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Me and my sisters! icest! please dont read it if u r not interested

The Problem: well... im 21 years... and i have 2 sisters, the first one is 23, and the other is , oneday my oldest sister the 23 one came to home crying and very very sad... she go to her room and she locked the door, i didnt know why! i wait till the next day i go to her room and i asked her about what happend and damn she was in a very bad mood and still crying... she told me that she saw her bf cheating on her with her best friend... i started calm her down tell her that there is a million guy would want to talk with u dont care for this her cherry and take her verginity!!! so what do u think should i do with all my story?

Asked by: jacksons at 11:53:53 AM, Saturday, July 28, 2007 PDT FLAG


ok dear goodluck so nice him end no problem ok send me abuot u more in my e mail add i love sister sex

good to u Jul 29 2007 1:11pm FLAG

Boringggggg!! I have read better stories from my grandama!!

Anonymous Jul 29 2007 4:50pm FLAG
She wants, u gotta give it to her big boy.

I LUV CUM Jul 30 2007 6:18am FLAG
Anonymous u r the boring one!!! because its a get wet and hot inside!

i love d*cks Jul 30 2007 10:02am FLAG
i think u should her and let ur both sisters ur wifes... that what i would do

korn1 Jul 30 2007 10:12am FLAG
ya both of them

#1lover Aug 01 2007 1:23am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 01 2007 5:54am FLAG
i think u should give her what she want... she is ur sister make her always happy...

love u 21 M Aug 01 2007 3:25pm FLAG
I let brother do me and it so good. You be good brother make her happy.

Trang in Cali Aug 03 2007 9:11am FLAG
I may be against incest but I think you should try and think about your younger sister when she's older, I mean, she is never going to forget about this is she, do you want her first time to be with her boyfriend and be really special or with you? I would say you would feel guilty but you probably wouldn't.

x-Nadine-x Aug 05 2007 1:01am FLAG
My sis was first time I with her. Take a few time before she really like but now she want alla time.

Derek Aug 05 2007 9:17am FLAG
Sick O and I hope you go to hell for doing it. What a loser you are

? Aug 09 2007 4:12pm FLAG
Use a condom so you won't be your nephew's daddy

Anonymous Aug 10 2007 8:47am FLAG
you brought it on ya sen m8t

swaffham babe Aug 15 2007 9:19am FLAG
dude ur sooooo lucky

Anonymous Aug 16 2007 11:28pm FLAG
call me up il do her

Anonymous Aug 16 2007 11:39pm FLAG
What is wrong with you it's your little sister don't tell her if she dosen't shut up about it you'll tell you're parents

why? Aug 17 2007 4:40pm FLAG

u dont need to know Aug 19 2007 4:15pm FLAG
Dude don't pass up the cherry. It's awesome to pop a virgin.

Troy Aug 21 2007 10:31am FLAG

jacksons Aug 23 2007 12:45pm FLAG
that was a boring and FAKE ass story

Anonymous Aug 29 2007 2:12am FLAG
ok well if this story is true YOU ARE A SICK MOTHERING HELL!!!!

blondie502 Sep 01 2007 11:52am FLAG
you and your sistrs have something wrong with yall this is a messed up story

Anonymous Sep 01 2007 11:21pm FLAG
oh wow. is this really true?

ilovecollin Sep 05 2007 4:04pm FLAG
why dont you do me

bitch Sep 07 2007 3:49pm FLAG
yea it is true!! and if anyone wanna ask something or like to talk to me email me at

jacksons Sep 07 2007 8:26pm FLAG
dats sick

59643 Sep 13 2007 5:30am FLAG
ed up.

Georgie big ass Sep 16 2007 5:08pm FLAG
that a nice story next like her

rrrrreeeenn Sep 19 2007 3:42pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 20 2007 12:28pm FLAG
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anonymous Oct 02 2007 1:51pm FLAG
oh Lord if your up there then please give these bastards and bitches what they deserve...

mangaxx Oct 20 2007 1:22am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 24 2007 6:48pm FLAG
nasty bitches

