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how do i get my cousins

The Problem: me and my cousins have been ing for one year does anybody think this is wrong and does anybody have any new sex moves i can try

Asked by: cousinlover at 08:10:12 AM, Saturday, May 30, 2009 PDT FLAG


do a strip tease for them.

Anonymous May 31 2009 6:54pm FLAG


lulux Jul 22 2009 1:25pm FLAG
if you two truely like eachother then there is no problem with it because your not as related as your mum, dad, ect. make sure he/she reallly likes you first and you should really tell the rest of your family, they will be werid about it for a while but then they will get over it :) Hope it works out for you xx

Princess xox Aug 31 2009 1:51pm FLAG
I want to have sex with my cousin and I don't no how to ask her and I'm , can someone help me? By the way if ur sittin near her with no one around scratch ur d**k and let her notice, she will then get .

matt Jan 02 2010 7:16am FLAG
??? Just get her and drive it home!

Drew Nov 03 2010 7:52am FLAG
Invite her to your house for the night and make her sleep on the ground and when she is asleep rub ur d*ck on her face until she wakes up and it will make her

Johnny Jan 01 2011 9:40pm FLAG
Jst susadge her slowly nd dnt rush

Dav Jan 14 2011 2:49pm FLAG
While shes asl3p jst suck her

Swinkash Jan 14 2011 4:40pm FLAG
I want to bang my 23 year old hot tity juicy cousin .i am 18 . Dude touch your cousins & thigh play fully this will make him horney for u

Jamz Jun 02 2011 10:34pm FLAG
Dude innocently & playfully touch her lips & say something is on & then rub her lips . Touch her tits & his brains out

Crammmetl Jun 02 2011 10:42pm FLAG
Read flowers in the attic first rape then beg for forgiveness make sure to cry lot.

susan Feb 04 2012 8:38pm FLAG
what do i do to make my cousin but donno what to do.

holyman May 05 2012 9:37am FLAG
hi have the same case. with experience sleep next to her and put ur hand in her shirt squeze her boob she Will get

sysan May 17 2012 12:51am FLAG
Bend her ovet

Anonymous Jun 06 2012 4:19pm FLAG

somone Jul 13 2012 10:52am FLAG
Im thir****. My cousins twelve. Rockin body. How do i get her?

Ananomous Jul 26 2012 8:31pm FLAG
snd every1 out somewhere and infront of your cousin strip!! it will make her

Anonymous Jul 26 2012 8:45pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 02 2012 5:40am FLAG
Tell her you really like her and thenjust pull down her panties and finger her shes not gooing to want to but her wet out of the there bitches

a bitch Aug 17 2012 12:34am FLAG
just ask him to have sex with you..

pein Oct 17 2012 8:16pm FLAG

DENILSON DA SILVA Oct 22 2012 5:10pm FLAG
give you guys and advice this works i´m a 100% sure! look while you cousin is asleep go to her bed and start touching her there´s no way she resisted those things!

DENILSON DA SILVA Oct 22 2012 5:21pm FLAG

DENILSON DA SILVA Oct 22 2012 5:39pm FLAG
I'm I have been her real hard

MKG Nov 18 2012 6:45am FLAG

ass face Dec 23 2012 10:27pm FLAG
im , so I realy want to HER!?!?

ass face Dec 23 2012 10:29pm FLAG
what happen when i go sleep beside her and touch her breast and frick out alittle about me of what i did what do o do now.besides that im and hers is .

ryu Dec 30 2012 6:20am FLAG
when my cousin was on the coumputer i started tuching her belly and then i just fingered her and she liked it she wanted to have sex but we wernt in a asafe place but now she doesent want to

annonamus Jan 07 2013 2:17pm FLAG
Ask ur cousin to just have sex take it step by step

Anonymous Mar 02 2013 12:34pm FLAG
Ask ur cousin to just have sex take it step by step

waseem Mar 02 2013 12:34pm FLAG
And touch her or him trust me they will be in knw time !!!

