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any -sluts? (Girls only)

The Problem: Wanna be my oy?(; leave your kik at the bottem

Asked by: Thedoktor at 01:57:30 PM, Saturday, June 29, 2013 PDT FLAG



Anonymous Jun 29 2013 2:48pm FLAG

Koi he jo mere se dosti karegi coll me 86023050

Anonymous Jun 30 2013 12:27pm FLAG
ill be ur oy txt me 505 918 0956

shanyboo Jun 30 2013 11:14pm FLAG
koi ha. Jo mere se dosti krega 080583529

poonam redu Jul 01 2013 4:55am FLAG
koi ha. Jo meri chut ki pyaas bujae ga cal kare 09549257301

kosila swami Jul 01 2013 4:57am FLAG

H*rny Jul 01 2013 9:43am FLAG
Eh why not :/ Omg_I'm_So_Awesome

Anonymous Jul 01 2013 3:03pm FLAG
Girls only, Kik me @alexeaton36 for an exciting chat. Tell me your fantasy, and I'll tell you a story. Be willing to trade pics, and obviously I'll reciprocate.

Anonymous Jul 02 2013 2:26pm FLAG
Sure my number is 999

Someone you might know.... Jul 02 2013 2:55pm FLAG
I wil be your sex toy

BIANCA Jul 03 2013 12:08am FLAG
Bitch I ain't no slut so get it strait lil boy and I ain't gonna be treated as no sex toy -mumbles-rude little boys can't control thier horemones just rude and affencive to women

Kay Kay Perez ain't my real name and dearni my BFF for life Jul 04 2013 9:34am FLAG
I wasn't talking about you directly so off C*nt

Anonymous Jul 05 2013 11:10am FLAG
me at 364867422 ima girl anda slut

Tightv Jul 07 2013 10:41am FLAG

Your enimy Jul 08 2013 6:31am FLAG
hello peoples i am male 23 any one wana incest tip i will give him/her how to incest sis and bro i have many ideas and tips how to have sex with sister and any female wana cam sex join me my yahoo id is Kabir.cute@yahoo.comle i'll give him/her full privacy Jul 08 2013 7:37am FLAG
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