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Im really bored lol need to txt people

The Problem: 97889785 or kik AlexOTS

Asked by: AlexTempest at 02:46:46 PM, Sunday, May 26, 2013 PDT FLAG


All BOYS thts nd ups athletic and or cute! Hit me up on these! FACEBOOK: Nichole Nyshell Roebuck EMAIL: if u email me then ima tell u to text me TEXT:PHONE NUMBER: 7zero6 37one 3518 TWITTER: Shawty_Chole !!!! HIT ME UP!!

Lover-Ga May 26 2013 4:15pm FLAG


Text me plzzz May 29 2013 8:10pm FLAG
Taco rules BITCHES

Nate The Great Jun 28 2013 6:08am FLAG
Lol wtf

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:12am FLAG

Nate The Great Jun 28 2013 6:15am FLAG
-kisses you- urso silly baby

Rain Jun 28 2013 6:16am FLAG
-Kisses back little hard-

Nate The Great Jun 28 2013 6:18am FLAG
Wraps my arms around ur neck thin starts kissing you harder*

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:20am FLAG
-puts hands on your waist-

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 6:22am FLAG
-presses my body to yours an bites your bottom lip gently-

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:25am FLAG
-kisses your neck-

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 6:29am FLAG
Mmm-slides my hands up ur shirt an on ur chest-

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:31am FLAG
-kissing your neck more-

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 6:36am FLAG
Kisses your neck back an mones lightly-

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:38am FLAG
-purs arms over your waist bringing you closer to me-

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 6:41am FLAG
Omg u could be a fake??

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:42am FLAG
What did u 100%nail when we were emailing?

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:46am FLAG
-_- say what now?

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 6:46am FLAG
Lol ok we were dancing what did nail?

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:47am FLAG
Lol ok we were dancing what did you nail?

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:47am FLAG
I spined you around while we were dancing 100% then you said "Lol Show off"

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 6:47am FLAG
Hehe well you are *kisses you*

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:49am FLAG
-kisses back- yep

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 6:52am FLAG
Yea *keeps kissing you*

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:53am FLAG
-Brings you closer-

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 6:54am FLAG
*presses my body agingst yours thin kisses your neck*

Babe Jun 28 2013 6:57am FLAG
-loses grip and falls to the couch laying down-

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 7:00am FLAG
Sits on ur lap-

Babe Jun 28 2013 7:02am FLAG
-holds you with my arms-

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 7:03am FLAG
Hey wanna do this tonight it seems a better time

Nate (TG) Jun 28 2013 7:15am FLAG
i gtg bye

Nate -be on later- Jun 28 2013 7:17am FLAG
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