waseem Mar 02 2013 12:35pm FLAG
I'm want to have sex with 10f year old cousin how without being weird

Anonymous Mar 20 2013 1:46pm FLAG
rub her Mar 29 2013 3:54pm FLAG
im 91 years old i want to have sex with a yaer old girl

rodney Mar 29 2013 3:56pm FLAG
Need help when iwas n my female cousin was 8 igot her I front of me n tells me to smell her. Hand do u think I should rape her or ask

dat kid Apr 28 2013 5:08am FLAG
I cum on my cousin face when she sleeps I finger her n record her tits email me @ im

May 01 2013 1:20am FLAG

YOU FREAKY PEOPLE Jun 05 2013 9:26am FLAG
I want my cousin too. Can anyone tell me like step by step how? Like step 1 then step 2 and so on?

Sk8tr Jun 16 2013 12:11pm FLAG
call me up

young Jun 25 2013 8:14pm FLAG
Mycousin and i have had sex before but i cannot seem to make it happen again any advice we almost did it last night she is extremely hot and i want to be inside her again

forever young Jul 05 2013 2:08pm FLAG
I am and my female cousin has an awesome ass and i wany to have sex with her and she

Anonymous Jul 12 2013 1:56pm FLAG
What could i do to ask her

Anonymous Jul 12 2013 1:56pm FLAG
I'm a girl n i kissed my cousin he's n he want 2 have sex wit me so here's my advice it works rub him or her n da right spot or kiss :D

POOH3HARD Jul 18 2013 11:51pm FLAG
I a'm yrs old, my cuz is , and she looks so freaking hot, i've slept near her and have felt her body, kiss her lips, rubbed my d*ck on her big ass, but i wanna do this with her while she's awake, advice anyone?

Dan Aug 01 2013 11:35am FLAG
Can somebody help me i want to my stepsister so bad but my sisters are in the way they sleep right now

help Aug 12 2013 12:51am FLAG
Tell her you think of her more than a stepsister and that you want to have sex with her if she freaks out then say it was a joke so to reduce awkwardness. If she doesn't get the first time then keep saying it to put the idea in her head and ecerytime she rejects you, say it was a joke but mix it up at times since it will seem everytime is a joke. Lay on top of her and say that or while having some physical contact or when your face is close to hers. Keep doing it till she opens her legs ;)

Man of Mystery Aug 12 2013 8:34pm FLAG
how can i make something that will make my cousin so weird that she will do anything i say

?_anonymous_? Aug 17 2013 7:54pm FLAG
Somebody that's actually done it with there fam member can give real advice ?

Mister Aug 31 2013 7:06am FLAG
let me explain my sichuation. im on a bunkbed, i wait till 2:00am at night at cousins, then i get down, go to her room shes also on bunkbed. how do i get up there withought noise... also how do i take of the shirt and bra without her waking up? lastly, the house is dead asleep but all doors open and light is on in the corridor. any syggestions how to get through to those boobs withought her family seeing at this midnight position?

Anonymous Sep 02 2013 8:20pm FLAG
also, the blanket is also a problem to take off, and there are people some 2 little kids always sleeeping under her top bunk

Anonymous Sep 02 2013 8:23pm FLAG
jerks. Why would you one of those your family members? Especially the and wants to do something with her cousin. Alam ko Pinoy ka, tangina ka.

