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Mom caught masterbating

The Problem: My mom caught me masterbating and she ran out of the room crying, so i ran after her and she stop and she said didnt u no i was home and i said yea that is y i was doing this. She has nis perky 40D's and a tight ass. She said we need to talk and sat down on the couch and i sat beside her. I stilled had a raging boner. she starts talking to me but stops and say I'm sorry but you need to get rid of that I said i sorry put your boobs bounce when you talk and i stare at them. so he says fini. so i start jacking off right there. she says cant you go in the other room i said to i'm to comfrotable. she stay there and trys to look away (mostly because i said it would only take a minute) after 10mins she said why is this taking so long and i said i dont no. I said let me feel you up it will make it go faster. she said no but i convinced her to let me. so i stood up and she was sitting down and i was spueezing her big tits and she says this doesnt mean you can cum on me. after abou to minutes i demanded her to take off he shirt and bra to help the process. she did after some conving i start to moan. she said ryan dont do it i said i'm not going to the 30 seconds later i exploed all over her tits and she starts crying and as she stands up some gets on her and my d*ck hit he head. How can i talke to her

Asked by: tyr5623 at 10:42:45 AM, Thursday, December 04, 2008 PST FLAG


tell her u wanna fuk, n if u got a sexy sis, have her join in 2, it will b great, me n my sis r close, but i dont wanna fuk her till shez or

T Dec 05 2008 2:35pm FLAG

you have issues and that ur mom u came out of her uteris. Nasty!!!!!

death_easy Dec 05 2008 9:00pm FLAG
i ithnk dats not true

Anonymous Dec 12 2008 1:32pm FLAG
I think you are melesing your mom moms dont do dat thats really sad that you treat your mom that way I know you dont think of it that way but from the out side thats how it is

babe doll Dec 13 2008 8:50am FLAG
Are you that ugly to have sex with your mom? I mean, she has to accept you. Desperate...i bet your d*cks only 3 inches.

Anonymous Dec 15 2008 9:23pm FLAG
maybe u should just try to sit her dwn for a nice little talk and tell her ur srry and then if she doesnt believe u that ur srry then instead of masterbatin in front of her maybe she would want u to finger her , i dont know if this will work but if it does tell me how it goes

idk if it will work Dec 24 2008 5:39am FLAG

Anonymous Jan 03 2009 6:34am FLAG
perv!! Ur mum obviously felt very uncomfortable and didnt want u to do it.....Shame on you!! Go tel her it was all a horrid mistake and ur very sorry.

? Jan 04 2009 11:33am FLAG
Highly doubt that happened

lies Jan 10 2009 6:37pm FLAG
you're so ed up

ap Feb 02 2009 5:53am FLAG
ryt dude ur lien der cuz ur mum wudnt av ran out cryin if she seen u masterbating ok so get a life and get ur stories ryt

Anonymous Feb 12 2009 3:25pm FLAG
ryt dude ur lien der cuz ur mum wudnt av ran out cryin if she seen u masterbating ok so get a life and get ur stories ryt

Anonymous Feb 12 2009 3:27pm FLAG
ok so that sounds like a total lie but since i dont know for sure if it is or not all i have to say is "YOU AND YOUR MOM NEED HELP AND YOUR A NASTY ASS PERV"....

shortcake02 Apr 02 2009 11:49am FLAG
dude, no mom would let their child convince them to take off their shirt to help masturbate. she would be horrified at that and it would have ended there [if the begining was even the tinyist bit true] BTW: ur a ED UP PERVERT THAT NEEDS TO GET A SOCIAL LIFE AND THERAPY!!!!!

kingsley Aug 02 2009 5:16pm FLAG
lick my nice big tits not ur mums

kayla Oct 16 2010 12:53am FLAG
if my son did that to me i would snap his d*ck off

debby Nov 13 2010 7:00pm FLAG
can i do that to your mom

Anonymous Dec 26 2010 1:41pm FLAG

big bad Wolf Jan 01 2011 3:39pm FLAG

big bad Wolf Jan 01 2011 3:39pm FLAG
mujhe mail karo ya phir contact karo 9762659997 kyu ki me bhi maa ki chut ka dewana hu.

harish Dec 20 2011 9:57am FLAG
Dude I think u should tell her that u want her but I think she will snap your d*ck off and don't squeeze her tits that is for your dad to do and get him to join in to.

This was by YOUR ING MOM Feb 20 2012 4:16pm FLAG
Sick ass perv ur mom was so uncomfortable and u sick ass didn't think how it would. Make her feel just for ur pleaser its called. LOTION dumb ass I masterbate and and never would do that that's called get a girl nasty sick man u are or should I say pervert

Anonymous May 11 2012 12:36am FLAG
i ed my mom once in the shower it was really sexy i bent her over the sink

Anonymous Jun 08 2012 10:55am FLAG

bob Jun 04 2014 9:55pm FLAG
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