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Get Me Horny!!!!!!!

The Problem: im feeling hot and i need people to get me hornier so i can finger myself. Be as creative as you want and MAKE IT SEXYY! : ) ps im a girl.

Asked by: diva12 at 05:57:41 AM, Wednesday, June 04, 2008 PDT FLAG


y dnt u suck my d*ck and let me cum all ova ur face and then i can lick ur and then if u want u can finger ur self or ill do it 4 u

c*nt Jun 04 2008 2:21pm FLAG

that sounds hott

diva Jun 04 2008 3:05pm FLAG
first im gonna rub you all over and massage your ti ts than im gona slowly rub my hands down to your va g and finger your and rub then im gonna pull out my d*ck and pound ur as s with my hands firmly on your ti ts

ayyy Jun 04 2008 3:31pm FLAG
Keep them comingg

diva Jun 04 2008 7:00pm FLAG
him big time

horney1 Jun 05 2008 12:42pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

I.G. Batti Jun 06 2008 1:58pm FLAG
settle down buddy even machines cant that good

Anonymous Jun 06 2008 6:44pm FLAG

lovesuck Jun 06 2008 6:50pm FLAG
ya i agree danm those peeps

Anonymous Jun 07 2008 12:25am FLAG
add mee

Anonymous Jun 07 2008 12:41am FLAG
"Lovesuck" enjoys people dying? You're one fucked little kid (refer to I.G Batti's post)

Mach 3 Jun 07 2008 11:30am FLAG
w.e mach 3 ps i am ok

lovesuck Jun 07 2008 8:07pm FLAG
yo you all blow hairy c*cks i bet i can get a girl to fall to her knees with pleasure

Anonymous Jun 07 2008 10:58pm FLAG
i suck bigger one than you

Anonymous Jun 09 2008 2:25pm FLAG
im soo damm all squeeze ur tits lets get nd then i can hump u then u can shake ur ass for me soo i csan goo nd squezze it

sexdiva Jun 20 2008 11:40am FLAG

LIL PLAYA Jun 29 2008 8:32am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 30 2008 7:30pm FLAG
imma girrl. im bi. and i can make you have a better time with my hands and tounge than any guy(;

Anonymous Aug 02 2008 10:27pm FLAG
Fuk my little

lilly Apr 15 2012 12:23pm FLAG
I flippin want to fuk right know want phone sex wanna get nd have ur sexy c*ck up my asswhole i swear dwn bati's turned me onnnn

anonymous May 20 2012 6:25am FLAG
I flippin want to fuk right know want phone sex wanna get nd have ur sexy c*ck up my asswhole i swear dwn bati's turned me onnnn im a girrlll ;)

anonymous May 20 2012 6:25am FLAG
im bi and ill suck on you vagina and hit ur g spot then ill suck on ur tit and you will have the biggest orasm ever i can get u hornier then any other person on this whole site

babygirl77 Jun 06 2012 11:00am FLAG
im bi and ill suck on you vagina and hit ur g spot then ill suck on ur tit and you will have the biggest orasm ever i can get u hornier then any other person on this whole site

babygirl77 Jun 06 2012 11:00am FLAG
im bi and ill suck on you vagina and hit ur g spot then ill suck on ur tit and you will have the biggest orasm ever i can get u hornier then any other person on this whole site

babygirl77 Jun 06 2012 11:00am FLAG
Hey txt me i a dude im nd want to see sum vids of u fingurin txt me now 5042369724

boi Jul 28 2012 2:59pm FLAG
tell me your face book account

Anonymous Jul 31 2012 3:54am FLAG
add me

Anonymous Jul 31 2012 3:55am FLAG
or just message me :)^^

Anonymous Jul 31 2012 3:56am FLAG
guys im so ing

sexlegs Oct 02 2012 8:22am FLAG
xhamster is pefect

nrop Nov 27 2012 12:19pm FLAG

anon Dec 17 2012 1:43pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 28 2012 9:03pm FLAG
Basically yeah I'm and I'm a female I need someone to make me proper horney - no death scenees

its tee 633 Dec 31 2012 9:01am FLAG
I use a head band and stick it up my hole mmmmm other than that I just play with my cl*t it turns me on rite away

Anonymous Jan 01 2013 5:49pm FLAG
I'm bi I'm a girl I would lick your and suck your tits and make you have the time of your life I will even give you my number for your use any time I will be there whenever you want

