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condom stuck in ass

The Problem: I was crossing the canadan boarder and put an ounce of weed in a condom and put it in my ass, it has now been over two months and it will not come out, I can still have bowl movements but worried about the long term affect, sometimes I can feel it most of it seems to be lodged in my prostate area, i am concerned the body will treat this as a forin object and grow tissue around it making it into a surgical issue, that would be bad. I have no discomfort, just have to go to the batheroom 3 times a day.

Asked by: tee.todd at 03:16:03 AM, Friday, November 02, 2007 PDT FLAG


shut up

Anonymous Nov 02 2007 10:24am FLAG

shut up

Anonymous Nov 02 2007 10:24am FLAG
What an ass you and you had it coming. Hope it burns when you you it out.

Goddest Nov 02 2007 10:49am FLAG
dude totally light a flame when you fart and get high off it!

anonomyse Nov 02 2007 2:29pm FLAG
your on your own

YAP! Nov 03 2007 6:53pm FLAG
why the heck did u put a condom up your ass thats for in a hurl lol lol

sos Nov 04 2007 11:16am FLAG
that for ing a gurl

sos Nov 04 2007 11:17am FLAG
Why Yap we all know how you love to be up peoples asses all the time

Zoom Nov 05 2007 7:07am FLAG
how can u be up an ass u retard

Anonymous Nov 05 2007 11:36am FLAG
how can u be up an ass u retard

Anonymous Nov 05 2007 11:36am FLAG
look who is calling who a retard. Your the biggest one in here

? Nov 05 2007 3:11pm FLAG
Gez Anonymous I don't know but I'm sure you can tell us knowing that you are always getting up LLX 's ass

? Nov 05 2007 3:18pm FLAG
this is the first time i posted here. who the is LLX? your sure obbsessed with ass kiddo.

Anonymous Nov 05 2007 11:24pm FLAG
If this is your frist time then How do you ? is a kid. He hasn't said anything about being a kids for weeks which shows you are not new here and your a lier.

FU Nov 06 2007 7:25am FLAG
Umm dude....even if thats not true....just buy the weed in Canada,will save you alot of effort

korn1 Nov 07 2007 2:48pm FLAG
cosolt a doctor

Anonymous Nov 07 2007 3:16pm FLAG
consolt a doctor rather

Anonymous Nov 07 2007 3:16pm FLAG
Anonymous take the same advice. You also need to see a docter.

FU Nov 07 2007 5:21pm FLAG
You have already crapped it out dumbass, its anatomically impossible to have an object larger than the size of a microorganism to stay in you intestinal track.

Youreabellond Nov 11 2007 8:04pm FLAG
u learned your lesson. Why the heck did u put it there?

Weed suckz Nov 18 2007 8:22am FLAG
do you guys really beleive this person who made this post I can tell right off it's a fake one

? Nov 19 2007 4:35pm FLAG
why the would you do that you dumb b i t c h why didnt you just smoke ittt :D

your mom Nov 23 2007 8:18pm FLAG
u r a d*ckhead.go see a doctor

no-life Jan 02 2008 9:57am FLAG

MAKAYLA BioTCH!@#$%&*90-= Feb 04 2008 12:33pm FLAG
thats what u get for being a dumass pothead ppl like u r worthless

fresh_prince May 02 2008 6:21pm FLAG
im a girl...and my boyfriend..lost his condom in my ass...idk how he did it...but i havnt see it...=/

Anonymous Jun 25 2008 4:31pm FLAG

Anonymous Feb 26 2010 7:32am FLAG
dumb bitch

Anonymous Aug 04 2010 7:59pm FLAG
call a proctologist!! jerk type! not mouth type.

Anonymous Mar 25 2011 7:55pm FLAG

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masira Nov 02 2011 11:22pm FLAG
Yall are so mean, Hun go get it removed @ the doctor, they wont arrest you as long as you are not pregnant because then, that is called child endanger ment. ztake care of that though so you wont have any long term problems.

Queen of Civilization 5 Jan 04 2012 9:42am FLAG
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