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I want to see my moms boobs

The Problem: How can i see my mom's boobs i dont want to have sex with her??? She is 48 with big D's. i was thinking shower, how would i do that, any other ways???

Asked by: rty23 at 07:38:33 AM, Wednesday, October 29, 2008 PDT FLAG


I also want the same

V Oct 29 2008 6:52pm FLAG

Look in the mirror and you'll see one of them.

Anonymous Oct 30 2008 8:08am FLAG
put a camera in the showerrr

Anonymous Oct 31 2008 6:17am FLAG
Why would you wont to see your moms boobs?

Anonymous Nov 04 2008 12:29pm FLAG
some of you people are absolutley crazy

Anonymous Nov 08 2008 3:08am FLAG
Your sister's are nicer. Perky, not saggy. And her is tighter.

Anonymous Nov 09 2008 4:47am FLAG
Giv mor n mor fluids n yoghurt to ur mom

Vikas Nov 09 2008 7:33pm FLAG

? Nov 10 2008 10:12am FLAG
If we werent supposed to look at boobs, G-d woulda put them between the legs like he did wit cows

Anonymous Nov 11 2008 4:23pm FLAG
I feel the same but with me i do want 2 have sex with my mom I am 23 my mom is 59 she has 40DD boobs a nice ass and the sexiest legs and feet in the world i have seen and touched my moms boobs and her ass i have even ate her i waited til she got very drunk and passed out then i took advantage of her. I dont know if your mom drinks if so wait til she gets pretty drunk and passes out then go do your thing(most women when they are passed out drunk will not wake up for atleast 5 hours so u should'nt worry about that) good luck

Jason Nov 12 2008 10:30am FLAG
So do I bro. My mom is super sexy. She has huge tits and a nice ass.

boo ya. Nov 28 2008 12:13pm FLAG
you people are so frickening gross You are such a ****

df Jan 02 2009 9:49pm FLAG
Do not do that. It is a sin.

Akash Feb 26 2009 10:27am FLAG
you mit be sexual but thats ok some people are like that but if i were you i wouldnt unless you ask her time i looked at my moms boobs and she has some big ones to but i tried not to look but i had to! everyone has these's moments dont worry just stay away from them (her boobs) and everything will be ok

pretty girl Mar 03 2009 10:15am FLAG
heres what you do you get your phone put in on video and put it in her room so when she gets changed you have her changing on tape so you can see her boobs you can do this anywhere put it in the shower but dont let her see it and when she is getting out you will see her all wet and ***** and if she is taking a bath and soaking do it in there because then you will get to see it for like 30 minutes and see her boobs floating in the water and if you dont have a video phone just say while she is taking a bath you need a towel and pretend to cover your eyes but peak open and see those monsters i have done it a thousand times and every time i see her boobs it turns me on and gets me hard especiaclly when she is in the shower and my mom is hot she is 5 feet 3 inches and has 36ddd she is a little chunky but she is still hot

i want to my moms boobs and suck them Apr 03 2009 7:51pm FLAG
make sure u need 2 piss bad knok the door loads and walk in holdin ur c*ck + make ur mum c.

HAHA. Aug 31 2009 8:58am FLAG
Come up behind her and (hug) her but hold her boobs if she removes ur hands just try again another day eventually she will let u

Unknown Jul 04 2010 9:41pm FLAG
i my mom every day..... hopefully u suck her boobs

Anonymous Jul 30 2010 7:27am FLAG
Ok...... so the only way u can do it is.... get a boner.... let ur mom see it... then tell her what u want. As the great leader of Japan once said, it will work.

Wilson Wilson Aug 06 2010 8:25am FLAG
Hah, We all have our momments, It's really normal. But yet, It is a sin, But you might not be religous. I'm not religous, Soo.. Yeah. x) I don't do these things anymore sence I have a girlfriend that has all my needs. I wouldn't screw your mother up though.

...Shady Kid... Aug 13 2010 7:30pm FLAG
wait till she is sleeping then ease her panties to the side and start by tounging her ashole she will roll right over and slide your c*ck inside her promise i had a rash once and she knew i got my d*ck hard and asked her to look at it when i pulled it out she grabbed it automatically wow

been there Sep 08 2010 12:27pm FLAG
I want to eat my moms and yes ive spied on it

aka Sep 08 2010 12:35pm FLAG
Well what I do is ask my mom while she's in the shower an oblivious question and then you see those big babies!!! But if you sound nervous she'll make you leave so STAY COOL!!! Peace out bra

Anonymous Nov 30 2010 8:04pm FLAG
My mom is come about a year now. I think im going to ask her. That I want to breastfeed off her she's size C and her ass is a size J. I want her ass so bad I want to cum inside it.

