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i'm who wants 2 call me

The Problem: 845 674 22

Asked by: iluvjah at 08:55:17 AM, Monday, November 05, 2007 PST FLAG



Yourdum Nov 05 2007 5:15pm FLAG

I will I will I'm also .

: ) Nov 06 2007 7:23am FLAG
omg-and i thought this site was over pathetic ways of meeting people i mean oh my god, it's just so lame. and yeseveryone is complaining i say omg too much

Roxy Nov 06 2007 12:33pm FLAG
who the fuck is that desperate.

Leah, Simple and Sweet Nov 06 2007 1:04pm FLAG
idk... u dont just give ur phone # out.

mnm Nov 06 2007 1:19pm FLAG
Roxy one more time oh my God. Ok now all together LoL!

? Nov 06 2007 2:40pm FLAG

C........UK Nov 07 2007 5:22pm FLAG
Hey! Repeating OMG is my thing-You stole it omg, give it back you thief lawl

Leahh Lethal _x_ Nov 08 2007 2:37pm FLAG
Ohh is this a dating site? Err, wait i'm confused.

Annie-kinz Nov 09 2007 2:33pm FLAG
Leahh Lethal _x whoare you talking to. You are a real trouble maker LOL

? Nov 09 2007 3:50pm FLAG
Roxy-I've argued with everyone elso on the site lol so it's Roxys turn lol. (btw i'm joking)

Leah Lethal _x_ Nov 10 2007 9:20am FLAG
Calm down leahh it's only 3 letters, i thought that weird hi5 thing was your thing? and lol i've argued with lots of people too.

Roxy Nov 11 2007 1:19am FLAG
What this you 2 forgot about me. ME THREE LOL !

? Nov 11 2007 10:02am FLAG
You don't count lol. The hi5 thing is also mine.

Leahh Lethal _x_ Nov 11 2007 11:44am FLAG
hay be nice or i'll bring you ass friend back lol

? Nov 11 2007 4:08pm FLAG
Hi5? heh, thats cute.

Annie-kinz Nov 11 2007 5:43pm FLAG
so r u annie-kinz

anonymouse Nov 11 2007 5:43pm FLAG
Errr, I think your in my personal bubble....

Annie-kinz Nov 11 2007 5:44pm FLAG
?-Bring him back and i will hunt you down and kill you. And for those of you who don't know the Hi5 thing is not cute, the hi5 thing was on the same day as me and Frann went to the town in our pixie halloween stuff lol

Leahh Lethal _x_ Nov 13 2007 9:38am FLAG
Oh, okay sorry....

Annie-kinz Nov 13 2007 1:36pm FLAG
WHat are any of you guys talking about? I leave for one week and everyone is talking about stuff that has nothing to do with nothing! But then when you rethink about it what news nothing ha ha

C........UK Nov 14 2007 8:04am FLAG
"my little friend" is anonymous dumb kiss ass

Leahh Lethal _x_ Nov 15 2007 11:43am FLAG
like we didn't know that lol already!

? Nov 15 2007 5:57pm FLAG
im a HORNY girl text me! dont call just text. 239 682 5777 :)

remi Nov 17 2007 8:59pm FLAG
you are waaaay to despeate, it's beyond funny, it's just pathetic.

Leahh Lethal _x_ Nov 18 2007 1:26am FLAG
I agree with you LLX sorry to beat to tpy out your hole name I had a long day.

? Nov 18 2007 4:07pm FLAG
WHY are people impersonating me?!?! im new for gods sake! HEY remi impernator...u think thats funny HUH?! WELL IM NOT LAUGHING!! SO GO SAY THAT CRAP SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! P.S: do i kno u??? WHERE did u get MY number?!?!?!

remi Nov 18 2007 7:40pm FLAG

the ONE the ONLY... remi Nov 18 2007 7:43pm FLAG
Remi, everyone is this website has been impersonated, the worst was when roxy was impersonated, she stopped going on and had a big arguement because of the impersonater, you'll never find him/he, it could be anonymous, infact it probably is anonymous but there are many different anonmous' everyone has also been accused of this, i haven't but just wait that will come soon, i'm not sure but, ?, weren' you and your friends blamed for that quite alot?

