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how can i my elder sister

The Problem: i am 18 and my sis is 19 how can i seduce her

Asked by: vinas_saad at 08:49:41 PM, Thursday, August 21, 2008 PDT FLAG


At 19 she already had a few guys so no virgin problem. Flirt with her like any other girl and when you try for it be sure you can laugh it off if she refuses. Sibs with benefits can be great fun if both are willing.

Greg Aug 22 2008 9:53am FLAG

Okay, what is this obsession with wanting to fuck brothers and sisters, can't you find someone you like that is not related to you?

Leahh Aug 22 2008 12:56pm FLAG
It feel so good. Can have bro whenever I want. You should try.

Trang in Cali Aug 23 2008 10:09am FLAG

dfkjvnsdf Aug 23 2008 4:16pm FLAG
If she come home mad from date you comfort her and let hands wander. Keep going til it happens or she stops you. If she come home drunk, help her to her room and out of her clothes, then help yourself as soon as she asleep.

SisterLuvr Aug 23 2008 9:51pm FLAG
umm ur sick why da in dope

Nikki Aug 24 2008 4:08am FLAG
Cause there nothing better than feelin her nips against my chest and her legs locked behind me as she pushes back and begs me to shoot inside her.

Greg Aug 24 2008 7:56am FLAG
First time in my sis I cum so hard can't wait to do her more.

Jamal Aug 27 2008 11:38am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 29 2008 6:04pm FLAG
Make sure she's not on the pill and watch her periods. Then 10 days to 2 weeks after her period, sneak into her room while she is sleeping. Apply KY to your penis, then pull her panties to one side and slip it in. Keep going until you shoot a load inside her. It will change your life.

Anonymous Sep 01 2008 1:04pm FLAG
Shove it deep, make her scream , pump her pu$$y full of cream.

Anonymous Sep 05 2008 10:38am FLAG
y dont u just

Anonymous Oct 02 2008 5:05pm FLAG
My sis was "savin it" too. Got her off a couple times wit my tongue. Then she say "you can put it in me if you wanna" so I did. Now she in my bed every day. We both love it.

Jason Oct 03 2008 11:16am FLAG
my sis no virgin she sometime give me sloppy seconds after guy do her

shannon bro Oct 06 2008 10:28pm FLAG

vinnie Oct 07 2008 9:17am FLAG
just get her really drunk then take her to her room and do it

cool chick Oct 26 2008 7:15am FLAG
are u ppl serious???

Anonymous Nov 03 2008 5:50pm FLAG
Watch her while changing dress, then go to her n squeeze her boobs and drag her panty and enter ur pennis in her ,u will see she must accept it n u will get sex at home and after that u both may join ur mom into it for extreem adventure.i thin ur mother will agree.

zennie Nov 18 2008 7:27pm FLAG
brother sister sex, ooooooh i love it, hey man greg ure telling the truth that it feels gr8 to feel ur ***** body against ur own sisters body, i've felt it many times and trust me no other girl can give those pleasent feelings than ur own sister, keep it up man

sis boaner Mar 03 2009 3:26pm FLAG
Hey jus get a sex pill frm mdcal store and mix it wid any food item u want and 4 that day jus sleep wid her atlest hiv her 2 doses see the reaction, latr tat night jus try sum type of pressin in her boobs then slowly move forward wid it she is surely gonna like it...