Bigtitmenow Jan 16 2013 6:52pm FLAG

kk Jan 19 2013 11:12pm FLAG
im and always make people im a virgin and have a from the uk..heres what will make you cum boy stick tongue in girls mouth and french kisses her they both then get s laura i.the bathrpom everyday

anonamys Jan 30 2013 8:41am FLAG
i wana get can sm1 help

bb Jan 30 2013 2:32pm FLAG

bb Jan 30 2013 2:33pm FLAG
Jheeze! This .. I'm a female, looking for another female to get sexy with;) anyone fancy talking?

Horny!! Jan 30 2013 2:41pm FLAG
If U want to get search sex stories and read away. Cum will start to drip out. Pics of girls to ASAP Thanks

Jack Feb 18 2013 8:54pm FLAG
Same here

This one Person Feb 22 2013 6:31pm FLAG

****girl Feb 24 2013 5:32am FLAG
watch ***

... Feb 28 2013 1:57pm FLAG
Mhmm baby. Lemme baby.<33

Horny Bitch Mar 02 2013 10:35am FLAG
you boys are making me wish I could just fck you now mmm so wet

Anonymous Mar 05 2013 8:22am FLAG
i really need to get hornier so i can figure myself and cum. kik me: now2 ps im a girl

me now Mar 10 2013 8:08pm FLAG
if you finger yourself and rub your cl*t at the same time that will make you feel REALLY good ;)

Anonymoud Mar 11 2013 5:27pm FLAG
I will love to all of ya right now ;) btw Im a girl and Im bi;)

Anonymous Mar 11 2013 5:31pm FLAG
Anyone keen to flick me an email im as! guy (;

hurry Mar 12 2013 7:53pm FLAG
Make me !!! Ps I'm a girl

Justine Mar 22 2013 12:23am FLAG
I'm so

Sexy beast Mar 22 2013 2:10pm FLAG
Kik me with this .. @emilybrooke5

Anonymous Mar 23 2013 6:54pm FLAG
i am a girl, and i get myself

right now Mar 24 2013 3:05am FLAG
I'm a guy . I read this and got you so hard you orgasm within seconds. We can do it doggie style too, so I can pound you from behind and squeeze you're plump boobs. Oh yes! I'll make you yelp!

awesomelover Mar 24 2013 3:48am FLAG
I'm so horney someone make me have an orgy<3

Anonymous Mar 24 2013 2:23pm FLAG
Can nobody anymore? What happened to passion...

Anonymous Mar 25 2013 6:29pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 27 2013 3:07pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 29 2013 10:39am FLAG
I'd u soo hard you will scream with plesure

Anonymous Apr 04 2013 12:27am FLAG
mmmm, i'm too!! any1 wanna write a sex story for me?, i'm female and bi, so guys and girls turn me on!! :) i love getting licked out, and would totally love to sit on diva's face!! Would love to finger her so much till she squirts and screams out for me ;)

Sexy Apr 04 2013 8:38am FLAG
Oohi wanna hump guys and girls lick them and have sex in so horney, i need someone.<3

sexybitch Apr 04 2013 10:41pm FLAG
Hey sexy im really and bi, wanna ?

hottttt Apr 04 2013 10:43pm FLAG
I wanna suck your vagina and lick and kiss you, Hump you so hard.

hotie Apr 04 2013 10:44pm FLAG
I would your little cute c*nt so hard

Anonymous Apr 05 2013 1:10am FLAG
Any guys out there who wanna be ed I'm here P.s. I'm but I'll take any guy I'm a whore baby and want you inside me

ill bring the condoms Apr 06 2013 7:37pm FLAG
Email me at :)

Anonymous Apr 07 2013 3:27pm FLAG
Any girls who are , email me at ;)

Horny guy Apr 07 2013 8:24pm FLAG
You are all idiots. Peace out.

Yo Mama Apr 17 2013 5:46pm FLAG
make babe wanna finger myself so bad

girl Apr 18 2013 8:05am FLAG

girl Apr 18 2013 8:06am FLAG
Make me

Baby girl Apr 18 2013 2:28pm FLAG
I'm 2

Oliveclits Apr 21 2013 8:41pm FLAG
I'm so right now!! Email me

Lucyxxxx Apr 22 2013 2:43am FLAG
So now guys!

