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how big should my d*ck be

The Problem: im and my d*ck is only 3in its emberising how big should it be HELP

Asked by: justthejew at 02:04:58 PM, Sunday, March 22, 2009 PDT FLAG


Average is 5 to 6 inches once you are through puberty. Yours will probably grow to that in the next year or so.

Dr d*ck Izinya Mar 23 2009 2:42pm FLAG

I am an idiot and my penis is...please grow up :/

korn1 Mar 24 2009 12:11pm FLAG

Kari Rose Mar 24 2009 1:05pm FLAG
its all right if you have hair around your d*ck called pubic hairs then it shouldn't be that small and if there is no pubic hairs down there then your the perfect size

Anonymous Mar 26 2009 4:03pm FLAG
Right now you need to be ing younger girls cuz their vaginas are smaller. As your d*ck grows you can go to older girls with bigger vaginas.

Ralph Mar 29 2009 6:25am FLAG
WOW 3INCHES!?!?!!? hahahhaahahhahahaahahaha oh man enjoy being a virgin 4eva f@g

mkme Apr 06 2009 8:31pm FLAG
lol be happy if you get raped by NlGGERS in ass, that is the closest thing to sex you will ever have

Anonymous Apr 07 2009 10:57am FLAG
Well is it only 3 hardon... some guy just have smaller d*cks.

... Apr 19 2009 7:00pm FLAG
Mine is 6 foot five inchs and i'm 7 years old. I pwn all your mothers...

Spike Apr 22 2009 5:27pm FLAG
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Loserrrr xD uhmmm...get a pump. You need it.

Anonymous Apr 24 2009 7:29pm FLAG
ur d*ck is fine and that is kind of gross cause im a girl ha ha sucks 4 u!

Anonymous Apr 27 2009 1:25pm FLAG
by the age of it should be 8 inchs

anomis Apr 28 2009 5:44am FLAG
ere 8 ^^^ it shud b at least 10 or

jim Apr 28 2009 5:50am FLAG
ur only gonna get sum if it is like 7 inches or bigger so i sugest a pump or a prude girlfriend.

sux May 02 2009 10:13pm FLAG
It doesn't matter at how big it is, as long as the girl your with loves you for you then she won't care about the size

Anonymous Jun 16 2009 8:29pm FLAG
mine has been growning a foot per every year i have been alive and im 38 =}

38 ft dong Jun 20 2009 2:20pm FLAG
just wait it will gwt bigger im and i just got a 5 2.3 it is bigger that your pump d*ck lol

lol Oct 22 2009 2:50pm FLAG

Anonymous Oct 22 2009 2:50pm FLAG
Put those d*cks to good use and put em in me. (;

Legs are spread and Wet in between Nov 10 2009 1:56pm FLAG
J am 18 old and my d*ck is 4" what the problem if I can please my GF dont warry as long as you can wank

Horny boy Nov 17 2010 5:10pm FLAG
im only and im 6 1/2

Girls Love Meh C*ck Feb 06 2011 9:29pm FLAG
i am nd my d*ck is 5* inch long. .is this size perfect 4 me!

kovantry Apr 29 2011 10:39pm FLAG
All you got small c*cks my bfs is 10.5 and he is ..I love you David

Ashton Oct 21 2011 11:50pm FLAG
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