Leahh Lethal _x_ Nov 25 2007 1:26am FLAG
thanks leahh ur a HUGE help. =]

remi Nov 29 2007 3:46am FLAG
but i found them it wuz one of the anonymouses. her name is claire she goes 2 my skool and hates me

remi Nov 29 2007 3:48am FLAG
There won't be only one impersonater, the comments made by the impersonater sound different like some are almost believable and others are just lame.

Leah Nov 29 2007 2:05pm FLAG
ya thanx 4 helping me

remi Nov 30 2007 3:24pm FLAG
she isn't the only one I hate you also bitch

Sunny Dec 01 2007 2:06pm FLAG
Remi was impersonater herself to get other people in trouble so don't fall for it. Reml is a trouble marker watch out for this bitch she lies a all the time

Westside Dec 01 2007 2:08pm FLAG
Wow, troublemaker, harsh words lol

Emothuku Dec 02 2007 1:07pm FLAG
i do because i feel rite now! Will u have sex w/ me

hottie 101 and 102 Feb 02 2008 6:24pm FLAG
2304 5888

Anonymous May 09 2008 7:54am FLAG
wats ur email

cool chick Oct 25 2008 6:43pm FLAG
THIS ISNT HER NUMBER WUT THE HELL!!!!! THIS IS AN IMPOSTER THIS IS MY BEST FRIENDS NUMBER!!!this is illegal and she can and will sue you if you do not remove this number...she kept getting random texts from guys saying hey and NOW SHE KNOWS WHY!!! SO YOU BETTER TAKE OFF THIS NUMBER QUICK!!! she is lieing to all of she is not a girl she is somebody who is using fraud and now my friend has to suffer from she's ALWAYS getting texts from guys saying hey SO TAKE THIS NUMBER OFF!!!!! and how about using your own number!!!!!!!

thats my best friends number!!! SO TAKE IT OFF!!!! Jul 12 2010 9:01am FLAG
take the number off that says 239 682 5777 that is a fake number my friend keeps getting text from guys saying "hey " and she lept getting scared she thought somebody was stalking her....but now we both know why THIS ISNT YOUR NUMBER SO TAKE IT OF!!!!NOW AND DONT EVEN DENY IT WE HAVE EVIDENCE AND WE CAN GO TO THE POLICE!!!!

239 682 5777 isnt a girl it's a 40 year old vi Jul 12 2010 9:04am FLAG
heyy textt me?;D im boreed ^-^ 323 253 1039

awsumm andreww Sep 27 2010 4:48pm FLAG
waittt wtf ??:0? hahahaha thiss is weirdd! yeaa xD dontt texxt mee imma guy unless ur under Dx!im (: hahahaha and im stupidd for putting myy numberr Dx hahahah im so weirdd ^_________^ bye?

awsummm andreww Sep 27 2010 4:51pm FLAG
sex chat 04083709

bill Nov 16 2010 6:16am FLAG
sex chat with me 9079030490

mr d Dec 17 2010 9:22pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 24 2010 2:42am FLAG
Not a real address

Anonymous Dec 24 2010 2:43am FLAG
Not a real address

Anonymous Dec 24 2010 2:44am FLAG

unknown dude Jan 17 2011 7:26pm FLAG
No wait is this a dating site

unknown Jan 17 2011 7:28pm FLAG
No wait is this a dating site

unknown Jan 17 2011 7:35pm FLAG
Hey call me if u want you me to suck your d*ck and let you and I'll suck your d*ck good.

Ms.Suckie Jan 24 2011 8:00pm FLAG
Hey call me if u want you me to suck your d*ck and let you and I'll suck your d*ck good

Ms.Suckie Jan 24 2011 8:02pm FLAG
Hey call me if u want you me to suck your d*ck and let you and I'll suck your d*ck good

Ms.Suckie Jan 24 2011 8:06pm FLAG
Wow this is out of hand

Me Feb 03 2011 2:44pm FLAG someone email him and creep him out. He's my idiot brother and he gave his number out to all these people idk so here's payback!

