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i get so when i see my dog

The Problem: when evr i get home i look at my dog and he jumps up and licks my balls. i get soooo i take off my pants and take him up the ass with my long black south african penis(7inches). my dogs ass bleeds each time but i think he enjoys it. IS THIS NORMAL?????????????

Asked by: dragonballwee at 02:20:59 PM, Sunday, May 17, 2009 PDT FLAG


r u fukin kiddin me?! deffff not normall..

beyotchhh May 18 2009 3:03pm FLAG

are you in serious dude .... insane ... this is deffinetly not normal ... i think you need a fricken psychiatrist or something

duntheone May 18 2009 6:19pm FLAG
Hell not it's not normal wht the hell are yu thinking you really need to see a doctor.

mvl May 18 2009 6:36pm FLAG
u r so stupid dude that's so nasty u di*k face punk

Anonymous May 18 2009 7:50pm FLAG
Ok I thought I was sick, but this is just wrong! Even I don't go this far! And I'm having sex with my sister and my brother, which is great by the way :-)

Anonymous May 19 2009 5:46am FLAG
I got a big black lab feel so good when he put his c*ck in me doggie style

Lis May 19 2009 3:03pm FLAG
is any1 in people are mad!!!!!!!!!

love doctor May 19 2009 3:15pm FLAG
you people r in messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chica loca May 19 2009 3:28pm FLAG
Don't knock it till you try it buddy, sibling sex is great and hell if they're willing to do it with their older brother, doesn't her anyone! You know what, im pretty as I'm sucking my brothers 4in beautiful d*ck! Damn I'm excited!

Anonymous May 19 2009 9:18pm FLAG
ahah wow ... 4 inches *cough* ahah lmao

duntheone May 19 2009 11:52pm FLAG

Anonymous May 20 2009 3:12pm FLAG
Yea I agree that's not much but hey, he's only give him a chance haha I have a 7in d*ck though, does that help? Haha no seriously sibling sex is great, I am as hell right now because my brother is sucking me on my computer chair as I type, so ill go for it! Now its my turn little brother....

Anonymous May 20 2009 4:02pm FLAG
go rrot some more dogs you messed pu mother fukers u guys r fuked in the head u fuken faggots by the way i root for $10 a blow job

fudhkg May 21 2009 7:22pm FLAG
u freaking sick! gahh u faggat!

Anonymous May 24 2009 10:04am FLAG
Damn anonymous! You turn me on! I wish I could fuk my siblings!

nasty boy May 26 2009 1:53pm FLAG
you guys are going to hell.

saint Dymphna May 26 2009 9:38pm FLAG
umm well it comes down to this...if you don't want the aspca to come and take your pooch away then you should stop!, what your doing is called beastiality, the fact that you question it is a good thing because that means that your at the point where morals are still trying to kick in and tel you to stop, Please for the sake of your dog stop, igf you love him please stop because we werent meant to go in there and you are hurting him, your rupturing the muscles inside of your dog that allow him to crap and that means that eventually he won't be able to go anymore and could die from the backup, dogs are verry loyal and will stay with you even if you abuse them, he wants to please you even if its at his expense but you should be responsible and take his wellbeing into account.

Tatsu May 27 2009 1:55pm FLAG
Leave the poor dog alone. Go your sister.

Anonymous May 27 2009 8:21pm FLAG
that is so nasty Anonymous!

me Jun 01 2009 1:29pm FLAG
I wanna shove my doggie dik up your sister. Hear her moan while I make puppies in her!

Fido Jun 02 2009 4:10am FLAG
poor dog!

Panoulis Jun 02 2009 1:29pm FLAG
uhhhh all Im gonna say is that it's animal abuse and u have a big problem. dude, if u get it! come on at least masturbate!

ummm Jun 08 2009 12:31am FLAG
wat the IS UR PROBLEM you dog sucking bitch

Anonymous Jun 12 2009 7:53am FLAG
anonymous you are crazy and that is sad. and the perason who want to and have nothiong better to do

sunflower1 Jun 12 2009 7:53am FLAG
U know dont worry my dog does the same thing you just put something cold on your african penis before you ram it up your dogs ass it will stop the bleeding. happy sex partner

doggiestyle Jun 19 2009 3:58am FLAG

ilovemax2105 Jun 23 2009 10:12pm FLAG
ur in sick dude!!

%uckin sexy Jul 02 2009 10:14pm FLAG
u african bitch ur dog ppl like u make me wonna punch u n yo face that's real nasty

Anonymous Jul 06 2009 10:35pm FLAG

io Jul 15 2009 7:50am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 17 2009 12:44pm FLAG
wtfh lmao omg

ahhaha Jul 20 2009 9:19pm FLAG
Poor doggy ):

ilovemax2105 Jul 20 2009 10:26pm FLAG
did it ever occur to you people that this could be a troll just looking for a reaction out of u guys

.....gullible pricks Jul 27 2009 1:40am FLAG
o hell i do dat all the time! :) it feels so good and amazing wen the dog whines in pleasure

hot guy Aug 07 2009 1:55am FLAG
what the is wrong wih yo thats disgusting that your dog. you can play catch with him fetch not have talk to someone ,but thats nasty

love guru/sexi-sam Oct 04 2009 5:50pm FLAG
sooooo you cant get a girlll! wow!

lovely :) Oct 09 2009 6:12pm FLAG
thats just wrong my dog goes for moral guys its just to weird.

SEXY Jun 19 2011 4:22pm FLAG
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