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Kik lesbian slaves needed

The Problem: Hey, im and looking for a slave who likes pleasure, pain, and maybe some punishment/torture. I need any were from yr olds (maybe younger) to about 24 yr olds. Please leave your kik if youll commit to this and you must be able to send live pics. If you do good youll get some rewards. Im yr old Female. And a misstress in training. ;) my kik is geter25

Asked by: yournewruler2399 at 08:11:01 AM, Saturday, June 08, 2013 PDT FLAG


sounds like beth344

sonic Jun 08 2013 8:11am FLAG

As much as I'm perfectly aware that this isn't a female, I am merely curious in what 'rewards', you are offering.

Kari Rose Jun 08 2013 8:15am FLAG
Sonic :D

Beth344 Jun 08 2013 8:25am FLAG
beth come here

sonic Jun 08 2013 8:28am FLAG

sonic Jun 08 2013 8:36am FLAG
Sonic? :3

Beth344 Jun 08 2013 9:31am FLAG

sonic Jun 08 2013 9:50am FLAG
Hi baby :3

Beth344 Jun 08 2013 10:05am FLAG
beth do me a favor

sonic Jun 08 2013 11:10am FLAG
She actually isn't too bad.... I got my fix ;) but.... there are some messed up things.. the rewards depend on how good you do... I got 2 vids and a few pics.

WetBabe Jun 08 2013 4:06pm FLAG
kik me ashmoore69 i trade live pics and vides of me :)

ashmoore69 Jun 08 2013 4:21pm FLAG
M guys or girls kik me for dirty chat @ Useless_Account no face pics and no fakes please

Useless_Account Jun 08 2013 6:27pm FLAG
Anyone wanna give me live pics and videos free? Kik me @chunkysockmonkey girls only!

Anonymous Jun 26 2013 4:02pm FLAG
Kik me at sexymama70 ;)

Anonymous Jul 03 2013 6:32am FLAG
kik me I'll do anything you say haleyy10025

thatwetgirl Aug 12 2013 8:01pm FLAG
im a slave kik me I never say no always dose live cam pics kik me girls trevor30 ill do anyting

trevor30 Aug 13 2013 8:09pm FLAG
hi im looking for a female slave thats 18 or under im a guy thats if you are interested in becoming my slave kik me at thatoneguy305 start by saying "hi master this is your new slave"

thatoneguy305 Aug 14 2013 9:17am FLAG
I am a mistress looking for a slave, if you would like to be my slave kik sexy_lesb0, I am very kind and dirty ;). SLAVE MUST HAVE RECORDING DEVICE AND CAMERA

Sexy_lesb0 Aug 20 2013 12:20am FLAG

amira Sep 16 2013 4:54am FLAG
add me. i can be one.. only for girls. kik me at indian*ussy6 add p instead the star

Anonymous Sep 16 2013 4:56am FLAG
Lesbians Kik me at indian*ussy6 Only for girls..lets trade and have fun. Like to dominate too .. So any sub/slave are free to text .. I only do lives. Fake profile and guys ll be blocked. (replace * with p )

Anonymous Sep 16 2013 12:58pm FLAG
Any girls want to be my slave kik me Theman2569

Anonymous Nov 06 2013 11:51am FLAG
Hello i am a 21 year old female looking for female or male slaves to be mine my Kik is real_empire

Anonymous Nov 08 2013 8:30pm FLAG
allisonclaire09 lesbian

Anonymous Nov 10 2013 9:52pm FLAG
I'm looking for slaves or under, I am very nice to my slaves but they will need to be able to send lives and videos, Kik Sexy_lesb0

Sexy_lesb0 Nov 19 2013 1:30pm FLAG
Averyhunter1 i need a girl to do what i need her do when i ask. any age, body type, color, just kik me if u got a pu**y and b**bs no matter how big or small

Anonymous Nov 23 2013 6:04pm FLAG
FMistress looking for a slave on kik mistress.michelle (only girls)

Mistress michelle Nov 24 2013 5:06am FLAG
kik me I'm slave dignan0

Anonymous Nov 27 2013 8:07pm FLAG
Hey girls who like clean or dirty chats kik me ilovemyducks8 and any ages

ilovemyducks8 Nov 28 2013 11:39pm FLAG
Hey girls i would like to have a slave and female please kik zniper09

zniper09 Nov 30 2013 5:32am FLAG
mistress looking for female slaves only. lolacow7. years old only. all males WILL be ignored. no exceptions. girls message with a picture of yourself in bra and panties, no face needed.

