Is society accepting role reverse?

Question: This poll is not for people with fetishes and fantasies. Please give your honest opinion mainly by people who are in similar situation. My marriage is at stake! Thank you. My wife and I have been married for more than two years. We have known each other for about 4 years. She is an attorney and I am a purchasing manager for a well known company. My job requires travel nine month out of a year, both nationally and internationally. She makes good money, so do I. she annually makes about $40,000 more than I do. She is now 36 and I am 33. Three month ago she surprised me by the news that she was pregnant. We celebrated this wonderful news. A month ago she again surprised me, this time by laying down the law. She told me that after the baby is born, she will be with the baby for three month and thereafter I have to quit my job and become full time homemaker, since she makes more money than I do. Although we argued and discussed the matter for days, I told her I would have to think about it, and she said, ?it was not my choice?! She also said if I do not accept I could leave. She said she will not ask for child support. I was shocked by the approach. First, we have always discussed every issue in our relationship. We always mutually agreed in doing or not doing something. Second, I feel I am being emasculated by my wife because she makes more money than I do. I have always been independent and now I have to become dependant on her in every way including financially. I have discussed it with my parents who do not want to get involved. Only my sister-in-law thinks the idea is great. My other in laws thinks the idea sucks. I spoke with two family counselors, one female and one male; they said the society is going that way. They also told me that it is always best for the mother to be with the baby for the first two years. My wife does not want to be away from her career for that long. Neither of us agrees with hiring a nanny. I love my wife more than life itself. Although the baby is not here yet, I am already crazy about my baby. I am kind of old fashion guy, and having difficulty accepting the new role of becoming a house husband. I love my job and the money I make. I just do not know what to do. I feel laying down the law the way my wife did was not fair. I feel cheated and betrayed.
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