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Anybody have Sister sex

The Problem: Anybody have sex with own sister?Pls say the experience

Asked by: Xxxstudent at 08:18:34 PM, Monday, July 27, 2009 PDT FLAG


We had fooled around for a couple months. I got her to let my dry hump her with no panties. She was rubbin my c*ck up n down her slit lettin the tip poke in a little. Then she cums and lets go of my c*ck and it goes right in. She made me get condoms before she would do it again.

Justin Jul 28 2009 9:53am FLAG

I do my bro almost every day it feel so good when he in me.

Trang in Cali Jul 28 2009 9:54am FLAG
Mom works nights. Sis n I sleep together most nights and have sex a lot.

Allan Jul 28 2009 11:47am FLAG
yall so sick wtf if rong wit u

scot Jul 28 2009 1:12pm FLAG
I'm a -year-old boy. My sister is . She's extremely hot and turns me on. On vacation a few weeks ago, we had to share a bed. Anyway, I ended up sticking my finger in her vagina. She seemed to love it. I then mounted her and we had sex. Now, we try to ignore each other during the day so parents won't thing anything is going on but at night we have to have sex. She has just started having her period and it makes me want to make love to her even more.

hot4sis Jul 28 2009 1:33pm FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

A KOOL GIRL Jul 28 2009 2:52pm FLAG
Is your sister obey to sex with you?

Xxxstudent Jul 28 2009 7:53pm FLAG
You are all WRONG to have sex with ur sister! You all should be ashamed of urselfs and get checkef for ing mental cases!!! Sick ass bitches

Anonymous Jul 29 2009 3:38am FLAG
If I'm not supposed to have sex with my sister how come her vagina is the perfect size for my penis?

Anonymous Jul 29 2009 5:33am FLAG
My sister says was curious and kinda scared the first few time we had sex. Then she started gettin off with me in her and now she loves sex with me.

Derek Jul 29 2009 7:21am FLAG
are any of you mental jesus

lol Jul 29 2009 10:03am FLAG
Oh god, you're all gunna burn in hell. This is all wrong.

Anonymous Jul 30 2009 4:50pm FLAG
how can u do dat with ur sister or brother on day something is goin to go wrong

homegirl Jul 30 2009 5:42pm FLAG
I have always been close with my sister so it just seemed natural to start having sex. We both enjoy it and always use protection so why not?

happy Jul 31 2009 10:08am FLAG
i want to but i cant shes im i tried to tell her

shelby10 Aug 01 2009 5:35pm FLAG
nope cant say that i have but if u could plz answer my question it is titled WHY IS IT??

yhofjkvcjb Aug 02 2009 3:06am FLAG
Me n younger bro take turns ing our sis just like the energizer bunny she just keeps cumming and cumming.

glh407 Aug 02 2009 9:04am FLAG
For an older sister you gotta do something like ask her to tell you how to make a girl feel good then pretend not to understand and ask her to show you how to do it. One of my buds got his sis to put out that way.

Sammy Aug 02 2009 12:15pm FLAG
yepp me and my sis do , and iv ed my aunt too, aunt at and started with sis when i was and she was Aug 12 2009 2:15pm FLAG
Forget your sisters and do your friends MOTHERS and sexy AUNTS!!! They know what sex is really about and they would feel very honored to have younger men peruse them in that way! But with most of them you will need to approach that with much caution, and move it along slowly to start with! Once you made the connections with them invite them into groups sexual parties!!! In other words orgies!!!!!!!!!!

d*ck Goodies Aug 14 2009 1:03pm FLAG
are you mad ???

rahul23 Aug 21 2009 4:15am FLAG
Yea, I got my brother to have s e x with me last saturday .. It was simply amazing.. Well it started out like this. I recently bought my pink dildo and started watching a p0rno on the computer and I got on the bed and started softly dildoing myself. I had my door unlocked by mistake and I was moaning pretty loud without realizing. After a few minutes I saw him standing at the door with his jaw opened and I quickly pulled the blanket over me in shock. Me still being completly turned on and I actually asked him to do it for me and shocking enough he did dildo me.. I closed my eyes enjoying it so much and when I opened them again it wasn't the dildo anymore it was his c*ck