Anonymous Sep 07 2013 1:32am FLAG
dnt do anythn just leave her alone

marcel smith Oct 06 2013 7:26pm FLAG
go watch *** and let her watch the *** and ask her if she likes it and ask her again if you want to do what you watched

Youjizz Tips and Tricks Oct 22 2013 11:23pm FLAG
Just be open minded... I attempted to have sex with my two cousins when I was in highschool, everynight I go in their bed and touch both of their boobs finger them both and kiss them, even My body commands me to do it but my brain stop me.. at first I really want to have sex with them but I realize that there are so many girls there waiting to get busted by my ****, so all I can do is to watch them and do my daily routine when they are taking a bath, and they allowed me to that until now, PS: Its almost 2 years of peeping them and I like it ^^ just be matured enough dude.. ^^ now I enjoy having SEX with my girlfriend which is more beutiful and sexier than my cousins

EngineeringStudent Oct 24 2013 12:42am FLAG
She is at my house I'm she's twelve how do I get her without making it awkward

Anonymous Nov 15 2013 8:20pm FLAG
Just show your d*ck to her if you are alone

skater for life Dec 18 2013 2:09am FLAG
I wanted to my freaking hot cousin sister she's and I'm How do I get her to have sexs with me. Any good advices without her rejecting her to say no and the awkwardness.

Killing zombiesCX Dec 28 2013 10:06pm FLAG
Anybody. She so hot as . She got my attention. Any advice.....

Killing zombiesCX Dec 28 2013 10:10pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 22 2014 8:02pm FLAG
i wanna have sex with my cousin ..shes six**** and im nine**** ,,,i cant just resist how hot she is..and im sure shes still virgin.. i wanna be the first

ers Mar 12 2014 6:48am FLAG
i need an advice,,

ers Mar 12 2014 6:50am FLAG
When you go 2 him/her.. Play truth dare and command and when thay chOose truth...would you kiss me or something else if you know what I mean.. And yeahHhh

Anonymous Apr 03 2014 5:42am FLAG
i want to have sex with her ideas??

Anonymous May 04 2014 10:45am FLAG
I am a male and i have a realy hot couzin who i want to play with and have sex with but i am realy shy when it comes on to those things.... Kik me at : joeseph

U____*** May 11 2014 2:49pm FLAG
Just to tell you.remember the CONDOMS

Anonymous Jun 06 2014 1:20pm FLAG
Im m and my sister is 19 and i want to touch her and her wht should i doo ? Help

3 Sep 28 2014 12:23am FLAG
I want to my cousin but how ?? Please give me advices

oloap Oct 27 2014 6:58am FLAG
I want to my cousin but how???

oloap Oct 27 2014 6:59am FLAG
JusS finD a cHancE wiTh heR be homE aLonE anD sTart lookinG uR di** shE wiLL seE uR LooKings then asK waT aR u LooKing aT then asK heR ...."Wanna TakE a LooK" ....#if shE Likes uU iT wuLd be awKwarD if shE is noT inTeresTed..

BeneDicT pRincE. Dec 01 2014 10:54pm FLAG
when my cousin comes over i would reach for her boob hen shake it around if that works to make her first u have to control her mind!!!

olaf Dec 27 2014 11:52pm FLAG
I am...years old an i wnt to hv sex wth my cousin and i am agirl hes a boy

;:'*pretty girl May 31 2015 1:34pm FLAG
just sneak into the shower while she is in it and eat her and then she wants to 100 percent works and I did it and I'm

Blake Fields Jun 03 2015 12:13pm FLAG
I'm and my cousin is I spend a lot of time with her and I really want to have sex with her but I always get to scared to make a move any advice

Anonymous Apr 10 2016 2:14am FLAG
I'm and my cousin is I spend a lot of time with her and I really want to have sex with her but I always get to scared to make a move any advice

Me Apr 10 2016 2:15am FLAG
What's sex??

What's sex Jul 09 2016 4:53pm FLAG
To blake feilds the only true change to have sex with your cousin is being its from childhood then you can easily have sex with her in any age

Anonymous Oct 04 2016 3:53am FLAG
I need help to she touches me and iam just scared to ask

d*ck face Oct 28 2016 4:50pm FLAG
Help please

d*ck face Oct 28 2016 4:51pm FLAG
I need help to she touches me and i rubed my d*ck infront of her it did not work

d*ck face Oct 28 2016 5:00pm FLAG
Give advice: