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how do i have sex with my aunt

The Problem: im 18 my aunts 28 has a big booty big tits once i found some *** dvds and lube under her bed and sometimes i snack her booty and she dosemt say anything how do i tell her my fantasy is to have sex with her

Asked by: blazin3 at 05:47:39 PM, Sunday, February 28, 2010 PST FLAG


If you can take a shower at her house with just you two there, walk out with just a towel andrig it where it will "accidently" fall off in her sight and see if she takes a look. When it falls go to retrieve it right away keeping an eye on her eyes and see where they roam to. If she is looking, she is interested.

dave Mar 08 2010 7:47pm FLAG

I agree with thaat idea.

BabyBisexual Jun 29 2010 11:17am FLAG
thx dave i tried that with my aunt named rina. i successfully enjoyed sex with her

hd Sep 25 2010 2:06pm FLAG
DO YOU THINK THIS IS A GOOD STRATEGY TO GIVE AUNT A HINT THAT I WANNA HER??what if her birthday is coming up and you get her a gift hide it in an empty bed room then tell her to come in then show her then when she gives you a hug should you kiss.. and how should you kiss like regular or like a girlfriend or just a peck.. and im a **** and shes 50 soo doo you think it could happen?? and shes just my foster aunt.. and i dont think she knows,soo how doo i givee her hents

BIG DAWGG Oct 30 2010 1:05am FLAG
how can i ask my aunt if she wants a foot massage? can u ask your aunt on advise on what i should do or if any of u are an aunt and have a nephew can u help me out

love feet Dec 31 2010 10:22am FLAG
Ask her and then tap that bitch or when u 2 r alone go to a room get ***** yell for her and see what happens!

I ed my aunt Apr 19 2011 8:35pm FLAG

ess Jun 08 2011 8:03am FLAG
Tell her you hav itching near your penis and tell her to apply some cream or powder when u two are alone.

Yoyoyoyo Jun 11 2011 12:17pm FLAG
First say her beautiful today aunt and then go near her and then lip kiss her if she enjoyes it lift her and take her to bed room and like husband and wife if she doesnot enjoy your kiss just rape her

Kap Sep 21 2011 2:56am FLAG
What the hel r u do thisg

Neeraj vats Oct 06 2011 9:40am FLAG
how di i do my aunt she has a men well will say for now im she 36 or 46 she big tits

unknow Oct 18 2011 1:34pm FLAG
marsturbate infront of her and show that it was accidently

luck always Nov 20 2011 8:04pm FLAG
take bath in outdoor with a transparent towel if she comes out turn her side .if she look at your c*ck she is attracted.then make your c*ck while you are sleeping with her.aunts definetly wake up at night,because there mind will alert.if she wake up, you don't awake.if she come closer to your c*ck or touch it she is willing to have sex with you.this work's.i used this trick to have sex with seven in same time.there names was daisy,sandhya,leela,gomathi,selsia,seetha

rahul Jan 29 2012 8:49am FLAG
make cum in front of her and taste it

jo Jan 29 2012 8:52am FLAG
i blackmile my aunty with her body transparent photos

Anonymous Jan 29 2012 8:53am FLAG

mmmj Mar 25 2012 1:33am FLAG
Go and hold her from back and caress her gently .

Anonymous Mar 25 2012 4:22am FLAG
U should have sex if u fell nice in it then what is the matter even I have sex with my neibhour aunt hre husband lives in village so we had sex that day smetimes I have sex with more then 2 women I like sex

sex speaclist Mar 27 2012 10:22am FLAG
when its justtt you to you should walk around her house with just a basketball shorts on and make shore u r so she sees ur d*ck

johncenajr619 Apr 04 2012 1:15am FLAG
i wanna heck my aunt to but it wont happen bro

tresdog Apr 09 2012 6:32am FLAG
i want to have sex with my aunt because she has a big ass i want to put my face in the middle of that ass her in her husband bedroom leave the sperm in his bed so he coud dump her i could get her they dont have any kids someone give me an answer

akreen Apr 15 2012 9:17pm FLAG
i want to have sex with my aunt because she has a big ass i want to put my face in the middle of that ass her in her husband bedroom leave the sperm in his bed so he coud dump her i could get her they dont have any kids someone give me an answer

akreen Apr 15 2012 9:17pm FLAG
Go To Your Near Medical Shop And Take The madicine Named "Choridiazepoxide Tablets I.P (Librium 10) Take 2 Cool Drinks(one to you one to her). And Tack 2 Librium Tablets Mix it one cool drink . Give The Mixed cool Drink To her at Night And see The Results after see go a deep sleep more then 4 or 5 Hours (this tablets works only 4 or 5 hours only) enjoy and f**k her what type u want at the night.

Idle Worker May 04 2012 8:34pm FLAG
Go To Your Near Medical Shop And Take The madicine Named "Choridiazepoxide Tablets I.P (Librium 10) Take 2 Cool Drinks(one to you one to her). And Tack 2 Librium Tablets Mix it one cool drink . Give The Mixed cool Drink To her at Night And see The Results after see go a deep sleep more then 4 or 5 Hours (this tablets works only 4 or 5 hours only) enjoy and f**k her what type u want at the night.

Idle Worker May 04 2012 8:35pm FLAG
Just wen she sleep get next to her pull the covers back slowy go to her ass rub on it then look at her to see if she still sleep.the unbutton her pants then pull em down along with her panties slowy the put c*ck in slowy her. I tried this wit my sister and auntie and never got caught

YOUNG RIZZY May 06 2012 6:08pm FLAG
once i was shaking my c*ck i was seen by my sister she came next to me and took my c*ck in her mouth for a was an nice experince but she was just I removed her pantie slowly and put my c*ck in her cute vagina about 7-8 times and linked her for a while it was sour in taste...

sex master May 22 2012 9:57am FLAG
Hmmmm ing....

