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How to seduce my little sis

The Problem: Im and shes : How can i get her to have sex with me?

Asked by: qpqpqpq at 12:08:56 AM, Monday, June 28, 2010 PDT FLAG


Try getting her in a tickle fight in the morning or before bed. Feel her up "by accident" and try to dry hump her. You should just wear boxers. If she has loose shorts when she gets you can go up the leg hole and stick it into her. Thats how I got my sister.

Got mine Jul 02 2010 8:52am FLAG

My sis is same age. This way takes time but it worked for me. Jerk off where she could see you. If she stops to watch let her but wait until you home alone to let her know you saw her. Ask what she think about it. Tell her it would be so hot to watch her do herself and even do it together. After you watch her get off, say you can show her some things to make her feel even better. Don't ask her to do things to you. Use your mouth on her boobs n puzzy to get her off good. After several times of this suggest she keep her panties on and let you rub your d*ck between her legs. Be sure to rub it across her cl*t and push a little into her hole. After a few times go back to using your mouth on her and when she almost gets off suggest she hold your d*ck and rub it on her puzzy. Make sure the angle is right so the tip goes in her a little each time. Then when she gets off, she will let go and you can push right it. My sis was pissed at first but a couple days later she came in my room and wanted to do it again and many times since.

Bill Jul 02 2010 12:51pm FLAG
Go for the boobs first if she let you suck them then it easy to her.

Anonymous Jul 03 2010 4:49am FLAG
I first time. I scared then but now I like so much I let bro do me every day.

Trang in Cali Jul 10 2010 8:40am FLAG
Yup same prob here im n shez how do i get her 2 sleep wit me

Burro Jul 27 2010 9:10am FLAG
You disgusting behind people!! Thats Rape you know!! And she came from the same vajj as you! ew...grow the up and get a life and a gilfriend!

Fearless Crimson Aug 13 2010 9:39pm FLAG
I have girlfriend. She want to watch me do sis.

Anonymous Sep 06 2010 5:52am FLAG
The Tickling works last night I got to get a hand job, blow job I fingered, eat her out, and stukk my peni$ in my little yr old. Sis I think she liked it becuase she wanted it up the puzzy not the ass but she let me do it eany way I told her let's not do it agen but I was jest kidding

Raper face Sep 17 2010 8:22am FLAG
The Tickling works last night I got to get a hand job, blow job I fingered, eat her out, and stukk my peni$ in my little yr old. Sis I think she liked it becuase she wanted it up the puzzy not the ass but she let me do it eany way I told her let's not do it agen but I was jest kidding

Raper face Sep 17 2010 8:22am FLAG
i am my sister is how do i her

3 Sep 23 2010 11:05am FLAG

3 Oct 06 2010 8:53am FLAG
Talk about things big girls do with her and get her curious. Then say you will show her what makes big girls feel good. She will be curious and let you. Go slow and she will let you do everything.

Saytr Oct 08 2010 8:44am FLAG
I am a girl and i want to know what it is like for a boys peni$ to go up and down my vajina but i dont have a brother the only person i am closest to is my cuzioon but i dont want to ask him and i dont want to ask my boyfriend because i know he will say no :( Does anyone have any ideas ? x

BabyBitch ;) x Oct 09 2010 6:21am FLAG
Im and im a gal i get really !! I need a bf..

SexyGal!!! Oct 13 2010 2:13pm FLAG
BB - go to a high school party. Leave bra n panty home. Find a hot guy. Let him feel you up. Unzip his pants and take his c*ck out. Sit on it and go up and down. Put tampon in after so his stuff dont leak out and run down your leg.

Lissa Oct 19 2010 6:32am FLAG
I would try to get her really drunk. That way, When you heck her, you can blame it on the booze.

osugarbaby Nov 04 2010 4:44pm FLAG
hi sexygal im a boy and i get to you got msn

3 Nov 19 2010 10:44am FLAG
me and my little sister masturbate together all the time. sometimes when our parents are in bed we will get in each others bed and masturbate each other. its fun. but she kind of gets grossed out when my sperm is squirting on her hand

Anonymous Jan 14 2011 6:01pm FLAG
i like it when my big brother walks around *****. i like to look at this thing when hes not looking. i want to touch it but im scred to.

heather Jan 17 2011 8:46am FLAG
I want to seduce my.sister who is but Idk if she even knows about sex or anything. Advice?

