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best city

Question: What is the best US city
Created by: bob15 at 07:57:25 PM, Sunday, July 09, 2000 EDT


it's Detroit, bitch!

Coreys bitchAug 08 2000 5:41pm

What the hell were is Houston, Texas. IT is the 3 largest stat thank you very much. Bob15 you scuk fro not butting houston on there. Houston is awsome even thow it use to be or still is the most polluted city in america

pappaAug 20 2001 6:29pm
i hate texans. go california! p.s. bob, where u from?

fongoritisAug 21 2002 7:19pm

chik with big boobzJun 03 2003 2:04pm
dude, who the f*ck voted for denver??? DENVER?? you guys mustve been seriously stoned

FonGJul 21 2003 9:57pm
London is the greatest city. It is stylish, beautiful, historical, modern, interesting, energetic. Anythin u want it to be. I suggest you all go visit london!!

JOeYAug 14 2003 3:57am
Where's Dallas? Houston? San Antonio? All three are in the top ten in population, and all three kick the ass of every city on this list. I hate Californians. Go Texas.

Juan SeguinFeb 09 2004 1:30am
f*ck texas. Go California!!!!!!!!

Californian stranded in tex-assJun 01 2004 9:34pm
where is Austin?.......or any other cities from a southern state besides Miami? Whoever makes these polls is living in lalaland.

just some dudeJan 23 2005 7:51pm
you guys serousily neeed help

your aunts dogMar 31 2005 9:25am

AnonymousMay 26 2006 2:24pm
A tie between L.A. and San Fran...

lizzzNov 25 2013 1:35am
ill be here

DracoDec 28 2013 9:22pm

Artemis:3(Or should it be Artemouse:3"?)Dec 28 2013 9:24pm
lol the secong one

DracoDec 28 2013 9:26pm
Okay :P

Artemouse:3Dec 28 2013 9:26pm
yay now ur nickname is mouse

DracoDec 28 2013 9:27pm
Mouse? I'll change it to Aphrodite:3 :P

Aphrodite:3Dec 28 2013 9:32pm
ok dite :)

DracoDec 28 2013 9:32pm
Call me Lilz

Aphrodite:3Dec 28 2013 9:33pm

DracoDec 28 2013 9:35pm
Yeah *Pokes yo cheek*

Aprodite:3Dec 28 2013 9:36pm

AnonymousDec 28 2013 9:36pm
lol hey *pokes ur tummie*

DracoDec 28 2013 9:36pm
Hey, that tickled!

Aphrodite:3 is tired Dec 28 2013 9:38pm
then sleep :)

DracoDec 28 2013 9:40pm
Hey is Artemis here

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:40pm
night *Falls asleep next to u*

Aphrodite:3Dec 28 2013 9:41pm
oh nvm hey girl...

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:41pm

DracoDec 28 2013 9:41pm
0_e woooow i ..i...will leave i gues :/

AnonymousDec 28 2013 9:42pm

Artemis:3/Aphrodite:3Dec 28 2013 9:42pm

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:42pm
y anon?

DracoDec 28 2013 9:42pm
I was stupid to even think wat i thought :/

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:43pm
tht anon was me :/

BrookDec 28 2013 9:43pm

DracoDec 28 2013 9:44pm
o.o?(An old lady!)

AnonymousDec 28 2013 9:47pm

KenzieNov 08 2014 10:50am

Turtles:3Nov 08 2014 11:04am
Hey wats up ? :)

KenzieNov 08 2014 11:05am
XD space

Turtles:3Nov 08 2014 11:07am
lol Good one, how long u been on this site?

KenzieNov 08 2014 11:13am
Um idunno

Turtles:3Nov 08 2014 11:18am
lol ive been here like 3 years now... it sucks that it wont let me comment with my phone Or DS

KenzieNov 08 2014 11:33am
I think I been here for 2 years lmao idunno

Turtles:3Nov 08 2014 2:51pm
What did ur name used to be

KenzieNov 08 2014 5:15pm

Turtles:3Nov 09 2014 9:46am
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jvSGXuyhbDhfZDec 21 2014 12:35pm
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DXCMqKCVRJHnShPEoVJan 15 2015 10:59am

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:22pm
At 12 years old?!