Miss L Dec 07 2013 8:45pm FLAG
Hi im amanda:) F lesb from germany:) im loocking for a girl slave:* kik: AmandaCoxs

Anonymous Dec 15 2013 2:28pm FLAG
boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous Dec 26 2013 3:16pm FLAG
I'm a **** girl, my kik name is: ajbuttons

Anonymous Dec 27 2013 5:31pm FLAG
I'm a male master looking for a female slave of ANY age. Hmu on kik at ryrylw if you are interested

ryrylw Dec 31 2013 9:10am FLAG
hi i am a lesbian girl that have 2 lesbian slaves. I am willing to give avway one of my slaves for a Whole day, if you are my slave for min. kik me if you want that deal.

trondheims_kid97 Jan 04 2014 5:45am FLAG
Hi, I am a mistress from the UK, and I require female slaves of any age! Please kik me with asl and a live pic if you would like to be mine! No boys!!

wattsy_97 Jan 04 2014 7:00am FLAG
Hi i am a lesbian girl that are willing to give avway of my 3 female slaves for a whole day. But you have to be my slave for a while if you want the deal (30-60) min . Add me on kik Trondheims_kid97. Only girls kik me. Think about having a girl that do whatever sexual thing you want.

Anonymous Jan 05 2014 1:27am FLAG
19 M Im a psychic will do readings for sluts and slaves, girls only kik: saxxons19 snapchat maxthehacker or text two one five-three one five-seven three seven one

Anonymous Jan 05 2014 10:54am FLAG
Hey, am a mistress looking for a lesbian slave! girls only! Kik me at lesbianmistress_ for a good time

Lesbianmistress_ Jan 06 2014 1:48pm FLAG
Mistress looking for a lesbian slave kik me at imready375

Anonymous Jan 07 2014 7:23pm FLAG
Trondheims_kid97 gives you an useless account! She never answered me!!!!! Don't kik her!!! She took a lot of time to give me the slave and it didn't answer! After 5 days! And made me do a lot of things!!!

Anonymous Jan 11 2014 7:19am FLAG
Female mistress looking for some sexy slaves. Girls apply by posing in ur sexiest outfit. Kik my at mylalikesc*ck and say hello my mistress

mylalikesc*ck Jan 13 2014 3:40am FLAG
Hey I'm lesbian and looking for slaves I give rewards and the rewards are most of the time anything you want only girls all ages kik me at

samantha Jan 14 2014 6:56pm FLAG
Lesbian GIRLS ONLY looking for a slave... If youre a gid girl you can have some rewards... All ages Kik at AlexOhio10 Ps boy name is to keep guys away

Sophie Jan 16 2014 3:43pm FLAG
misterress F/ i am bi so boys and girls slaves for kik...... Kik is AlexOhio10 is a boy name to keep guys away

Anon Jan 17 2014 3:41pm FLAG
Guys tge two above posts are too a boy ok its me Someone put my kik on here as a prank

Anonymous Jan 19 2014 5:00am FLAG
Looking for a female slave of any age. Must send a pic. I will work around your limits. Kik: kickerboy45

Kickerboy45 Jan 19 2014 5:20am FLAG
Looking for female slaves @lesbianmistress_

Ya Jan 19 2014 8:49pm FLAG
Looking for Either Female Slaves or a Female Mistress! Age doesn't matter I'm m kinda fit. Straight so no guys!!! Kik is johnny_quinn35! Kik me saying if you're my new slave or new mistress ;)

Johnny_quinn35 Jan 22 2014 10:29pm FLAG
Looking for a slave. Lets have some fun! @ch334

Anonymous Jan 25 2014 4:10am FLAG
20f lesbian from Sweden, hmu for some fun on snapchat: ashleeyy_69 ;) NO BOYS PLEASE

Ashley Jan 25 2014 7:42am FLAG
Hi. I know this isn't the thread for me, but I haven't had any other luck. I'm a male sub. I am looking for a mistress that will do with me what she wants. My only limits are no videos, face pics, or permanent and my biggest like is being forced to do things I dont want to do. My kik is ryrylw

ryrylw Jan 25 2014 4:54pm FLAG
boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous Jan 30 2014 6:41am FLAG
Hi I'm a kik mistress looking lesbian slave need slave willing to do all pics and vids Kik me at bjbrianna69

Anonymous Jan 30 2014 7:22pm FLAG
Female looking for a young female kik slave. You must be obedient and do as I say. You will get pictures of me once you earn them. Kik me at kristenxx saying hello mistress.