yonus Jan 21 2011 11:16pm FLAG
Start by taking a shower then getting out and leave the door open let her see you. Then when you are home alone with her tell her to come into ur room and when she comes in be wearing boxers and a shirt tell her that you want to ask her something and when she sits down start dry humping her and eventually she will start to love it. If she is a virgin ask her to get a skirt or short shorts on and leave the panties of and start dry humping her again and when she isn't paying attention take ur boxers off and stick it in her and start f***ing hard and she will want it over and over again that is what my brother did to me and now we do it at least once a day oh and don't forget the worst thing to do is get your sis pregnant so no glove no love:) hope this helps

Jackie Feb 21 2011 11:38am FLAG
give her a foot massage and then work your way up her legs (if she has a skirt on even better)then while she is falling asleep slide your hand up her skirt gently pull down her panty if she is shocked just push your penis up her anus and she'll forget everything.

jto Feb 25 2011 9:33pm FLAG

Num Mar 06 2011 9:57am FLAG
I am 18 years old she's , i want to her in every holes because she's still vergin; please help

DRACULA May 19 2011 3:04am FLAG

DRACULA May 19 2011 5:05pm FLAG

DRACULA May 19 2011 5:05pm FLAG
i m nd my sis is 19 i want to grab her but how pls tell

3 May 23 2011 1:08am FLAG
hi 3 add me on nd chat there to heck her

sahil khan May 31 2011 10:43pm FLAG
hey im my sister is i whant to do her but i dont know if she like that kind of stuff or even likes me and knows what sex is help please.

Anonymous Jun 25 2011 9:24pm FLAG
im have to sisters ones ones 7 for tha i didnt do much to her i just take off mine and her under ware turn her around put lotion on her ass and start humpin for tha 7 year old i just ask her to succ my d ick or give me a handjob n she dose i also dry hump her ***** fills great

super sonic hulk Jul 02 2011 8:06am FLAG
im have to sisters ones ones 7 for tha i didnt do much to her i just take off mine and her under ware turn her around put lotion on her ass and start humpin for tha 7 year old i just ask her to succ my d ick or give me a handjob n she dose i also dry hump her ***** fills great

super sonic hulk Jul 02 2011 8:06am FLAG
make her wet her self and then hide all her panties, scurts, dresses anithing that can cover the bottom then spile a glace of water on her shirt hide all her tops to then just get her her

h Jul 03 2011 10:51pm FLAG
i agree with h

asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm Jul 03 2011 11:03pm FLAG
i have a yr sis and a 6 yr .when i sleep my yr sis come and watch my d*ck secreatly .i want to make feel that i am ready for her and also i want to lick my smal sis hair les

mr perfect Oct 12 2011 4:10pm FLAG
I want to seduce my lil suster I'm she's 10 I knw its wrong bt I cnt hlp it I rrly wnt to hump her bt everytime I want nt she sais

petrppan Dec 08 2011 12:32pm FLAG
I'm she's need help please

Qwerty Jan 11 2012 5:45pm FLAG
I just need one of you ladies to . Hit me up at

whoknows?? Mar 12 2012 3:57pm FLAG
i want a guy to put his penis in my vagina and just me really hard with his d*ck and his c*ck then i will suck on it lick it really hard.

anytmous Mar 25 2012 9:05am FLAG
Sisters are the best teachers, but a bit difficult to seduce. If a guy is the oldest, it's a bit more difficult. The best route is to start with hand jobs. They like that. Once they get used to that, it's easy to get ANYTHING you want. Lick their , and you'll own them - ANYTHING you want. I've been getting EVERYTHING from my sis since she was . She's tops in everything now.

Rockhrwrld Mar 26 2012 12:53pm FLAG
hi im and my sisters 18 but really fit and i want to her HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stephens Apr 16 2012 1:29am FLAG
i want to have sex with my little sister .since when she was young her ass and her breast are small .when parent were not around i always like to seduce her but she dint want to .but like her so badly please i need ur advice how to reduce her

mgm magama May 06 2012 2:39am FLAG
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Horney boy Jun 03 2012 7:57pm FLAG
your a bunch of sick ers

truth teller Jul 08 2012 7:05pm FLAG
Suck it

Me Jul 17 2012 9:09pm FLAG
I want my 10 yr old sister give me a bl*wj*b and I don't know what to do,we wrestle sometimes which I always felt her and every time I touch her she just let me lol

Masterbater Jul 25 2012 1:32am FLAG
My little sisters always feels my vajj but she does it when she thinks I'm asleep..

