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How can I kill myself fast?

The Problem: I want to die, everyone hates me and wants me to get killed! There is nothing to live for anymore! would slashing my wrists or taking a whole bottle of hydrocodone with crown royal black kill me in a fast way? I want help please on how to end my life fast. Thank you have a great weekend.

Asked by: SuicidalLoser at 02:06:10 AM, Friday, June 25, 2010 PDT FLAG


umm dont kill your self...killing your self is the most selfish thing you can do think about your parents and your family...think about your friends even if you think everyone hates you there are people that do care, the people that say hi to you, the people that give you a small smile...think about those people...if you kill your self your parents will blame themselves,if you really loved you parents you wouldnt do this,and your parents will have to live in shame thinking they did something wrong...people will look at them like its their fault you r you really want think about what i just said and i hope i changed you mind.

hitter18 Jun 25 2010 12:36pm FLAG

Invite all your friends to dinner. In the morning set your oven to 350, get *****, climb into the oven and pull the door closed. By dinner time you will be ready to serve.

Hannibal Jul 02 2010 9:43am FLAG
Find a window that drops down when you don't hold it. Duct tape a very sharp meat cleaver to the bottom of the window. Hold it up with one hand and lay your neck on the window sill. Let it drop and off comes your head. Quick, easy, painless.

Gill O **** Jul 14 2010 1:22pm FLAG
killing yourself is just shows your weakness,do if you realy want to miss this life

deep Jul 15 2010 6:07am FLAG
i don,t have a life that way im going to end it

todd Jul 22 2010 3:27pm FLAG
pump air up ur ass :)

Anonymous Aug 04 2010 8:02pm FLAG
I hear sleeping pills and strong alcohol do it painlessly

egjkrg Aug 22 2010 7:36pm FLAG
Don't kill yourself you won't go to heaven

helper Aug 25 2010 10:04am FLAG
If you kill yourself, you are stupid. You don't know how much people would ing miss you. My uncle did that about almost four years ago, we still cry about it. He thought no one loved him. IF you do it, you are weak.

You're a dumbass Sep 10 2010 6:30pm FLAG
do what you want man...people dont understand the state of mind a person is in when they attempt suicide...i've attempted three times and all three times i wanted to die very badly. however, i will tell you that anti-depressents and therapy go a long way in helping to cure the underlying problems. but in the end, it is your right to do what you wish. yes, others will suffer immensly, but dont concern yourself with that, you wont be around anymore anyway. as for suggestions....shoot yourself in the head, jump off a building(parking garages work well for this as the top floor is usually uncovered and easily accessible), take a whole crap load of sleeping pills, xanax, get the drift, buy six grams of cocain or heroine and shoot it up(you WILL die). theres more but im tired of typing. best of luck to you whatever you do. and forget about going to hell....that isnt real...they call religion the opiate of the masses for a reason.

the misanthropic nihilist Sep 12 2010 11:37pm FLAG
run away if everyone hates you make a new life for your self. or just stay there went throw a phase like what your got throw now ot does pass

chaz Oct 02 2010 5:40pm FLAG
run away if everyone hates you make a new life for your self. or just stay there went throw a phase like what your got throw now ot does pass

chaz Oct 02 2010 5:42pm FLAG
drink a bottle of'll be a slow and painful death but at the time ur dying fast LOOK ON THE GOOD SIDE MANNNN btw see u in hell..ill be there waiting for u with a bottle of achol.and guess wat we wont die from lungs cancer because WE"LL ALREADY DEAD!!

~avenged sevenfold lover~ Nov 27 2010 1:09am FLAG
can some one cut my arms and legs off all so cut me head off so all bleed out and die

407 Feb 22 2011 3:50pm FLAG
if some one can help me die email me at

me Apr 03 2011 10:20am FLAG
if i wanted to die, id go kill all my enemies first. id go on a killing spree then have cops shoot me down after trying to kill a few pigs. this way u dont look like a complete punk and u can take some folks u dont like with u. lol

Drowsy Mar 27 2012 5:55am FLAG

David May 19 2012 10:04am FLAG
Don't kill ur self there is nothing more beautiful than life !! I try doing that but I saw my parents and my familly brothers and my beautiful daughter and I couldn't do it !!! People can tell u the hate u but take it as a blessing u don't hurt them by killing ur self u only hurt ur self for doing that !!! U have a long way to go make something go out of ur life !!! There many people out there that would love to have what u have that chance to live but it's not offerd !!! Think positive and don't let others influence u !!! Love ur self don't worry about anyone one else loving u !! Once ur realized like if good and u can do anything u can't think of u will over come anything that stands in I'd way does that hate u will love u !!!