Anonymous Feb 01 2014 1:33am FLAG
Synne J i am a lesbian girl that wanna have fun add me on kik SJ_98.. - i have 2 lesbian slave girls that i can give you for 30 min . Kik me

Anonymous Feb 03 2014 11:50am FLAG
I'm 20 f from Holland and looking for a slave. Kik me @ Beeralias

Kinky jenny Feb 03 2014 3:42pm FLAG
Looking for female slaves @lesbianmistress_

Kik me Feb 05 2014 7:32pm FLAG
looking for slave kik me at a345b098

Anonymous Feb 08 2014 3:15pm FLAG
MISTRESS looking for mostly female submissives! Only exception to that is male submissives who have sisters who currently live with them!(Incest concepts/trying stuff/etc) Any experience level accepted but must be a true submissive and do what is told because I am strict and I don't like excuses! Must be willing to prove you are real and do what your told. Message my kik asap if you fall into this category : drawwithmee

drawwithmee Feb 12 2014 3:11pm FLAG
Need more female slaves. No guys honestly, kik me lesbianmistress_

NO GUYS Feb 13 2014 7:07pm FLAG
Im f Mistress. Loocking for girl slave! All Girls are welcome ...Boys only message me if u can get female underwear & girl stuff. Kik: AmandaCoxs

Anonymous Feb 24 2014 2:43am FLAG
Mobedient slave looking for a mistress with kik for a long term relationship kik me @ 3abood.96

3abood.96 Feb 24 2014 1:20pm FLAG
my kik is venessatookenay kik me, looking for some slave girls xx, send me a live pic for a reeply right away

me lol Feb 24 2014 6:27pm FLAG
Slaves kik me at imready375

Anonymous Feb 27 2014 11:31pm FLAG
Kik me at @shonali yrs old but very developed and ;)

💕 Feb 28 2014 9:40pm FLAG

💕 Feb 28 2014 9:51pm FLAG
Wtf?? ^ that wasn't me DO NOT KIK SHONALIPANT!!

Hacked by my 'friends' :( Feb 28 2014 10:16pm FLAG
kik : tamana_786 les f trade chat up to you girls only please

tamana_786 Mar 01 2014 2:21pm FLAG
kik : tamana_786 les f trade chat up to you girls only unless Boys if u can get female underwear & girl stuff

tamana_786 Mar 01 2014 2:23pm FLAG
LESBIAN mistress looking for slaves if interested kik I'm ready master to imready375

Anonymous Mar 01 2014 9:28pm FLAG
Lesbians kik my natefreetochat

nnnn Mar 04 2014 8:27am FLAG
20f looking for a girl slave kik:A_Blauvelt

Anonymous Mar 07 2014 7:39pm FLAG
I want a SLAVE. Submissive, obedient, n good slave Im a good MASTER Male n female anyone Kik me GIRLSATISFIER. Also i instruct people how to fullfill incest fantacy. Im a good master in incest too. I give orders to sniff panty, cum on them, car sex everything when ur mom or sis room alone all home alone i gives orders for it. KIK GIRLSATISFIER SKYPE GIRLSATISFIER1

GIRLSATISFIER Mar 17 2014 4:55pm FLAG
Ladies, looking for a mistress to obey? Kik me at lesbianmistress_ for a good time

FEMALE SLAVES Mar 18 2014 8:30pm FLAG
f Mistress from UK looking for Female Submissives/slaves any age! Must be able to take live pics and start message with ASL and Live face pic! Boys dont bother unless you have a sister you are willing to play with.

wattsy_97 Mar 23 6:48am FLAG
I'm a pathetic male slave in desperate need of a cruel mistress, my kik is DiamondPug

Anonymous Mar 28 7:53pm FLAG
Wattsy_97 is a fake. He is a old man that try to trick you with a fake camera app

Anonymous Apr 01 12:44pm FLAG
I'm looking for someone to become my slave. females, I'm lesbian, only. any age. I'm 19. must be willing to follow my every direction. live pics only and face is not required. males will be blocked so don't try it. you will be rewarded with a picture from me so do not ask for one unless I ask what you want it to be. I do not show my face either. my kik is CaseySarder.

CaseySarder Apr 05 8:29pm FLAG
female here. i wanna have fun With other Girls. kik me you must be able to prove you are real and i ONLY trade LIVE pics

Anonymous Apr 06 7:56am FLAG
Kik: xox_jenny_xox I'm a mistress looking for a slave that will follow my commands and sends live pics

Anonymous Apr 08 8:01pm FLAG
abbygailsfun - kik me girls, only send me live pics i send back:P make sure there good though:P if boys want pics send me self pics of girls age and under fif****

Anonymous Apr 09 7:10am FLAG
Don't add kik: mistress it's a guy

Anonymous Apr 09 5:39pm FLAG
Omg xox_jenny_xox sends amazing live vids to her slaves add her