DioxOct 02 2015 1:23pm
I don't know yet

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:24pm
But maybe?

DioxOct 02 2015 1:25pm

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:27pm
Really? Thats pretty risky :p

DioxOct 02 2015 1:28pm
I know but it's up to you

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:29pm
Is it really?

DioxOct 02 2015 1:30pm

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:31pm
Up to me? :D

DioxOct 02 2015 1:34pm
Yes! :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:34pm
That is not a wise decision just saying XD

DioxOct 02 2015 1:35pm
But like if you do wanna do it don't tell me just make a move xD I'll probably get it

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:35pm
Well I dunno :/ Maybe just see how tight you are?

dOct 02 2015 1:36pm
I don't really mind xP

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:38pm
You will >_> it will hurt.

DioxOct 02 2015 1:39pm
Ffs stop worrying -.- srly

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:41pm
I dont want you to hurt :(

DioxOct 02 2015 1:41pm
I'm fine :3 plz

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:42pm
If your sure :) But really at 12?

DioxOct 02 2015 1:44pm
You said 12 isn't that young xDD

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:45pm
It isnt XD

DioxOct 02 2015 1:48pm
Then why do you care as much then xP

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:48pm
Because I dont want to hurt you.

DioxOct 02 2015 1:50pm
It's fine

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:52pm
Then you will be my Suzy

DioxOct 02 2015 1:53pm
Haha okay xP

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:56pm
You know how much its going to hurt? Thats why you should put a finger in to see.

DioxOct 02 2015 1:57pm
Nah xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 1:58pm
Why? :( I want you to be prepared.

DioxOct 02 2015 2:00pm
I know

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:04pm
So please?

DioxOct 02 2015 2:04pm
I don't know

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:05pm
I mean do you want to have sex?

DioxOct 02 2015 2:06pm
I don't mind xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:07pm
No I mean it will hurt a lot at first then you will feel insanely good.

DioxOct 02 2015 2:08pm
You might have to give me a little break if you do xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:11pm
Sure :p We will both need a break, but if we do Ill use protection and everything :3

DioxOct 02 2015 2:12pm
Size small?? xDD jk sorry.. ;-;

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:13pm
No extra small :3 XD I have never used a condom before O.o So idk sizes lol

DioxOct 02 2015 2:14pm
Extra small! xDD wait really?? o.o xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:16pm
Nah I dunno XD Medium at the most I think. Yep never XD Im clean and the two girls I did it with were as well.

DioxOct 02 2015 2:17pm
At the least*

DioxOct 02 2015 2:19pm
What you mean by clean?? xP

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:19pm
No STDs :p

DioxOct 02 2015 2:20pm
Oh xD what if I do?! o.o

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:23pm
Thats why I will use protection :3 Nothing against you just to be safe >_>

DioxOct 02 2015 2:24pm
Nothing against you xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:25pm
So why the change of heart?

DioxOct 02 2015 2:26pm
What do you mean ;-;

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:27pm
You were so against us having sexy time now you dont mind :p

DioxOct 02 2015 2:28pm
I actually don't know .-.

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:29pm
But are you really fine with it?

DioxOct 02 2015 2:29pm

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:31pm
It doesnt creep you out that my dick will go inside you?

DioxOct 02 2015 2:32pm
Nope. Why?? does it creep you out?? :o

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:33pm
Nah not really XD It will be fun to watch it disapear inside of you :3

DioxOct 02 2015 2:33pm
That's one way to put it xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:34pm
How will we do it? Do you want the control or me? Like whos on top XD

DioxOct 02 2015 2:36pm
Eh I don't mind :D

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:37pm
Well I do :3 I think if you slowly lower yourself then you can have the power and control :p

DioxOct 02 2015 2:38pm
I think you should be in control xP

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:42pm
Fine >_> You should close your eyes :p Unless you like blood/

DioxOct 02 2015 2:43pm
Getting bloody sheets xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:45pm
Eh we can put something there Idk lol. Im going to take it so slow with you :3 But you really want your first time taken by me?

