How does a short fat girl REALLY feel about her incredible strength?

Question: As a tall skinny guy who is six feet tall but who weighs a mere 130 lbs, there were many times when I encountered a short fat girl who is incredibly strong. Although there were some exceptions, my experience has shown me that most short fat girls are amazingly powerful!!! One girl I encountered is only 5-foot-1 weighing close to 200 lbs. She bench pressed 120 lbs (almost what I weigh!!!) 20 times (20 reps). Another girl I encountered who is only 4-foot-11 but who weighs a massive 200 lbs told me that she bench presses 250 lbs and she leg presses 450 lbs. Her exact words to me were: '250 with my arms and 450 with my legs' (far, far more than what I weigh and far, far more than what I could ever lift even though I tower over her by more than a foot!!!). While she and I were standing on the sidewalk awaiting a traffic light, I felt really awkward and funny (but turned on nevertheless!!!) looking way down at a girl who is obviously a whole lot bigger and stronger than I will ever be. I never saw her in action but judging from the massive size of her arms (they are like boulders!!!) and the massive size of her legs (they are like huge tree trunks!!!) as well as the massive size of the rest of her body (she is like a mountain!!!), I certainly believe her without any question. Right after she told me how much she bench presses and leg presses, I GOT A HUGE ERECTION!!! Another girl I encountered was only 4-foot-10 weighing well over 200 lbs. She bench pressed 175 lbs (much more than what I weigh) FIFTEEN TIMES!!! I would have been just like an insect trying to get even half that much off the bench press rack even though I am over a foot taller than she is. I couldn't even imagine trying to wrestle her. For me, that would have been SUICIDE!!! I remember when I wrestled one of my short fat girlfriends. I towered over her by plenty but that didn't matter at all because while she and I were both wrestling each other, she grabbed me, picked me up and then she easily lifted me over her head!!! As a tall skinny guy, I felt awfully funny (and also really turned on!!!) towering over a short fat girl who easily lifted me over her head. After she set me back down in an upright position where I was once again towering over her, I was totally unable to hide my erection. I read online about one short fat girl (obviously big and strong) who stated that she 'does 260' and that she likes to chat with 'fat girls who powerlift'. I am not making any of this up. IT IS ALL 100% TRUE!!! Now my question: How does a short fat girl REALLY feel about her incredible strength? Interesting comments (especially from short fat girls who are incredibly strong) are welcome!
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She feels PROUD!!!
She feels embarrassed.

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