Anonymous Aug 27 2009 1:42am FLAG
So my brother just moved back in like a month ago when my dad died so he could take care of the house. He's 26. Me and him never really were close with each other cuz i'm so he had moved out when I was just 9. Well last weekend I was in my room in the basement and I got kinda lonely. I was laying on my bed in my pantie n bra playing with myself. I was rubbing my cl*t through my panties. My brother came down to do his laundry and he saw me laying there playing with myself. I was SO embarrassed! I quickly stopped and sat up thinking he was going to pretend it never happened. But instead he sat on my bed and told me I was doing it wrong. He said that he'd teach me how to do it right. He said first I had to get completely ***** because the undies would get in the way and once I got excited the bra would make me hot. So I took it off and he watched me. Then he said I had to rub in circles so I did but he said I was doing it wrong. So he moved and sat me in his lap. He reached around my front and started playing with me and he was SO good at it. He had me moaning in no time. His other hand was playing with my boob and he said that it helps to get me more aroused so my orgasm would feel better. Boy was he right! I orgasmed for the first time. He was surprised when he tried putting a finger in me and I was so tight.

brothersgirl Aug 30 2009 9:32am FLAG
So he said he needed to teach me how to finger myself. He made my climb off of his lap and he laid me out on my back and was sitting next to me. I never really fingered myself because it didn?t turn me on when I did it to myself. But when he was fingering me I got all wet and hot and I started moaning. It felt really good and I started shaking and I couldn?t stop moaning. He started licking my cl*t too and I lost control. He had to use his other hand to hold my legs open. I had to beg him to stop and he said he wouldn?t till I screamed his name. I was too scared too cuz I thought mom would wake up but I couldn?t handle it anymore and I screamed his name out. He said I was too hot to be a virgin so he pushed me back and climbed ontop of me. At first I said no because he was so big and it hurt but he told me it would feel better soon and kept going. He was right. It felt so good with him pounding into me. He kept going really hard and wouldn?t stop but it felt sooooo good. I kept moaning and my legs were shaking and he kept playing with my boobs cuz they were bouncing all over from how hard he was going. He ed me so hard my thighs are still bruised! When he came in me it felt soo good and hot inside me. He said from now on every Sunday he?s going to teach me a new sex thing. Today?s my first lesson and he said it?s how to ride a guy. I?m kinda nervous but he said we?ll practice till I?m really good at it. He said I?m so tight and hot that he doesn?t need any other girls when he has me. We are so perfect for each other and get along great. I don?t care if it?s wrong it feels so good.

brothersgirl Aug 30 2009 9:33am FLAG
I always thought incest was bad. My brother Jake would alwaying me.

bestsexxever Aug 30 2009 9:34am FLAG
wow all of u thats actually agreein with havin sex with ur siblings are pathetic like for reals yall sum incests nasty mother effers and a bet its white ppl doin this crap too yall white ppl sicken me to the core find a life nasty beotches instead of havin sex with ur bro or sis damn pigs yall need rott in hell

sitonit Sep 22 2009 10:04am FLAG
You all hekin pigs

Rakesh Sep 23 2009 1:37am FLAG
the other day my brother was taking a shower and our rooms cross. when he was taking a shower, i was watching p0rn so i was really turned on. we were home alone and he forgot i was home. i was wearing just panties and a bra and he was wearing nothing. i was going to go to the bathroom but we met in the hall way. i saw him get a bon-er and i blushed. i barely know what happen next but we were on his bed and he was taking off my bra and left my panties. i was suddenly dry humping him while he layed there. after 5 minutes, he got me to lay down and he slipped off my panites. he was suddenly slowly fitting his diiii*ck into my tang and we started going. it was amazzinggg. he went in circles and we just ing me for 50 minutes. our parents came home 3 hours after that. and the best part is, i havent gotten my period yet [even if im ] and we're probably going to again in a couple of days when our parents leave for a huge party thats probably going to last a while.