Jony Jun 14 2012 3:59am FLAG
How should I say to my aunt that I wanna kiss & have a sex with u,,,,,?plz answer me.

Hot boy Jun 14 2012 4:02am FLAG
My aunt lives in a different house than me but we have a really good relationship....but i want heck her i am 18 and she is 44 wit huge tits a great ass and everything but she is married and has a kid and i only c her 2 a can i heck her

Tmoney Jun 28 2012 8:04pm FLAG
how to convence my aunt to give me a blo job

bob Jun 30 2012 7:34pm FLAG
you ur aunty daily its gud 4 both

priya Jul 03 2012 11:18am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 04 2012 3:29am FLAG

Anonymous Jul 04 2012 3:29am FLAG
Ask her to teach it too u

Bigbass Jul 05 2012 4:02pm FLAG
you people are ed in the head

Anonymous Jul 08 2012 3:08am FLAG
pull her things off her body

amir Jul 08 2012 3:56pm FLAG
just give her cute kiss if she enjoys it then move forward other wise get aa whore.....

experiencr Jul 10 2012 2:03am FLAG
Im my aunt is 23 has a bf and a small daughter her bf works from 4:30 pm to 7:00 am.. So she is alone the hole night. My aunt has the perfect body i wanna her so bad. How can i get her to have sex with me???

Someone Jul 14 2012 10:06pm FLAG
Im my aunt is 23 has a bf and a small daughter her bf works from 4:30 pm to 7:00 am.. So she is alone the hole night. My aunt has the perfect body i wanna her so bad. How can i get her to have sex with me???

Someone Jul 14 2012 10:06pm FLAG
make her to see you ***** or rub yourself to her Ass when she is in sleep at night... It Wil work for sure

Az Jul 19 2012 10:55am FLAG
my aunt is 28 when she wears small shorts she bends over like something fell she bends over and picks it upand she has a big booty and big tits when she and i where alone in the car she told me to do her a massege and her back and i did it the massage to her and she told me to go more down and i did i touch her thong and she told me to do her a massage in the bootomof her back and i touch her ass again she didnt said; nothing i touch her pusy too she told me that i had soft hands she told me to do it againa and i did itocuh her ass put my hand over that big ass she told me that i should to her massag on her ass because my hands are soft.

annoymos Jul 19 2012 5:04pm FLAG
My aunt had a big ass and big boobs i wanna here so bad she is alone all night and i live right across from her. She plays around with me sometimes she some times even smacks my butt. Im and she is 24. How do i have sex with her??

Addicted to my aunt Jul 19 2012 9:02pm FLAG
Sorry the third word is supposed to say * has*

Addicted to my aunt Jul 19 2012 9:04pm FLAG
Sorry the third word is supposed to say * has*

Addicted to my aunt Jul 19 2012 9:04pm FLAG
im and have a favorite aunt. iv never wanted to me??????

3abc Jul 25 2012 10:26pm FLAG
im and have a favorite aunt. iv never wanted to me??????

3abc Jul 25 2012 10:26pm FLAG
lay with her at nite if she doesn't say nothing take her pants and panties off and just heck her

sex wizard Aug 07 2012 12:31pm FLAG
I am a guys and and i want to touch my 9 years old cousin so bad but i dont know how ? Can i buy some pm medicine and put in her drink at night is that work ? Plz answer me soon

Superwantsex Aug 23 2012 10:08pm FLAG
My aunt lives below my house she has perfect tits and a large ass i wanna heck her some one pls advice me how

xavire Aug 29 2012 12:18am FLAG
I live with my step aunt and her husband my uncle and her two kids one is and one is . And I wanna Heck my aunt badly and I think she wants me. Her husband isn't home everyday of the week and when he's gone, at night my aunt will let me sleep with her occasionally and she will let me spoon her with my d*ck between her HUGE butt cheeks. And also when I wear briefs(to show my man hood off) in the morning I will catch her glimpsing at my p***s. (my penis is much larger than my uncles, saw it whole changing at the gym)Do you guys think she wants to heck?

Smoothshne Aug 31 2012 7:01pm FLAG
I'm only by the way

Smoothshne Aug 31 2012 7:03pm FLAG
i wanna heck my aunt too... but she's a conservative type of women.. a widow and has one child... she has large breast, and a beautiful feet i wanna lick so badly.. =_="

Anonymous Sep 03 2012 9:09am FLAG
rape her

sex master Sep 18 2012 1:23pm FLAG
i am of and my aunt is of 30. her has a girl of and her husband is on hotel he come in pm.I want to tell her to sex with her because he has great boobs and solid ass.But how i tell reply most

Sexy boy Sep 24 2012 8:31am FLAG
i am of and my aunt is of 48.i want sex with her she has big boobs and big ass

le metre du s.e.x Sep 28 2012 12:43pm FLAG
am staying with uncle house from past 2 years. As of now i didn't sex. Nowadays my aunt looks very sexy. She is 36 year old, having one child 5 years. I saw her boobs many time and few time i saw her panties, while she was washing the clothes /dishes (She also aware). Few time I touched her body: hand and ass(by-mistakenly), she didn't told anything. Some time (nowadays) she wear Transparency nightie so i can see her boobs and panties. Some time washing the clothes she will shows her boobs but few times she will cover from hand. Am very much confused. Please guide me, how i can sex with my aunt.