Me Apr 22 2013 9:09am FLAG
I feel like someone

Anonymous Apr 22 2013 6:28pm FLAG
Everyone post stories so I can finger myself! I'm and as faaaark!

Sarah Apr 23 2013 7:15am FLAG
Lets ??

Anonymous Apr 24 2013 9:54pm FLAG
MMM. Id rub you to town

Sluttydoll Apr 25 2013 10:31am FLAG
Lets .... 9102483618

Alaynna Apr 27 2013 3:25pm FLAG

Horny May 03 2013 9:46pm FLAG
I'm soo I need this bad I'm and a girl

Annonamys May 05 2013 12:15pm FLAG
Either watch *** or just like get a boyfriend...oh and get a life to?

YOUR ING NANA May 06 2013 10:10am FLAG
Mmmm make me so I'd suck you cl*t and finger you so hard you'd cum all over my 4 fingers within seconds then I'd suck your boobs and then we'd 69 and ill lick you dry honey I want you

Anonymous May 06 2013 1:59pm FLAG
I'd sedxt you but I'm from the uk female

I'M SO HORNY May 06 2013 2:00pm FLAG
I finger myself all the time <3 Yesssss!!! Im && a Female! ^____^

Anonymous!!! May 12 2013 1:55pm FLAG
Im Bi-Curious<3

Anonymous!!! May 12 2013 1:58pm FLAG
Your too young

me May 13 2013 12:49pm FLAG

me May 13 2013 1:48pm FLAG
I'm a dude ;]

Jake May 13 2013 1:48pm FLAG
kik me jayreclone if u are -girl

jay May 13 2013 8:08pm FLAG

Anonymous May 14 2013 12:04pm FLAG
I'm can any guy please make me cum, I wana ride someone , I'm bi and want someone to finger my c*nt hole and rub my cl*t!!

hotlegs May 15 2013 6:38am FLAG
Fuk me

Louise jacobs May 16 2013 10:06am FLAG

Girlie May 16 2013 4:29pm FLAG
id spit on your and rub you till you cum

Anonymous May 18 2013 11:03am FLAG
i want some in right now im and wNt some action in my hole (: come get me i play nice (;

Sky(: May 18 2013 7:06pm FLAG
fingers yhuu vilonetly

jazmine May 19 2013 11:30pm FLAG
I'm 18, and so , anyone 18 wanna chat? ;)

thatgirl May 20 2013 8:55pm FLAG
Popcorn is good

POOP May 21 2013 12:58pm FLAG
Send s girls ;)

Anonymous May 21 2013 10:34pm FLAG
Someone please make me wet as please babes?

Anonymous May 25 2013 10:43am FLAG
I'll make u wet

Me May 26 2013 7:29pm FLAG

{(blank)} May 27 2013 9:46am FLAG
We walk into the bedroom and I push you onto the bed and take your clothes off as I take your shirt off I suck on your huge tits and slowly move down too your vagina and Lick it as hard as I can then I lift you up and put my In. d*ck inside your vag and move up and down as you squirt out sweet cum and have an amazing orgasm . You will never forget this night.

licker May 27 2013 7:27pm FLAG
mmmm I really want to do someone or something right now. I would totally give people my email and stuff but... I don't know you so thats pretty creepy. UGHHH BUT I REALLY WANT TO HAVE AND ORGASM!!!! Btw I'm a girl with DD cups and I'm about to turn .

... May 29 2013 7:41pm FLAG
Anyway... I'm not a lesbian but I'll do a sex story. I walk in and see you lying down on the coach. I didn't even warn you before I came over and passionately French kiss you for a few minutes and you smile, giving me approval to move onto the next step. I remove your shirt and bra gently, and start to fondle with your breasts. Just from my soft touch got you to moan softly. After They got hard I moved onto taking off your skirt, not yet your underware. I could already see clear liquid gushing out of your beautiful (that had a condom in it) and it was the best feeling we ever had. After that I kissed you for a few minutes, and then we took a nice warm shower together. (Hope you liked! Again, I'm not a lesbian, I just love sex stories.)

... May 29 2013 8:26pm FLAG
AWWW S***!!! They blocked a bunch of good stuff! I need to write it again!!!!