Karla Jul 24 2012 6:23pm FLAG

Anonymous Sep 12 2012 7:23pm FLAG

A IMG SEK BETHE Nov 11 2012 1:21pm FLAG
plese help me

kiler Nov 11 2012 1:24pm FLAG
Enroll in Obamacare. You'll be dead within a year.

Dead man walking Nov 05 2013 10:14pm FLAG
if u wanna kill yourself try cutting yourself

loveiscol687 Feb 08 2014 10:53am FLAG
Im thinking of killing myself over a girl I cant date here over her religion but I love her. so I was looking into OD on Ibuprofen not a good idea when I get some sleeping pills ill do it.

CJ from Tate Mar 05 2014 10:32pm FLAG
Im thinking of killing myself over a girl I cant date her over her religion but I love her. so I was looking into OD on Ibuprofen not a good idea when I get some sleeping pills ill do it. I love her with all my heart but it im done with my life.

cj adams Mar 05 2014 10:34pm FLAG
I'm trying to kill myself but its hard to find a good way to do it so ya idk what I'm going to do here

Anonymous Apr 13 2014 3:52pm FLAG
You either will kill yourself or you wont. It doesn't matter what someone truly says.. You either will or you wont. When someone tells me to go kill myself it doesn't effect me either way.

Nobody May 16 2014 12:03am FLAG

TUUUU May 22 2014 5:27pm FLAG
my girlfriend left i am hurting really bad i really donot want to live any more i did not do anything all i ever did was love her now today i have been knowing she put on her facebook page that she is seeing him like not long after she hurt me i need help to kill my self i want to die right now i want to go fast

tommy Jun 03 2014 8:49pm FLAG
Shoot yourself in the upper craneum, ima try it myself now....

someone Jun 10 2014 9:06am FLAG
Put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. I've attempted suicide four times that is my next plan. Do not listen to idiots or crazies and stop whining. Either do it or stop wasting everyone's time

Helping you Jul 07 2014 4:00pm FLAG
drowning, jump off a high building, overdosing on pills, gun shot, drive off a cliff, electrocution, suffocation, co2 poisoning, sitting in a hot car with the windows up on a hot day, hit by a car, run over by a train, hanging eat polar bear liver

Bob Jul 24 2014 2:30pm FLAG
Well... I want to die as well......

Miku... Jul 25 2014 10:47am FLAG
there is no heaven there is no god. life sucks, and if you can't deal with it get the hell out. my friend did it a couple years ago and im jealous. i wish i had the balls to do it!

hooch Nov 10 2014 5:32am FLAG
Sometimes my mom doesn't care about me i want to die

Jenny Dec 13 2014 10:22am FLAG
No one cares about me

Jenny I want to end my life Dec 13 2014 10:22am FLAG
I want to kill my self but how

Jenny Dec 13 2014 10:24am FLAG
I hate my stupid family

Jenny Dec 13 2014 10:24am FLAG
I'm going to kill myself soon but kill my self in laughter because this isn't helping why answer to someone trying to kill themselves when you want them alive your not doing anything but making it worse for this person shouldn't be asking at all this is this persons life and he/she should handle it by his/her self.

Cookie::MONster­čŹ¬ Dec 14 2014 10:39am FLAG
I want to kill myself soo bad..... But I love God

Anonymous Feb 13 2015 8:44pm FLAG
I'm just GANNA pump air up my ass... I'm praying Gods not dead he's surly alive

Anonymous Feb 13 2015 8:45pm FLAG
I want to kill myself too, that's why I'm looking up ways too...

lonley Apr 07 2015 5:44pm FLAG
To all those people who are hurting so badly, I feel your pain. I've been struggling with major depressive disorder, severe anxiety, PTSD and trauma. Be been to counseling which is, in my opinion a joke. All they care about is payment for their services-ha! I also take medications. I have ok days and really bad days. I think of suicide very often and thinks of ways to do it. I don't know the answer, my friends, but try to reach out to someone you can trust who understands some of what you're going through. I wish all of you peace. And to the smart ass people who have made cruel remarks about killing oneself and threats of heaven or hell, you know of not what you speak. Kindness and empathy are ALWAYS the correct response!

Seattle Lady Jun 17 2015 11:17am FLAG
I know what it is like to hurt. I know what it's like to wish for death. But there will always be one person loving us unconditionally who will break to see us die... Some insignificant person in the periphery whom we take for granted... I wish I could help you people

starbug Avalon Jun 22 2015 11:25am FLAG
Just do it!

Shia Labeouf Jul 10 2015 9:30pm FLAG
You will not go to hell Jesus wore a crown of thorns for those of us who have these kind of problems . He knows your heart. I love Jesus but can't do this life so I am not staying and I tried all the help pills and all . It did not help me and now I am to tired to keep going

kg Aug 14 2015 2:50pm FLAG
I want to kill my self my husband calls me stupid, ugly, fat! He said he doesn't care what a I do he is always talking to this girl called Sara Patterson stein he sad her daughter draw him and mailed. Dropped it off at his appartnemt or meet him some where..he ask like he did do anything wrong. I got to the point I know longer to leave!

