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help me i want to show my dad my boobs

The Problem: wat should i do?!? he showed me his thing and thts it but i want him to see my!!(and no rude comments plz!!!)

Asked by: person813723 at 08:54:54 AM, Sunday, February 24, 2008 PST FLAG


uh.... wow wow wow.girl run away

jess <33 Feb 24 2008 7:56pm FLAG

Ummm I'm sorry but when you post something like that you gotta excpect rude comments! But that's just crazy.. I would run away far far away, if my dad did that to me

desiree Feb 24 2008 11:02pm FLAG
so just show him

Anonymous Feb 25 2008 7:51am FLAG
Hmmmm mebers should only go so far :P(HUGGING) but shouldn do anything else....rather forget about everything and get on with ur life

korn1 Feb 25 2008 8:48am FLAG
Think about it before you do it. I used to tease my stepdad showing him my boobs. Then he started touching me and it feel nice so I let him. One weekend Mom go to visit her sister and when she come home I'm not a virgin any more.

Jess Feb 25 2008 9:11am FLAG
girl run the away. that mans a rapist

someone Feb 25 2008 11:06am FLAG
heres three steps. 1. tell your mom 2.runaway to a friends house give it a week and if u still feel uncomfterble call the cops

the 10 year old Feb 25 2008 11:45am FLAG
jess. what the hell is ur problem. u dont have fuken sex with ur dad jerk ur a retard. thats just disgusting. u let him touch u. i would call the cops but thats the only information i no about u

the 10 year old Feb 25 2008 11:47am FLAG
okkk show him if u want i mean wuts dat gonna do just keep ur relationship private and dont tell anyone and b wit him if u want

zacefronfreak Feb 25 2008 2:29pm FLAG
just call out "DADDY!!" and flash him then close your legs bend ur knees put ur index finger over ur mouth and say "U LIKE!!" like an innocent girl who's really slutty deeo down inside

sghjkdsv Feb 25 2008 10:12pm FLAG
call the police then tell them your dad is a pedo

RETARD DAD Feb 26 2008 4:57pm FLAG
runn crepppy srry but runnnnn

Anonymous Feb 26 2008 7:08pm FLAG
show me u kinky girl

Anonymous Feb 28 2008 7:55am FLAG
man!! i know o dont want rude comments but he's a pedifile!! hes a bad man! tell ur mother...thats bad run away! or tell someone u trust to give you advice!!!!!!!!

anonymous Feb 28 2008 3:07pm FLAG
show me its dad why are you on his. Who told you about this.

daddy Feb 29 2008 12:15am FLAG
dood ur a sick mutha a i mean wo man dunt show ya daddio ur chichis!

heather w Feb 29 2008 5:02pm FLAG
ur dads a ing b itch

person Mar 01 2008 9:35pm FLAG
lollo wtf!! =P (pedo dad)

~AnNa Mar 05 2008 2:24pm FLAG
i would tell you're mom he doesn't need to be doing that he's family. that is just messed up

Confused Mar 11 2008 1:37am FLAG
DAMN!! WTF!!!! EWWW!! Okay... Tell your mom Call da cops RUN AWAY from him STAY away from him DONT BE A DUMBASS NOW!!!

Anonymous Mar 11 2008 3:53pm FLAG
show him your boobs then bend down let him have sex wit you i mean i am gay

roberto delgado Mar 16 2008 12:08pm FLAG
omg thats like...a worst nightmare of mine!! i wuld NEVER SHOW MY DAD anything PRIVATE on my body...wut is up w/ these ppl having the hotts for THEIR PARENTS!!! seriously?

aw who cares Mar 24 2008 6:49pm FLAG
OMGOMGOMG thats sick!!!

Anonymous Mar 28 2008 2:24am FLAG

STEPHANIE Apr 14 2008 7:35pm FLAG
Show him your large boobs and let him to press,lick them heavily.lick his tits and let him enter his long tits in your cave like .do it regularly,keep it secret,enjoy it till ur death.

