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The Problem: I really wanna fuk my mom i walkd in on her n my dad fuking n they didnt see me but i saw them n my mom was a goddess she rode him better dan da pros n she isnt skiny shes pretty big but dat night i jacked off exactly times just thinking about her ridin me like dat ever since dat has happenned ive tried 2 jerk off tinking about girls in my school n no1 would do da trick but when i got 2 tinking about my mom it didnt take more then 5 minutes to explode I have fanatsized about fuking her in a lot o places the couch, table, shower, floor, kitchen, my bed, their bed, the toilet (me sitting down on da toilet n her fuking me reverse cowgirl style, n also regular cowgirl style), I have fuked her hundreds o times in my dreams but i reelly wanna cuz im a virgin but ive never had a desire dis strong. How can I do this if u have fuked ur mom or if u have any colorful ideas please help me!!

Asked by: vhm,bjk,hnjkbn at 05:27:56 AM, Sunday, November 25, 2007 PST FLAG


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h Nov 25 2007 4:03pm FLAG

give ur full feeling and ur full action that u did

h Nov 26 2007 7:16pm FLAG
whats dat supposed 2 mean

vhm,bjk,hnjkbn Nov 27 2007 4:45pm FLAG
fdor crying out loud she's ur mom! she's never gonna do that with u! ur parents'll probly kill u for just thinking of it! keep ur thoughts to urself perv.

Anonymous Nov 28 2007 1:34pm FLAG

vhm,bjk,hnjkbn Nov 28 2007 5:47pm FLAG
get her drunk then DO IT

SOMeone Nov 29 2007 6:47am FLAG
your goin to hell repent biatch !!!!!!!!

Demosthenes Nov 29 2007 9:39am FLAG
Go To ing hell donkey d*ck. you sick barstard

B Nov 30 2007 11:31pm FLAG
ok thats disgusting shes ur mother i mean come on thats perverted any guy who dreams about ass doesn't give a sh*t..

Anonymous Dec 01 2007 4:16pm FLAG
hey i'm free just fuk me babe i'm wayyy sexier than ur mom ;-) i love u sexy

stick ur penis in my vagina plz Dec 03 2007 7:23pm FLAG
Do it!

cool d Dec 04 2007 6:43am FLAG
sneak in her room while she sleeps and you know what to do

Anonymous Dec 04 2007 6:50am FLAG

a Dec 04 2007 9:16pm FLAG

someoneANDCOOL D Dec 05 2007 6:27am FLAG

LUV U Dec 05 2007 4:52pm FLAG
gross why would you want to do it with ur mom u should fine s/o to go out with then try to do it with her!!! or find a hoe to do it with im sure there are plenty out there for you

bby boo Dec 06 2007 11:26am FLAG
WOW that is a weird story psst-drug her food or drink it worked for my friend to get out of the house when she was grounded

Frootloop Dec 08 2007 9:13pm FLAG
ok next time don't ask for advice like that again.

Bob McBastard Dec 09 2007 2:08pm FLAG
I hope your moms realy hot, if she isnt than dam thats creepy

genericusername Dec 11 2007 7:12pm FLAG
you nasty ass bitch what the fuk is wrong with you i bet your ugly ass cant get a girl and thats why you want your fat ass mother dumb bitch

nunya Dec 12 2007 1:27pm FLAG
u f^^kin h0rny a$$ bastard. u need a life and a gurl. go jack off to p0rn or sumthin not ur mom. ur sick

no-life Dec 12 2007 1:29pm FLAG
shes ur mom

Anonymous Dec 13 2007 6:12pm FLAG
no u retarded fuk!!

vhm,bjk,hnjkbn Dec 13 2007 6:34pm FLAG
theres prolly another gurl out there just like ur mom so go find her and quit bein insest.

soulja gurl Dec 15 2007 11:02pm FLAG
why why why do you want to ______ your mom!!!

lilydove Dec 18 2007 1:12pm FLAG
put poisine in her food and then when she is dead her!!!

Anonymous Dec 18 2007 1:24pm FLAG
that is sick but what ever floats ur boat

anonymous Dec 20 2007 6:54am FLAG
you are ing wierd as hell if your mom turns you on. you have problems and need to get help

Anonymous Dec 28 2007 12:51am FLAG
I feel bad for your mom, having such a child. God bless you, and your mom.

Miss Raw Jan 01 2008 2:09pm FLAG
aske' her if she want a massage in go smooth on her .it work for me may be for u my friend

T-I-T-O (*NYCLI*)VA Jan 10 2008 1:36pm FLAG
Yes, God bless. But then, God's all about extending the human race right? So, maybe God's a little himself. There we go. Buy her flowers.

Momma's Boii Jan 14 2008 9:16am FLAG
God is not . U beep. Momma's boii

gdgjdghfkjhg Jan 25 2008 4:04pm FLAG
One day leave ur door part way open and be completely when she starts walking by just start jacking kinda load but not obvious if she comes in theres a good chance she will say srry and close the door run out after her and say srry and i think we need to talk if she says ok go put some cloths on just reply ok i just need to finish first then start wanking right infront of her and while she is looking at your c*ck ask her to help you by touching it this worked perfect for me, but make sure u have a condom or shes on the pill cause the first time i got my mom pregnant and abortions aint cheap

mother pounder Jan 26 2008 9:43pm FLAG
i my mom al the time we came to an agreement i liked her vagina out n then she gave me a blow job.

Anonymous Feb 09 2008 4:33am FLAG
minge muff

Anonymous Feb 09 2008 4:34am FLAG

Anonymous Feb 09 2008 4:34am FLAG
give her spacecakez (itz a type of drug) or get her drunk

dareelting Mar 11 2008 12:45pm FLAG

dimond May 12 2008 10:42am FLAG
One dayy when shes in the shower and you know your dad is gone, walk in when u hear the water stop running and GIT-HER-DONE!