Anonymous Apr 09 6:05pm FLAG
I'm a male slave here looking for a master or mistress to dominate me. I'll do anything you ask and as dirty as you want me to be. Kik me at bjcv

Bjcv Apr 10 3:11pm FLAG
Girl mistress here add me I'm looking for girl slaves only. Also I already have three and will give u one for a day if u be my slave for an hour kik is xox_jenny_xox

Anonymous Apr 10 6:13pm FLAG
I m a mistress whos looking for slave girls to be my sub No boys i m totaly lesbian kik alex.alex21

Anonymous Apr 11 8:12am FLAG
Girl mistress here add me I'm looking for girl slaves only. Also I already have three and will give u one for a day if u be my slave for an hour kik is

Anonymous Apr 11 12:54pm FLAG
alex.alex21 is a man that is posing as a girl. he use a fake camera app to pretend like he is female. DONT KIK alex.alex21

Anonymous Apr 11 1:34pm FLAG
I am a male kik slave. Kik me ralston341

Anonymous Apr 12 9:48am FLAG
Looking for a lesbian slave age +18, kik me at LesboClaire69 All slaves will be rewarded very well.

Anonymous Apr 16 6:58pm FLAG
Looking for lesbian slave kik me at leabianheart !

Lesbo here Apr 16 8:25pm FLAG
I'm looking to be a lesbian slave, or i can be a mistress I'm a hard mistress i tell alot i do lots of pleasure if u want to be my slave kik "Hello Mistress" but if you want to be my master.. Kik me "I want to dominate you hard" kik me _marie_gabby_

Anonymous Apr 29 5:33pm FLAG
I'm a mistress looking for female slaves only. Kik me for some fun. @lesbianmistress_

Girls only Apr 30 1:48pm FLAG
Lesbian female mistress looking for slaves if you accept send I am yours to command to imready375

Anonymous May 01 10:04pm FLAG
LESBIAN SLAVE I'm a yr old f from holland and I want a mistress ;) my kik is Rellacinder

Rellacinder May 04 11:06am FLAG
Hi male homework slave looking for a dominant women to make me do all her homework. All ages and all subjects welcome. Add peterrodgers782

Anonymous May 05 1:14pm FLAG
I'm 35 years old looking for an obedient female slave. You'll get rewards if you're a good girl. My Kik is LynnFara

Lynn May 05 1:17pm FLAG
1 4 yo boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous May 12 7:57am FLAG
Add xox_jenny_xox she's a lesbian mistress looking for more slaves and gives amazing rewards like great live pics and vids

Anonymous May 14 5:31am FLAG
FEMALES ONLY! I am a female mistress. ONLY GIRLS! Boys will be blocked! You dont have to send face pics. I do send pictures back after u have pleased me! My kik is boys name to keep boys away, natefreetochat

lesi May 15 4:00am FLAG
I am looking for a submissive Slave NO GUYS ONLY LESBIAN GIRLS and kik me saying "hello my goddess" kik me _marie_gabby_

Anonymous May 15 9:49pm FLAG
I'm seeking a sexual submissive obedient girl to be a slave to me, who can show me my sexual commands are carried out precisely as I give order to use your tits and nipples, and cl*ts and occasionally your ass. I like to use non sex toys but instead prefer to use regular house hold things to use on, in and around you which every girl has around her home and working from room to room within a house seeing what's available can be fun and makes for some unique experiences. I like to stimulate, tease and cum denial tasks. Can you be that slave to me long term and start with a simple command? Show me my name written on your body somewhere intimate and take a pic live in app and ask for my next command. Kik MistressMarie

MistressMarie May 19 6:48am FLAG

Anonymous May 19 10:43pm FLAG
I'm a mistress seaking young female slaves. NO GUYS unless you have a younger sister (incest). You will be my property and do what I say. MUST BE ABLE TO TAKE LIVE PICTURES. Kik me at terri_lezzy

Anonymous May 22 2:50pm FLAG
Hello experienced Male dominate here looking for a female slave. Must be able to do picures and videos(face not required). kik me if intrested @ thelaxgods with your asl and a live pic of you.

thelaxgods May 31 10:20am FLAG
20 f mistress looking for female slave No guys it's not happening you will be blocked Kik: jessylove747

Jessylove747 May 31 8:52pm FLAG
Hi Im a slave M 1.8 from germany & im looking for a mistress. LIKES: licking dirty things (shoes,toillets,ground ect),doing stuff with my moms & sis stuff (lick dirty panty tampon ect), will do bondage, pain, anal, wedgies, crossdress, pee, spit ... I like highheels & socks and i will do semi public i mean on public toilets or places noone can see me. Im open for everything :) LIMITS: no face pics, no face pics of family & nothing someone can notice what im doing ..:) I will do longterm if u want .. Like @ shool or somewhere KK: mrXXXyoung