Sam Oct 07 2012 4:11am FLAG
just pretend you accidentaly poke her ass with your hard boner..see what happens..

florencenightingale Oct 09 2012 7:52pm FLAG
I want to have sex with my aunt. She is very friendly with me. V both r very close N by the Way she my uncle won't be in house he stays in outstation. I want to have sex with her how can i ask her

Sexy boy Oct 16 2012 5:28am FLAG
Just be bold N frankly ask her what you think of her... Iv she doesn't giv a positive reply.., rape d hell out of her

El_kun Zyrax Oct 18 2012 4:54am FLAG
help me im yers old i what to my antie really badly

sexy kid Oct 18 2012 7:56am FLAG
i want to sex with my beautiful aunt.... but she was not that type of women...but she is very beautiful with soft ass and tits time i saw her whole body while she is bathing ...but she doesnt know about this..... she was married and had two kids and she was 25 ....plz help me to get sex with her......

imran Oct 24 2012 11:05pm FLAG

strngr Oct 24 2012 11:33pm FLAG
I wanna have sex with my aunt she is married and has sick tits she's 48 and I'm I'm not sure if she fancys me so what do I do!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown Oct 29 2012 6:54pm FLAG
Show u r pennis to u r aunt

Anonymous Oct 31 2012 12:46pm FLAG
I have a aunt name trish she has a big booty & big tits and i want to her to shake her ass and suck my d*ck how do i do it

loser Nov 01 2012 5:53am FLAG
Can anybody gave me advice on to get my aunt trish to suck my d*ck

loser Nov 01 2012 6:22pm FLAG
My aunt is staying wit me for a bit..I live wit my mom (I wanna her to btw) aunt isn't retarded just did a lot of drugs bak in the she's kinda way to explain is that she has a year old mind set but has a year old body..never gave any indication that she is dtf but I am<= I'm 20 an need answer asap..

blue_balled_for_my'Auntie Nov 03 2012 9:24pm FLAG
@ the towel alone wit her an casually drop your works wen ur fresh outta the shower..still a little damp..wait till shes sitting near something u need..ur cell phone,wallet walk in front of her" can u give me my(drop towel directly infront of her) wallet.." look ashamed an don't hesitate to pick up the towel..the test isn't if she grabs u..its to see if she's dtf..or in ur case results wen hard af.. PS older women enjoy sex differentlly then girls ur age..research on cougar seduction an the comsutra(intense sex positions) you'll blow her mind while she blows ur Jimmy..

family_incest Nov 03 2012 11:01pm FLAG
***** ur sif

Anonymous Nov 06 2012 1:29pm FLAG
how do I get my Aunt to shake her ass at me

Loser Nov 09 2012 7:01am FLAG
i want to have sex with my aunt i and my aunt sleep alone my uncle and sleeps separate but shes not having interest in sex i have drankmilk with her

Anonymous Nov 10 2012 6:49am FLAG

Anonymous Nov 17 2012 5:09am FLAG
when your uncle goes out from home, you go in the bed room of your aunt. show her some *** videis. discuss about sex. ask about her size of bra. go to market and bring it. now slowly go to her and touch her breast. if she does not objects, it means she is ready to have sex with you.

akash Nov 25 2012 1:04am FLAG
im my aunt is 49 and she's kinda fat but she has big ass and i relly want to do her any advice?

Anonymous Nov 27 2012 7:39am FLAG
I want to my neighbour aunty she is chubby, sexy Hw to attract for sex gv advice pls

Siva Dec 01 2012 10:19am FLAG
i want to shag my auntie advice

ghj Dec 02 2012 8:47am FLAG
I want to my aunt but i dont know how to tell her and ahe has really big tits and relly want to have fun sex with her

Some person Dec 03 2012 4:46pm FLAG
I usally stay the night up there and my uncle used to work at nigjt now he works days but we sleep in the aame bed i wanna make a move but im scares ahe wont want to do it

Some person Dec 03 2012 4:50pm FLAG
n m

m Dec 21 2012 9:14am FLAG
my aunt once told me massage her back she was wearing b*a inside she told me to press on the point of her bra i enjoyed i turned her on her front position i ddint think what will happen next i just kissed her and removed her clothes and ed her

choot raja Dec 23 2012 10:09am FLAG
just go to your aunts room talk to her for some time then scratch your d*ck in front of her if she asks show her your d*ck if she is interested she will touch your c*ck then give her a lip lock and just her

aunt er Dec 23 2012 10:14am FLAG
my aunt once told me massage her back she was wearing b*a inside she told me to press on the point of her bra i enjoyed i turned her on her front position i ddint think what will happen next i just kissed her and removed her clothes and ed her give her lip locks remove her bra lick her boops get free milk

choot raja Dec 23 2012 10:30am FLAG
Wtf is wrOng with you sick ass people !!!!

Realist Dec 23 2012 11:33pm FLAG
*first start touching your aunts feet foor two days *second give her kiss on her cheeks for two days on both sides *give lip lock the third time by catching her boops if she does not say any thing she is interested in sex her hard

rapest Dec 24 2012 9:53am FLAG
just go and start flirting hwr.. have romantic gossip... try giving kiss to her cheeks..slowly go further.. and finally kiss her lips.. then go and do what u want..

mr. romantic Dec 26 2012 1:46am FLAG
All of your aunts sound hot af. Just sayin. But how can i get 3 of my aunts to sex wit me??? (all at once would be so much better) Im 18 and I have no idea how old they r but my D is huge and them 3 be fine @$$ btchs

SuperD Dec 26 2012 9:59pm FLAG
I don't knw.i want 2 f*k my aunt.but v dnt hav regular contact but i wnt 2 hav sex wit her.plz help me.,