Anonymous Sep 27 2009 5:10pm FLAG
Nice =]

Anonymous Oct 11 2009 1:32pm FLAG
its sounds fun but i would never do it with my siblings thats just groose and if u do it to hard then u guys are going to have deformed babies

deje_boo Oct 18 2009 2:15pm FLAG
you people are messeddddd uppppp...

Anonymous Oct 19 2009 5:25pm FLAG
I would ' t mind if it was a step brother but it would be disgusting with an actual brother.

Wanna go? Nov 07 2009 10:31am FLAG
wish i had a brother :))

sexgodd Nov 19 2009 6:33am FLAG
I can be your brother :))

;) Dec 24 2009 11:09pm FLAG
omg this is so sick you should be ashamed of your self's

O M G Jan 06 2010 3:53pm FLAG
i reaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy wish i had an older brother to teach me wat to do and stuff. anyone wanna substitute?

sexychitch Mar 19 2010 6:00am FLAG
i think i can rele help u out. i just need to see wat u look like so i need reg and ***** pics to so i no the best way to help u. Email me at

Anonymous May 18 2010 7:24pm FLAG
@bestsexxever tell ur parents if he tries to rape u again that's sick!! i hope ur okay

Anonymous Dec 11 2010 7:22am FLAG
one day, i was in my room. Playing with myself and i usually mess with my cl*t and i get a HUGE orgasism, well anyway i was home alone until my older brother (18) I'm fif**** by the way... came home and i didnt know it. So, i guess he heard me and walked into my bedroom and saw me all sweaty and junk. And he just looked amazed. i continued to play with myself as he stood there and i could see his boner through his sweatpants. i started imagining his big d*ck... a few mins later... i pulled up *** on my laptop and he sat by me on my bed and said he wanted to watch me.. so i kept playing with myself and i starting moaning, shaking and breathing so heavy. And i looked at him and he was watching my ***** body shake.. I said to him " Uuuuu it feels so good, please rub me!" and he did and i got really me with that huge d*ck" then he gentley removes himself and lifts me and we do it doggy style! i continue to kiss him and he massages my boobs! it was the MOST AMAZING sexx i have ever had. and he told me i was the best girl he's ever been with and he said my body was perfect and he kept playing with me ***** and i swear he made out with every single part of my body and i made out with every inch of he muscular tight beautiful body and i pleasured him and blowed him and he said he loved me. Now we have sexx alot and we do it late at night and we both do what i just decribed. he always wear condemms though... :))))

Sexx Master Dec 23 2010 10:07pm FLAG
the people here which stated that they love to heck there siblings are disgusting mental freaks. God has created reproduction in mankind to reproduce next generation. And we are doing it all odd. In order to enjoy sex relations god has introducd the concept of marrige which i think is to b done legally i ment fulfilling all ur respective religious customs .doing incest is tottaly wrong no religion preaches it wake up folks i swear u all will b punished in the hell . Just think it for a moment u just cannot deny the fact that most of us don't with stand a little heat that we experiance by touching a stove or hot iron so how u guys expect to tolerate such a great heat of hell which is capable of evaporating the tons of iron in a flash of second . Pray to god 4 ur forgiveness . Get ur self and ur sisters married to satisfy ur sexual needs . After all brothers are protectors of there sisters not the rapists of there sistes . , .good luck

straight edge Aug 04 2012 5:05am FLAG
wow very nice of u 'straight edge' i just cant stop my self from saying that 'u r awsome' keep it up . . . Serene thoughts

Bella Aug 11 2012 6:18am FLAG
The other day I made my little brother a man. He is 8 and I'm . So the other night I had to sneak into his room while he was sleeping to get some coloring pencils and I walk in his room to find him playing with his penis. I was shock at first simply because of the size of his penis, it must have been at least 6 inches long. I asked him why he was ***** and playing with his penis, and he said that he does it so he gets "tingly". I asked what he thinks about when he does it, and he grew to an astonishing 8 inches. And he said that is think about you. I said why do you think about that when you could have the real thing. So I lay him down on his bed and I took off my clothes. Once I finished taking my clothes I said are you ready. He said yes and held his c*ck so he could put it inside me. I got on top of him spread my lips so he could enter me easily enter me. He put it in me and I moaned from the amazing feeling I was getting, he was so big I swear that his penis almot ruptures my insides. I started bouncing up and down on my brothers 8 year old penis making him and myself moan. I was almost to the point