Sam the man Mar 11 2009 7:18am FLAG
if there is ny sex pills for to heck my own sis she is not showing interest in sex.....

zubi Feb 03 2010 1:54am FLAG
you should shame on the sinful act

jony Aug 13 2010 8:29am FLAG
you should shame on the sinful act

jony Aug 13 2010 8:29am FLAG
Ur feeling is normal. When I was me and my elder sister did sex. it was my 1st too. i ran in to bathroom when she was there. she tried to put me out but i didnt. i took off my cloths and had a long bath with. 1st she was shy, then she didnt. thenafter we had baths every day. Now v do hadcores sometims. Use my methord

hey frnd Oct 01 2010 10:00am FLAG
Always look it very hard and say him funny joke same about sex she can excepted and look with him sex movie she will agree.

shah Nov 24 2010 4:41am FLAG
take her ***** pics n blackmail her that i will show these pics to mom or dad then she'll say that what do u want to do?simply say her that i want to change these pics in reality with u.she'll say ok ok ok do what ever u wnt 2.must try it dude

simba Nov 27 2010 1:32pm FLAG
show her ur d*ck twice a day for 3 days then u'll c the results buddy

komer Nov 27 2010 1:34pm FLAG
bahaan ko patakar hi chodo. rape mat karo. aakhir wo aapki bahan hai. koi randi nahi. lekin chodte samay use randi samajh kar hi chodna. chodte samay use kutti, gadhe ki aulad, haramki, chhinal, bara ki rand aise shabd prayog karo. ye bhale galiya hai,lekin chudate time bahanji ko ye bate achhi lagti hai.

karan Dec 15 2010 6:32am FLAG
my sister is 20 and i . my parent always no at home.i always go to my sister room. i talk to him and i him. she very like because she boring.

hamidi hard Dec 19 2010 7:09am FLAG
One day i was at home alone i watch sex movie alone, suddenly my relative sis came n know what im watching thei she like it slowly she came 2 me n suck my panis then she take of her pants n i her, frm that we r having sex all nite.

Emby Jan 06 2011 9:29am FLAG
If any girls wanna have sex with me.

John Jan 06 2011 9:31am FLAG
once my sister was sleeping i went too her room around 2:00 am at night i started feeling her den she woke up and we started having sex den i went bak to my bed den my mom went wok so i went bak to her room and start banging her and she woke up again den we started having sex eversince den iv been banging her everyday when our mum leaves to work

Me Jan 09 2011 9:52pm FLAG
so i think u shuld bang her till she wakes up den see wat happens who knows she might like it and hav sex wiv u evry day and i fink u shuld get a stiif b4 showing her cause girls like bog penis

Me Jan 09 2011 9:54pm FLAG
I want to a guy who have big penis, i wanna suck....... Oh i want it..

Mary Jan 13 2011 10:19am FLAG
Don't hesitate!!But it MUST not be forced.very often fix ur eyes on her,on her boobs.try to ask her ? about sex.u will have a clue if she wants or not to have a special relation wit u.Good luck man!these are the words of someone who experienced it!!

brother Feb 10 2011 12:55am FLAG
I didnt have any sisters n gfs. so, i cant give any advice

Sree May 18 2011 1:44pm FLAG
sleep without inwear of you night pant. wait till she wake up and you should act you are sleeping and close your eyes. Meanwhile allow your penis to full erection. when she wake up normally, she can see your penis with erection stage. defenetly she will get mood and will touch your penis and shake your penis. Try to utilize her to .

anger Dec 15 2011 10:23am FLAG
Nooo... It's wrong dude, she is ur sis... N go yoga 4 ur bd thoughts

Ajay Mar 16 2012 6:38am FLAG
Nooo... It's wrong dude, she is ur sis... N go yoga 4 ur bd thoughts

Ajay Mar 16 2012 6:38am FLAG
Tumhari ma ke phudi mari ...sik man

Jija Apr 09 2012 5:31pm FLAG
Tumhari ma ke phudi mari ...sik man

Jija Apr 09 2012 5:31pm FLAG
U trying night time she deep sleeped then u fuk this is good time. like me i fuk all time night my elder sister .devi fist time jerking she shatddy and bra in tha bath room.

akshy May 30 2012 4:52am FLAG
hi you guys i am sexy dude i have two elder sisters and you know what i ed her.

sexy dude Sep 14 2012 10:47am FLAG
First if your both on a couch scoot close to her and tell her you like her then rub her back and legs if she resists kiss her then her hardcore

Anonymous Oct 22 2012 7:01pm FLAG
I'm and my sis is how do I get with her

Anonymous Feb 18 2013 9:27pm FLAG

03036194238 Mar 06 2013 9:15pm FLAG
mai sister ko chodna chahta hon advise do 03036194238

all Mar 06 2013 9:17pm FLAG
I ve ed my sis too , it felt great.