Thinker Dec 27 2012 10:12am FLAG
im my aunt has big tits and a fat ass i always wrestle with her just to touch her tits how do i heck her

hard Dec 27 2012 8:28pm FLAG
shes around thirty

hard Dec 27 2012 8:29pm FLAG
i thought i was the only boy to like my aunt

hard Dec 27 2012 8:31pm FLAG
im and my step aunt is how can i have sex with her

w Jan 02 2013 3:48am FLAG
Sex is cool

D Jan 14 2013 1:34pm FLAG
my aunt is not interested in sex i sleep wuth her i pull her dress and drink milk but she doesnot know for sometime after that she will get up iam not getting a chance to have sex with her please help me

shivaji Jan 18 2013 6:39am FLAG
you all are sick. who would dream of ing their aunt u fags.Its just sick

Anonymous Jan 18 2013 5:25pm FLAG
am 22 i want to sex with my aunt bt she is a widow and she is 42 she hav a big boobs hw i want to convenince her for the sex advice me

champ Jan 22 2013 6:00pm FLAG
Help me heck my Aunt, i always go to her house Thanks

ThugJitsu Feb 10 2013 12:53am FLAG
u all are sick..

david Feb 17 2013 2:56am FLAG
I want my auntie so bad I wear her earrings and do teddy bear thinking its her Reply fast

lol Feb 17 2013 9:48am FLAG
Speak frankly with ur aunt all time.. If sumtime she says body pain ! Just ask her '' ma i massage''.... If she says yes just donly massage..... But if she say no: she hav afair on u.... Just compl her for massage.... First touch her arms and slightly go her neck and stand over her and slighly go down near boob but dont touch her bood... Now do u massage very slow pressing... Get her mood... See her eyes cloosed she s now ready.... U can go ahed... It works i just did my rashiya aunty and sowmiya like dis only...

Guru Mar 02 2013 10:48am FLAG
Guys now sowmi is ready for sex with any one.... Cal her and ask about rate details from her gardian name anbu.... Be care ful guys call from public phone

Guru Mar 02 2013 10:53am FLAG
Help me heck my aunt I'm in the room with her

Anonymous Mar 06 2013 3:41pm FLAG
ask a question about sex like 'aunty how can a do sex with girl beacause i have never been sex to a girl can toy tell me how i can do this 'then if she has to do sex with you she will say yes dear

Anonymous Mar 07 2013 2:59am FLAG
iam shocked that how can think about this she is a part of your family how can you do this

Anonymous Mar 07 2013 3:37am FLAG
i touched my aunts ass and vagina when she is sleeping she doesnot say any thing if she know also wat to do to have sex with her

thala Mar 15 2013 6:05am FLAG
im 18 and i really wanted to f**k my aunt she is 43 she has abig round ass

love sex Mar 22 2013 5:21am FLAG
im 22 crazy with my aunt she is 48 but look so sexy one day she home @ alone i went to her home and touch her boobs then she ignore me as well scold me after 2 or 3 months she now taking and smile as well i want to her again what can i do give me idea

love ant Mar 27 2013 8:59pm FLAG
Your uncle will cut your d*ck off.dont take risks

Ben Apr 04 2013 1:53am FLAG
I want t0 my aunt but she stayz in a h0use with ab0ut seven pe0ple!eish she z h0t I'm n shez 35~48

h0rny b0y Apr 04 2013 5:21am FLAG
Plz gve me advice

h0rny b0y Apr 04 2013 5:23am FLAG
im and m very attracted auntys i love to have sex with them but i have no auntys can anyone suggest me !!

slim shady Apr 08 2013 9:34am FLAG
Take her blous off......kiss her foots for more sex ..then put yours penis slowly in her her boobs......and enjoy sex....

Honeysingh Apr 09 2013 11:58am FLAG
Me and my aunt live next door to each other,I'm and she's in her 30s.she's married and has 2 kids but her husband sleeps with other women so this was an awsome chance to me as hard as you can".she started riding my d*ck faster and faster.and then when I almost came she took my c*ck out and started sucking it until I came on her face and she swallowed all my cum,she the licked what was left on my d*ck.and we kept on kissing each other for 5 minutes and she left. Definetly the best sex I ever had and we occasionaly do it sometimes and I'm now

Anonymous Apr 13 2013 2:47pm FLAG
i wanna have sex with my aunt shes 38 with big ass and nice round tits shes good to and she lives at my house and i wanna bang her so bad an lick her tits(:

sex Apr 21 2013 2:20pm FLAG
when you're just with she at home try get close to her, talk friendly, if she has a pain you will ask if she want a massage(massage whole body even if she want just on back etc.) try sleeping undress with door open and be sure she have to come to take something from your room... or the towel move ..

Anonymous Apr 21 2013 10:22pm FLAG
I wannna Have sex with my aunty, but shes muslim and religious but I wanna her real bad.. Any advice??

LOCCSTAR Apr 25 2013 11:49am FLAG
guys? I really want her?

LOCCSTAR Apr 27 2013 7:11am FLAG
My aunt lives with me , she's really friendly she's about 24 & I've gave her messages & slept next to her , how do I make a move on her with our her telling my parents I'm by the way ?

Anonymous Apr 29 2013 7:01am FLAG
Become more friendly with her,touch her boobs and ass if she is interested in it then you increase your rate of touching and finally you could get her on bed,if she is not interested give her MOCKAN-500 tablet and allow her to sleep,after minutes of her sleep you could enjoy her a lot.

BOSS May 03 2013 3:46am FLAG
I am 18 and my aunt is 37, she is a sexy guy,she has big boobs,big ass and thick lips.she is very friendly with me but she didnt show any interest in having sex with me.when i tried to touch her when she is sitting near me she will move away from me, i want to lick her thick lips and suck her vagina,i am very much interested in her,please tell me any idea to get her on bed with me.

