Even the DJs who play the song KEEP GETTING IT WRONG!!!

Question: Anyone familiar with the popular 1972 Hollies hit, 'LONG COOL WOMAN (in a black dress)' heard the lyrics 'HAD IT ALL' repeated several times at the very end of the song. However, many of the DJs who actually play that original Hollies song on the radio, as well as many, if not most, fans of the song, still believe that those lyrics repeated at the very end of the song are 'GET IT ON' which, of course, means TO HAVE SEX!!! I even heard one of the DJs of a live national oldies radio show say, immediately after playing the song: 'Yeah, baby!' 'GET IT ON!!!' He didn't know that 'GET IT ON' is not found anywhere in the song. In fact, the actual lyrics, 'HAD IT ALL', are also sung at the end of both the first and second verses of the song (Both verses: ...with just one look, I was a bad mess, 'cause that long cool woman HAD IT ALL). I remember hearing the song being played on the radio when it first hit the charts and even I myself thought at first that the song's end lyrics were 'GET IT ON' until I realized that 'HAD IT ALL' is also found at the end of verse 1 and verse 2. I have a CD of that original song and after having gone over it several times, I can clearly hear lead singer Allan Clarke repeatedy singing 'HAD IT ALL' at the very end, especially during repeat 6. Are you familiar with that original song? If you are, then what did you think the song's end lyrics were before you read this poll?
Created by: HOLLIES FAN at 07:14:56 PM, Wednesday, June 17, 2009 PDT


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I thought the song's end lyrics were: GET IT ON!!!
I thought the song's end lyrics were: HAD IT ALL!!!
The song is not familiar to me.

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