Tj5 Dec 27 2010 3:15pm FLAG
boobs r awsum,but you need 2 b careful

goast Jan 14 2011 7:04pm FLAG
don't do this....wait for u marriage than suck ur wife

wellwisher Jan 21 2011 10:56am FLAG
one day i was having a boner and my mom saw it and asked me to take it out and shes grabbed and sucked on it so hard and she took my clothes off and then i ed her hard

hellyeah Feb 05 2011 2:19pm FLAG
damn one day i was going into my mom bed room and getting something then she walked out without a shirt and bra and i started to get a boner and she asked me to se it and as soon i took it out shes grabbed it and sucked on it like a pro tghen we had sex all night long

motherer Feb 05 2011 2:23pm FLAG
damn one day i was going into my mom bed room and getting something then she walked out without a shirt and bra and i started to get a boner and she asked me to se it and as soon i took it out shes grabbed it and sucked on it like a pro tghen we had sex all night long

motherer Feb 05 2011 2:23pm FLAG
u r such a ****

Khan Feb 22 2011 10:49pm FLAG
rape her then murder her u bastard

john morrison Feb 22 2011 10:51pm FLAG
i like mother her & watch her ass rammed by strangers in front of me. I will shoot it & share it

drub Mar 19 2011 10:35am FLAG
Wait on her to get changed in her room then walk in on her it worked for me

Guy May 15 2011 11:41am FLAG
Go on wash room with your mom and show her your cum and empress her and press her boobs

thorat May 19 2011 9:10am FLAG
U must say to ur mom mom can i sleep wit u tonite and while she is sleeping hold her boobs slowly...

Big d*ck May 21 2011 10:18pm FLAG
Ask her if you can touch them and that your curious

Bigc*cker May 23 2011 2:40pm FLAG
Apne mom ka chuchi muh me leke sara doodho pee jao. nipple me daant kat lo

Anonymous May 31 2011 7:31pm FLAG
Aur apni mummy ki chuchi mujhe bhi chusne do

Anonymous May 31 2011 7:32pm FLAG
squeez your moms boobs hard

tyler Jun 27 2011 11:09am FLAG
How to you see your moms boobs without her nodicing? Thanks

? Jul 10 2011 8:06pm FLAG
When my mom was really drunk i went beside her to see he she was awake and i moved her and she didnt move so i slowly took her bra off and her shirt

Me Jul 18 2011 10:14pm FLAG
When my mom was really drunk i went beside her to see he she was awake and i moved her and she didnt move so i slowly took her bra off and her shirt and i touched her big boobs and sucked it

Me Jul 18 2011 10:15pm FLAG
One day i seen my mom past out in my bed room when she was drunk and i layed beside her and pulled her shirt up and took it off with her bra to and touched her big boobs and sucked them so hard and cumed in her face but she didnt know what i did

Richard Jul 18 2011 10:21pm FLAG
yall r nasrty i mean its onething to look and jerk off to ur moms boobs by just lookking at them but wanting to have sex is another thats just ed up i mean i have been trying to LOOK at my moms tits for a day or too

wanttoseerealtittes Jul 19 2011 10:28pm FLAG
i mean

Anonymous Jul 19 2011 10:29pm FLAG

Anonymous Jul 19 2011 10:29pm FLAG
I want to touch my mums boobs but she is a light sleeper and we don't have sleeping pills in our house Please give me advice please

The unknown guy Aug 01 2011 3:35pm FLAG
My problem is:My mom is the lightest sleeper.I once tried to check her boobs at night time but she quickly woke up.She have cute round boobs i want them in my hands.

Anonymous Aug 21 2011 1:30pm FLAG
My problem is:My mom is the lightest sleeper.I once tried to check her boobs at night time but she quickly woke up.She have cute round boobs i want them in my hands.