... May 29 2013 8:29pm FLAG
Okay they censored a lot of words so after the word beautiful I'll keep going. I could already see clear liquid gushing out of your beautiful p****. I rubbed you down head to toe which made you quiver. I then thought you had enough suffering, and took your panties off. I quickly got condoms and put them on (you know so you don't get those annoying STD's! :D) I didn't wait for a response and just went for it which caught you by suprise. I thrusted as hard, and as fast as I could, and it made you scream out ' Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Oh god Yes! F*** me harder! Harder d****** harder! MMMM... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' You c*** so hard and I licked it all up, and kissed you so you could have a taste. After that we took a nice warm shower.

... May 29 2013 8:48pm FLAG
I hope you liked that guys. I had a lot of other good parts but they censored them. I'll try again! I slowly slid my fingers into your beautiful shaved p****, and wiggled them. I then added my tongue which made you flinch with joy. I played with your cl** with my tongue, and kept it going with my fingers. I was so amazed by how much your p**** could take in, it made me hornier. While I was doing this, I reached for your left br**** with my free hand, and squeezed it. I kept switching left to right from br**** to br****, a** cheek, to a** cheek. A a few minutes off this made you moan and groan so load, you c*** after that, and you wanted to return the favor, so you did.( Ok that's it! I hope your now!)

... May 29 2013 9:01pm FLAG
That was soposed to say ( Ok that's it! I hope your ho*** now! ;) ) Btw I'm not the same ... as the one in earlier comments, I just put that cause I ain't using my real name, or any name at all. Well, bye.

... May 29 2013 9:10pm FLAG
someone please make me !!!!!

annie May 31 2013 11:01am FLAG

annie May 31 2013 11:03am FLAG
Can anyone make me have an orgasm or something? Here's a description of me, I'm short, about to turn in july, I have DD cups ( I've got bigger bo.obs than my mom) and I guess that's it. Guys only plz cause I'm straight!

Tori May 31 2013 5:55pm FLAG
party/dance at my girlfriend's house... I walked in the door of my friend’s house and immediately smelled the scent of hundreds of grinding bodies and heard the deep bass of the music. As I entered farther into the house I pulled up my bra to cover more of my ample yet tight 36C breasts. I was wearing a very low cut tank, and a loose bra. My skirt barely skimmed the top of my thighs, and just hearing the moan of hundreds of gyrating ****agers caused my nipples to harden into erect points. My long blonde hair hung loose and wavy about my head. The lights in the house were dimmed, and I could just make out couples kissing and rubbing violently against one another. Suddenly a boy I hardly knew came up behind me and began pressing his body hard against me. I could feel the hard bulge of his c*ck rubbing against my ***, but I quickly escaped him... what I really craved was the touch of my girlfriend Jess. After about ten minutes, and many approaches by boys that I didn't want, I caught sight of her. Jess' light blonde hair danced around her as she rubbed her body against another girl who, I had to admit, sported a perfect set of huge (about 46DD) breasts held up in a big, white, and lacy bra and tank. Jess was about three inches taller than her, at five foot six inches, but when we were together we were face-to-face and breast-to-breast. I felt my nipples harden even more in bra as my gaze roved over her perfect, slim, and shapely body. She was dressed in a light and mostly transparent golden silk dress, and I could see her nipples protruding from the round bulges of her 40C size breasts. Her slightly curly black hair was halfway pulled back, and the rest fell around her face like a dark veil. As I came up behind her and slipped my hands around her waist I could feel a slight wetness and knew that her juices were leaking out of her delicious shaved than you can imagine." I giggled into her ear and said, "I feel the same way, baby." She swiftly extricated herself from the other busty chick's embrace and we moved into the thick of the press of hundreds of other bodies. It was perfectly normal for girls in my school to dance together, and after a quick look around to make sure that no-one was giving us any special attention I slowly slid my had up from her thigh and up under her dress. My other hand massaged her abs as it roved up her body to gently squeeze her breasts. My hand down by her crotch slipped into her panties and I felt her become even wetter as my upper hand stroked her throbbing boobs. I slowly caressed her shaved my thumb massaged her button, and I could hear her breath coming faster and more ragged. I increased the speed of my penetration, and I felt Jess suddenly arch against my body as an orgasm wracked her body. I kept going, and her body continued to convulse against mine as I ripped orgasm after orgasm from her delicious body. Finally I felt her relax against me and I removed my hand from her crotch and stroked her breasts with my hand that was covered in her sex juices. Jess sighed and turned in my arms until we were face to face and her rock hard nipples were brushing against my own through our clothes. She whispered in my ear, "Your turn baby…" She immediately dropped one hand down my skirt, and lightly pinched my already hardened nipple through my bra with her other hand, making it even harder. By now my tank had slipped enough that one of my breasts were almost totally revealed to everyone around us, covered only by my skimpy and half transparent bra. However, I didn't care at all as I moaned quietly in her ear and she ran her fingers through the thatch of golden hair that covered my . She pulled me closer and her lips found mine and before I knew it my tongue was intertwined with hers. Meanwhile I could feel my juices leaking out of my . Suddenly, as she began to reach her hand down inside my bra she slid her finger into my slit. She quickly rotated it around inside my with her hand I pressed my body up against her and let myself go as two orgasms right in a row wracked my body as I slid my nipples against Jess' body, and I heard myself groan in ecstasy as I came all over her hand.