AUNTLOVER May 03 2013 3:57am FLAG
my aunty gouri have slim body but she not used to sex i had toch her back somtims i need her my uncle comes in one week sex her what do i do

dj May 11 2013 4:21am FLAG
i'm a boy of .5+,i want to sex with my aunt,she is 52+ but so hot nd sexy....plz help meee

chodonraaz May 14 2013 10:58pm FLAG
give her medicine of sleep and then remove her clothes put ur plesin in her vegina and start

hn May 15 2013 7:55am FLAG
Iam 18, i hav gud personality the matter is my aunt has a good ronund assets and sexy tits and I love them .while sleeping I pressed her boobs and she ignored. Wat should I do I jst want her to f**k me.pls giv some advice asap....

rj rocky... May 19 2013 6:41am FLAG
Slowly spk abt sex with her and tel ur looking and sexy in tis kinds of dress .. Rocky enjoy

k May 29 2013 10:41pm FLAG
I am vinay frm banglore. My aunt is very hot and sexy like a film star. She is not interested in sex . When she is alone in night I used to touch her body she hesitated. Several times I showed penis to her . No use I ve seen her ***** several times. Even I ve brought sleeping tabs but not yet tried on her . Please give some advice .she is very friendly to me. Please help me I want to her one time please give some working tricks

vinay May 30 2013 7:54am FLAG
Give sleeping pills and proceed

raj Jun 12 2013 5:06am FLAG
Hey! My aunt is coming to live with us and my parents are getting a divorce. My aunt is going to help pay rent... She is Hot, medium sized butt and small boobs but I want to have sex with her and touch her. I first need to get flirty with her... I'm she is 37 , anything that would intreague her and make her want me? FYI she isnt married and is moving in alone... no kids XD

Blanksex Jun 17 2013 4:37pm FLAG
my aunt wears leggings and you could she what she wears she always wear thongs and she bends over on purpose and she always does it on my face and she talks about sex when we are alone what i need advice that actually work.

big business\ Jun 18 2013 1:46pm FLAG
@Big buisiness , Im right there with ya... how do you talk about intimates with her?

Blanksex Jun 18 2013 2:57pm FLAG
im and my aunt is a little fat she has a son and 4 ppl live in her house including my dad how do i f..k her

princebigd*ck Jun 18 2013 8:11pm FLAG
We are full of questions and without answers... how about we just talk about stratagy to do it okay?

Blanksex Jun 18 2013 8:30pm FLAG
im 18 how can i f**k her

jikku Jun 28 2013 5:10am FLAG
Jst yoyr mom

................................................................ Jun 29 2013 7:53am FLAG
My aunt have 2 kids. Her husband came once in a week. How can i f*** her.

John Jul 01 2013 2:48am FLAG
big tits rock

Anonymous Jul 02 2013 12:14pm FLAG
How to seduce my aunty for one time sex. I have several times *****.i also see her breasts. She is damn sexy. I want her very much.please help me with it.for one time.i will give her full entertainment.please tell me how to have sex with her. Atleast tell me how to touch her without getting caught.please help me.

vinay Jul 07 2013 6:57am FLAG
I am vinay frm banglore. My aunt is very hot and sexy like a film star. She is not interested in sex . When she is alone in night I used to touch her body she hesitated. Several times I showed penis to her . No use I ve seen her ***** several times. Even I ve brought sleeping tabs but not yet tried on her . Please give some advice .she is very friendly to me. Please help me I want to her one time please give some working tricks.sleeping pills is bitter in taste.please tell how to give sleeping tablets without getting taste of it.

bharath Jul 07 2013 6:59am FLAG
I'm 18 and my aunt is 22. She has an amazing body and want to have sex with her, but its kind of weird because she's my aunt and idk if she will freak out if she finds out I feel this way or not. How should I approach this situation?

Mr. ? Jul 07 2013 8:02pm FLAG
Help me my anti is fit as fuk I want to fuk her I fuked her one but after that I ask she never replied what should I do

annoymos Jul 08 2013 4:36pm FLAG
My nephew had sex with my when he thought I was asleeep, I regret enjoying it

kristy Jul 10 2013 10:06pm FLAG
@dave, this actually worked! I was really nervous when I let the towel go, my aunt giggled clinged to me saying she'd dry me off I can't remember much of the begining but it got intense quick I ow you one

Kung-Lao Jul 10 2013 10:13pm FLAG
i am from andhra pradesh any girl or aunty call me 8686353552 and 90593447

Anonymous Jul 12 2013 10:43pm FLAG
love sex call 555-445-6632

~<==3 Jul 21 2013 9:29pm FLAG
All of you should go to ur aunts house nd slowly touch her ass nd if she likes it ... Fuk her nd if she duznt .. Say it was an accident .. Btw I'm an aunt

Aunt Aug 01 2013 5:07am FLAG
Be friendly wit her & after dat tel her dat u luk sexy ... or try da towel trick most acses it works. ihve sen my aunty ***** once & she just smiled to me so this was a hind 4 me den slowley our friendship turned to sex but had it only for 2 times ...ALWAYS TRY DA FRIENDHIP TRICK IT WORKS

me Aug 03 2013 11:49pm FLAG
touch her boobs and ass

sex Aug 03 2013 11:50pm FLAG
do wat i did get her to catch u jacking off to her panties i did and first she said wat u doing i told her the truth she let me fuk her me but i regret it yes it was amazing but i regret it