Anonymous Aug 21 2011 1:30pm FLAG
You guys are dont have any work in ur house so ur talking here...grow up like normal people

Angel Sep 08 2011 10:40am FLAG
One day my mother in law laying on the bed , i wana suck her big boobs, i go clz to her and showing i m not feeling well , need some special care , i put my head n her legs and request her to press my fore head , showing i m nt well , after some time i move my head to her cheast slowy and wait for her response, she grap me and say , what happen my son to much pain ??? i replay yes mama and grap her too , then put my one hand on her breast , wait 4 a mint the press it slowly slowly , i relazied that she feel that , but nothing say any thing , then rubed my head on her breast , she say waht happen son , i was quit , then started press her boobs harder and harder , she say what u r trying to do ???? i just say mama i love uu then i started suck her big boobs and pressing as well , she still quit i put of her clothes , she is wearing black bra , i put it off too then suck her nipple hardly :) woowww what a moment , now every satrday she is waiting for me to come and suck her boobs

SAmiiiiiiii Nov 27 2011 6:52am FLAG
I said to my mum "are my nipples supposed to feel good when I touch them?" and she said "yes babes they go pointy and feel good" so I said "yeah look!" took my top off, lifted my bra up and rubbed my nipples so they went pointy and I said "does this happen to you?" and she said "let's look shall we?" and she took her bra off and I got to see her big boobies then she said "it feels even better when daddy licks my boobies" so I said I'd lick them haha

Anonymous Nov 27 2011 9:25am FLAG
My mom is really hot even though she has a size 36 b i still want them i have seen them twice but never touched them i want them so bad and i want to them so bad and i dont have sleeping pills any adive would be nice

I want my moms boobs so bad Dec 11 2011 8:29pm FLAG
how can i touch my moms boobs without her notice ..please give some advice...

Anonymous Jan 04 2012 8:31pm FLAG
im and i look at my mom ***** all the time i have never seen her but i have seen her tits and tonight im going to give her sleeping pills and sleep in the bed with her and grab her monstous boobs and since she sleeps with no bra on im going to lift her shirt up and maby cum on them

little c*ck Jan 07 2012 1:03pm FLAG

0000009 Jan 14 2012 2:32am FLAG
yall are a bunch of ing idoits and shoud get a life you sick pervs just go find some boy/or/girl friends sickos

sickened Jan 18 2012 10:26pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 18 2012 10:27pm FLAG
ing sickos

Anonymous Jan 18 2012 10:28pm FLAG
use ur camera&brain to hide it so simple is this!!!

Bk Feb 18 2012 1:43am FLAG
I tried telling her i was curious but she just wanted to talk i want to suck them and squeez them so bad!!!!

John Ferter Feb 26 2012 6:36pm FLAG
My mom is soooi hot and i want to suck and touch her boobs so badly

Stupis Feb 26 2012 6:37pm FLAG
How do I get my mum to show me her boobs? Should I , ?accidentally?, let her see i have a boner? (Like in my pants n pjama type trousers.

hungrywill Feb 27 2012 12:59pm FLAG
i have seen my mother ***** several times when she takes bath. she has beautiful breasts and i love her ass. i also have seen her whle shaving her .

raju Mar 04 2012 12:16pm FLAG
If you have a hamper wait till ur dad isn't home put the camera hidden in all the clothes and then take all the towels and put them in a high place above the camera and enjoy your moms big huge breast

Thatguy Mar 28 2012 3:54am FLAG
suck my d*ck ask her

don g Apr 21 2012 8:18am FLAG
my mom is not a light sleeper and when i always try to see her boobs she always wakes up and i hide so what can i do to see her boobs? any advice

boob lover Apr 23 2012 5:23am FLAG
just go 4 it and hope she will let you go all the the way

Anonymous May 04 2012 1:57pm FLAG
just go 4 it and hope she will let you go all the the way

want my moms so bad May 04 2012 1:58pm FLAG
just go 4 it and hope she will let you go all the the way

want my moms so bad May 04 2012 1:58pm FLAG
my moms 40,but she luks totally young,with nice sized boobs and a big ass.yesterday,she wore a salwae kameez wich ws slitly small 4 part of her sexy cleavage wll b shown.everytime she bent down,she exposed her hot cleavage,but i didnt seer boob yet.then wen she slept dat night,i cudnt resist myself,and put my mouth on her breast on her dress,kissed,bit and licked them,and she woke uop..but i hid.then,she slept and i had a huge glimpse of her cleavage but not full breast yet.