Sacha Jul 25 2012 7:37am FLAG
I just seduced my sister i just saw her drawing something and i just touched her boobs then she sucked my p*n*s :)

SuperBooby Jul 27 2012 6:40am FLAG
Let your towel drop when you pass her room Hook me up with a girl Preferably 6302900343

Someone Jul 29 2012 8:54pm FLAG
Would love to f**k you! call me at 810-564-3442!

PJ Aug 02 2012 12:19am FLAG

meow Aug 14 2012 7:45am FLAG

brains Aug 14 2012 7:45am FLAG
incest... =_= there's lot of women out there! why it's have to be your sis?????

Anonymous Aug 15 2012 3:15am FLAG
this is my advice... go get a therapy! you guys so sick!

Anonymous Aug 15 2012 3:16am FLAG
I wish I had a little sister anyone want to lone me there lil sis lol

no1uknw Aug 23 2012 1:30pm FLAG
Lmao, hilarious!

Anonymous Sep 02 2012 1:44am FLAG
Im and live in enumclaw. Im a guy and if you want to have sex with me just post ur number

Anonymous Sep 07 2012 7:54pm FLAG
Enumclaw is in washington just to let u know

Anonymous Sep 07 2012 7:55pm FLAG
By the into girls...not guys.

Anonymous Sep 07 2012 7:56pm FLAG
Well, my problem is strange. I aman indian, I have a really really beautiful sister, whenever i try to touch her when she is awake she doesn't let me do that, but I almost touch her boobs every night when she is asleep nd she doesn't wake up or say a word. How do i seduce her for real sex???

Anonymous Sep 13 2012 8:58pm FLAG
I have a cuzin and her lil friends keep coming to spend the night at our house, I feel like one of her friends stares at me for some reason n shes always speading her legs when she sits down.. Does this mean she's ? And if yes or no what should I do so i can f. U. C . K her??

Mr. Man Sep 21 2012 10:13pm FLAG
Well first get her by strip teasing or something then boom works every time for me ;)

Lezzy liz Sep 29 2012 2:57am FLAG
Just rub her back or try to tell which kind of dress to wear in which luk outstanding nd pretend to make fitting hr dress whn she is dresing

1 Sep 29 2012 10:40am FLAG
im goona get my 6 sister righr now

Anonymous Sep 30 2012 8:56am FLAG
I'm she is 7 I want my little sister on my c*ckadoodle but I recon she will tell on me but I can I do it....."Accidentally"

H00rn3y-kid Oct 11 2012 3:35pm FLAG
Sick basterds aint you,that's incest and its wrong if you dirty peodophiles think this is okay go ahead.......yeah one time I dry humped my sister,but it was curiosity and I got beat up and lefyt oin thje attic for 2 days you deserve worse u want physical nacked sex get a life and a girlfriend,,,,SICK BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:[|

this_concerned_guy Oct 12 2012 7:55pm FLAG
im and a yr old dry humped me?

confused Oct 14 2012 1:29pm FLAG
hey why does a dry hump me and hold my hand and tries to kiss me and im does he like me

confused Oct 14 2012 1:30pm FLAG
Wow! You're gross...tryna to seduce your sister. Heres a thought find A !

Anna (: Oct 14 2012 7:02pm FLAG
Im boy, how do I seduce my 22 year old cousin Girls skype me if ur curious or hrny @ hugh.maugg

Anonymous Oct 16 2012 10:20pm FLAG

Lund Oct 22 2012 5:55am FLAG
80% people here who say they have had their little sister is lying, don't believe or do that they say, i've done it with my 10 year old sister and i'm 22, and you can tell these idiots lie, because they all said it was easy to go in their sisters. honestly, for the girl and guy, when the girl is that young, it is very painful, her body is very small, you WILL NOT!!! be able to fit it all the way in, trying to force it to do so, will not only cause pain, but can cause her to have to go to the hospital! best way is to slowly get close, within two weeks time, take naps with her, help her alone in her room with homework, spend lots of time, hug her, pat her head, do soft gestures like that to gain her affection, let her walk in the bathroom when you are showering, you can do the same too her, every night when shes deeply asleep, GENTLY rub her crotch, this will slowly begin to make her feel aroused, even when shes awake, let her watch anime/movies where couples do small things, and she will get curious about it all, when she asks you about it, and she will, explain it in really good detail, so she can't get it out of her mind, play fighting with her is good way to let her feel your crotch against her, also good way to get a touch of her crotch, legs and chest. take her to movies, rent movies, and all that sort of stuff, you'll know exactly when to make the first move, which will be kissing her, after that, things will go a lot faster. all these idiots on here have no idea and are just making a lot of stuff up. She will bleed, no matter what you do, even if you finger her and pop her cherry, she will still bleed, so don't worry about that! also, younger girls most the time naturally like anal, so try fingering not only her crotch, but her butt too. when you eat her out, don't be a god damn virgin about it, suck on her cliiit and get her whole crotch in your mouth, this will make her enjoy it even more. DO NOT!!!! try to force this stuff in a very short time! at least 2 weeks! sometimes it takes 3, but it is well worth it. too all those idiots who think incest is wrong, 80% of the bible is based on incest, so is the roman history, Egyptian history, italian history, and many other cultures that where around for hundreds of years before north america! IT IS ALSO FALSE!!!!!! THAT INCEST CAUSES DEFORMITIES! IT IS NOT TRUE! AND HAS BEEN RECENTLY PROVEN! also, if your sister hasn't reached her period yet, she cannot get pregnant, i repeat, SHE CANNOT GET PREGNANT!!! so do not use a condom, it will only make it worse for her, and she will NOT! enjoy it.

