Am I physically weaker than a fit lady like Beyonce Knowles although I am a guy

Question: The question came up to my mind, when I recently saw the way Beyonce Knowles is kicking around on stage or in her videos such as Ring the Alarm or Crazy in Love. She seems to have lots of power and using all these skills in a physical confrontation would make her a dangerous opponent. I am 32 years old 5?9 tall and about 170 lbs. Consequently, I am a bit taller than her. But I am rather a coach potatoe not excersising regularly. Moreover, I have neither any fighting experience nor any martial arts knowledge. I also have somewhat weak knees which caps can easily dislocate if I make too hectic moves. That means by quickly jumping or hectically moving up and down like in a physical confrontation match there is the risk of dislocating as well. The same applies to the case if someone kicks at my legs or jumps me. Due to the fact that I have to pay attention that they may not dislocate I am also a bit slower and cannot move that quickly. I also have less momentum and cannot use all my strength, for example to pull someone. Thus, I am not in the best condition. When I see Beyonce dancing and kicking in such a powerful I am even a bit intimidated and think she could be superiour to me in a physical confrontation (although I would never fight a lady or anybody else, of course. I am a peaceful person. It is just interesting to know). I mean although I am guy: She is extremely fit, fast and strong and flexible whereas I am rather the contrary and not in the best shape and have vulnerable legs..So, why shouldn?t this lady be physically superior to me? This does also apply to other athletic women.. So, do you think it is possible that she could be able to beat me up although she is a girl? Could you explain why?
Created by: birro at 10:19:09 AM, Monday, January 31, 2011 PST


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Beyonce would totally kick the hell out of you
Beyonce would beat you up with some problems
She would not be able to beat you up

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