Raven May 08 2012 6:43am FLAG
ask her i you can see them, if she doesnt just go look at er in the shower.

someone May 16 2012 2:33pm FLAG
how cn i see her in shower,she locks the door

raven May 18 2012 12:45pm FLAG
sleep with her and try to sleep closer and feel them.

kk May 26 2012 12:21pm FLAG
Go up to your mom and drop a coin down her top the reach down and feel her boobs. I tried it and I sucked on my moms boobs for ages, until her nipples went so pointy you could feel them through bra + top

Azza 77 May 27 2012 12:22pm FLAG
I love boobs!!!!

Boobs May 29 2012 4:42pm FLAG
I love boobs!!!!

Boobs May 29 2012 4:42pm FLAG
see her in bathroom

peeter Jun 06 2012 7:00am FLAG
I really wanna ask to see my mums boobs what should I say ??

Jonny Jun 10 2012 6:27am FLAG
"are my nipples supposed to feel good when I touch them?" and she said "yes babes they go pointy and feel good" so I said "

Motherf+ Jun 10 2012 8:23pm FLAG
"are my nipples supposed to feel good when I touch them?" and she said "yes babes they go pointy and feel good" so I said "

Motherf***** Jun 10 2012 8:23pm FLAG
My mom is 39, 36dd, she is 5"7 and she is a little over weight but her ti*ts and pu*s*y are amazing. My mom is a fairly heavy sleeper. I always rubbed her big tits but never went any further. But one night I came home early and I seen my mom with a big dildo. I immediately got hard. I made alot of noise to make her know I was home so she quit masturbating. I then went to my room and started jking off. She walked in and I kept going she went to leave I grabbed her and started rubbing her through her pants

Yomotherfer Jun 24 2012 10:46pm FLAG
teri amma ku choudon chinal ke kya sooc ra woh namard

miya bhai Jun 26 2012 8:05am FLAG
Jesus is your Savior, you have to be born again

Jofrey Jun 29 2012 9:23pm FLAG
I saw my mom sucking our next door neighbor's c*ck. I told her I would not tell dad if she sucked mine. Now I cum in my mom's mouth about 3 times a week. I especially like it when she wears red lipstick.

timmy Jul 06 2012 11:14am FLAG
Mom's secretly want to have sex with their kids. If you get her alone and get her drunk, go for it.

dl Jul 06 2012 11:16am FLAG
we were watching a movie where a lady was tied up and raped. my mother asked if i wanted to tie her up. i was surprised so i didn't answer her. now i think i want to. should i ask her if she still wants to be tied up?

Anonymous Jul 06 2012 11:21am FLAG
I want to eat my mom jerk cus she never had anal and I want to be her Her assssssssss is like size JJJJJ. I want to full her up with my cumcastic

TJ5 Jul 09 2012 5:46pm FLAG
i wanna mke out with my mom and then have her suck my c*ck and touch het 38f boobs, theen lick her ing her and jizzing in her mouth,

a mother fcker Jul 10 2012 7:19pm FLAG
dont be ing perverts all of you get a life get a girlfriend stop trying to touch your moms tits wait till your get a girlfriend and do it to her not your mom you sick bastards

a guy with a brain Jul 12 2012 9:20pm FLAG
I'm a potatoe

Big booty Judy Jul 15 2012 5:05am FLAG
I'm a potatoe

Big booty Judy Jul 15 2012 5:05am FLAG
Get of this sight you perverted d*ckheads P.S Lifeless bastards

Anonymous Jul 15 2012 5:55pm FLAG
Dudes try it will make your wishes come true no joke

anonymous Jul 21 2012 4:43pm FLAG
Hey six**** year old mother fcker I went on and I wished I could fck my mom and my wish came true I got to fck my mom

the man with the plan Jul 28 2012 6:08am FLAG
Hey Jason go to and type in you wish to fck your mom I did and I got to fck my mom

mr. swagger Jul 28 2012 6:11am FLAG
Hey tj5 go to and type in you want to fck your mom I did and i got to fck my mom

mr swagger Jul 28 2012 6:13am FLAG
Hey tj5 go to and type in you want to fck your mom I did and i got to fck my mom

mr swagger Jul 28 2012 6:13am FLAG
Hey tj5 got to and type in you want to fck your mom I did and I got to fck my mom

mr swagger Jul 28 2012 6:15am FLAG
Hey tj5 got to and type in you want to fck your mom I did and I got to fck my mom

mr swagger Jul 28 2012 6:15am FLAG
Hey tj5 got to and type in you want to fck your mom I did and I got to fck my mom

mr swagger Jul 28 2012 6:15am FLAG
Hey tj5 got to and type in you want to fck your mom I did and I got to fck my mom

mr swagger Jul 28 2012 6:15am FLAG
Hey tj5 got to and type in you want to fck your mom I did and I got to fck my mom

mr swagger Jul 28 2012 6:15am FLAG
Once my mom was drunk ilied her on the sopha before she sleeps get her top and unlatched without her feeling the iremoved her her skirt and her panties ate her sucked her boobs they where so full and huge with milk cuz she was breastfeeding everyday i breastfeed without food

