If you had a more muscular girfriend, would you like comparing muscles with her in public?

Question: I have a question to ask you guys who like female muscle. About 2 years or so ago, I met my current girlfriend and one of the things that we did when we first met was join a gym together. While we both worked out the same amount at first, she got bigger and more muscular than me very quickly. We began comparing muscles on a weekly basis and, each week her muscles seemed to get bigger and bigger. Finally (to my shock and delite), her muscles grew larger and much more powerful than mine!!! I kind of dropped back at the gym, but she kept on going and going and her body transformed to the point where she was bigger than many (if not most) of the guys at the gym in her weight/size class. Her muscles are awesome and she is so much stronger than me that it is amazing. Her veins also grew as her muscles got larger and, when she lifts, her veins really bulge out and she looks scary-strong and powerful which I love. Here is my question. For some reason, when we go out in public, I really love for us to wear matching sleeveless clothes and, for example, capris which expose our calf muscles. I then totally love for us to flex for people in order to compare our muscles and show everyone how much bigger her muscles are than mine. She really enjoys doing this too!! For example, the other day, we wore matching sleeveless jean-shirts and denim capris and every chance that we got, we compared bicep muscles for people (her muscle is probably at least 3 - 4 inches bigger than mine) and also did some calf flexes to show people how much bigger, thicker, and stronger her calf muscle is than mine. For some reason, comparing muscle development with her in front of people and having everyone see how her body has surpassed mine in muscle development, power, and size is a total blast for me and I love it. What do you guys think of this and would you do this if you were me? By the way , we have a very interesting (and unusual) relationship and really enjoy this whole sort of thing!
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Yes, I would totally love it!!!
I would hate it!!!!!
Yes, I would like it somewhat.
I would dislike it somewhat.
Yes, I would like it.
It wouldn't matter either way.

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