D Aug 26 2012 6:29am FLAG
Of orgasm and he told me stop and asked if he could put it in my butt. I said yea, and I got on all fours, he slowly entered my butt with his huge penis. He thrusted in and out of me until he made me orgasm. He turned me around onto my back and sat on my stomach, put his penis in between my boobs and started thrusting. He suddenly stopped and said he wanted to put in my again so I let him. He started thrusting in and out again until he moaned and shot his cum inside me. He shot so much cum inside me that I it was literally filling me up. He took his tanned c*ck out of me and starts stroking it until he cummed on my stomach. I thanked him and he said that he'll come to me again for it.

D Aug 26 2012 6:37am FLAG
i like your story d keep going plz

austin horney Sep 21 2012 9:57pm FLAG
ssooooooo wish I had a sister.

want sex Sep 30 2012 5:32pm FLAG
enjoy your freedom until you feel it is bad and never mind what others says

nithyvananandhan Oct 09 2012 12:48am FLAG
me and my brother are gay i cum in him all the time

jamie Nov 13 2012 9:44pm FLAG
I had sex with my cousin. a few times actually and it was honestly the best sex I ever had in my life, maybe thats why its considered so ed up but only because its so great. If your religious then didn't adam a and eves family do incest? and if your not then why is it so wrong to do it? because people say it is? people say alot of things

some guy Nov 27 2012 2:58pm FLAG
yh sure i had sex wiv my big brother. hes 18 and has a gf . when our parents were out for a big party, he came into my room, while i was sleeping. he started masturbating on top of me and i was woken up by a loud moan he did. he was really scared about what ii was going to say but i didnt say anything i was just starring at his d*ck, id never seen one before. he suddnely then started to finger me and i started moaning really loud, i gues he got really turned on by my moaning cos he started licking me out . it felt really gooooooooooodddd. he then said can i yanno have sex wid u. i just said sure and we did it for agggeeesss . after it he said i was pretty tight and i can do wid a little lossen up but not tonight. i feel rong doing it with him as he has a boyfriend. but he left me there playing wid myself. now everytime i masturbate i think of him

hhhiii Jan 06 2013 11:30am FLAG
One day I was jacking off in my room (I'm ) and then my cousin came into my room out of no where ( shes ) and she got really red and ran out the room the next day I was doing the same and she walked in on me, but this time she didn't run out of the room. She was wearing jean shorts and a tank top without a bra on, she also had bangs and a pony tail. Then she just watched and slowly walked to my bed and asked if she could suck my d*ck I said ok and the way she sucked it made me squirt al over her, so she took off her tank top and asked me to .

Are u up for it? Jan 06 2013 10:41pm FLAG
well,, ya its pretty good ,, but i never had that my my sis my sis is and im and actually i dont know what to do ,, sometimes i think it is not good but sometimes i think just do it ,, i dont know what rreally to do!?

yo yo its me Jan 07 2013 11:27pm FLAG
Your all gonna end up having ****ed. Up babies, I bet most of you are Rednecks, you sick bastards, XD

wake-up Jan 09 2013 5:31am FLAG
When i was a kid me and my sisters played games one time we were playin dad and mom and i said we need to make a baby she then gave me an exciting look while she got closer and kissed each other she grab my c*ck and said thats so big lookin at it wit fear then i told her to put in her mouth she got scared but i said just do it and she did give me a bj then wit her pants on i just dry hump her doggy style!