Anonymous Aug 20 2015 7:40pm FLAG
I honestly understand what wanting to die is like I am very depressed myself and face troubles everyday some of the hardest ones but you guys are strong enough to make it through. Problems dont last forever and sometimes we need to seek joy. But we only want to die to be saved and the only one that can save is is God himself heaven is foreal and you can believe what you want but I rather waste my life believing God is here and live for eternity than thinking he isn't and giving up eternity and end to pain and suffer I wish you the best and that every words of encouragement help and trust me if i can take myself to heaven I would but killing yourself isn't the way!(; God bless

kenzie37 Sep 04 2015 9:45pm FLAG
Nobody deserves to die. Only god can take your soul from your body. So cry a little bit. Hug your mom or dad (cause they are always here for you). And cry more. Listen music, shout, broke glasses.. But don't give up. Not yet.

dreamer Sep 14 2015 5:17am FLAG
I come here to find a way to kill my self and all I get is religion wtf get your religion out of here we don't care we want a die for a reason and no one is going to change our mind so pls int bring religion or how everyone is going to miss us.

Anonymous Oct 20 2015 1:47pm FLAG
yall motha as need jesus

jesuslover428 Nov 06 2015 1:55pm FLAG
Well if your not going to kill yourself then plz stop whinning the world just isnt ready for someone as bright as you im not religious just came on to tell you all what im going through my mother moved to oregon my dad just died recently died though nobody told me my girlfriend is cheating on me and i cant even get a job because of how biased this town is and i have a fifty fifty chance of being homeless if you think your life is bad i read everything everone of you said i looked youve got it better than i do.

Edward Nov 14 2015 5:52am FLAG
Stop ur heart beat real quick

Vapedaddy Mar 23 2016 9:46pm FLAG

vapenord Aug 06 2016 8:46pm FLAG

RANEEM Aug 07 2016 1:01pm FLAG
I have no advice, I want to suicide too but don't know how

Anonymous Oct 15 2016 4:41pm FLAG
All of you young adults i have been there it is not that you are suffering but more that you are growing. I was 19 when i lost my Grandma mom and my best friend and his father to murder my cousin to a drunk driver and my sister to suicide. oh and my other best friend to suicide and now i will not get any more friends god is good no

EL RUSSO Nov 21 2016 5:38pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 30 2016 9:01pm FLAG
I'm , and for about a year I have been suicidal. no. youre not weak. youre not stupid. youre not selfish. youre not any of the bad things people have called you. youre human, everyone who says they haven't had such thoughts are bloody liars. be well with yourself.

Elizabeth Mar 07 2017 1:40pm FLAG
me penis hurtz a lot

Anonymous Apr 17 2017 7:02am FLAG

Anonymous Apr 17 2017 10:08am FLAG
I need someone to kill me. How do I find someone and pay them?

Doesn't matter Jun 07 2017 3:57pm FLAG
who the up and do it

If youre reading this im also dead Jun 09 2017 10:50am FLAG
I know how you all feel. I don't get good enough grades for my mom, I'm too emotional for my dad, I'm not a girl for this awesome guy I'm gay for who saved me the first time I tried, and to top it all off nobody cares about me.

One of you Aug 01 2017 3:47pm FLAG
if you want to die, die. kill yourself. but youre not only killing yourself. youre killing the people around you. the people who love you. they love you. someone out there will literally lose a part of them if you do it. they will blame themselves for you killing yourself. do you really want them to live with all of that guilt? the person you love having to live with the fact that you killed yourself because they didn't show you enough love?

cieleya Aug 19 2017 1:38pm FLAG
I'm gonna have my friend shoot me in the ass

me Aug 19 2017 1:39pm FLAG
I just took xanax

bye Oct 19 2017 1:32am FLAG
Uhm, hi, I hope you aren't dead because this question was posted 7 years ago and that would suck if you were dead.

Itsyaboiuhbigd*ckbandit Nov 22 2017 6:01am FLAG
I know right no post since then hope the person picked the left path and doing better.

Anonymous Nov 29 8:03pm FLAG
well I cant really give any advice but, the pain is deep and there is no snapping out of it. trust me I tried for several years. I am just socially stupid and disabled. the therapist does not believe me. I have lost over 25 jobs in the past 9 years. on the verge of being homeless in a small on. I asked for help several times no one helps or listens to me. so I should not matter when I die. I plan to do it on valentines day. I bid everyone a farewell and, the best of luck with life. I'm just to weak for it. love you all.

Ben Feb 13 1:41am FLAG
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