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I want to have sex with my mom how do i know she wants to!

The Problem: I would love to have sex with my own mother somethingive craved for awhile now, i want to know how i could know she wants to?

Asked by: Bdude at 07:10:36 AM, Monday, March 10, 2008 PDT FLAG


Omg your such a perv

Anonymous Mar 10 2008 7:42pm FLAG

your so weird i dont really like you normal please just LET IT GO

mee Mar 11 2008 9:41am FLAG
Why would you wan't to have sex with your mom!

Anonymous Mar 11 2008 11:28am FLAG
are you unattracive or do u just have low self esteem when it comes to girls? i cant figure out why u would even think of ur mother like that. i mean she wouldnt like her own son that way, and if she does.....well than ur family has more problems then i expected. basically ur a freak. thats sick

hahaha wowwww!!!!!! Mar 11 2008 1:41pm FLAG
I do my step mom but she is only like 5 years older than me. She say dad can't get it up when she wants it sometimes so she come and get in my bed.

Marty Mar 11 2008 2:46pm FLAG

:D Mar 11 2008 3:12pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 13 2008 12:35pm FLAG
omg i cant even get a boyfriend and i am hot i shouldn't be feeling so sorry for my self but for you i am just more sorry that i can't help you on this i don't think SORRY Bdude

Emily Adkins i am how old are you Mar 13 2008 3:06pm FLAG
Whoah yuh Must be Desparete or sumthing!ewww who wants to have sex with their own mother! Nasty eewww!

Secxii Mama! Mar 14 2008 5:25pm FLAG

Innocent babe Mar 16 2008 2:18am FLAG
ohh my goshh why would you want too do that yah siko just go and get a girl weirdo

playaa Mar 19 2008 1:27pm FLAG

JOHNZY Mar 24 2008 3:20pm FLAG
what the!! dude...u need some SERIOUS therapy!!! that is beyond wrong...ugh!

b Unique Mar 24 2008 6:41pm FLAG
what the!! dude...u need some SERIOUS therapy!!! that is beyond wrong...ugh!

b Unique Mar 24 2008 6:42pm FLAG
If you came out of your mothers vajayjay, then I'm sure she wouldn't mind you going back in, right? Huh?

doublehawk98 Mar 26 2008 6:45pm FLAG
WTF?? thats not a natural cravig u sick fuk i mean i have cravings like im craving brownies right now or crave weed or sumthing man but dont crave ur moms vagina fag!!

pothead3 Mar 27 2008 4:42pm FLAG
Let me get this straight! You want to put your penis into your biological mothers vagina. Wow, and I thought liking my cousion was bad enough but... have issues. Go get a theripist! In fact Im gonna order you an online theripist(On me)!

You have issues! Mar 30 2008 3:11pm FLAG
Hello young man! My name is theripist Rabecca. What is this "urge" to have sex with your mother. What? A bet, your a hooker, you have been in a recent car accendent with a head injury! Please do respond by sunrise!

Theripist Rabecca! Mar 30 2008 3:15pm FLAG
I bet when ppl ask u what ur doing and u say "ur mom." Guess ur not lieing. Ur nasty. and ur mom won't want too... Srry.

The Flurty Girl Apr 01 2008 1:32pm FLAG
this is kinda kinky i think this is way fake tho u haven't even reponded to anything yet. i bet the owners or whoever run this like this just to get people talking. OR u must be some from west virginia or something they do sick stuff like marry thier cousins and have tards for kids cause they can't keep it in thier pants.

what the eff Apr 07 2008 8:10pm FLAG
FREAK!!!! sik insest...she wont eva do iiit. ules you just have a hobo/knacker/scobie/chav family...then its ok..:)

ye wateva... :P Apr 26 2008 3:08pm FLAG
dude u suk u better pray but if u do god might curse and go to hell and thats impossible till now

issesed ppl r perverts Apr 28 2008 2:50pm FLAG
ps. see a docter and go to church and stop drinking or dooing druggs oh and stay in school lol ur goin to hell

issesed ppl r perverts Apr 28 2008 2:51pm FLAG
5 words loud and clear issesed ppl gos to hell. 4 other words u r a perv... go to hell and good luck u gonna need it

wtf u perv Apr 28 2008 2:57pm FLAG
biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatccccch \ go to hell ur mother g go go gooooooooooooooooooo to hell i'm like wtf i'm speachless and u owe me another comeputer ps. give me my computer before u go to hell

classclown Apr 28 2008 2:59pm FLAG
biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh issesed freak

classclown Apr 28 2008 3:00pm FLAG
ps.if u try to fuk ur mom plz do it in west virgina or i'll say go to hell but still u'll be goin to jail

weirdo Apr 28 2008 3:02pm FLAG
go to hell

iloveher Apr 28 2008 3:02pm FLAG
go to jail

wtf Apr 28 2008 3:02pm FLAG

YOO N33D H3LP ALOT OFF IT =] X Apr 29 2008 6:08pm FLAG
All I m going to say is this I think ur confused about that I think u don't want to have sex with ur mom but r attracted to women her age and want to have sex with women that age and if not well if ur gonna have sex with ur mum u should have ur dad have sex with ur daughter

oh my gooooooodnessssssssss Jun 10 2008 5:55pm FLAG

SON May 27 2011 12:49pm FLAG
F*** her hard: bend her over your bed, eat her out from the backside, giver a good rimjob( for all you dumbasses that's were you lick their jerk), then f*** her n the a$$ and then tear her pu$$y to pieces, get her pregnant, have a baby with your mom, I've been gettin a blow frm my mom the whole time if been writing this, and I just came all over her face and tits, now she's licking it up, I thnk she's ready for round 2, might pull out a plastic C*** for some double penetration.

