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  Vote Come here-^-bayo (14) 

  Vote Hi.. -Vortex (0) 

  Vote so how are you guys? - S4l (7)  

  Vote sg?~blue moon (1) 

  Vote Red-Skylar4762 (1) 

  Vote You got nothin on me-Skylar4762 (4) 

  Vote hotbabys internet broke (3) 

  Vote Well Im getting off since like no one else is on. -Reckless (1) 

  Vote dat feel (1) 

  Vote sg? -Reckless (plz answer) (2) 

  Vote Annnd whats up? -Reckless (13) 

  Vote hey~hotbaby (9) 

  Vote Is it just me? -AnonūüíĮ (4) 

  Vote im ho rny - S4l (8) 

  Vote lane are you still on ll -sg (2) 

  Vote 1-10 1 meaning- go kill yourself -Reckless (2) 

  Vote Who would you rather meet from LikeLIke? (3) 

  Vote What would you do if... (5) 

  Vote What would you do if... (1) 

  Vote What would you do if... (2) 

  Vote i look like a troll -.- -Cupcake‚ô• (3) 

  Vote My dad saved.. My doctor saw the cuts on my body.. -Reckless (4) 

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  Vote female subs (1) 

  Vote anybody on~hotbaby (0) 

  Vote tfw (16) 

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  Vote any body on???~dub (81)  

  Vote Bruhh tell me why glue stick but it ... -Turtles:3 (9) 

  Vote wish dub was on (50)  

  Vote Hor ny girls? (9)  

  Vote hey hey hey / mjgirl (17) 

  Vote Sexy hot boys (3)   



  Vote Again Who Are Your LikeLike Crushes? (9) 

  Vote love is fuqd up - Zer0 (3) 

  Vote Audrey-Colen (17) 

  Vote Whats Drama Club? -Turtles:3 (16) 

  Vote Yay!-Colen (6) 

  Vote Cutting (3)

  Vote LIKELIKE CRUSHES!!! (58)  

  Vote Im So Fancy!-MonaLisa (11) 

  Vote Boredom (29)  

  Vote Hi dudes (23)  

  Vote I Rolled off my bed too many times ._. -Turtles:3 (20)  

  Vote My best advice. -Anon64.6 (15) 

  Vote *Takes a Walk In The Rain*-FairyKind (19) 

  Vote Slaves are needed (0) 

  Vote When You Actually Know How Allitte Part Of A Broken Heart Feels Like - Enemy (27)  

  Vote Hey ^-^~Lily (6) 

  Vote Sexy hot boys (0)  

  Vote Sexy hot boys (0)  

  Vote Hi -Vortex (0) 

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  Vote :p-bayo (50)

  Vote Ill do your Homework!-MonaLisa (7) 

  Vote Hi. im bored - S4l (32)  

  Vote O.O-MonaLisa (6) 

  Vote I Cant Take This!-Colen (26)  

  Vote Im Be Vague....ok-BlueHair (0) 

  Vote Anyone wanna kik? ~Siyah (3) 

  Vote i have just been told to kill myself... (20) 

  Vote Honestly , ill make friends with anyone ~ Siyah (11) 

  Vote new? - rowan (7) 

  Vote Sorry i havent been on -Vortex (9) 

  Vote Exclusive -guy (35)  

  Vote Kik me girls ;) (0) 

  Vote so i have decided to stop acting like a little pathetic bitch~grim (6) 

  Vote ......pic 4 (8)

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  Vote ......pic 2 (2)

  Vote reckless your not the only one who cuts (3)

  Vote anyone on ~hotbaby (14) 

  Vote Dat feel when (1) 

  Vote xD *sits on my bed eating ice cream*-Cupcake‚ô• (8) 

  Vote hey people~hotbaby (9) 

  Vote lmfao the city was doing some construction...-Cupcake‚ô• (3) 

  Vote Would you Avoid, Ditch or Embarrass me? -AnonūüíĮ (13) 

  Vote YOLO BITCHES!!! :P -Reckless (7) 

  Vote girls kik me (0) 

  Vote XD i am all alone!-Cupcake‚ô• (3) 

  Vote How many of you would Kill, Date, or Marry me? -Reckless (7)  

  Vote Look at dat sexay thang -Reckless (0)

  Vote Here we go this is the girl that likes me.. -Reckless (24)

  Vote This is the girl that has came into my life... -Reckless (2)

  Vote lmao i fell asleep last night nate sorry :P-Cupcakes‚ô• (5) 

  Vote Those times when... -Reckless (11) 

  Vote Who....-MonaLisa (7) 

  Vote Free Hugs Im Bored - Enemy (32)  

  Vote im so dumb :I-Cupcake‚ô• (21)  

  Vote sits on my bed - redneck (9) 

  Vote anyone with a skype - redneck (3) 

  Vote *lays on the couch eating popcorn* (140)  

  Vote Relationships (26)  

  Vote *wraps a blacket around myself* o.o it so cold-Cupcake‚ô• (30)  

  Vote just another day.~dub (6) 

  Vote hello (30)  

  Vote Bruhh I miss my thunderbuddy >~< -Turtles:3 (0) 

  Vote *Swings*~Colen (23)  

  Vote im back..;P-Cupcake‚ô• (39)  

  Vote Hey hey hey xD -Turtles:3 (37)  