Rezzx Mar 09 2013 4:38am FLAG
i also have a sister.

ksusqtslsdj Mar 20 2013 3:32am FLAG
Im 20 n my eldr sistr is 33 i jst wanna her i want her to take my c*ck till her last breath c is yrs oldr thn me i want her to give me kids of us n wanna marry her n her evry tym suggest me?

Rahul Mar 31 2013 10:26am FLAG
i m 18 and my sister was 25 one day we study togather but i was looking her boobs suddenly she look at me she come to me and sit in side then she kissed me then we make sex whole night after this incident we do it many time

hassan Apr 02 2013 10:35am FLAG
DONt ur Sister. Just, Fantacise abt her.........

Jackman Apr 22 2013 12:07am FLAG

Anonymous Apr 25 2013 6:02am FLAG
hi guys iwant to my sister very hard she had sex with many guys so please help to seduce her

rocky Apr 25 2013 6:03am FLAG
Don't do it.

Salin Apr 27 2013 1:02am FLAG
Tell her she got a big ass then fist it

BigDaddyCoolDiesel Apr 30 2013 6:43pm FLAG

Anonymous May 04 2013 7:30am FLAG
go find a girl that likes you not your sister

Jar Jun 19 2013 6:25am FLAG
i want to my sister

Anonymous Jul 03 2013 2:37am FLAG
I'm my sister is how do I her

Anonymous Jul 10 2013 12:58am FLAG
her real hard

u Sep 08 2013 3:55pm FLAG
u guys r en gross

james Sep 08 2013 3:56pm FLAG
im still n my sis is 22..she is my couzin.. she hav sexy body i always mastrb... seeing her tubelights n as well as ass also.. dis days im even goin to her huz to sleep at nights coz she is alone... plz jus give me a advice.. i cnt control my self seeing her.... plz how to start...

john Sep 09 2013 3:12am FLAG
Helo I am Lisa one day my younger brother and older one was seeing a sex movie I was sleeping quiet cool with my nity suddenly my younger bro came in room and squeeze my boobs and then he placed his c*ck between my legs I struggle to keep my legs tightly paked but he placed my legs away from each other and put his little c*ck 4 inches between my two legs his c*ck was small but I was saying him stop stop henry but he not listen and keep s me

lisa antoniyo Sep 15 2013 5:38am FLAG
When she was changing her dress or bathing go directly and hug hardly she will not accept do it continuesly kiss her lips. Press her boobs hardly if u do like this continueslz she will lose her energy..then u can have badly but use day if she accept then hard with out condom.its really nice

Anil Sep 30 2013 7:53pm FLAG
Who want to older sister we both let's rape my sister she has big boobs and ass but I have small penis can any one help me for rape

tunger Oct 26 2013 7:44pm FLAG
How can i my years sister?

Unknown man Dec 02 2013 11:30pm FLAG
are u serios?

great Dec 31 2013 11:54pm FLAG
I eric tamrakar once me harder nd faster.hard son.I m urs tonight.Now i have daily sex with both

Sexy sexer Jan 02 2014 1:37am FLAG
always masturbate infront her......always tell her u r looking hot.....

rasiyaa Jan 15 2014 7:25am FLAG
Why dont you get a real girl are you that desperate that is so Pathetic ed up ppl thats all i can say

MOM Apr 05 2014 5:10pm FLAG
one say I my sister so hard after that she always have sex with me...

Anonymous Apr 24 2014 2:11am FLAG
There is my friend name Ajay Her sister is so sexy i want to she pls tell me how

The Rock Apr 25 2014 12:19pm FLAG
U all motherer bloody hell sucker donkey idiots she is your sis man dont do with her do it with your gf........ Its great advice follow it and your life is changed.