joker Jan 20 2013 12:03am FLAG
my sister is a sexy bootylicious puerto rican slut at age after her sweet she lost her virginity to sum kid and had sex wit different guys in one years span i know cus My mom told me she even had sex wit a person i hated an enemy of mines i know cus he send me a cd and when i put it on the dvd player it was my sister givin him a bj and moaning at the same time i was angry but turn me ima make her famouse so i told my sis to put on a g string wit tight jeans and a black fish nets type shirt and deal wit wat she did so she did leave and got forced to a gang bang by 8 guys i know cus i was one of them and we video taped everything and black mail her all the time

luis Jan 20 2013 12:39am FLAG
I Had both my sisters give me a bj at the same time. and it was 2 years ago i told them if they did not i would kick them out and since they are and and iam 26 they did wat i say i tell them to clean cook and have sex they came from puerto rico they are my half sisters and had nobody but me so i took advantage besides puerto rican girls turn to whores anyway. i send em back to puerto rico and they never said nothing not becouse of fear but becouse they loved it

jamal Jan 20 2013 12:57am FLAG
I Gaved my bro bjs but never again cus he left to seattle so now i just give bjs and have sex wit my grandpa and daddy i started with my bro as practice but i was train by daddy at and now iam 22 my daddy is 46 and daddy invited grandpa one time and it been us 3 ever since :)

ashley Jan 20 2013 1:07am FLAG
I have said some things on this forum just for the shock value. You should really consider your actions and try to understand your feelings. Talk to a counselor, friend, or someone in the real world before really taking advice on from a board like this.

Sorry for Talking Jan 20 2013 7:21pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 27 2013 5:14pm FLAG

LOL Mar 04 2013 1:06am FLAG
The other day I ad sex with my 8 year old brother (I'm btw). He said he learns about it school and wanted to try it out. I said yes and asked him to pull down his jeans and boxers while I took off my clothes. He takes down his jeans and boxers and I am faced with a thick hard 8 inch c*ck. I get excited and balanced my self over him and lower myself onto his c*ck. The head slid into me, oh god it felt good. Then I sat up and forced myself down, sliding more of him into me. I felt so full. I forced even more into me, and he broke my cherry. It hurt a little bit, but not much. With one more thrust, he wa all the way inside me and ing me like a pro. Thrusting in and out of me over and over. And the fact that it was his big sister was so hot,, he warned me that he was gonna cum, with 3 deep trusts he started cumming in me, I gasped with every spurt of cum till he finished. It was hot.

Allie Mar 08 2013 6:59pm FLAG
WOW. thats all i have to say. I could have went my whole life without knowing ANY of this but my brothers thought it would be funny to show this DISGUSTING POST to me and it is also funny ya know why BECAUSE I LAUGH AT ALL THE IDIOTIC THINGS YOU RETARDS HAVE DONE LOL HOW THE HELL DO YOU GUYS LIVE WUTH YOURSELVES HAHAHAAHAHAHA I CANT STOP LOL YOU GUYS ARE ALL IDIOTS REALLY.

TOO SMART FOR MY OWN GOOD <3<3<3 Mar 29 2013 7:27am FLAG
you sluts are sick!

normal person Mar 31 2013 9:24pm FLAG
i once had sex with my family members we used to give each other massagers and used to slowly put my hands down her pants and she did nothing the i would put them up her and if she wanted her ass and she would go under the blanket and suck my c*ck then she would put it in her the i cumed in her mough and i did the same to my cousin and also i finerd my other sister

me not you Apr 04 2013 2:35pm FLAG
Ur so jealous

Anonymous Apr 30 2013 12:23pm FLAG
So there was my brother sitting on his bed with no top on I walked in with my thong on and that was it and I sat next to him placing my hand on his thigh rubbing my hand up and down biting my lip I could see his boner already omg it was perfect to I got on top of him and started dry humping him my boobs dragging across his face next thing I know he's scooping my insides out with his tongue then he shoves his massive d*ck in my hole and cums hard then u give him a blow job and omg it felt like fricken heaven his cum was warmmm

