The Amazing Alice Cooper

Question: Hi. Despite being relatively young I grew up listening to some of my father and uncle's favorite rock bands. Perhaps my favorite performer is legendary rocker Alice Cooper. For those of you, who are unfamiliar with Alice. Cooper has been around for over thirty years. He is the first performer ever to use theatrics in rock and is considered one of the greatest acts in rock and roll history. Despite his age, he still tours and puts out albums. He has had some big albums throughout the years and has sold 98 million albums worldwide in his career. On October 9th, he put out his 28th studio album called Dragontown and I must admit this is one of his best eforts in years. The guitars are heavy and the lyrics amazing. In case, you are wondering he has been cited as an influence by thousands of bands. 80's bands such as Motley Crue and Twisted Sister cite him as their biggest influence. Rob Zombie in the 90's has said everyone in rock has ripped Alice off. In case you are wondering, pathetic Marilyn Manson ripped Cooper off big time. Manson is not the original shock rocker. Cooper has done it for ages and is the first to use makeup,etc. Alice's music can be shocking but the difference is, Alice will tell you it is an act and is a good guy off stage. He has never been into the Satanic, evil stuff Manson tries to promote. What are your thoughts on Alice?
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Alice Cooper rocks!
I have heard of him, but need to learn more
I am not all that familiar with him, but know he is a big influence
I don't know much about Alice but I will buy his new Dragontown album
I would like to start with the older stuff first, but I will give it a chance
I am a loser and had never heard of Alice
I have heard of Alice but he rocks too much for me, I need to stick with boybands

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