34567 Aug 05 2013 7:56pm FLAG
gimme advice guys kik me COOL455. i wanna my aunt any1 plse help me

need advice Aug 06 2013 11:16pm FLAG
i wana my aunt so hot 41 yrs husband 2 kids she has really nice tits & ass i think im going to rub my d*ck in all her panties& bras when i go over

nai4 Aug 30 2013 5:33pm FLAG
My aunt is hot too g**d** I haven't had sex with her yet or bl*wj*b but she did Jack me off one time her hand on my d*ck felt great

Anonymous Sep 13 2013 3:41am FLAG
cthiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii............i love you

Anonymous Sep 14 2013 7:20am FLAG
i love my aunty.....her age is 40 mine is 26 i want to her......she is sooooooooooooo.hooooot if any one see my aunt defenetly they dream sex with her...that much beauty she is......iam loving at the age of 10 iam 26..mine is years dream that will full fill in future because i decided that any thing happen i want her i follow the above tricks that are towel method....i love my pinniiiiiiiiiiiiii

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i love my aunt she lives across the she has a big ass and boobs how can i her im 18 nad she is 30

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I want to my aunt so bad she has big boobs and a nice phat ass im and she is 33 help me

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 11:29am FLAG
first, try to be at her house when her husband is away. then at night, if you sleep over, go to her room while she is in her bed and if you're like or or maybe even older, tell her that you had a nightmare and ask if you could sleep in her bed with her

ilovemyaunt Sep 16 2013 12:28am FLAG
then after about 5 to 10 minutes, ask her if she could hug you. then turn around on the bed and hug her. so now you both should be laying on her bed and hugging. then slowly get closer and put your head in her neck. then after about a minute start softly kissing her neck. then tell her that you love her alot and try to kiss her lips. you decide the rest!

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I'm and my aunt is at my house right now and idk how to get her she is amazingly hot she's seen my d*ck once but by accendent and I've never seen her ***** but I want to me

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My aunts at my house right now with my brother and parents and parents friend how do I her I've never seen her ***** and were kinda close but never talked about personal stuff how do I get her plz help

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I am ,my aunt is 33,she has big boobs,big butts and sexy long legs.Her husband lives abroad & she has 3 little kids.She's extremely beautiful.Wen ever she 's with me,she likes spreading her legs wide open.One day i looked into her open legs and saw a red g-string pants.She caught me & just smiled.I saw a vibrator in her bag & asked her wot it is used for,bt she told me that it's 4 women.Pls help me out cos i need 2 put my 9 inch cork inside her hole.

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hi my name is adam i am 24 years and my aunty is 43 i need her for sex i am always thing about here and masterbate how did i get there please give me some advice

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ur mom

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I recently went to my aunts house I went in the shower and came out wearing a towel and I dropped it and my aunt staired at my c**k and do I started to get a boner and she sucked my c**k and now I am happy

the D Nov 16 2013 1:14am FLAG
I'd also like to have sex with my auny who's 47 (I'm ). I've though of dropping the towel too. She apparently hasn't had sex in like 20 years so she may be . Last time we talked, she asked me if I find girls attractive (wha?) And I said yes. She was like: OK, and she left. Should I show her the goods lol? Thanks for any advice!

Trunks Nov 17 2013 9:48am FLAG
rape her

cbcncb Nov 28 2013 10:30am FLAG
#caught her & rape her#

vk Dec 19 2013 9:07am FLAG
i was also try to sex with my aunty imand she is 25 . one year ago i tried but im fail and than i still trying..... i think u should try to spand more and more time with her at her home and at night when she is sleeping u must try to make love with her ........ but be careful....

tanveer Dec 28 2013 11:14am FLAG
I have an aunt that has a big ass and big boobs. She got divorced and she has 2 kids. What do I do? Please give ideas!!!

ass+boobs+d*ck Dec 28 2013 4:44pm FLAG
Sex her

Anonymous Jan 02 2014 1:55am FLAG
my aunt's divorce i want to f*** her she live with grandma now but i don't want to give sleepy pills or when she sleep how do i get her or make her drunk help me plzz

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My gf's aunt has a big ass n big tits she loves to get out of her tho

Masterkush Jan 19 2014 11:36am FLAG
I am just and i want to my auntie so badly but its just that i do not know how to approach her and I do not know how she will react she is 32 years old and she is hot and a big disadvantage She is a Malaysian Indian.Thanks.

Ravi Jan 31 2014 5:56am FLAG
I just want to see my aunties body without her knowing so how.Please help me.

Ravi Jan 31 2014 6:05am FLAG
Loke at your aunty when she is bathing

Somebody Feb 08 2014 1:43pm FLAG
This is simple .. First get a hard d*ck.. Second give her a massage and let her sit between your legs(sit on sofa and she on ground..ex.) and then start to hit your d*ck on her back and let it be accidentally..if she didn't do anything means she liked it and if she asked what's that..just stand back and say nothing.. I tried it and it WORKS

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I just want to spread my aunt's booty cheeks and pound away on her ass. I'll pound her so hard for a couple of hours and then just dump my load in her ass

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i want sex ,please give me some aunty phone number in kolkata ,

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I want my aunty she has a nice ass, I live in a seperate house from her I just want to have anal sex with her,how do I tell her this without fear of her telling my other family members, and refusing?.