Payal May 23 2011 7:02am FLAG
just call dad and flush your boobs and let him toubh dem and sqeueez dem

jaun Jun 19 2011 2:07pm FLAG
just call dad and flush your boobs and let him toubh dem and sqeueez dem

jaun Jun 19 2011 2:07pm FLAG
just call dad and flush your boobs and let him toubh dem and sqeueez dem

jaun Jun 19 2011 2:07pm FLAG
just call dad and flush your boobs and let him toubh dem and sqeueez dem

jaun Jun 19 2011 2:08pm FLAG
just call dad and flush your boobs and let him toubh dem and sqeueez dem

jaun Jun 19 2011 2:08pm FLAG
just call dad and flush your boobs and let him toubh dem and sqeueez dem

jaun Jun 19 2011 2:09pm FLAG

1 Feb 20 2012 4:17am FLAG

-1' Feb 20 2012 4:17am FLAG
i would you real hard in your jerk and make you beg me to stop, then i would cum all over your crying little bitch face

Anonymous Apr 13 2012 10:29am FLAG
mmm, show him! play with your nipples for him and let him jerk off while he watches.

lily May 06 2012 9:21pm FLAG
call him into your room while you're masturbating, make sure you're *****! pop your cl*t out for him. let him help you cum! daddy's girls are the happiest girls.

Jill May 06 2012 9:23pm FLAG
wear a thin top okay. then make sure its white and act to pour water on ur top , then ask him wat to do. hell touch them ;) goodluck,

angel Jul 14 2012 6:24am FLAG
thats so sexy,

jack Jul 14 2012 6:25am FLAG
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bigsexy Jul 22 2012 5:29am FLAG
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bigsexy Aug 19 2012 5:24am FLAG
Do whats right.

kate45 Sep 17 2012 5:40pm FLAG
ill u as hard as u want babe.

c*ck luvar5 Sep 17 2012 5:42pm FLAG
When hes showering go inside and be all can you wash my hair? Im too lazy. And then u go in ***** and bam. He sees ur tits.

Anonymous Nov 24 2012 12:00pm FLAG
He is your dad. keep that in your mind.

Mary Nov 27 2012 2:54am FLAG
have fun with him, anyway u decied, so enjoy with him, just show ur boobs out and massage it, he can suck it slowly and massage too

Anonymous Nov 27 2012 3:00am FLAG
Wear a white shirt without a bra then just spill something on it by accident and take it off in front of him.

Zara Dec 06 2012 8:56pm FLAG
SHow him! how big are ya tits? txt me 2024897987

big sarge Jul 10 2013 9:55am FLAG
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big cowboy Aug 28 2013 8:57am FLAG
Just wear a low cut shirt (white) and dnt wear a bra and then bend yourself infrint of him or as said before throw water or somethin on it and on boobs aswell and ask him that how should u clean it at ask him to help u with it :)

Asmaa Oct 16 2013 12:12pm FLAG
just wear a thin white tank top, and watch him get hard

buzzard Oct 19 2013 11:52am FLAG
Pray to God for guidance! Really!

friend Dec 11 2013 11:15pm FLAG
Why would you show your dad your boobs?

Alli Jan 23 2014 3:25pm FLAG
Suck his big juicy d*ck until he cums and drink it then let him suck your nipples and play with them

Me Jan 23 2014 3:27pm FLAG
No don't do that! That is highly illegal and very bad for you and your father..... You can go to jail for that

Wbrcuhebcwuhdcbejdhcbeduhbc Jun 01 2014 1:15pm FLAG
Dont do that!! God is watching u!!

lina Oct 26 2014 1:46pm FLAG
Show him

Anonymous May 24 2016 5:33am FLAG
Show him

cowboy May 24 2016 5:34am FLAG
Do it little sister

Anonymous Aug 04 2016 12:40pm FLAG
Give advice: