When a very short, very fat woman outlifts a very tall, very skinny man, does she suddenly feel superior as a woman?

Question: What happened to me is true and I am almost certain that this must have happened to other men like me but they might be too embarrassed to admit it: As a very tall, very skinny man, I know exactly how it feels to be outlifted by a very short, very fat woman. She probably would never have challenged a well-built man as tall as I am so she most likely figured that a very skinny man like me would be 'easy prey' for her even though I am way taller than she is. I am almost certain (although she never admitted it) that she now feels superior as a woman after outlifting me, especially with the way she looked at me in such a bold manner after she outlifted me. Of course, she had the added advantage of weighing much more than I do. Deep down inside, I have to admit that I feel inferior as a man (at least in this respect) because she proved that I am weaker than she is. I was simply too embarrassed to come right out and say so to her. I was also quite embarrassed while others were watching as such a tall man like me was being outlifted by such a short woman like her. With over 100 million adults in America, I am sure that this scenario must have played out many times, especially in a gym or in a weightlifting room or at a health club. I cannot be the only man in America who this has happened to. Do you believe that a very short, very fat woman, who is believed to have low self-esteem because of her short stature, suddenly feels superior as a woman after she outlifts a very tall, very skinny man, either in the bench press, the deadlift, the legpress or the clean-and-jerk? (She outlifted me in our only challenge which was the clean-and-jerk)
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Yes. She definitely feels superior as a woman.
Yes. She definitely feels superior as a woman and she also feels superior to him as well.
No. She continues to have low self-esteem if she already has low self-esteem.

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