Sexychick May 06 2013 2:26pm FLAG
I had sex with my sister once. I was , and she was . One day, we were on vacation, and our parents had to take two rooms across from each other. My sister and I had to share a bed. Anyways, we were watching a movie, and this sex scene came up, and the next thing I knew, my sister had grabbed my c*ck and was stroking it. I was super turned on, and rolled on top of her. We made out furiously, and I was kissing her neck and she tore off my shirt. I took her bra off and starting sucking her nipples. Then she took of my jeans an gave me a bl*wj*b. I was in heaven. I came over her face, then she continued sucking me until I was hard again. Then I took off her panties, and licked and fingered her wet folds. She came on my face, and I swallowed it. Then I started to her. I took her virginity, and with her head in a pillow to muffle the noise, I thrust in and out. It was awesome. We did all sorts of positions, and I blew my load in her c*nt. Later that night we did it again. Now every chance we get we do it

Anonymous May 11 2013 11:49am FLAG
TOO SMART FOR MY OWN GOOD <3<3<3 You say your brother showed you this as a joke, it is probably because h wants you to know and he wants to f u. To you and every other critic, you don't end up on these kinds of pages for nothing.

Dirty Minds? May 16 2013 11:34pm FLAG
Well......aint this heart warming?

Your mom May 17 2013 3:17pm FLAG
My little sister I six... She likes dry humping me while were both in our underwear. Does that count?

No one May 17 2013 11:47pm FLAG
No one, you eiher must be retarted, raped, or just plain out dumb. Dont have sex with your sister/brother. Watch ***, play video games, masterbate, just dont have sex with your sibilings

Your mom May 18 2013 7:53am FLAG
Well me and my sister use to go to sleep in the same room I was and she was we use just mess around first then we got deep in to it but we went all the way I even use to nick my mum and dads condoms from there room we done so much then after u find out its not right but if ur a **** and don't know about it then u can't say much to that

Jay May 20 2013 12:25am FLAG

. May 29 2013 12:09pm FLAG
I am 26 and my younger sister is 7 and One day she's in the shower and we r the only one home do I get in to and she see me ***** and starts to shake and I an see she's my oldest daughter she is 5

Your mom May 29 2013 3:00pm FLAG
i used to see my elder bro taking bath...he use to apply soap on his big c* day he caught me...and asked as I hv seen him ***** he also wants to see. hesitantlt I did as he told. bt after seeing my boobs his c*ck got rock hard. he sucked my boobs and nipples I gt excited and I also grabbed his d*ck....then ... pl mail me for full exxxciting ..

suhana Jun 02 2013 7:41pm FLAG
This stuff is hot! I want to my sister

No one Jun 12 2013 3:10pm FLAG
Wish I had an sister

ueH Jun 14 2013 11:29pm FLAG
Lol the people who say this is wrong are retarded they visit sites like these to express thier opinions that no one on this website care about

you dumba ss Jun 14 2013 11:31pm FLAG
Any girls want to talk dirty Nicomorales58

dude Jun 17 2013 5:53am FLAG
wait till your older people then find someone else to have sex not your brother or sister that is wrong

Jar Jun 19 2013 6:22am FLAG
i totally agree jar

grow up people Jun 28 2013 8:07pm FLAG
I just read all of these and I can't believe it. I have had sex with other girls and it feels great. I am and my sister is I have thought about having sex with with her but then I decide I would never want to.

Jacob macandles Jul 01 2013 7:40pm FLAG
hye lol any one have experience of family sex then plz share with me specialy pakistani. my i.d is

sonia Jul 08 2013 8:48am FLAG
Hi I'm I would like to have sex with justin pls reply I'll give you my #

adamary Jul 14 2013 5:01pm FLAG
Hi I'm I would like to have sex with justin pls reply I'll give you my #

susana Jul 14 2013 5:02pm FLAG
Hey hot4sis you are so discusting **** to have sex with you sister

susana Jul 14 2013 5:05pm FLAG
I would really like to have sex with susana

carlos Jul 14 2013 5:11pm FLAG
dont have sex with brothers or sisters... i bet half the stories on this page arent even real. Masturbate, play video games, watch ***, just dont have sex with brothers or sisters.