DioxOct 02 2015 2:46pm
Yes I'm sure :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:47pm
It would be a honor :3 I still think your boobs will be better.

DioxOct 02 2015 2:48pm
I know their big but not that big.. calm down xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:49pm
I DONT CARE! There boobies :D

DioxOct 02 2015 2:50pm
Alrighty xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:51pm
I just love you so much :3 I would be fine with just hugging you so tight and close to me :3

DioxOct 02 2015 2:52pm
I love you too :DI just wanna cuddle you and be next to you :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:54pm
I want to sleep with you :3

DioxOct 02 2015 2:55pm
You can imagine?? for now anyway xP

NB3Oct 02 2015 2:56pm
I do :3 When ever I go to sleep I think of you next to me and I curl up into a ball and hug myself XD

DioxOct 02 2015 2:58pm
I usally rollup my blanket and hug it.. but I put my leg over it so it kinda looks like I'm humping it... I'M NOT BTW xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:00pm
I will be that blanket soon :3

DioxOct 02 2015 3:01pm
Good :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:02pm
And Ill hump you back :D When were walking together I might just hump you randomly :p

DioxOct 02 2015 3:03pm
Why?? xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:05pm
Eh only when we see your friends o.o

DioxOct 02 2015 3:06pm
I'll pretend I don't know anyone

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:08pm
But if they wave at you? Ahahaha. After the first 2 or 3 days you should introduce me >_>

fOct 02 2015 3:09pm
Maybe xP

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:10pm
Then threesome :3 Jk :p I only need you :D

DioxOct 02 2015 3:11pm
Aww :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:12pm
Yep :D I want to piggy back you around everywhere :3

DioxOct 02 2015 3:13pm
Everywhere?! :D

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:15pm

DioxOct 02 2015 3:16pm

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:17pm
Do you think if I typed a huge paragraph out you could read it to your sister?

DioxOct 02 2015 3:18pm
Um no xD sorry

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:18pm
Why ;-;

DioxOct 02 2015 3:20pm
Cuz I don't want to

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:20pm
Fine >_> You making things harder for yourself.

DioxOct 02 2015 3:21pm
I usally do c:

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:22pm
What if I kidnapped you?

DioxOct 02 2015 3:23pm
As much as I want to be with you forever.. I like my house xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:24pm
Really? So even if we lived together you still want to visit?

DioxOct 02 2015 3:25pm
Yea c:

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:25pm
Fine :3

DioxOct 02 2015 3:27pm
Yay ^-^

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:29pm
But ONLY if I get to sleep over :3

DioxOct 02 2015 3:29pm
Noo xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:30pm

DioxOct 02 2015 3:31pm

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:33pm

DioxOct 02 2015 3:33pm
I don't know xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:35pm
So mean >_> Why not kill your sister... No cake for you.

DioxOct 02 2015 3:36pm
I don't want cake >.<

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:37pm
Well Im going to force feed you now

DioxOct 02 2015 3:38pm
That brings back horrid memories

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:39pm
Why what happened? :( Im sorry.

DioxOct 02 2015 3:42pm
My dad's a dick

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:43pm
Yeah you have said, what did he do to you...

DioxOct 02 2015 3:47pm
Not only me.. my mum.. my brother.. my sister.. my old dead cat.. ;-;

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:49pm
Tell me what he used to do :/

DioxOct 02 2015 3:50pm
It's really personal

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:51pm
I know but I want to know if he hurt you :/ Are you going to cry if you try to say?

DioxOct 02 2015 3:51pm
Well basically he tortured us for years..

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:53pm
Sexualy? Physically? Did he force you to eat things?

DioxOct 02 2015 3:55pm
Not much to me cuz I was really young but I don't wanna talk about it

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:56pm
If he hurt you I will kill him.

DioxOct 02 2015 3:56pm
He once picked my mum up by her neck and threw her..

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:57pm
I will kill him.

DioxOct 02 2015 3:58pm
I'll probably be upset for like an hour then get over it. He did more than that though

NB3Oct 02 2015 3:59pm
If you want to tell me I will try my best to cheer you up. Did he ever rape any of your family?

DioxOct 02 2015 3:59pm
I swear I witnessed him raping my mum when I was like 4. Not kidding, she was like asleep and.. agh nvm

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:01pm
Is he still alive?

DioxOct 02 2015 4:01pm
Idk I stopped talking to him a couple years ago

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:03pm
I will find him and I will hurt him for ever making you upset. I promise Colleen that I will try my hardest to keep you and your family safe and happy, you dont deserve to feel sadness.

DioxOct 02 2015 4:04pm
I love you so much <3

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:07pm
Im glad you do and I love you and your whole family <3

DioxOct 02 2015 4:07pm
I need you with me C:

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:12pm
I want to be there :) You didnt cry did you?

DioxOct 02 2015 4:13pm
No I'm okay. I'm gonna pretend you're with me now and cuddle my blanket xD <3

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:15pm
Awww :3 I just noticed its Christmas in 2 months :p Im gonna get you soemthing

DioxOct 02 2015 4:16pm
BlanketBoyfriend<3 xD I'll try and get you something.. idk what you like though :/

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:18pm
Me? Dont worry about me :p Save your money :D

DioxOct 02 2015 4:19pm
But I don't want you to get me something and I get you nothing :o

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:20pm
Why? :3

DioxOct 02 2015 4:22pm
I'll feel bad though xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:23pm

DioxOct 02 2015 4:24pm
I will u.u

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:25pm
What will you get me? :p

DioxOct 02 2015 4:27pm
Idk what you like

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:27pm
Nudes? :D I dunno really :p Hopefully I could come visit during Christmas that is a big enough gift :)

DioxOct 02 2015 4:30pm
Omg we could turn off all the lights and have like a fire or something and just snuggle :D

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:32pm
That would be the best :) And have warm drinks :D

DioxOct 02 2015 4:33pm
What if it's not cold though?? xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:35pm
It will be with me in the room o.o

DioxOct 02 2015 4:36pm
I'll make you warm :D

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:37pm
Thanks babe :3

DioxOct 02 2015 4:37pm
I would lie on you xD or just sit on you xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:40pm
How would you sit on me though :)

DioxOct 02 2015 4:41pm
Like on your legs xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:41pm
Sure :p What else would we do? :3

DioxOct 02 2015 4:43pm
I dunno.. just snuggle and talk about life I guess

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:45pm
Im just going to keep kissing you and saying how much I love you

DioxOct 02 2015 4:46pm
Mm me too :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:48pm
Even though we both suck at kissing XD

DioxOct 02 2015 4:49pm
Yea! oh well xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:49pm
I want to love you for ever :3 I want to show you pleasure and what It feels like to know me :) Btw you tired?

DioxOct 02 2015 4:51pm
Aww :3 and no I'm with Sophie xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:53pm

DioxOct 02 2015 4:53pm
Nah CoD

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:54pm
Having fun? Am I helping you die?

DioxOct 02 2015 4:55pm
I'm dying anyway xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:57pm
Because of me? :D

DioxOct 02 2015 4:57pm
Just in general xD pissing me off

NB3Oct 02 2015 4:58pm
Why? lol

DioxOct 02 2015 4:59pm
Cuz I'm dumb xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:00pm
You mad? :p

DioxOct 02 2015 5:00pm
Yupp xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:01pm
Wish I could hear you XD

DioxOct 02 2015 5:01pm
No xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:02pm
Awww :3 So yoour period started yet?

DioxOct 02 2015 5:03pm
Nope xP lol

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:04pm
When it does I want to eat you out XD

DioxOct 02 2015 5:05pm
Ew why?? xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:06pm
Why not?

DioxOct 02 2015 5:07pm
I'm just asking :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:07pm
I just think It will be loving :D

DioxOct 02 2015 5:08pm
What if my period is heavy?? xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:09pm
You mean loads of blood?