Somebody. May 16 2008 3:25pm FLAG
go for it man

david walsh Jun 26 2008 6:49pm FLAG
sad fuka fuk ureself b4 u wana fuk ur mom

yogeshwa Oct 15 2008 5:51pm FLAG
ever heard of oedipus complex?

Jacob Oct 17 2008 1:13pm FLAG
fkxoj vgjpaek xgtqolz fdukalj mule btkhp cfjnadqp

rpkvjzob lkfjq Dec 23 2008 6:47am FLAG
just get up behind her when shes in the shower and her wether she wanted it or not snog her and finger her

man Jan 10 2009 2:45am FLAG
Dude like my fren sed syringe her N nyway. Njoy. /=0

Jerimiah Feb 09 2009 8:15pm FLAG
give your mom this numbr +265493

goodMan Mar 15 2009 6:18am FLAG
,take her to bed

boy Mar 15 2009 2:21pm FLAG
uhh, Pusy, Cnt , Vagina HAA UR NEVA GUNA GET IT!

UR MOM! Apr 23 2009 3:19pm FLAG
stick ur d*ck in her mouth while shes asleep i might do it tonight

his mom May 17 2009 1:52pm FLAG
stick ur d*ck in her mouth while shes asleep i might do it tonight

his mom May 17 2009 1:53pm FLAG
haha gutted i alredy hav

your dad Jun 06 2009 11:13am FLAG
haha gutted i alredy hav

your dad Jun 06 2009 11:16am FLAG
youll neva get me iv seen your cok and its like a coktail sausage im gona keep fukin your father

your mom Jun 06 2009 11:17am FLAG
Call all your friends and with their help tie her up in yo bed and then start!

er Jun 15 2009 5:00am FLAG

Psychiatrist Jun 15 2009 5:01am FLAG
man i wat to fuke

Anonymous Jun 15 2009 11:52pm FLAG
your mom i wamt to fuke you

the beast Jun 15 2009 11:53pm FLAG
man i wat to fuke

Anonymous Jun 15 2009 11:56pm FLAG
INCEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dani Jun 20 2009 11:05am FLAG
That would be incest by the way and if you had kids they'ed be really weird. That's disgusting but anyone on here who has sex w/ their family or thoughts needs to go talk to someone and get someone and not think about that crap........

Dani Jun 20 2009 11:07am FLAG
Not so normal thoughts go talk to someone sweetie !

Dani Jun 20 2009 11:09am FLAG
dareelting That's the law you dumb ass

Dani Jun 20 2009 11:10am FLAG
Anyway you can't give ppl drugs or slip them

Dani Jun 20 2009 11:10am FLAG
Hecker Yeah then you can go to jail for doing that to someone as well........... I found 3 ppl dumb ppl on here so far

Dani Jun 20 2009 11:12am FLAG
You'll all 3 end up in prison prob........ god bless

Dani Jun 20 2009 11:13am FLAG
Dude i ing her and i love to stick my c*ck in her tight c*nt..After all that i blow my load on her face. Have fun and goodluck.

YourDaddy Jun 23 2009 4:50pm FLAG
dam i feel the same way my mom is so sexy and i want to fuk her but o dont know wat she will do if i come int he bathroom wen the waters off and i cant get ahold of drugs or sleeping pills although i can tell my mom to get them

Jul 12 2009 2:01am FLAG
now good

bay Jul 18 2009 5:38am FLAG
ur mom

kailash Dec 25 2009 5:07pm FLAG
Hey you stay away from my mom ok !

yo mama Jan 16 2010 9:17pm FLAG
Hey you stay away from my mom ok !

yo mama Jan 16 2010 9:40pm FLAG
kin nasty biiitch. Thats just wrong. Find a real girl. Thats the woman who gave u birth! WTF?

hella sick Feb 01 2010 12:35am FLAG

Feb 01 2010 12:37am FLAG
you sick twisted

somebody May 03 2010 8:30pm FLAG
you sick twisted

somebody May 03 2010 8:31pm FLAG
wtf u dirty piece of wtf WTFIS UR PROBLEME

ur one sick piece of Aug 10 2010 9:58pm FLAG
i didnt know you wanted to have sex with me cuase im gonna kill you in your sleep love your mom

this is your mother Aug 10 2010 9:59pm FLAG
Do it

Anonymous Aug 16 2010 1:36am FLAG
hard me mom.please

mom Oct 04 2010 4:40am FLAG

mom Oct 04 2010 4:41am FLAG
fuk my mother

Anonymous Jan 03 2011 1:32am FLAG
i wanna my mom too cum on those big tits

incest lover Jan 12 2011 9:10pm FLAG
wooooow . I cant believe you wanna me.

- Your mother. Mar 22 2011 9:02am FLAG
I say fuk the bitch

Sum1 May 01 2011 8:43am FLAG
I say fuk the bitch

Sum1 May 01 2011 8:44am FLAG
any girls fancy a fuk add me

james May 05 2011 8:48am FLAG
You idiot

Stixx May 27 2011 7:17pm FLAG
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1 Dec 19 2011 10:26pm FLAG

-1' Dec 19 2011 10:26pm FLAG
u fuking nasty ass motherfuker u wana fuk ur mom u inbred dumbass donkey d*ck u r a nasty ass perverted retard that needs to get a fuking life u sic pecea god damm thats FUKING discusting eww

anominiss Jan 11 2012 3:29pm FLAG
Are you ing crazy???

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Anonymous May 06 2013 10:44am FLAG
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sultan Feb 20 2014 6:52am FLAG
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