Anonymous Jul 28 2013 11:35am FLAG
OMG read the comments for a freakin' hilarious time! XD

me Jul 30 2013 7:01am FLAG
Susan can I have your number

#swag Jul 31 2013 8:35pm FLAG
Ok I almost did it once with my bro I am and he's it was so weird but I had my pants on and he did to so he would hold his thing and push me close to him I only kissed him a couple times but it made me wanna kiss him more it was so amazing I hope we get to do it again but for real,I don't understand why it feels good with older siblings I am Puerto Rican and my brother is Italian and Puerto Rican

Anonymous Aug 06 2013 6:11am FLAG
Just kidding I am and my brother is

Anonymous Aug 06 2013 6:14am FLAG
Ok so I'm and my brothers ......ok so our family was visiting our relatives and were staying at their house for a while....well me and my brother had to share a room ....well after our family was done barbequeing, everyone went to and my brother were watching a movie and a sex scene came on.....well, he started saying he was getting ....we do it 1 once every week.....

anonymous Aug 06 2013 10:26pm FLAG
I need a sister contact here sisters

paki brother urs Aug 19 2013 5:49pm FLAG
Y'all hella sick

you Aug 20 2013 2:45pm FLAG
Hi people, I'm and REALLY want to orgasm any tips? I've come close - tingly feeling, legs go weak, heart beating fast - but need an actually orgasm. Please help :)

Orgasm Aug 28 2013 3:04am FLAG
you people that are complaining, shut the the ing retards.

Me Sep 02 2013 1:00pm FLAG
yes i had

xyz Sep 04 2013 6:56am FLAG
bhai choot behan ki ho ja kisi or ki jab be mile to bus chod do

kk Sep 12 2013 11:38am FLAG
It's funny, I think I hate the people that are calling others trash talk more than I do those having incest thoughts.

Anonymous Sep 14 2013 5:49pm FLAG
im . and.single any.boys between text me 07443492823 btw I dont want pervy old man texting me

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 1:16pm FLAG
mera bhai moje ni chodta plz sms kro 030486061

rani 030486061 Sep 16 2013 3:26am FLAG
huh in english

lubuf Sep 17 2013 1:56pm FLAG
Who's sister can I email me at and u also have to live in Pittsburgh

relic55 Sep 21 2013 9:08pm FLAG
Who's sister can I have s*x with who lives in Pittsburgh send me offers and pics at

Relic55 Sep 21 2013 9:09pm FLAG
its very normal for a brother to like his sister. I get BlowJobs very often from my sister never sex.. she enjoys it what you got to do is compliment her make her feel beautiful treat her like your gf. We watch films together in the nights we cuddle up watch a film she asked me want a BJ and i said sure shes 2 years younger 18 and i'm 20 we love each other and thats it we go for meals kinda like bf and gf we sometimes sleep together go to cinema. when i come home from collage she ran to me give me a hug my parents know we kinda dating but they don't care. i do wish we wasn't bro and sis

Anonymous Sep 28 2013 8:16am FLAG
Y da hell would you have ing sex with your damn sister. Sure it's a good thought but ewwww that's stupid!!!!!!!! Also it's your GOD DAMN SISTER Y The Hell ARE YOU HAVING SEX with her get a GIRLFRIEND YOU PERVERTS. As well you should try something called DATING SERVICES jerkS!!!!!!!

YOU ASS HOLEZ Oct 12 2013 1:44pm FLAG
U guys r sick the only reason I got on this was because I'm trying to help u guys it is wronge incest dry humping is another thing don't make love with siblings we all deserve to go to heavin our god will forgive u guys but stop doing it

The guy that try's to help people Oct 13 2013 11:16am FLAG
Damn looks like someone's caps lock is broken!

°unknøwn° Oct 16 2013 9:42am FLAG
To all you people that say it's gross to have sex with your brother/sister.... How the hell did you get here?.........exactly

°unknøwn° Oct 16 2013 9:46am FLAG
i would never have sex with a sibling, but these stories are a real turn on. they r my equivalent to watching ***. i rub my to them and get tons of orgasms. if my man is around i just hump his c*ck like my life depends on it

million dollar honeypot Oct 16 2013 8:35pm FLAG
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