word Jun 02 2013 1:08pm FLAG
omg the story above really made me horney. email me at! (anyone that wants to talk dirty, plz mostly guys, can email me.)

... Jun 08 2013 10:26pm FLAG
What are some of you ladies wearing

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 7:41pm FLAG
im a guy looking for girls email me at

Anonymous Jun 09 2013 7:53pm FLAG
Kik me @tessathomas69 bitches wanna make me cum!?! I am bi girl!

SexyBiBabe69 Jun 10 2013 10:10am FLAG
Someone me now I'm so I want to stick my tongue all the way up your vag mmm

sex Jun 10 2013 1:43pm FLAG
hey first time on page thought i could find other people

male Jun 11 2013 12:27am FLAG
im looking to get im a guy

sex Jun 11 2013 12:29am FLAG
it censored so im looking to get h*rny

sex Jun 11 2013 12:30am FLAG
Someone give me an orgasm

male Jun 11 2013 12:32am FLAG
Want to get SOOO

Female Jun 14 2013 3:13pm FLAG
Kik me @ eatmy9432 I'm a bi girl

Anonymous Jun 15 2013 9:47pm FLAG
you guys sound like your young and unexperienced virgins...

Anonymous Jun 17 2013 9:44am FLAG
^ right

Anonymous Jun 21 2013 9:10am FLAG
just picrure ariana grande or Victoria justice ass holes

***y Jun 28 2013 1:12pm FLAG
I'm bi, add me on bbm, we can talk ;) 24D3A10E

anomynous Jun 29 2013 10:07am FLAG
hi im and i need a boyfriend anyone wanna go out with me

nice person Jun 29 2013 12:57pm FLAG
ok ill go out with you babe my name is edward and im

edward Jun 29 2013 2:36pm FLAG
Someone get me so I can finger myself

Anonymous Jun 29 2013 8:47pm FLAG
Bored anyone wanna talk im a bi girl

big tits Jun 30 2013 2:25pm FLAG
You kids need to go to church and you other @tards need to learn how to spell

Anonymous Jun 30 2013 3:04pm FLAG
bi girl and super

Kitty Jun 30 2013 3:26pm FLAG

A Jul 02 2013 11:04am FLAG

A Jul 02 2013 11:05am FLAG
yo...wanna have a gud time chatting with a girl email at get stupid cuz im

DeDe Jul 03 2013 11:36am FLAG
Hey im and i need a boyfriend that us or . :) please no one older than that.

.3. Jul 06 2013 7:48pm FLAG
If u got a dog let him lick u out!!!!I've done it b4 and it got me soo I couldn't stop moaning and orgasim I'm ana girl

da-slut-who-wrote-dis Jul 13 2013 10:18am FLAG
im so hornii sumone eat me out

Jul 13 2013 12:02pm FLAG
I'm so . Make me do naughty things. ;)

;) Jul 15 2013 1:59am FLAG
I have this condition that frequently strikes ****agers, and it's called being . If you're interested send me and e-mail:

a cool guy Jul 16 2013 2:49pm FLAG
I have this condition that frequently strikes ****agers, and it's called being . If you're interested send me and e-mail:

a cool guy Jul 16 2013 2:50pm FLAG
Hey any boys age wanna go out with me I'm a yr old girl??