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Anonymous Mar 19 2014 12:28pm FLAG
I'm and my aunt is 44 she ass and tits is very nice and when i Touch her legs and ass with my legs she doesn't say any thing i want f...k her ass but i don't know how to start

pcassassin Mar 29 2014 9:08am FLAG
Hai this payal .kiran once i go to my aunty house and she tell any thing u eat and i tel i dont eat and she switch on tv and i tel any film is there . She tel nothing and i take a blue film dvd and set it and my aunt ask what is this film and i tel wait and see . I went out and she se that films and i said this is bluefilm and i ask her can i rape u aunty and she tel yes its clear

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I saw my aunty her bra out my pennis lifted up she saw it and she went she wantedly called me and she talked im 18 she is 28 how to say her im intrested in her......give me any idea

aunty lover Apr 16 2014 4:37am FLAG
How can i give my aunt who is (53) hints that i want her in bed with me ()

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i want to sex with my aunty (sister of father) can i..??

vrgn May 26 2014 1:40pm FLAG
I really wanna have it with my aunt. she lives next door to me and is not blood related. she has beautiful curves and breasts she is Muslim. how do I seduce her when she is alone in her house?

jannn May 29 2014 8:19am FLAG
I really wanna have sex with my aunty....she lives with my grand ma and i have seen her boobs while she washing dresses...i really want her to f***k...any idea guys help me plzzzz

shan May 30 2014 11:13pm FLAG
Silly guys...

Manmathan Jun 02 2014 12:12pm FLAG
I kiss my aunt on her mouth, and i makeout with her, and sometimes i touch her boobs but she doesn't say anything... does this mean that she wants to have sex with me?

bang Jun 06 2014 9:30am FLAG
how do I seduce my aunt so that I can her. she is married. Muslim. lovely curves and breasts. not blood related. I just want to make her feel loved

woi oi Jun 07 2014 5:12am FLAG
My aunt has big boobs and a fat ass and i want to have sex with her what should i do

kashawn Jul 24 2014 10:56pm FLAG
Where do i get sleeping pills from

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I want to my aunt she is married to another female so I guess tonight is gunna be a treat

Tom Jul 26 2014 3:20pm FLAG
5Eh4z3 Im thankful for the blog.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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i want to have sex with my aunt she is 56 years old and married how do i get to have sex with my aunt and my aunt to agree in having sex with me?

simon Sep 26 2014 10:37am FLAG
I have sex with my aunt wen her husband go to work, she is fu***n awesome man

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bakkia thevudia i touched her hot ass and she told to his husband and he was wanted me aunty i have lot if dreams about her

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Coolguy Oct 05 2014 7:21pm FLAG
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one day when i was at home, my aunt came with her sister. at night i asked her to stay in my home but she said no. after a while she asked me if i could come hers. even my mom allowed me to go. so my aunt has two 1 room me,my aunt and 2 sisters were sleeping(the room is bit big) before sleeping i saw her changing her dress . shhe wore a nighty and bra and underwear inside.....while sleeping,i was beside my aunt . my aunt slept but i didn't. i was eagerly waiting for her to sleep. after a while i slowly touched her boobs.she didn't wake up,only turned opposite. as her dress was short, i slowly put my finger on her underwear. the i inserted it inside.. ........i inserted my hands in her vagina. she moaned.. and woke up.. then i kissed her..while kissing she suddenly pulled me and statyed kissing me .then we had sex....☺

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I had an awesome 🙆 time with my Aunty. I went to her house when she was alone. She was cooking with the 👚 night dress at the kitchen. I didn't tap the door. Silently I went for search her and she was at the kitchen and she did see me. I came little back and put the condom to my snake. And then again I went slowly and slowly to her and I grab her from behind. I slightly kissed her neck,ear, and the chin . I hold a very tight by pressing her back with my snake 🐍. And soonest I pulled the dress 👗 up and took my snake out.suddenly she asked what the hell are you doing, leave me . But I removed her panty and ass ed her very heard and she was shouting. I kissed her. Licked her. I paste my cream on her face and put it inside her mouth.

huss Nov 16 2014 4:10am FLAG
heyyy guyzz should i use Sleeping pills...???

auntykichutmarnihai... Nov 19 2014 11:52am FLAG
Yes u should use sleeping pills. I wanna my aunt. Any ideas where I can get sleeping pills?

Sexy boyman Nov 20 2014 8:36am FLAG
yess tht ws my next que... ??

Anonymous Nov 20 2014 11:45am FLAG
I wanna my aunt at around midday but I don't know if the sleeping pills will work plz reply if it works or not.

Anonymous Nov 20 2014 12:38pm FLAG
Yeah it does work + how can I make my aunt to have sex with me

Anonymous Nov 21 2014 12:01pm FLAG
my aunt is almost 38 and I am 21.. We are having sex together for almost 6 months. We are like husband and WiFe.. We used to more than her husband. On the first times we had 3-4 rounds of sex in a single night. We love each other very much and will never stop our sex. Go gys your aunties,

aunt er Nov 24 2014 10:03am FLAG
my aunty see my c*ck what i do

vijay Nov 27 2014 12:01am FLAG
i want *** w/ my aunt n i dont kno wut to do

SCRUBBER30 Nov 27 2014 6:05pm FLAG
I want to bang my aunt so bad!! She has a gorgeous ass and She just needs to ride me! I need help PLEASE!

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A couple months ago I went to my aunts house and she was doing her daily things in yoga pants. I ended deeply staring at her ass and she thought it was weird but after awhile she got off on it and she ended up blowing me and then I ed her ass. Her ass was soooo nice. I ended up cumming all over her. Then we had to clean up before her husband came home from work

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plzzz give me d names of pill.. i need it..