Revengeful sister Feb 13 2011 12:36am FLAG
we can on skype just add me: southafrica0071 and email me at mauricejustin5 at

shaun Feb 24 2011 12:50pm FLAG

kkk Jun 05 2011 9:03pm FLAG
oh no, you call me, baby. 3.573.02

Bert Jun 24 2011 11:15pm FLAG
Where the freaks at I need to bust a nut

Rebelboi Aug 11 2011 12:48am FLAG
567-297-03or 419-575-0865 call me or text me any time, I'm always horney

Jes Aug 13 2011 9:22pm FLAG
0403225027 for a good root

Gazza Aug 15 2011 12:11am FLAG
me ;) 1904-3-5451 ... im always (im a guy)

Chris Sep 14 2011 7:48pm FLAG
guy 4 young girls txt me 07706030000

J Oct 13 2011 8:44am FLAG
Horny girl shld call me. 9723398878

Man d*cker Nov 12 2011 4:25pm FLAG
young or old girls text me. 940-577-8352

Timothy Nov 23 2011 10:12am FLAG
I want to eat sum girls kal me 4785088861

Gud d*ck Nov 27 2011 1:26am FLAG
J i texted u, we can have and send pictures.

Babe Nov 30 2011 4:00pm FLAG
Well where's all the torturers in the house I'm talking dominatrix master slave. The whole your body is no longer your body it now belongs to whomever shall bind you to what and however they want say. My mistress tells me today were going to go on an adventure but first we must dip your penis into water and coat it in sugar so we do then mistress takes me by the balls and drags me outside we find the nearest fire ant hill and she puts me on all fours she has me do like a semi push up as she steps on and mashes my penis right into the anthill completely coating my penis and balls in fire ants all angry and biting some even crawled down my urethra and started biting the inside of my penis causing it to swell like crazy as it sits badly bitten pulsating and throbbing swollen mistress dumps alcohol on my penis and balls to wash the ants away so she could firmly grasp my penis as she takes a few steps foreword she jerks her arm full strength tugging my penis it felt like she may have broke it I heard a pop she just kept tugging me along by my limp flaccid swollen penis squeezing and twisting and pulling the whole time. I like when I created this slide that had this hole in the middle half way down just about the size of a quarter just big enough to fit my balls and penis and I would place this in parks and in random child populated area and climb inside and strap up and push my penis through the hole then I force my 2 puny worthless balls through I'd wait and it wouldn't be but 5 6 seconds till I have little kids going down stomping on and trampling my penis and balls going down the slide then I got ****agers climbing up the slide completely crushing my balls till they wanna pop. Then we got the girls who didnt notice going down the slide and they slide right over my penis fracturing it and pretty much castrating me with the force and the tugging nature they use on my balls. And other times I like to tie a big stick a branch if you will to each testicle and tape it there firmly with electrical tape then I will take my penis and drive a big metal rod through the head of my penis and then place jumper cables up to either side of the metal rod and then hook the jumper cables to the car battery and start it up and watch the fireworks as my penis catches on fire grime all the electrical currents my balls are being tugged and ripped off by the branch I tied each one to the little neighbor kids are playing ring around the Rosie with my branches in hand tugging and tugging at my balls laughing and giggling and yanking hard detaching my balls from spermatic chord causing my testicle to rupture and spill out its contents into my sack when just as I thought it was over the other branch was still connected to my other ball and that's when this innocent little young girl pulls and runs away with my branch tearing my ball from sack and feeding it to her dog

Abusemypenisplease Dec 01 2011 10:00pm FLAG

abc Dec 02 2011 1:26am FLAG
text me ! 2767328450

shany Jan 05 2012 8:20am FLAG
any girls want a chat text me, bored haha say i f u will?

me Jan 11 2012 2:10pm FLAG
ok i will

slut Jan 18 2012 6:53am FLAG
il send pics and videos girls, got 8 pac abs , 731-6-5754.

trent Jan 21 2012 10:26pm FLAG
I'm a seven**** year old girl text me I'm as he'll. (250) 927-0906

Mika Fortin Feb 23 2012 8:07pm FLAG
Txt me if u wanna or suck my d*ck 44034345

Big d*ck Mar 07 2012 2:22am FLAG
Send me pics girls and you'll get one back

Big d*ck Mar 07 2012 2:24am FLAG
hmu ladies 8503262724

badboymartin Mar 17 2012 8:44am FLAG

Idk Mar 25 2012 10:33pm FLAG
Just spoke to the police so you can go yourself you perv!!

:) Apr 18 2012 11:26am FLAG
Horny yr. Old chick. Want someone to bang me tonight.