Mother****** bloody **** May 31 2014 1:50am FLAG
ja man ed my sister many tyms

inno Jun 05 2014 9:44am FLAG
this is sinful ing ur own blood com on guys.

anele komanisi Oct 02 2014 2:19pm FLAG
Firstly u hve to sleep somday with her in one room nd on one bed. Then one day whn she was in deep sleep, put your hand on her she wll wake but prtendng as she sleep, when u got to know just rubbing it tightly. Then she hve to agree to do sex wid u.

Anonymous Sep 05 2015 3:32am FLAG
Sbhi girls k pas minimum 2 jodi panty nd bra hoti h. Jb wo nhane k bad apne utare hue kpde bahar ltka de tb uski panty ya bra utha k usme masterbate kro. Or esa krte time tmri behan tme dek rhi ho pr tm use na dekne ka naatak krte hue kch din esa kro. Wo apne ap tmse is ke lie bat kregi. Tb tm use apni feelings bta kr chod dalna sali randi ko.

R.A.W. Oct 20 2016 6:08am FLAG
Mri behn ko din m touch kru to esa lgta h isse bda koi charitrawaan ni h. Or sali ko sote time panty m hath dal du to randi sali jgne k bd b kch ni blti tb sali m itna excitemnt a jta h esa lgta h ksi heater ko on kr dia ho. Din m savitri rat m randi

Tisri adaalat Oct 21 2016 1:11am FLAG
Rat m mri didi ki panty m jb hth dlta hu or jb wo jg jti h to apna face mri trf kr lti h or fr itni garm ho jti h jse heater on kr dia ho. Rt m uske sth kch b kro kwal thdi c 'uh uh' ki hi awaz niklti h bs. Randi sali ese natk krti h jse so rhi ho or use pta hi na ho k uski panty ya bra m mne hth dl rkha h. Bhn ko phli br rt m hi choda ja skta h. Rt m wo bhn ni randi hti h.

Tisri adaalat Oct 21 2016 9:35pm FLAG
Didi ka natak tb pkda jta h jb mai uske sth sb kch kr lta hu tb wo khud apne kpde thik krti h. Or mje kas k pkd k so jti h. Subah uth k rat k bre m kch ni blti. Esi randi hti h sister. Unke sth rat m kch b kr skte ho.

Tisri adaalat Oct 21 2016 10:36pm FLAG
Ksi b ldki k sath sex kr lo pr jo bat bdi behan k kpde utarne m uski body ko tch krne m or randi bna kr chodne m h wo ksi dusri ldki k sth sex krne m nhi.

Tisri adaalat Oct 22 2016 1:06am FLAG
Bdi behan bhut bdi randi hti h use rat m chodo to chup chap chudwa lgi. Usse bdi randi koi ni hti. Islie sali ko randi smj kr hi chodo.

Tisri adalat Oct 22 2016 11:11am FLAG
Hey lisa it's not ur brother's fault who u then u have to cooperate wid him. My elder sister not wears any clothes in the ni8 becoz of me. U hve to cooperate wid ur bro.

Tisri adaalat Oct 22 2016 11:17am FLAG
Mne kbi ni socha tha k apni bhn ko choduga ya mri bhn itni bdi randi niklgi. Pr koshish kri or sali k andr ki randi ko jga dia. Uske kpde utarne m, uske badan ki garmi m, use chodne m jo mja h wo ksi or m nhi h

Tisri adaalat Oct 23 2016 5:38am FLAG
Rat m sali ki ko ragdo or tb tk ragdo jb tk wo apne land se pani na nikal de. Jse hi uske land se pani niklega wo khud hi tme kas k pkd legi. Use behan bilkul mt smjna use sirf randi smjna

Anonymous Nov 16 2016 9:15am FLAG
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