Tits Jul 30 2012 12:59pm FLAG
Put a camera in her room and see her boobs

Boob lover Aug 05 2012 10:00pm FLAG
Let her see u have a boner and she will have sex with u

Boob lover Aug 05 2012 10:02pm FLAG
I ate my dads pootyhole out once! Male 29

Assgrab23 Aug 09 2012 10:03pm FLAG
i love mom's beautiful boobs when she is in pavadai..whenever she finishes her bath she comes in pavadai that too wet due to that pavadai clings to body & i can see her body shape .her ass is huge & round but very soft .it makes me crazy wen i touch her ass with my penis from behind while she is working in kitchen without her knowing...!

swamy. Aug 15 2012 4:06am FLAG
Hey i need help... My mom is 43 yo widow n have big boobs she many time offer me to sleep with her but everytime my answer is no. But a week my moms forced me to sleep with and then i sleep with her at that night my mom put my hand on he belly then on her thies and i felt asleep she next put my hand on huge boobs for atleast 10 minutes n then she open the buttons of her shirt n put my hand on her ***** boobs. Next day when i again sleep with her i pressed her boobs so hardly she dont tell anything.. Now i again want it.Is anybody here who'll help me how it get her boobs for suck..?

bOoBs LoVeR Aug 16 2012 12:03pm FLAG
If you have a sister that is and older then you got your boobs and there

Anonymous Sep 19 2012 5:26pm FLAG
my mom boobs are 90d they are huge and she was a big

d9ick Sep 21 2012 1:44pm FLAG

diclk Sep 21 2012 1:45pm FLAG
tell her how you feel and hope she feels the same

your funny father Sep 28 2012 5:52pm FLAG
could someone help me my mom is 39old she is around 38dd she doesent has sex nither with my father her boobs are very huge i want to suck them . someone help me.

mom boobs Oct 07 2012 3:28pm FLAG
Shortly after my dad walked out on my mom, my sister and me, my mom got drunk and seduced me in my bed. I tried to make her stop, but I was getting hard, too. When she got completely ***** I couldn't hold her back anymore, and she rode me. We both climaxed, and for me it is the strangest orgasm I've ever felt. Five years later I'm still in therapy about this incident. I also attract and am attracted to very promiscuous women. Several women I've dated were interested in either seeing me have sex with my mother or participating in a three-way. At least now I know this world is stranger than I think I am.

Chris Oct 11 2012 11:15am FLAG
when she bends down look down her top, but make sure she gaot no bra on

steven Nov 02 2012 11:57am FLAG
You all are sick.

YouPerverts Nov 11 2012 12:47am FLAG
buy a spy cam and put in the shower before she goes in

SE Dec 18 2012 11:30pm FLAG
Sneak in to the bathroom while she's showering. Grab her tits than her in the butthole. ( . Y . )

Someone who has gotten their mom pregnant Dec 29 2012 1:06pm FLAG
i am n my mom hz rly nice bubs but they werr nt vry big so 1 nihgt whn her wz sleapping i cut hr bubs oepn w my dads razer n i pit jely n hr bubs 2 maek m bgr n now thy r 42G!!!!!!! she s so thnkful she lt me toch thm evry day n my dad lkes thm 2 he cums on them!!!!!!

tylerpo Dec 31 2012 12:17pm FLAG
I sleep with my mom when dads not around I would touch her boob and move her hand to my penis

Reggie Jan 09 2013 8:57pm FLAG
Do it continuosly

Ajmal Jan 20 2013 4:48am FLAG
i am indian and want to suck my mom...... She was divorced....age 55... Please help me...

momboy Jan 29 2013 10:17am FLAG
i am indian and want to suck my mom...... She was divorced....age 55...she is very religious thought...... I ask to suck boob..... She refuse & don't talk to me......... Please help me...

