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sister caught me

The Problem: has anyone ever had their sister catch them jakking off, or has any sister ever caught their bro whacking it?

Asked by: tuffdawg3000 at 06:17:11 PM, Friday, October 19, 2007 PDT FLAG


ohhhhhh how embarassing

blossum Oct 20 2007 3:49pm FLAG

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn that must b in embarrassin

Anonymous Oct 20 2007 5:43pm FLAG
what did she do?

mike Oct 20 2007 8:48pm FLAG
she freaked out and told me to stop but she didnt tell my parents or nuttin.

tuffdawg3000 Oct 21 2007 3:19am FLAG
yeah then she blew me and let me blow my load on her face

oooyeah69 Oct 21 2007 9:46am FLAG

fagit Oct 21 2007 1:08pm FLAG
grosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss i took a foto of me on a webcm once n i had it on da puter n i walk in my bro rm n seen him jak off to it

frannie Oct 21 2007 2:57pm FLAG
I watch him few time like to see it squirt.

Peanut Oct 22 2007 5:09pm FLAG
i av caught my bro dnt worry..x

lil princess Oct 24 2007 11:57am FLAG
lil princess, wat did u say to him?

tuffdawg3000 Oct 24 2007 5:25pm FLAG
hey it does really matter what the nasty lol o c*nthole

Anonymous Oct 25 2007 1:05pm FLAG
c*nt jerk rjerk d*ck

Anonymous Oct 25 2007 1:05pm FLAG
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww u fag

ur mom Oct 26 2007 9:51am FLAG
i would say live me alone or i will call da popo on u bitch ass mother fucer dic sucker gay bitch

ggggg Oct 27 2007 8:07am FLAG
right on ggggg

ur mom Oct 31 2007 8:00am FLAG

HOMO Nov 02 2007 9:11am FLAG

SEXYLOVER Nov 02 2007 5:26pm FLAG
wat is jak off!

da Nov 03 2007 6:31pm FLAG
hell ya sexylover

cj Nov 05 2007 8:55am FLAG
im going through puberty who else is

penis boy Nov 07 2007 2:16pm FLAG
im going through puberty who else is

penis boy Nov 07 2007 2:16pm FLAG
every guy does it so why the hell are you saying anything. Doode this is stoopid why are you psting it waht happened happened next time lock your door dum a s s

Nov 07 2007 7:13pm FLAG
hell yeah you tell'em tang. shut the fuc up penis boy

cj Nov 08 2007 9:43am FLAG
Well the real story is that actually i was jackin off then my sis walked in. She watch me for a bit and i let her. Then she went down on me and i blew my load in her face.

tuffdawg3000 Nov 08 2007 12:54pm FLAG

Anonymous Nov 08 2007 12:56pm FLAG
lol nig*er

Anonymous Nov 08 2007 12:56pm FLAG
go do ur sis

??? Nov 16 2007 1:28pm FLAG
I tryed to get caught by my sister, I know she'd like it

Anonymous Nov 17 2007 9:19am FLAG
My sis like see it squirt. Shy at first but helps me now.

Derek Dec 15 2007 6:42pm FLAG
i feel so sad for you!!!!

hotstuff Dec 17 2007 11:58am FLAG
im going through some serious puberty my boobs r a size 36C and im only twelve it sucks cuz i get made fun of alot by boyz

pants off-dance off Jan 18 2008 6:56pm FLAG
You should have asked her if she would like to finish you off.

i_am_a_jew Jan 22 2008 2:49pm FLAG
later i ed her

tuffdawg3000 Mar 21 2008 8:13am FLAG
lock the door

100%bossy May 13 2008 5:56am FLAG
yeah my sister walked in on me jerking off but i was cool she did not do any thing she helped out by showing me her 36 c tits

Anonymous Jun 23 2008 7:22pm FLAG
I was mastrubating and my sis walked in she saw me and walked away. Dint tel to parents. I stil mastrubate until i her.

Vadiraj Jul 20 2008 1:53pm FLAG
ur all ing crazy

dude Dec 30 2008 11:13am FLAG
my sis caught me masterbating and said is that for me I said yes she tide me to my bed and puck my c*ck in her vagina she went up and downfor 2 hours after wards she left me there tide to my bed. later she mad me into a chocalte bar because she but the matrice in to the shower and poored liguid chocate on me i was hershs chocalte bar after that waas put back into my room still tied down and made of chocalte parents were gone for 8 days, so she feed me food and comtinued to rape me it was so muchh fun can't wait until my pareents leave agian

this is a true story no joke Mar 26 2009 5:24pm FLAG
keep in touch by emial i will send u more sex pics and inscest stories real. also send me your sis pics i will send u mine.

Anonymous Jul 15 2009 7:13pm FLAG
One day i was masterbating at my sister's dads house. My mom remarried. Well I was in the back room or the computer room. I was just relaxing and playing on the computer. But after a while got bored and wanted to do something else. So i started to look up ***. I then pulled out my coc* and started jerking it. Well my sis who was older than me around 22. walks in and asks me a question and i was quick enough to hide what i was doing before my sis could catch me. After she left i sat there for about 5 mins and couldnt hold it any longer. I started re jerking it and i was so pumped and felt like i was gunna explode. I started cumming and my sis walks in again. But this time she saw what i was doing and saw my 2nd spurt of cum and my 3rd. I couldnt stop it. She looked at me and said not to ever do it again. I said ok. But what changed my thought process ever was when she walked over and grabbed my d*ck and pulled the rest of the cum from out of me. I was startled. And then took what she got out and licked it. But what was worse is how whe then noticed what i also had and was using. Her dildo i found in her room. She told me to take it out and clean it now. I was really embarrassed but excited at the same time.

imcaught Sep 21 2009 9:03am FLAG
Did u ur sis

Anonymous Jun 16 2010 3:20pm FLAG
Dont get chot go to the restroom

A Jun 16 2010 3:23pm FLAG
heck is a B I T C H word

heck Sep 30 2010 12:00pm FLAG
You are all big faggots

iliked*ck Oct 06 2010 9:53pm FLAG
i ed the same sister that seen you jacking off = ] her name was BECKY RITE ?

Anonymous Oct 06 2010 9:53pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 06 2010 9:54pm FLAG

STICK Oct 06 2010 9:54pm FLAG
next time let her help u

me Nov 01 2010 12:20pm FLAG
my sis caught me couple times once she did drunk and i said might as well watch....eventually she wanted 2 watch it go off in the moment she sucked me off and swallowed

Anonymous Nov 14 2010 6:04am FLAG
real question is how many guys liked it when they sister saw? i liked that she just hung around

re Nov 14 2010 6:06am FLAG
Its a bad habbit.are you a animal is better then are annoying me.

Bhargav doley Feb 21 2012 9:55am FLAG
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