  Vote cx *lays on my bed bored out of my mind*-Cupcake‚ô• (5) 

  Vote Hor ny girls (0) 

  Vote HACKED (19) 

  Vote heyoo! (31)  

  Vote tahw si gniog no sloof seuac oloy - Enemy (7) 

  Vote xD babies are so hecking cute!!!:3-Cupcake:3 (10) 

  Vote that moment when.... - Zer0 (8)  


  Vote Jackson - Enemy (4) 

  Vote Alright Guys - Enemy (7) 

  Vote damm im hurt for more info come here-jackson (3) 

  Vote Everybody!-MonaLisa (4) 

  Vote I Just Had This Bombass Dream About Sabrina - Enemy (7) 

  Vote I wanna cuddle!!!!:3-Cupcake‚ô• (49)  

  Vote 3 Easiest HTMLs (2) 

  Vote I Was Playing F.L.I.P.Z With My Friends Kuni~Knife - Enemy (5) 

  Vote Hi-FairyKind (12) 

  Vote always waiting...... (4) 

  Vote I love that moment in class when.. -Turtles:3 (6)  

  Vote Hor ny girls (0) 

  Vote Bruhh Babies bite hard ._. -Turtles:3 (6) 

  Vote someone talk to me (34)  

  Vote :( im cold..-Cupcake‚ô• (31)  

  Vote I hate this-Nobody (6) 

  Vote hi people - S4l (55)  

  Vote .-. i want a teddybear ...-Cupcake‚ô• (1) 

  Vote Heyro!-BlueHair (15) 

  Vote Can I get opinions on this? (Please be honest) -pgr (25)

  Vote PGR (12) 

  Vote I Just Dodged Over 4 Cop Cars - Enemy (1) 

  Vote This is Me (1)

  Vote Should I start making vines ? And requested vids? ~B√®auty (5) 

  Vote :O did you know...-Cupcake‚ô• (3) 

  Vote I feel like doing the rain dance xD -Turtles:3 (0) 

  Vote Soo.. Hey :D -pgr (5) 

  Vote Who wants to talk dirty and more? (6) 

  Vote A message to all likelikers -pgr (44)  

  Vote Imma be that lawyer with Tatts and peircings ~B√®auty (4) 

  Vote Cuttest/hottest/coolest likelike girl?? - comp. (8) 

  Vote Cutest/hottest/coolest likelike boy? - comp. (4) 

  Vote Meee<3 -pgr (27)

  Vote Ravens win. ;* yasss ~ B√®auty (4) 

  Vote xD *sits on a banana*-Cupcake‚ô• (43)  

  Vote Have you all gone to Narnia ? :O -Turtles:3 (0) 

  Vote rose i still love you can we be friends at least :( and maybe we will date someday again (10) 

  Vote abby I miss you. Dezz (7) 

  Vote um....whats up hotbaby (1) 

  Vote Bruhh I swear theres something wrong with my team ._. -Turtles:3 (15) 

  Vote heya ;) -guy (12) 

  Vote rose dont go im just sad im not dating u i dont wnna go away :( we arent ever dating again r we (3) 

  Vote hi im new (16) 

  Vote Byeee!:3 (5) 

  Vote Its Ok to cry-Nobody (6) 

  Vote rose i wish u would of let me prove i was faked ill really miss you but you hate me dont you~~grim (10) 

  Vote Waddup Bruhhs xD -Turtles:3 (33)  

  Vote rose what do i have to do to prove i was faked ~grim (6) 

  Vote i havent been on in a year (2) 


  Vote Supp fellows!BlueHair (1) 

  Vote I LIKE TURTLES. :3-Cupcake‚ô• (2) 

  Vote i wanna gf plz (1) 

  Vote HEYO!c: (1) 

  Vote who would you rather be... (6) 

  Vote xD good morning!!!!! ;P (2) 

  Vote i want a gf (2) 

  Vote this mah dodo bird ._. song (3) 

  Vote Gahhh Gm lol ~B√®auty (4) 

  Vote Hor ny girls (1) 

  Vote I find it sad that....-Skylar4762 (6) 

  Vote this is me~hotbaby (10)

  Vote hotbaby (1)

  Vote F.C (1) 

  Vote ...... (0)

  Vote ... (16)

  Vote lol (1) 

  Vote i dunno if it has worked (1)

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  Vote Role play ok kik? (3) 

  Vote I heard thunder o.o -Turtles:3 (14) 

  Vote bi female. bored. (5) 

  Vote boom you still on~blue moon (1) 

  Vote dezzvazquez~abby (8) 

  Vote im super bored! :c -rose (1) 

  Vote Whoever is on... -Turtles:3 (104)  

  Vote any girls 18+ like bbc? (1)  

  Vote my family depresses me. - Axel (2) 

  Vote looks like nobody missed me while i was gone. - Zer0 (5) 

  Vote Ok just stop with the competition shizz -Reckless (4) 

  Vote REC vs BAYO vs ANON (4)

  Vote REC vs BAYO vs ANON (1)


  Vote ErrMahhGawd o.o its yellow outside. Why ?? -Turtles:3 (9) 

  Vote Who would you want to date, fck, marry? (4) 

  Vote Want my ****s? (0) 

  Vote Dirty chat? (3)