Anonymous Feb 03 2013 8:14am FLAG
Get a boner and let her see it through your pjs that will turn her on. Ask her what boobs feel like. When she answers you say u dont believe her. Then she will let u feel hers.

Anonymous Feb 05 2013 10:49am FLAG
my mom has big boobs and sexy

anonymous Feb 23 2013 6:50am FLAG
HEY guys this is my mom!waht are ur comments onher?this is her pic frm rediff and myspace.shes just 30 and im . she has super sized sexy boobs,and she always alows me 2 press/lick them,and also her big hot ass, but ive never had sex wid her.. wat do u say guys?wat wud u guys do wid her?(many of my classmates fantasize of her and masterbate)!(Her name is oviya)SHe is a actress who has acted in a couple of small films, and has already done a coupple of sexscenes wid other actors.she often tells me not to reveal this 2others, but searh in google, and u cn find her!

Raven Feb 25 2013 10:59am FLAG

Me Feb 28 2013 9:28pm FLAG
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WWETensportsVibinthomas Mar 14 2013 8:09am FLAG
I want suck mom breast. She is divorced at 25 age. Age 55. Very religious indian mom. I ask to suck breast. She refuse & dont talk to me...... Now days she normaly talking 2 me....but dont allow touch her boob.. How seduce my mom?????

iii Mar 15 2013 11:05am FLAG
When I was younger, I went into my moms room she had a top on that I could see her nipples poking through, I was so hard in my pjs

Story not finished Mar 28 2013 6:24pm FLAG
She could see I was so hard, she stared at me

Story not finished Mar 28 2013 6:26pm FLAG
I was and at the time

Story not finished Mar 28 2013 6:28pm FLAG
Go up and ask her if i can see your boobs

Anonymous Mar 28 2013 10:49pm FLAG
Go up and ask her if i can see your boobs

Poodle lover3 Mar 28 2013 10:52pm FLAG
You guys have nooooo life. :p

Your mom:p Apr 04 2013 9:09pm FLAG
i used to spy on my mom in the shower through a crack beside the door, my d*ck would be raging hard and i would be pumping fast, my mom has these huge natural boobs, she is a very stacked woman very curvy figure, the most beautiful woman i have ever laid eyes on, i used to watch her big boobs sway and drip water as she stepped out of the shower, she had the most perfect round areolas, i would cum so fast watching her

moon coon May 05 2013 10:44pm FLAG
Well my mom is 36 d and has brautiful tits and ass .i have caught her in the shower and i spiied sometime. One day my mom was sleeping without a shirt and i took a picture and jerked off . I am lucky because my mom is like a medium sleeper , : these are the things i have done while she was sleeping : i felt her huge ass cheeks and ran my finger through her crack , i have felt her soft tits through a shirt , i touched her through the panties . The farthest u have gone is while she was sleeping place the tip of my c*ck on her lips

Annoymous May 14 2013 2:23am FLAG
when my mom does the dishes her big huge boobs rest on the sink and her cleavage basically shows all the way, but im afraid she might yell at me. (any advice?)

Me... May 23 2013 7:53pm FLAG

Me... May 23 2013 7:55pm FLAG
Boob Size - 46DDD

Me... May 23 2013 7:57pm FLAG
my mom shows mad cleavage.

THIS DIICK! Jun 04 2013 8:18am FLAG
I want to suck my maternal aunts boobs. she is 30 year old Nd having two kids.I have seen her breastfeeding

raci Jun 08 2013 10:25am FLAG
my mom gets undressed infront of the couch, infront of me, so i take my d*ck out, go up to her and shove it in her nice wet

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CCC Jun 18 2013 10:10am FLAG
You poo poo!

Travis Carlson Cincanadi, Ohio dad Eric Carlson mom Patrisha Car Jun 18 2013 10:12am FLAG
my mom makes me so hard, i want to touch her boobs but i hold back... :(

©®7 Jun 18 2013 6:14pm FLAG
I Def agree that exposing you hard d*ck over and over, eases mom into it. I haven't gone far, but exposing my Hardon, got my d*ck grabbed by mom, and me full on groping my moms huuuge tits from behind. And she was def awake and knew about it LOL we crossed the line there. And both loved it. Keep trying, alotta moms like it.

Anonymous Jun 30 2013 2:43am FLAG
When u get that "hold back" feeling....DON'T hold back lol the magic starts when it happens and both let it be hehe

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