cause you can- Nevermind! Not giving you any ideas! ^_^

MaddyJan 01 2014 8:39pm
I want well want try to. Rubs ur back! Wat u been up to? And have u ever had feelins for me?

NyfbJan 01 2014 8:46pm
Yes I've had feelings for you! Duh! I've been busy... -Kisses you again-

MaddyJan 01 2014 8:50pm
Me too, kisses u back!! And hugs u tight

NyfbJan 01 2014 8:51pm
-Rubs my tongue against yours-...

MaddyJan 01 2014 9:01pm
U there?

NyfbJan 01 2014 9:01pm
Nvm, kisses u softly, maddy u know i love kissing u but idk if we can do this. I mesn im ok with the snuggling but u do have a bf although i hope and pray that somdsy will be me

NyfbJan 01 2014 9:04pm
Please dont be mad, i really love u but i dont wsnt anyone hurt

NyfbJan 01 2014 9:13pm
… You know how guilty I feel about this? I don't want to break up with Beni but I still want to be with you? …

MaddyJan 01 2014 9:15pm
-Gets up and walks over to the window and puts on shoes and a coat and walks outside in the snow in the dark and climbs in a tree-

MaddyJan 01 2014 9:16pm
Ik u dont and dont feel guilty, maddy we can still snuggle and all lets just mot u no make out. U know i love u and ik u love me and beni! Kisses u one more time. Do u just want to tonight?

NyfbJan 01 2014 9:17pm
Follows u and hugs u tight giving u my jacket

NyfbJan 01 2014 9:18pm
What do you mean? "Tonight?" Lol -Grabs your hand and pulls you inside and lays on the bed and cuddles up against you-

MaddyJan 01 2014 9:25pm
Maddy talk to me

NyfbJan 01 2014 9:26pm
I mean just us kiss tonight its up to u tho, i love u maddy

NyfbJan 01 2014 9:27pm
-Leans forward and kisses you once again, then bites your lip gently and sucks on your neck a little bit- I love you too. <3

MaddyJan 01 2014 9:34pm
Kisses u back passionatly, then rolls u ontop of me and rubs ur back softly

NyfbJan 01 2014 9:36pm

NyfbJan 01 2014 9:51pm
-Cuddles into you- I'm sleepy so I'm going to bed hun.

MaddyJan 01 2014 9:53pm
Ok baby girl, kisses u good night, i love u so much!! :)

NyfbJan 01 2014 9:56pm
I love you too! -Kisses you again real fast then rolls over on the bed and goes to sleep-

MaddyJan 01 2014 9:58pm
Wraps arms around u kisses ur cheek and goes to sleep

NyfbJan 01 2014 10:01pm
Hewwo... I have no idea what to say...

Beni...Jan 01 2014 10:50pm
I should just... Uhm... Leave... *pushes over a vase then leaves*

Beni gone.Jan 01 2014 11:18pm
Maddy you fücking cheating bïtch

AnonymousJan 02 2014 11:47am
Please dont be mean to her... I probably deserved it..

BeniJan 02 2014 11:53am
thats bullcrap, u shouldnt have done that to beni!!!

emo4lifeJan 02 2014 11:55am
Plz dont be mean to her... :'c

BeniJan 02 2014 11:59am
You would just cheat like that

AglowSilver5644Jan 02 2014 12:07pm

BeniJan 02 2014 12:16pm
Hey maddy u on, and beni im sorry dont blame her its my fault

NyfbJan 03 2014 4:14pm

MaddyJan 03 2014 7:17pm
Hey I'm sorry I spilt u and beni up, I never meant to

nyfbJan 03 2014 7:21pm
-Looks at the ground-

MaddyJan 03 2014 7:22pm
Hugs u, I told him not to blame u but to blame me ok

nyfbJan 03 2014 7:25pm
I don't wanna talk! Our talking is kind of over, I guess.