Anonymous Jun 01 8:16am FLAG
Hey I'm a guy looking for a mistress or female slaves kik:humiliationboy

Humiliationboy Jun 01 7:14pm FLAG
male master here, with a female slave.. looking for a les or bi slave close to san diego, that is ready to play with my other slave.. kik jacob88a if you are a slave willing to obey and play.. say ¨hello daddy and slave¨

Anonymous Jun 02 5:51am FLAG
I (nine****) am a strickt mistress and Lisa (twelve) is a great hot lesbian slave Only rule: no face pics. Kik Rellacinder for more info

Rellacinder Jun 03 10:39am FLAG
Nine ****^

Anonymous Jun 03 10:40am FLAG
Nine t e en^^

Anonymous Jun 03 10:40am FLAG
I'm a white slave boy looking for a black mistress, kik me at crew74

crew74 Jun 08 5:31pm FLAG
serious male master looking for serious female slaves (no experience needed) kik: mattsmit9

mattsmit9 Jun 09 9:30am FLAG
21 m 9inch switch. looking for sub or dom, not many limits and would love to be humiliated. Kik me 9inchslave

9inchslave Jun 09 1:43pm FLAG
Young m looking for girls to s*xt with over the summer. My kik is alecazam1 and im into everything!

Anonymous Jun 10 10:14am FLAG
Mistress loking for female slave must be able to send pics my kik name is tessa_bae24

tessa_bae25 Jun 13 7:00am FLAG
And guys only message me if your into incest and must live with your sister or mother

tessa_bae25 Jun 13 7:02am FLAG
Mistress looking for female slaves who will do almost anything for me and must take lives too I'm female and my kik is msmiley98

Msmiley98 Jun 13 5:30pm FLAG
KIK: natey95 I am an experienced master, I have over 5 years experience, I am seeking a Female slave/sub. Either is acceptable. I do not judge on looks or your body. I am strict, I will respect your limits, but expect them to be pushed. A good Dom understands his subs; therefore If you are having a bad day I can be your best friend then I will resume my rightful duties. -Sir Nate KIK: Natey95

natey95 Jun 13 8:48pm FLAG
Looking for a female slave who is obidient. if thats you kik me at mistress_elena

Anonymous Jun 14 8:26pm FLAG
Hey I'm looking for lesbian girls ages who wanna talk dirty, trade pics and vids. I'm and I'm Emily. Must be able to do live pic. Kik... echammertime :)

Emily Jun 15 12:01pm FLAG
hey girls kik me for a clean or dirty chat my kik is iamdio

iamdio Jun 15 5:41pm FLAG

fsaf Jun 16 7:35am FLAG
hello, im looking for a obedient female sex slave. any age is fine but you got to at least send live pics. contact me on MathRN26 and say "hello master" and send a live pic of you

MathRN26 Jun 16 7:57am FLAG
Female mistress looking for female slaves only. Kik @lesbianmistress

No guys Jun 16 2:39pm FLAG
@lesbianmistress_ my mistake^^^

Anonymous Jun 16 2:40pm FLAG
Mistress looking for a female slave. Barely_legal18

Tia Jun 17 1:14pm FLAG
I'm not bi or lesbian, i'm just kinda curious about it all. Kik:kennedy_mullins

Anonymous Jun 17 8:14pm FLAG
Im a male slave looking for a mistress. Kik me ralston341

Anonymous Jun 17 9:48pm FLAG
Hello I'm a Master looking for female sub/slave any age with kik must be able to do live pics and follow commands if interested kik me

Sadistic_master Jun 18 5:50am FLAG
im a male slave looking for a female mistress. kik me ormston

Anonymous Jun 18 6:53am FLAG

Anonymous Jun 18 6:53am FLAG
20 year old Asian Mistress looking for any age FEMALE slaves. kik me at mistressemily1

mistressemily1 Jun 18 9:37am FLAG
Hello, i'm Luke, 19 m switch. I'm looking for a FEMALE mistress or slave. If interested kik me at: bdsmismypassion

Luke Parker Jun 18 4:10pm FLAG
1 4 years, boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous Jul 15 6:10pm FLAG
Female slaves kik @lesbianmistress_ girls only

Anonymous Jul 16 7:25pm FLAG
1 4 years boy, kik name: edibas

Anonymous Aug 03 8:57am FLAG
1 4 years boy, kik username: edibas

Anonymous Sep 05 5:30am FLAG
Give advice: