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If i kill myself will i go to hell?

The Problem: want to kill myself tired of living

Asked by: homer3367 at 07:41:14 AM, Thursday, July 17, 2008 PDT FLAG


you need to get help.....go see a psychiatrist

Anonymous Jul 17 2008 3:18pm FLAG

don't kill yourself.

xoxo Jul 17 2008 6:08pm FLAG
Give advice: Advice:

Anonymous Jul 17 2008 6:47pm FLAG
You think by killing urself, u will get rid of every damn trouble or pain u hv in ur life. I also used to think the same. i always used to think that nobody loves me. i locked myself in my room,didnt eat anything for 2 days. but when i came out of my room i saw tears in many faces. you know u will never feel good by bringin tears in one's face for whatever reason but bringing even a little smile in ur dear ones face will make u smile thousand times. Just Try it. Ask "them" to hug you and do this till tears fall down ur cheeks,let it run. let them wipe it out. there hands will be having magical touch for u. if u dont have loved ones then go to some old lady or old man who also needs some love-whose chilren have driven them away or they are alone. They need you. Or just hug a tree and cry as much as u want to. Dear,try not to bring these kind of thoughts in ur mind.

I am Healer Jul 17 2008 8:20pm FLAG
And i dont think thr is any such kind of place. Maybe i am being too daring but all these are based on mythological stories. why are thr no pics of all these places...all these stories were solely made for thr(u know who) own advantages and good, to create fear n guilt in our mind regarding our past ,present n future. And now this fear n division hav become so deeply rooted in our heart tht it will take generations to take it out. Why people call thm "god-fearing", why not "god-loving"?

I am Healer Jul 17 2008 8:40pm FLAG
well duh u will go 2 hell

Anonymous Jul 17 2008 10:44pm FLAG
If you believe in all that religious shit then yeah you'll go to hell

Leahh Jul 18 2008 7:19am FLAG
i am healer, how did u go to the bathroom if u were in ur room for 2 days?

UdsfADKF Jul 18 2008 11:43am FLAG
You'll go to Hell because you just commited murder, and to yourself, so it's pretty stupid. If you think going to Hell is going to solve all your problems, you're an idiot.

deadstarlight Jul 18 2008 12:19pm FLAG
Stay alive. You can't get even with all the people who are giving you grief if you are dead. Read "The Count of Monte Cristo" for inspiration. Good luck.

Harley Jul 18 2008 4:24pm FLAG
Don't kill yourself, why not kill other people? At least you're going for a lifestyle change by running from the cops, and you also aren't going to hell right away!

Mach 3 Jul 19 2008 10:07am FLAG
yeahhhh. you areee... i wanted to kill myself a lot of times. from all this child abuse i take every day.. yeahh... its not a good idea. if you think your life is bad now, if you go to hell, its only going to get worse. more than you could ever imagine, and you cant wimp out of hell either. you have to stay there forever. literally, forever. no end, no chance to go back to living, or heaven. nope. so dont do it. NOT a good idea.

<3 Jul 20 2008 10:36am FLAG
I bet heaven's boring.

Mach 3 Jul 20 2008 4:15pm FLAG
UdsfADKF, cos my bedroom is attached to my bathroom.

I am Healer Jul 21 2008 12:00am FLAG
homer3367 i hope now u must have understd tht killing urself is not an answer. WHy dont u take up any personality test? That will help u understand urself better. Tht will help u in determining from which kind of personality u may clash, and the differences b/w ur and other ones personalities. Take Care and feel free to talk. we All love u.

I am Healer Jul 21 2008 12:11am FLAG
no dont plz try to do something good for people u can volunteer or do something good for others it will make u feel better about ur self

friend Jul 22 2008 4:19am FLAG
i think i'll try that too friend :)homer3367, i volunteer to kill you, that way you won't go to hell :D

Leahh Jul 26 2008 8:50am FLAG can u ? Hey homer dont listen to him/her? But r u really serious Leahh....

I am Healer Jul 26 2008 8:53pm FLAG
No, im not serious, and i am female

Leahh Jul 27 2008 10:25am FLAG
I can slit your wrists and throw you out a window. Then I can touch myself while I watch you squirm and bleed everywhere.

Leahh Jul 28 2008 10:44am FLAG
What the fuit

Leahh Lethal Jul 29 2008 6:50am FLAG
Sure you didn't.

Mach 3 Jul 29 2008 8:44pm FLAG
it depends!

Anonymous Aug 06 2008 2:25pm FLAG
Umm you shouldn't be thinkin about sucide!Howold are you?

miss.anonymous23 Aug 07 2008 5:19pm FLAG
dont kill yourself. theres so much to live for if you have the will to find it.

ap Jan 05 2009 6:07am FLAG
iv been reading this because i too have been thinking about killing my self. Now after reading all of this, i want to kill myself even more.i have cried more the last two days than i have in five years

Anonymous Feb 16 2009 10:12pm FLAG
Today is the day I pass from this life to the unknown where not the living know but the passing know. Forgive me oh lord have grace on those who love me and on my soul.

Anonymous Mar 03 2009 4:05pm FLAG
What if he/she does not have a will to find a reason for living?. I mean sure no one wants their loved ones suffering over one's suicide but is this enough reason not to do it? In my case I realized a long time ago that the only reason why I haven?t killed myself is because a) Things might be a lot worst after (like ending up in a y place that you can't escape) and b) Some people would suffer a lot or a little whatever. Not because I actually enjoy living.. cause I don' at all. But if you don't mind about those issues then by all means...

Me2 Mar 06 2009 6:04pm FLAG
I think you should kill yourself, I am feeling the same way as you. If you kill yourself, all the pain and suffering will go away.

Awesome Mar 30 2009 11:04pm FLAG
only people who really wanna make others feel bad says they wanna kill themself... a real suicidecase would call the suicidehotline or sumthing... not make others feel bad online... just do it... that way nobody will try and stop u... but thats kinda why u are writin stuff like this... get some attention... maybe get someone who will try and stop u when u actually do it... Life gets better... but not if u already given up... Peace...

J.E.J. Apr 08 2009 6:35am FLAG
only people who really wanna make others feel bad says they wanna kill themself... a real suicidecase would call the suicidehotline or sumthing... not make others feel bad online... just do it... that way nobody will try and stop u... but thats kinda why u are writin stuff like this... get some attention... maybe get someone who will try and stop u when u actually do it... Life gets better... but not if u already given up... Peace...

J.E.J. Apr 08 2009 6:36am FLAG
awsome... duplicates... i only send one...

J.E.J. Apr 08 2009 6:37am FLAG
Ffs idiots u cant just go kill urself thats so weak, Life isnt horrible its beautyfull its fantastic its the greatest thing in the world + i dont rly belive in god or that crap and i dont understand why people do? so u got 1 chance to make something great of ur time here so take it ffs

Aef May 07 2009 6:43am FLAG
killing any person is an emediate sentance to hell. I go to a christian school. so I learned all the religion stuff. even if u kill ur self, it's still a person of gods so yeah u would go to hell and please don't kill ur self.

disks Jun 08 2009 1:22am FLAG
go to church n pray from your heart! god loves u abd will help you! only faith cab set u free

someone in the same boat as you Jun 19 2009 2:30am FLAG
i dont know ya

griefed Jun 21 2009 9:21am FLAG
i need money......i guess

griefed Jun 21 2009 9:22am FLAG
june 2009 by the way

griefed Jun 21 2009 9:23am FLAG
DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can someoene answer this? If you go o Hell do you stay forever or just until you've learned your lesson.

Andy Jun 21 2009 7:08pm FLAG
stupid selfish drama queen. if you're gonna have to cry for attention on the internet you should go kill urself you weak little pansy. and when you're dead i hope ur still around to see you're loved ones suffer. that's hell.

a very bitter person Jun 28 2009 7:49pm FLAG
How sick are you Andy. God bless you don't kill yourself

chad g Aug 30 2009 6:53am FLAG
Dnt do it

John Nov 22 2009 7:57pm FLAG
andy: if you go to hell, you're there forever. and to anyone who is telling them to go kill themselves: SHAME ON YOU. this person is going through a lot of , and no suicide isn't the answer but it's not their fault if they're suicidal. i know what it's like to feel like i want to kill myself. it's an awful feeling, and you are making this person even more miserable. i hope you learn. and to the person asking the question: please don't kill yourself. i think about it quite often, but i know deep down that there is hope! it might not feel like it right now but i can promise you that things will get better. i'm not going to answer if you go to hell or not, because honestly i don't know. my assumption is that you probably would but again i have no idea. i can't judge that, only God can. i really hope you find yourself and build a strong relationship with the Lord, you'll feel much better. i'll be praying for you. visit read about their story. maybe it will move you :)

ThereIsHOPE Dec 09 2009 7:23pm FLAG
also, maybe you think no one cares about you, but i do. no, i don't know you at all. but i care about you. and so does Jesus. if you can''t find motivation to live, try to find it in Him.

ThereIsHOPE Dec 09 2009 7:25pm FLAG
I tried to kill my self once and they throw me in a mental home so they could watch me and so i dident try it again im a lot better now and i under stand why ps im

sophie Dec 17 2009 9:42am FLAG
i have no family as they disowned me for leaving my abusive home at , i often feel like killing myself but i can not reach the pint of doing it. I self harm to take those feelings away but when anger takes over me i do stupid things that i know if i continue will end my life, i am in constant stuggle to maintain a normal life and god knows its very hard. As i am writing this to you i find myself convincing you not to do what i am thinking, our lives our worth more than anything and to think that peoples lives are being taken away so unfairly and we can control if we keep ours or not shows that we are in control and we can do whatever we want so lets use this power constructively and do something that makes us content with our lives. all the pepole who have tried to put us down for all this time and rise above it and forget about them and pleasse ourselves. Be strong xx

north london sarah Dec 28 2009 8:18am FLAG
Also you stupid childish people who are writing encouraging things all i have to say is that you must have had such a nice life growing up if you can not understand the struggles that we go through and i hope you never have to endure these feelings because feeling alone and unloved (which is normally the case) is one of the worst things in the world. I hope that you find a concious in yourselfs and undrstanding that you can come back and appologise for what you have done, we are all human!

north london sarah Dec 28 2009 8:24am FLAG
i wrote this december 28th 2009 x

north london sarah Dec 28 2009 8:32am FLAG
Guys! You'll either go to Hell or Heaven. You'll go to Hell if you commit suicide.

Amy Jan 29 2010 12:54am FLAG
I came here thinking i was going to but after reading healers advice, im crying and feel bad. my boyfriend has broke up w/ me 5 times now and every time i cut my wrist and go anorexic and he gets back with me every time. about 30 mins ago he did it again. im done scaring myself over him. i really just wanted to O.D. but i dont want to go to hell. so i came here for answers but i just remembered that god thinks of all sins the same. he 4gives for everything but not believing. i love god. im not happy about the sins i do, but its life to me. idk. im sick of pain. if any1 needs some1 to talk to, im here. ***-968-96

Caroline-brokenhearted Feb 27 2010 5:31pm FLAG
i am dying and i need to commit suicide coz i gamble alot and i beted my soul and now im being hunted down

yh boi Mar 04 2010 12:08am FLAG
Don't ask people even more clueless than yourself, they'll just misguide you. No one KNOWS the answer to that question, as much as they pretend they do. You have just as much right to your death as you do to live, but remember that you only get one life and it can be a beautiful thing. I've also felt this way many times, but before you make such a permanent decision, give life a chance. Take road trips and explore every corner of the world, meet different people, try different foods. Experiment! The spice of life is variety, so if you find that you're not content with yours because it's become unbearable or monotonous, you've GOT find a way to make it right. I know people like to say "it's easier said than done", but don't kill yourself because you're afraid to make some changes or because you feel like you're stuck and have no options. You have the capability to move, progess, adapt.. Do the things that will make you happy, cause honestly, no one is stopping you and no one else will do it for you. the rest of the world, live for yourself. This world is too big and this life is too short to limit yourself. Most importantly don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it, but ultimately rely on yourself. Best of luck.

jewel Mar 11 2010 1:55pm FLAG
Kill yourself cause I am lonely a pretty girl with out friends or family why live?

kvl505 Mar 26 2010 9:59pm FLAG
Kill yourself cause I am lonely a pretty girl with out friends or family why live?

kvl505 Mar 26 2010 9:59pm FLAG
Most of us are just dealt an unfair hand. It's just the way it is. No money to support our families no matter how hard we work. If that's all there is for tomorrow there's no need to wast anymore time living. That's no life to hold on to. It's not a life at all.

unknown Apr 12 2010 9:32pm FLAG
you will *NOT GO TO HELL* if you are already saved. For it is by grace that we are saved and not our actions(Ephesians 2:8). For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).No sin is held above any other. In Gods eyes telling a lie is equal to any other sin including murder/suicide. As humans we sin and will continue to sin untill the end of time on earth that is why God sent Christ to die for us because he knew we would never be perfect. If you do kill yourself you will not go to hell. True killing yourself is a sine but as bad as it may sound it is eaqual to any other sin you commited in life and God will treat it as that.