Babycakes Jul 18 2013 6:38am FLAG
Anybody want to ?? ;) yr old girl:)

Cate Jul 18 2013 11:32am FLAG
Hey I'm bi so email me @

bell Jul 21 2013 2:35pm FLAG

Hornybitch Jul 22 2013 9:27am FLAG
Make me horney guys

HornyBitch Jul 22 2013 9:27am FLAG
my is as hard as rock waiting for your

Hard man Jul 22 2013 4:24pm FLAG
go to church u idiots

Anonymous Jul 23 2013 9:29pm FLAG
Can someone make me ;)

Anonymous Jul 25 2013 8:05pm FLAG
Can someone make me horn*

Anonymous Jul 25 2013 8:06pm FLAG
Tiggle my cl*t with your toungw

Anonymous Jul 29 2013 4:13pm FLAG
I'd love to tingle your with my tounge.. I'd slide my fingers inside of you. Getting deeper and deeper then I would make you sit on my face and grind me

So horn.y Jul 30 2013 3:43am FLAG
add me on kik @ticklemyclit_x

anyone can add Jul 30 2013 4:11am FLAG
Im so bored a. Nd horni

Anonymous Jul 30 2013 2:53pm FLAG
I just wanna ride you horn y guys, bounce on your hard di ck moaning your name..

So Jul 31 2013 1:49am FLAG
My pu$$y wants attention. Make me h0rny

;) Aug 01 2013 11:17pm FLAG
Let me nibble your ears then mark you as mine slowly kissing down your body while my hands touch your upper and lower body slowly then accelerating penetrating your vagina and let you moan my name while we french kiss and message your breasts.

Sadly un Aug 04 2013 8:23am FLAG
Okay there were only two actual turn on stories, the rest was annoying " me" crap. This is what the point of this forum is: I walk in the room and your on the couch, with a pillow between your legs, acting normal but I know your ing you hard and fast and caress your breast while doing so. Finally we cum. My hot semen enters you and fills you while you cum and cry out in delight.

Thats how its done Aug 04 2013 9:36pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 04 2013 9:38pm FLAG
Then rewrite it. I wanna know what you do to me. ;)

;) Aug 05 2013 4:41am FLAG
Let me

Big d*ck Aug 05 2013 8:02pm FLAG
Mmmmm my pu$$y is throbbing. Someone please give me a reason to finger myself.

;) Aug 06 2013 4:14am FLAG
Here mineeee o0o: i walk into the bedroom, nake edd (lol) and c u lying on the bed. u look at me and i grin. I walk over and get ontop of u. u smirk.I slowy start unbottoning ur shirt and my d*ck hardens ust at that. i take ur shirt off and start on ur bra. i just merly slide it over your head. i massage ur br3sts then suk on them. I start taking ur pants off, revealing bright pink "Sexy B!t¢h" pantiez. u moan. i take them off and start kissing u and working my way down, lcking when i get to your stomach. I grab ur legs and open them up. I lik around ur p*****, teasing u. u moan loudly. i grab ur a$$ and u moan again. i stick my tounge in2 ur vag, my pleasure so much i can barley control myself.I take my finger and insert it inside u. u wrap ur legs aeound me and my c0¢k rubs against ur p---- teasingly. u moan. i find ur g spot and slowy start rubbing it. with my other free hand i star rubbng ur br3sts. hard as a rock. Its time, i say in my mind. i get up and say, "u ready?" "YESSS!" is ur reply."then lay down like a lady" i grin. I insert my in c0¢k in2 u (LOL). u moan with ecastcy (spelling error??? i think sooo xD)[use of word right? idk /).-] " Fast or slow" i manage to say. "Fast and hard, baby" u gasp out. I thrust so deep and fast u scream. ur walls squeezing my big d!ck i thrust into u so deep i start c umming. u let ur precious juices flow also. i grin, and stop. "Time to clean" i whisper. we get in2 69 position and i start 2 lck ur p****, u swirling ur tounge around my d!ck. i insert my tung in ur p^^^^^ and i hear a moan escaping around my d ck. i lik ur p..... clean and u still sck on my c0¢k. we pull apart after ur p----- is clean, and i say, "wow.. i nvr new u were that good." "Same here ,baby" u groan. we lie there regaining our breath abd strenght and i ask, "P()rn?"

