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Any gay guys wanna chat

The Problem: Damon1o is my kik -

Asked by: damon101 at 01:55:06 PM, Tuesday, April 09, 2013 PDT FLAG



Bigdik4any Apr 09 2013 2:04pm FLAG

Can you here i dont have phone im im male my d*ck is 5 inches long i want yur d*ck ;)

sexy boy Apr 09 2013 2:09pm FLAG
I geuss

Jack Swagger Apr 09 2013 2:14pm FLAG
Wat about with me

Jonh Ceana Apr 09 2013 2:15pm FLAG
u need to change ur name cuz john cena is not gay u barstar,d!!

Miracle Apr 09 2013 2:16pm FLAG
All u boys kik me at slappyflappy

Blake Apr 09 2013 2:52pm FLAG
any of you gays or bi guys cam?

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 3:28pm FLAG
I do

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 3:29pm FLAG
Heyyy guys im daniel and i have really big titties if u want my number

Daniel Apr 09 2013 3:36pm FLAG
Text me 831 794 0830 if ur a guy and ill get u so hard

Daniel Apr 09 2013 3:42pm FLAG
I'm looking for guy or bi guys who cam...maybe a girl too Daniel...

hotguy22 Apr 09 2013 3:50pm FLAG
Hotguy i got cam

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 3:53pm FLAG
Cool. Are you a guy or girl? How old?

hotguy22 Apr 09 2013 3:59pm FLAG
Guy bi

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 4:11pm FLAG
cool. how old?

Anonymous Apr 09 2013 4:14pm FLAG
i'm bi single bored text me 50664356

Travis Apr 09 2013 11:23pm FLAG
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