DioxOct 02 2015 5:10pm
Like.. lumps of thick blood xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:11pm
I would swallow it all :)

DioxOct 02 2015 5:12pm
I won't judge xP

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:13pm
You can XD

DioxOct 02 2015 5:14pm
Okay.. That's f*cked up xD but I still love you

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:15pm
How is it? Have you never tasted blood before? And it is VERY good for you U_U Not sure about period blood though .-. And the main reason is that I dont care what your like I still want to show you a good time.

DioxOct 02 2015 5:16pm
I'm fine with it :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:17pm
Ok Woman -_- Hey do you feel like doing some stuff tomorrow?

DioxOct 02 2015 5:19pm
Like what??

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:19pm
Uh anything XD I um just forgot....

dOct 02 2015 5:21pm
Oh okay :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:21pm
So what if you were pregnant at 12? :/

DioxOct 02 2015 5:23pm
Freak out :/

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:27pm
Would you keep it?

DioxOct 02 2015 5:27pm
I would give birth to it then put it in adoption. Maybe. idk :/

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:28pm
Does it depend whos it is?

DioxOct 02 2015 5:29pm
What do you mean??

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:31pm
Like if it was ours would you want to raise it? If I was older than 16, not saying I want a kid >_< I hate kids.

DioxOct 02 2015 5:32pm

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:34pm
I want to ask if you really think we could live a happy life together and raise a happy family.

DioxOct 02 2015 5:37pm
I think we can :D

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:38pm
Then will you be my Woman for the rest of our lives?

DioxOct 02 2015 5:40pm
Yes!! :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:40pm
I love you babe :3 SO SO much.

DioxOct 02 2015 5:41pm
I love you more

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:42pm
Im starting to think you do :3 Stalker XD God I feel way to hot when I talk to you >_> Windows! OPENNNN!

DioxOct 02 2015 5:43pm

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:45pm
Fine ;-; For now ;-; Them windows got so opened :D

DioxOct 02 2015 5:45pm
I wish I was with you

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:47pm
So do I :3 Im so bored XD

DioxOct 02 2015 5:47pm
You wouldn't be bored if I was there xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:48pm
I know I wouldn't :3

DioxOct 02 2015 5:49pm
I wanna give you sooo many kisses >.<

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:50pm
I would hug you close and stay up until you fall asleep on me :3

DioxOct 02 2015 5:51pm
On your chest :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:54pm
Then I would be up all night because you snore jk jk XP I would fall asleep with my arm around you :3`

DioxOct 02 2015 5:55pm
I love you

NB3Oct 02 2015 5:58pm
I know :D Its hard talking for so long XD We run out of stuff to say

DioxOct 02 2015 5:59pm
I know xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:00pm
So still with Sophie?

DioxOct 02 2015 6:01pm

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:01pm
Should 2v1 me js js ;)

DioxOct 02 2015 6:02pm
No -.-

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:03pm
Awww why? XD

DioxOct 02 2015 6:04pm
Cuz no xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:04pm
Say it -_-

DioxOct 02 2015 6:05pm
I did

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:06pm
Say why -_-

DioxOct 02 2015 6:06pm
I did xD

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:08pm
No you didnt

DioxOct 02 2015 6:08pm
Yes I did

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:09pm
Woman -____- You didnt.

DioxOct 02 2015 6:09pm
ffs -_-

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:10pm
You know what I want to hear ;)

DioxOct 02 2015 6:10pm
You smell like.. poop?? :D

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:11pm
WOMAN! I will flick your nose -_-

DioxOct 02 2015 6:12pm
ABUSE!! xDD jkjk

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:13pm
Oh no I will abuse your lips :3 I will kiss them so much <3

DioxOct 02 2015 6:14pm
Aww that's so cute >_<

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:15pm
Thanks babe :3 I cant wait.

DioxOct 02 2015 6:15pm
Neither can I :3

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:16pm
So your not tired at all? :p

DioxOct 02 2015 6:17pm

NB3Oct 02 2015 6:18pm
But you on on school nights ;-;

DioxOct 02 2015 6:19pm
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