Get laid by mommy everyday Jun 08 2011 5:50am FLAG
If you end up doing it, let me know how, cause i would love to have sex with my big ass mum as well.

Toni T Jun 23 2012 9:41pm FLAG
You came out of her fanny once im sure theres nothing wrong with going back in again, just sit with her and talk about it. Sex is sex

Daniel Jun 23 2012 9:45pm FLAG
eww sickos yall disguse me have it with someone ur own age.................

jojoc6 Jun 25 2012 11:29am FLAG
heres a tip find someone who looks like ur mom and have sex with her and btw urges r urges whether with ur om or not but hey i once walked in on my mom and her bf doing it and wanted to get in but i was but wanted it so bad but hey find a girl that looks like ur mom

look alike hooker Jul 03 2012 7:09pm FLAG
Here's advice ask ur mom if she wants a messarge and ask her to take her shirt off if she asks y tell her u gana messarge her back then when she does tell her to take her pants off if she asks y tell her u gana messarge her body she will no were u going with it andand take off her pants and when she on the bed say she has a nice ass and kiss it and take your pants off and put ur penus in her ass. And she will enjoy that. And don't stop untill she turns over and do her in the to much.

stormatic Jul 05 2012 12:38am FLAG
That's 4 Everone who needs it

stormatic Jul 05 2012 12:40am FLAG
Chodonbaj bangali.

PISSAP Sep 07 2012 6:32am FLAG
I wanna my mom but idk if she feels the same way and I don't wanna talk to her about it bcuz we have a close relationship

motherfuka Oct 20 2012 9:26pm FLAG
Hey Toni T u wanna have sex I am available sexy babe

da only 1 4 u Gal Nov 09 2012 7:06am FLAG
Hey any 1 up 4 a good night of hot sex its free we can be friends with benifits

sex sex sex !!!! Nov 25 2012 5:08am FLAG
it's sick but the world takes all kind

ball head Jan 08 2013 11:07pm FLAG
i still wanna have s3x with my mom but im to scarde to tell her every time i see her big @zz and big boobs i get a you no what and want to shove my p3nis in her butt how do i tell her she has a husband butt she weres thongs

jj Jan 09 2013 8:20pm FLAG
her as hard as you can and make her cry

Anonymous Jan 22 2013 3:35pm FLAG
pill drink mom you penis cup i think you know were im going with this lol but no that sick lol

RAGE Feb 13 2013 11:09pm FLAG
ps i know what you can do wait tell she gets out of the shower break in the door ***** and fall on her this part is inporting ok you have to fall just right or you will miss and when she says what happen say your pants were on fire and you trip and fill and if she says why are you hard say exsitment lol works with my grilfreind all the time lol but all jokes aside you sick lol

RAGE Feb 13 2013 11:16pm FLAG
Dude that is nasty she is your mother ? How do you even think of her that way ? OMG and if she does want to have sex with you then there is something wrong OMG that is so NASTY! Before having sex with your mother go see a doctor because you need help if your thinking this way !

Anonymous Feb 16 2013 5:10pm FLAG
Dude if you want to fuk your mother then go ahead coz its your life and you body do what you want with it

honest opinion Jan 15 2014 3:45pm FLAG
Well my mom has alwayz been close to me in a way dat,smtymz she takes her cloths in front of me,and she had seen my c*ck erect for several tymz and she didnt say anythng abt it,,,she got a b.f bt i dnt lyk him so i waz hoping dat if i her,would she leaves him and focus on me???

Young,twist Apr 30 2014 6:27am FLAG
advice 1 lealve ur phone lying around on things lik ***o she will think u luv har den maybe talk to u about it advise 2 tell her she owes u and u want a gift if she asks tell her it if she says no at night undress her and cant take it and make a baby i tied worked now a father only best day of my life haing where i came from everyday if u domt like theese try the massage 1

i luv my mom #wife and 4 kids May 11 2014 2:50pm FLAG
so cool im pounding her bad like a midget with three boobylisios a$$ mountains filled with cum girls sis mom aunt all hot and fighting over a bone inches wow

monster c*cker May 11 2014 2:55pm FLAG
Hey Dude dont do it please

Anonymous May 31 2014 9:04am FLAG
Lets just say you are not alone, dude.

Anonymous Mar 02 2015 3:11pm FLAG
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