True Jul 07 2010 12:04pm FLAG
Will I go to hell if I kill my self because i want to die right now

jady Aug 31 2010 9:56pm FLAG
I have felt like ending it whether it was because my life is crappy to me,or just plain tired or life,,,it is hard ,but i think we can make it one day at a time baby steps ,we need to look at other thigs in life like aids third world countries with no food water ,you got a computer some people can not even spell computer let alone own one,live your life for whTEVER IT IS WORTH .we all got issues ,it will be alright this is life man it is hard and not fair,but hold on,it's all we got,get involved with some activities go to church do something motivating baby steps yourself,,appreciate you,accept you,no matter what,listen to a corky touching song look around you are someboody that's why u r here,i am in pain too we all are in one way or your heart..

just a nobody Sep 21 2010 7:49am FLAG
I havent enjoyed one thing that has happened in the past year. i honestly believe that hell is what we experience on earth. because this is terrible. anything else would be better

YOU Sep 23 2010 7:51pm FLAG
killing your self is not a good thing and its really sad so its called murdrer,i care about everybody even the ones i dont know so life is beter then gong to hell

ahmed Nov 20 2010 12:33am FLAG
i feel the same way, alot of stuff going on right now and i feel like ending my life to get rid of all the pain, maybe thats going to happen, but i dont know yet, things can turn around pretty quick and i just want to wait and see if they do.

BakerBoy1 Nov 21 2010 8:51pm FLAG
Suicide is going as far as it get's,I have experienced Suicide in my Family,I have lost my Uncle my Brother inlaw and i tell you in HURTS ME day in and day out reason been I saw my Brother inlaws Mum cry in teas and you think that's the way to,U have people that care for you,Also you can seek help. Please dont do it Belive in God and crist and pray. P.S My word there is Hell!!!

Zac Nov 24 2010 2:22am FLAG
i think alot about kiling myself too. iv been depressed for 6 months now and been thinking about different suicide methods. my friends tell me i will burn in hell. so i dont know what is true. will you burn in hell? or will you be a lost soul

hopeless girl Jan 09 2011 7:53pm FLAG
Ask yourself, are you really in a bad position? Think of the people that have it worse. If nothing comes to mind, think again. God has a plan for you let yourself fulfill it

Common Sense Feb 06 2011 9:48pm FLAG
: too lng answer

Anonymous Feb 19 2011 1:25pm FLAG
I'm ready to kill my self. It's funny. I don't speek my mother laugher in this page. but it's my time to go. See You on the other side. Jussi

Anonymous Feb 19 2011 1:30pm FLAG
I feel this way right now. Hopeless. My Wife left me @ the end of January and my life feels meaningless. God help me, and these others..

Ryan Mar 19 2011 7:21am FLAG
no one above knows this answer only god can tell you this, but what i can tell you is that taking you life is the easy way out, you think you got it bad, maybe you do but dont let people, things get the best of you! you only can make your future right.

Anonymous Apr 06 2011 3:02pm FLAG
@deadshraight or how ever you say it what you said was nooooooooooooo help and you ate an evil person if he did kill himself his death is on your hands you jerk off!!

Me Apr 26 2011 3:17pm FLAG
there is a way to kill youself without going to hell, dats to save some1 and get urself killed at the same time,

DarkchildXII Jun 04 2011 3:22pm FLAG
Hell is not a forever thing,or a place, if you're going by the Bible, Hell is a time period. it is when God will send fire from Heaven to cleanse the Earth so He can make a new Earth, and all things that are not of Him, will be consumed in the flames that He will use to cleanse the Earth. It's not like you will be burning non stop forever, that's ridiculous. You will burn until you die, but it won't be a pleasant death, but also it will not be a death that is dragged out and longer than usual. Hell is a time period, not a place. Also, no one knows who will be saved and who will perish. Some people who we think will burn during Hell, will actually be saved.

db Sep 04 2011 1:26pm FLAG
none of yall know .

Joint Jamma Mar 02 2012 2:08pm FLAG
dont do it gods loves and the devil will just hurt you please dont it just stupid

shykeim Apr 25 2012 3:05pm FLAG
dont do it god bless

shykeim rahmel Apr 25 2012 3:09pm FLAG
dont do it god bless

shykeim rahmel Apr 25 2012 3:09pm FLAG
god loves everybody

rahmel williams Apr 25 2012 3:11pm FLAG

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-1' Jul 06 2012 2:53pm FLAG
KlJImH I truly appreciate this blog post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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