Ashton Apr 21 2012 2:09am FLAG

07706030000 Apr 27 2012 4:52am FLAG
I wanna u

Pimp Apr 27 2012 12:47pm FLAG
I wanna u

Pimp Apr 27 2012 12:47pm FLAG
Aye im bisexaul ill take boyz girlz you have to be 2 txt meh im girls live you all very wet lick ma peace

wet #1 May 10 2012 6:43pm FLAG

1 May 16 2012 7:39pm FLAG

-1' May 16 2012 7:39pm FLAG
if your a girl text me. 940-597-3252

lets_get_it_on May 18 2012 3:44pm FLAG
Any ! 808-2-88 text me

Dayton May 21 2012 10:31am FLAG
Any ! 808-2-88 text me

Dayton May 21 2012 10:31am FLAG

G May 24 2012 12:55am FLAG
Email me Any1 can email me

Sex Jun 03 2012 3:02pm FLAG
ya im to im a girl call me(360)431-3502

girl Jun 13 2012 3:59pm FLAG
Hello laddies

Anonymous Jun 14 2012 7:40am FLAG
Hello laddies hey horney girl

Anonymous Jun 14 2012 7:43am FLAG
Hey I'm text me(18). 4806280804 ( girls only)

IIIlIIIlIII Jun 19 2012 1:26am FLAG
Hey I'm text me(18). 4806280804 ( girls only)

IIIlIIIlIII Jun 19 2012 1:26am FLAG
Hey I'm text me(18). 4806280804 ( girls only)

IIIlIIIlIII Jun 19 2012 1:26am FLAG
Hey I'm text me(18). 4806280804 ( girls only)

IIIlIIIlIII Jun 19 2012 1:26am FLAG
Text me at 5-340-8024

Anonymous Jul 10 2012 4:32pm FLAG
Any girl text me at 84048059

Anonymous Jul 15 2012 11:27pm FLAG
I'm funny

Yo mamma Jul 17 2012 10:18am FLAG

sexy as Jul 19 2012 11:24pm FLAG

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sexy as Jul 19 2012 11:24pm FLAG

sexy as Jul 19 2012 11:24pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

Anonymous Jul 21 2012 9:23am FLAG
Hey I'm a guy 0478663966

Anonymous Jul 27 2012 7:52pm FLAG
I'm a dude txt ne if u wana ;) 7608457709

Prophet Aug 01 2012 12:59am FLAG
I'm a dude and if ur I'll date u txt me 7608457709

Prophet Aug 01 2012 1:08am FLAG
I'm a dude and if ur I'll date u txt me 7608457709

Prophet Aug 01 2012 1:08am FLAG
I'm a dude and if ur I'll date u txt me 7608457709

Prophet Aug 01 2012 1:08am FLAG
Txt me any time just say ur name and if ur a girl ;) my # is 7608457709 o and if u try 2 find me and ur a rapest I'll kill u I'm how -.-

Prophet Aug 01 2012 1:57am FLAG
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Anonymous Aug 02 2012 12:02am FLAG
im a mal txt me 532485

Anonymous Aug 07 2012 4:14pm FLAG
I would like a nice guy to text me only. 4303422359

Katieann Aug 16 2012 8:47pm FLAG
Txt me !! Ask for a pic send a pic

George Aug 19 2012 11:54pm FLAG
Any girls wants to talk on yahoo

Anonymous Sep 07 2012 9:44am FLAG
I am gay please email me

WILLIAM WHITE Sep 14 2012 3:10pm FLAG
I am gay please email me

WILLIAM WHITE Sep 14 2012 3:11pm FLAG
I am gay please email me

WILLIAM WHITE Sep 14 2012 3:11pm FLAG
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Bii girl Sep 15 2012 7:34am FLAG
Girls ages ~txt me at 43365099 Im open to any comvorsation

Baconman Nov 04 2012 8:11pm FLAG
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Big mike Nov 06 2012 12:16am FLAG
Call me I am a guy 03 560 0347

Big mike Nov 06 2012 12:19am FLAG
Heyy im aussie im a guy im my bday jus past but im looking for a asian to talk to not anything dirty unless you want to but anyways ask for number

aussie <3 Nov 17 2012 6:30pm FLAG
Hey Guys!

Heidi Dec 06 2012 8:12am FLAG
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Aaron Dec 09 2012 12:47am FLAG
girls u out there

Aaron Dec 09 2012 12:54am FLAG
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lewis Dec 09 2012 11:50am FLAG
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Aaron Dec 13 2012 1:04pm FLAG
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adam Jul 25 2013 9:56pm FLAG
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SpeedyLoc Sep 01 2013 4:20pm FLAG
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