Fuk me ;D Aug 06 2013 8:14pm FLAG
*and i meant not abd xD

Anonymous Aug 06 2013 8:19pm FLAG
*and i meant not abd xD

Fuk me ;D Aug 06 2013 8:20pm FLAG
oops i type that 2 timez....

Fuk me ;D Aug 06 2013 8:21pm FLAG
Damn my pu$$y is throbbing ^^^^^

;) Aug 07 2013 5:20am FLAG
lol! ↑

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 6:42pm FLAG
lol! ↑

Fuk me ;D Aug 07 2013 6:42pm FLAG
How old are you?

Anonymous Aug 07 2013 6:49pm FLAG

Fuk me ;D Aug 07 2013 7:13pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 09 2013 12:40pm FLAG
Horny as HELL someone meh

Uknouwantme Aug 12 2013 7:34pm FLAG
I get h0rny hella easy. LOL Ok shud i make another? ;)

Fuk me ;D Aug 13 2013 5:12pm FLAG
Yessssss. ^

;) Aug 13 2013 11:13pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 15 2013 10:24am FLAG
I NEED A d*ck INSIDE ME NOWWW!!!!!!!PLZZZZZ!!!!:P <=======8 Anyone want to give me their Skype?

Sexy female looking for a nice Aug 15 2013 8:24pm FLAG
My pu$$y is slippery and throbbing waiting for a d1ck/mouth/fingers. My cum is just sliding out of me needing someone to lick it up. I start to finger myself but stop when you walk in just wearing a g-string. You come up to me and cover my fanny with your mouth. You start to lick it and suck it until I can't take anymore. I start to come all over your face and I lick it all. You then pull out a double ended dildo and pull of your thong. We put the dildo in us and start humping. It feels so good going so deep in me. All that could be heard in the room were our moans getting louder and higher pitched. We then scream when we cum. We take out the dildo and switch sides and suck each others juices. You taste so good so I lean down to lick your . I suck on yout cl*t and finger you. You then shiver underneath me as you cum.

Sshhhh Aug 16 2013 3:50am FLAG
ok, ";)" here goes nothing.. :D

Fuk me ;D Aug 16 2013 4:19pm FLAG
(POV as boy named Josh) :D ;) I walk into Wal-mart and buy a donut package. I feel your shoulder slightly brushing against mine as we walk out of the store, your $exy hips swaying in time with the plastic bag. "Hey Josh," you murmur softly. "I-I'm sorry about last night... I had a panick attack-ish.. it overwhelmed me. "Its 'k" I respond with a grin. "It happens to all." You gasp. "Don't tell me you've had that many times!" she shrieks, excitment peircing her voice. "Keep it down," I growl. "And yeah... lets just say im a ladies man-" "Joshy!" yowls a voice. Then it says a heartbeat later,"Jess..!" I turn my head slowly, dreaing who it was, hoping who it wasn't. "K-Kayla?" I stammer. "Hey. I was wondering if I could stay at your place for a night.. Or two." She adds cheerily. "N-" "Sure ya can! Our extra room was just remodeled!" Jessica cuts in. "Great!" squeaks Kayla, clearly not hearing my objection. Kayla was my ex, although my new girlfriend knew Kayla quite well. She probably was my favorite, although I refused to belive that, considering Jessica was my current. I realzed that I had an iron grip on the bag, so I losen my hand and keep on walking towards our car rigidly. In my mind keeps flashing the night before with Jessica, and the night I had with Kayla. I can still remember her brsets reflecting the pale light of the dim, old fashion lamp in my room. I try not to compare, but trust me, its hard.'And the winner is...' I say in my head. 'Kayla!' I try to push the thought out of my mind, but confetti falls around inside my head. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* Ahhh.. I do rest later. _heaves a sigh and starts randomly lickur pushy_ lol "pushy" h=s <<<<

Fuk me ;D Aug 16 2013 4:50pm FLAG
Wowz it took me 30 minz 2 right dat ^

Anonymous Aug 16 2013 4:53pm FLAG
Nawt meant 2 b anonymous... meant 2 b V↓V↓V↓V↓V↓

Fuk me ;D %(™) Aug 16 2013 4:56pm FLAG
And im , male. 0U0 anybody wanna chat?

Fuk me ;D Aug 16 2013 5:02pm FLAG
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