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  Vote The attendance lady still calls me Maria backwards like wtf 😂 (6) 

  Vote Should I post an EXTREMLY offensive post at Nikki? -jack (20) 

  Vote XD me and my bro jake both got our COD:BO2 emblems banned for.. (3) 

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  Vote Everybody! Post your birth dates ASAP (15) 

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  Vote Bored out of my mind... (81)   

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  Vote Somebodys house is burnings ⊙_⊙ I think idunno it smells like chicken though 😂😂 (2) 

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  Vote So, you guys are making a huge deal about nikki, but we have Shreve going behind the scenes as Jai and $exting. (103)  

  Vote THIS IS IT, NIKKI. (2) 

  Vote Nikki is sеxting again (9) 

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  Vote I changed my name!! ---CutieColleen (14) 

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  Vote NB3 and ATL ARE THE SAME PERSON! (7) 

  Vote antonio this is for you to show i love you its called♪WE ARE ON FIRE♪hope you like it baby (9) 

  Vote pablo (16) 

  Vote Errrbody do tha flop! :D ---NB3 (22)  

  Vote beach party- Sapphire (2) 

  Vote hey nikki its really Pablo talk to me (1) 

  Vote SPAGHETTINAUT. (35)  

  Vote nikki (26)  

  Vote Nikki its Pablo I love u Nikki (6) 

  Vote I think this was freshmen year ~ Shreve (6)

  Vote Whoever is involved in "Nikkis Bet", COME HERE! XD lol! (49)  

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  Vote Acacia-Rose is excited boys come here must be a ****ager (5)  

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