Anonymous Oct 26 2007 3:20am FLAG
nasty. your family needs help

Anonymous Nov 18 2007 8:30am FLAG
hey tips u got any tips on seducing mom?

anonymous Nov 27 2007 5:14pm FLAG
heck them more and more intill u and them get tired of it.

mmmeee Dec 05 2007 9:10pm FLAG

Dec 11 2007 9:42pm FLAG
Ur Sick

Anonymous Jan 14 2008 10:32pm FLAG
vagina rules

Anonymous Jan 27 2008 2:54pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jun 11 2008 1:30pm FLAG

Anonymous Jun 11 2008 1:30pm FLAG
are some of you people retarded cause when you type you sound retarded(spedish)

Anonymous Jun 26 2008 11:47am FLAG
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djaman2 Jul 29 2008 2:16pm FLAG
it was a nice sexy story I practically stroked all the way through it till i bursted. Having an orgy with both of them was ratherhot, lucky guy love to cum join in sometime.

johhny Sep 30 2008 11:47pm FLAG

meow Oct 13 2008 3:55am FLAG
well ya her again lol good luck

blue hold Oct 26 2008 5:39pm FLAG
Give her what she wants. My brother did me when I was and I loved it.

Scarlet Jan 20 2009 12:12am FLAG
Retard man. If that story is real then u got some serious problems, you are ing your own sister and one of them are even , its illegal !

Dominic Jun 22 2009 1:14am FLAG
its so sick man (ing ur own sis) there are many bitches like me in this world...

a bitch Jun 25 2009 3:12am FLAG
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timmy Jul 13 2009 9:11pm FLAG
her ass off and the young one to

size matter Aug 24 2009 5:39pm FLAG
nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Keh do ki ki yeh zoth hai ranX

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476fjuti8tg Oct 23 2009 12:46pm FLAG
way dont u try ur mom

coca Nov 28 2009 1:06am FLAG
well i don't know what's worse, this story or your spelling and grammar abilities you

your mother May 01 2010 5:22pm FLAG
This story made me wet i love it keep it up

Hornykinkygirl May 02 2010 10:45pm FLAG
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wow my brother tries to me but i dont want to so i always resist him

ayala4eva Jul 25 2010 12:26am FLAG
u should of just ed your mom

bitch Jul 25 2010 12:27am FLAG
damn this story made me so in wet i cant control myself

sexymama101 Jul 25 2010 3:58am FLAG
damn this story made me so in wet i cant control myself

sexymama101 Jul 25 2010 4:01am FLAG
i was , asleep, wokke to find my sister wanking me. told her not to but she says its ok she wont tell when i spunk on her she says thats the first time she do this, now she do it all the time and now sucks my c*ck

anon Sep 14 2010 12:09pm FLAG
I say do

pepsi93 Oct 19 2010 10:35pm FLAG
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+Wicked-Alu-Demon+ Dec 08 2010 9:16pm FLAG
My Dear.if she wants u to take her cherry,don't hesitate.Take it.She will never forget that her first man was her own brother.Unfortunately,i never had the chance to have a sister.i would have adored her.

Frenzy Dec 28 2010 9:31am FLAG
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same boat Feb 05 2012 7:44am FLAG
cotact her on her face book page and ask her to meet you if she needs anything (ie)build a speiacal private relation ship the quit one love that sort of thing

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Dan d*ck Jul 20 2012 3:15pm FLAG
ig werdios, haveing sex with your sibling dafug is wrong with yall.

?????? Jul 24 2012 9:44pm FLAG
U r a lucky dog

Shan Aug 16 2012 11:59am FLAG
you dont talk rite, are you retarted

joshua Oct 10 2012 6:55pm FLAG
Yes gods man, what advice do you need? that little very day and keep her happy. It's good for her and good for you.

Jude Oct 29 2012 11:24pm FLAG
You know what we're going to say - get stuck in and the little slag until she's had enough - if she ever has that is.

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