MaddyJan 03 2014 7:46pm
Maddy please, talk to me. Please, I low u and if we can't talk I rather die

nyfbJan 03 2014 7:48pm
But you knew you could do this! >=/ .-.

MaddyJan 03 2014 7:51pm
And I said I was sorry, I spread feel bad and u have no clue wat I did, I know wat I did was wrong, idk y I did it, IG cause I love u. Yes I fukin LOVE YOU and if we can't talk no more then good bye

nyfbJan 03 2014 7:54pm
… Bye…

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:03pm
Maddy u really will give up our friendship just like that? I c u never loved me

nyfbJan 03 2014 8:05pm
I did but you ruined my relationship. You don't know my thoughts and you never will. Remember how me and Mephiles were into PSYCHoPaTHY? We have a psychopathic mind, Nyfb. You will never understand my personality while I understand yours oh so well.

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:08pm
Maddy I am bipolar and have skitiphramia, u r the only girl I live and I rather be dead if I can't even talk to u, if u rather not be friends because of one little mistake then fine I will go kill my fukin self right now and never again will u speak to the one guy in this world who loves u for u

nyfbJan 03 2014 8:10pm
Schizophrenia and the Bipolar disorder aren't anywhere close to psychopathic ways. Trust me. You hearing voices isn't the same…

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:12pm
I know a lot of people that love me for me, and I want to be left alone right now!!! That's all I meant!!! =.(

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:13pm
How about wen they tell u to kill people and urself 24/7 and u fight that, like I said I rather be dead if I can't talk to u so I will go load my gun and poff I'm gone from ur life forever

nyfbJan 03 2014 8:14pm
See you don't understand I'm under pain and I just want to be left alone and I want to talk to Beni. You threatening your life would make it worse for everyone. I'm not disowning you I'm just upset and not to mention on my period so I'm very emotional. .-.

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:18pm
The people that DO love me is a whole different story. Michaelnox is the sweetest and he loves me, there's people at school who love me, Beni loves me and he's kinda stressed.

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:20pm
And I love u, u forgot me, I'm sorry I split y'all up, I said no at first but u wanted to, I said I'm sorry and I love u, but it would also make life a whole lot easier if I were dead, u wouldn't be sad, I would be gone and everyone in this world happy

nyfbJan 03 2014 8:24pm
Then you'd go to hell. I'd be very upset and I don't want you to do something so drastic when you have the ability to do whatever you want in life…

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:28pm
The only thing I want in life is to be with u

nyfbJan 03 2014 8:30pm
… I want to just be friends… I told you that…

… Who gives a fuck…Jan 03 2014 8:33pm
I'm fuking sorry I love u then, I'm sorry I can't handle being in fukin love with u. I'm sorry there is nothing I can do about it, but Maddy I swear to god I love u and I wanna spend my life with u, u r the only girl I love, I dream about u every fukin night because of how fukin much I love u

nyfbJan 03 2014 8:38pm
… Then I'll date you…

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:50pm
Beni is dating Jayla anyway…

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:50pm
I don't want u to if u don't wanna date me

nyfbJan 03 2014 8:53pm
I do though. I'm just kind of upset. -Sits beside you and stares at the ground-

MaddyJan 03 2014 8:54pm
Wraps arms around u, I'm sorry for braking y'all up, and for cussing so much, its just ur the first girl I have loved in a long time

nyfbJan 03 2014 8:57pm
-Lays there limp in your arms and sits on the ground-

MaddyJan 03 2014 9:04pm
Brushes back ur hair, Maddy do u love me?

nyfbJan 03 2014 9:06pm
Yes. Still kind of upset, and LikeLikes being a dick. -Leans forward and kisses you-

MaddyJan 03 2014 9:08pm
Kisses u back, ik u r. Rubs ur arms

nyfbJan 03 2014 9:09pm
-Walks into the closet and lays on the ground in the dark, staring at the ceiling- Come here.

MaddyJan 03 2014 9:11pm
Walks in closet with u, I'm here baby

nyfbJan 03 2014 9:16pm
-Grabs you and pulls you down with me and I hug you and I get up and go to the bedroom and I kiss you- <3 .-. <3 Ehh I keep thinking about Beni. .-.

MaddyJan 03 2014 9:18pm
I n judo baby, kisses u. Hey I gtg, I love u so much

nyfbJan 03 2014 9:23pm

MaddyJan 03 2014 9:24pm
Love u

nyfbJan 03 2014 9:28pm
Hey? (=

MaddyJan 04 2014 8:58am
Hey baby

nyfbJan 04 2014 11:33am
Ehh I'm back on. ^_^ -Hugs you and kisses your lips-

MaddyJan 04 2014 9:03pm
Hugs u back, and then gives u a big kiss, I love u so much

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:08pm
-Kisses you back- ^_^ See my pic? 0.0

MaddyJan 04 2014 9:13pm
Just a sec lol, I love u

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:17pm

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:18pm
Well, I'm not a cheater. People's point of views kind of suck. Beni knows everything about it and he knows what actually happened, he doesn't consider me a cheater. You're calling me a bitch and a rat at the same time! Wow I'm a dog and a rat! Man you're fu*ked up! (]X And I am having a nice day. And it's not my fault I'm "ugly" and a lot of people online still love me. So stfu. (=

MaddyJan 04 2014 9:24pm
Do me a favour and post that (what I just typed) on my post "idgaf" lol (]=

MaddyJan 04 2014 9:25pm
Wat I don't call u that, I said u look great baby, I love u

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:25pm
Oh never mind lol

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:26pm
Can't get it to paste

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:27pm
X[) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha O.O (]X -Hugs you and kisses you- <3

MaddyJan 04 2014 9:27pm
Love u so much kisses and hugs u

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:28pm
It's snowing here! Lol (]= -Wraps my arms around your waist and pulls you to me and I kiss you and pull you down to the bed with me and I roll over on top of you kissing you silently- <3

MaddyJan 04 2014 9:33pm
That's cool. I rub ur thighs softly kissesing u passionaty. I love u baby

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:36pm
You say that so often. O.o -I snuggle up to you and close my eyes, with my arms around your shoulders- What do you look like?

MaddyJan 04 2014 9:40pm
I'm tall, not skinny but not fat. Brown hair and eyes

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:42pm
O.o Cool. You already know what I look like of course! I'm 5"4, Red hair, brown eyes, white skin (duh), X[)

MaddyJan 04 2014 9:46pm
Lol ur beautiful

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:49pm
(= -Rolls over in the bed and gets under the covers and peeks up and makes a funny face at you- ^,^

MaddyJan 04 2014 9:52pm
Smiles at u and gets under covers

nyfbJan 04 2014 9:53pm
Wyd baby

nyfbJan 04 2014 10:02pm
-Kisses you and wraps my arms around you-

MaddyJan 04 2014 10:10pm
Kisses back and cuddles up to u

nyfbJan 04 2014 10:11pm
Night love u baby girl

nyfbJan 04 2014 10:25pm
Sorry I was watching UhOhBro. Goodnight! (]=

MaddyJan 04 2014 10:41pm
Hey baby wyd, wraps arms around u and kisses u.

nyfbJan 05 2014 9:17am
Oh Hi! ^_^ Was at my Nannas. 0///0

MaddyJan 05 2014 4:01pm
Hey baby wyd

nyfbJan 05 2014 5:22pm
I'm in bed eating Flammin Cheetos... o.O d= -Hugs you and kisses your cheek- ^_^ <3

MaddyJan 05 2014 6:07pm
Hugs u back and gives u a big kiss on the lips

nyfbJan 05 2014 6:16pm
-Hugs your face- X[)

MaddyJan 05 2014 6:37pm
Lol, I missed u baby

nyfbJan 05 2014 6:39pm
Missed you, too. (=

MaddyJan 05 2014 6:56pm

MaddyJan 05 2014 9:02pm
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