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ankita Apr 22 2015 1:10am FLAG
Try to say that ur intrested

ash May 04 2015 5:28pm FLAG
My aunty is a Muslim she is 40 years old but I think she was not interested about sex. She was also a big Boob and ass one day I'll see her Boob when she put like to sex with her what I do plz help me

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spy on ur aunty,get her attention sneak in on her

aunty slammer May 17 2015 10:35am FLAG
Plzzz tell me a best way to make her with me

xperson May 17 2015 4:50pm FLAG
If ur and ur auntie is like 22 how do u have sex with her

Jayon Kimbrel May 18 2015 6:08pm FLAG
If ur

Jayon Kimbrel May 18 2015 9:12pm FLAG
guys i also want to have sex but cant get a girl if any girl can give advice then ill b able to have sex plzzz reply

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i want to my neighbour aunty

Anonymous May 22 2015 2:42am FLAG
start with being friends with aunt like go for drink,cinema,clothes shopping,dance partner ect so u can get close som

aunty slammer May 29 2015 1:26pm FLAG
aunt has sore back so 1st time she ask for massage i say after hot shower n told her wear less clothes like shorts,pants bra tshirt. aunt only wears knickers n bra even a yum yum yum.

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guys pls advice me my aunt is too much sexy but only want to do sex with my uncle bcoz she thinks as she is married she can't have sex with any one else. she also have a kid of 10yrs old.She is a house wife and lives in a joint family my uncle return by 8:00 pm. how could I have sex with her. Just tell me how to console her to enjoy with her. My age is 20 and her is around 30-32.Please reply soon will be waiting for your reply :-/

krishna Jun 12 2015 11:24am FLAG
Just ask her to talk and say auntie can i talk to you about sex, and when she does, and if you get a boner and if she looking she wants you?, and when she tells you something about sex just play dumb and say how do you do that,and if she explains it just say i dont know how to do that , cause after that she showed me how and then she just let me give it to her everyday now? I live with my auntie now and we do it everyday in the shower, she even sucks my d*ck when im playimg games, she said im bigger than her ex boyfriend, but we even made a sex tape, its hot, cause shes moaning "nephew your so big and i love your d*ck so much" "uh uhh me hard and cum in me my baby nephew"

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my aunt is soooo sexy she has two children small ones. she is friendly with me but touches body some times. i wont her badly so please give advise

play boy Aug 31 2015 5:53am FLAG
Give her some rehypnol,and fer while she is unconscious.

Anonymous Sep 07 2015 9:32pm FLAG
My aunty has two kids ..she is staying at one room..there is a bed on that room ..when i did go his night she slept on the floor and i have to sleep with her two kids on the bed ...she is very strict and angry how can i her plz tell me guys..her husband is staying away from home now...plz tell me..

pinku Sep 08 2015 4:05am FLAG
So i am -- and my aunt is 38, I just moved in with her and have wanted to bed her for a while. How do I do it with out getting her drunk, drug her, or rape her?

_my_aunt_really_bad Sep 28 2015 3:06pm FLAG
Mera name auket shagal hy or my ya pu6na cah raha hu ki mera ghar ki pas ak aunte rahte hy un ko ham ny nahate or or bathroom karte huve dkha hy unhone kuch kaha nahe bas ghur te the kya vo ham sy chod sak te hy plz help me

auket shagal Nov 16 2015 8:37am FLAG
My two aunts live in upper portion of our house one of them has a big ass and boobx I just want have some fun ie bl*wj*b etc I don't want to her any suggestions her husband goes to work from am to10 pm

anonymous Nov 18 2015 4:58am FLAG
Don't wanna her just some fun

anonymous Nov 18 2015 5:00am FLAG
Don't wanna f****** her just somefun

anonymous Nov 18 2015 5:01am FLAG
V8BP8M Precisely what I was searching for, thanks for posting. Every failure is a step to success by William Whewell.

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Say that you are going to die if you do not have sex with her.

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I wanna a aunt.she will show her boobs over her nighty by bending and she knows that i stare at her.But we never talked..So give me the best advice

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I wanna bang my Aunty badly she is sexy and hot . She is 29 and has a perfect body with big round tits and a awesome big juicy ass . She lives alone and isn't much of a deep sleeper.

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Have a sleepover at her place and put Zyrtec in a glass of water and give it to her before she goes bed. She will be really sleepy then grab her ass slowly then harder and if she doesn't wake then rub ur penis on her ass then pull off her pants and panties then her

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Tell your aunt " what is sex " and she will do it

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Anonymous which Zyrtec

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Eish guys my aunt has a big the other day she touched my d*ck while i was sleeping this is serious

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My aunt is extremely buff and I found a pink dildo in her draw, how can I use this to black-mail her into having sex with me.

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How can I my aunty? She's nt even interested in sex. How can I her? Any suggestions?

Anonymous Mar 27 2016 1:27pm FLAG
You must start talking about sex with her.without making her that you want to my auntat any time I want,if she is alone of course and we are both happy about such state of things.

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I massage my aunt when she's alone or after she drinks and I massage her boobs everything even her ass so get her drunk and take advantage her coz its my dream to have sez with my aunt but my uncles always around so its hard

Dylan May 31 2016 6:42am FLAG
I want to have sex with my aunt . how should I give her hints to have sex with me

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i want to her by tieing with machine she scrams i laugh

rohan Oct 18 2016 11:12pm FLAG
Guys u shouldn't be much worried about ur aunt to have sex with you. It's simple it will take nearly one month to to get closer with you. Things to do.. 1. Try daily conversation with her. 2. Help her in her needs. 3. Talk family matters with her,she will talk you every family relating matters.. Make yours appearance look attentive towards her while she talk with you. 4. If she hold ur hand or if she kisses ur chick then ur journey starts. Just calmly kiss her lips don't make it deep. She her response. 5.Next day if she come to you and hold ur hand like Dat.. try the same thing.. 6.If bed is near by u then lean her and kiss her chick lips neck passionately press her boobs normally.. Lift her shirt lick her nipples. 7.You may have everything you want after that. ........ LICK HER AS MUCH AS SHE WANTS GUYS...........

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i want sex with my aunty, pls help me to she think wanna sex wit me?

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