Question: I know from my own personal, intimate experiences with short heavyset girls that there are times when a short girl who is big and strong, whether she is fat or stocky, becomes sexually aroused when she proves that she is physically stronger than a tall thin guy who is way taller than she is, especially if she happens to be way bigger and heavier than he is. I would not be writing this if it were not true and I am writing it right here and right now because there are girls who read comments on this site and elsewhere who know that it's true. I also know that it's true because I am a very thin guy who is just a bit over six feet tall, in the 130-pound range, who had short heavyset girlfriends (one at a time), some with a great deal of physical strength. Even though I am very thin, I am also very tall which is why (because women prefer tall guys) I had more than my share of girlfriends, both short and tall, in the U.S.A. as well as aBROAD (pun intended!!!). However, I am referring here ONLY to my short heavyset girlfriends. I towered over all of the girls by at least several inches (some by more than a foot!!!) but because I am so thin, they all outweighed me by a great deal. Some of those girls became sexually aroused when they either outlifted me in weightlifting, subdued me during a wrestling match or lifted me overhead. Actually, only one of the girls lifted me over her head and I know she became sexually aroused BECAUSE WE WENT RIGHT AT IT, RIGHT AFTERWARD!!! Some of the girls who outlifted me (I am over a foot taller than one of those girls) proved to have far more upper arm strength than I have even though upper arms are where the guy is actually supposed to be stronger than the girl. The girls seemed to be even more sexually aroused when they outlifted me because weightlifting is an outright physical test of sheer brute strength. Now, here is my question: Girls, do you become sexually aroused when you prove that you are physically stronger than a tall thin guy who is way taller than you are, especially if you are way bigger and heavier than he is?
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Yes. It turns me on TREMENDOUSLY!!!

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