Truly Anonymous Oct 23 2012 7:06pm FLAG
Your all goin to burn in hell...

Me Oct 24 2012 10:06pm FLAG
Exspecally you truly anonymous sick o your all a bunch of sick ass kides whos parents proble malested you or u watched to meny of your fathers ***os its too any hoes out her to n rape the poor child you all r some really sick and twisted children.....

Me Oct 24 2012 10:17pm FLAG
And truly what ever the off....

Me Oct 24 2012 10:26pm FLAG
@Me kid, you can't even spell, you are probably some arab idiot. seriously, i'd kill you and not even care, stop spreading your culture to others, this stuff has been around for thousands of years. My advice actually helps them, and prevents them from RAPING their little sisters, rape is way more violent, painful, and traumatizing. grow up, me and my sister both understand this stuff, and she gladly gave herself, to a person who genuinely loves her.

Truly Anonymous Oct 26 2012 5:25pm FLAG
Lol your not only funny your crazy as hell and if you feel like what you and your gross ass sister have been doing is right then why don't you tell your parents or other people and stop being anonymous rite your not because you know it's gross and sick and wrong so you grow the f*** up

Me Oct 27 2012 11:46pm FLAG
and you need to stop spreading your sick ass twisted Ways and just because you're going to burn in hell don't drag other people into it truly anonymous my ass...i mean go on line and meet some one no should be coached on how to f*** a relative what if you walked in on both of your children having sex with you pat them on the back b real hell no its just wrong and like I said if your so proud why is it a secret tell your mom and dad your friends cus if the dumb b**** get pregnant what the f*** are y'all going to do dumb asses

Me Oct 27 2012 11:58pm FLAG
Let the dumb gross ers be tards and have baby's with 3 arms and 2heads sick basterds

Yournmom Oct 28 2012 8:56pm FLAG
I've been trying to get my lil sis for 2 yrs she’s I’m only a few yrs older but she lives in a diff state so we don’t really get to see one another in person but webcam is nice ;) anyway I’ve made it to the point where she tells me literally everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, right now I’m working on her being comfortable walking around ***** and not care if I watch or not, it’s taking a while but I know when we move in with each other I’m going to be banging the crap out of her.

Anon. Oct 30 2012 2:05am FLAG
No sick o get a girlfriend there r too many sluts online to b having wett dreams about your blood sister Iean really bro

Me Oct 31 2012 7:31pm FLAG
No sick o get a girlfriend there r too many sluts online to b having wett dreams about your blood sister I mean really bro

Me Oct 31 2012 7:34pm FLAG
Why the hell wud u wanna get ur sisters lol???

yo mama Nov 06 2012 9:23pm FLAG
That me kid is especially the cross its from the Egyptians

Swagg Master MATT Nov 09 2012 11:22pm FLAG
my sister up till this tmday behind her boyfriends back (; Yolo c;

Swagg Master MATT Nov 09 2012 11:31pm FLAG
Im and I need someone to plz tlk to me

Mysterious man Nov 10 2012 12:52pm FLAG
I'm a guy & i want my 10 year old cousins . How do I seduce her?!?!?!? Dat fine little ass

The Hack3r Nov 10 2012 10:04pm FLAG
You need your ass beat no sicko...

Ppl Nov 16 2012 10:41pm FLAG
I want to seduce my cousin sister i am and she is 24 pls advice

krissh Nov 24 2012 1:05pm FLAG
try 2 play the nervous game with him,she

euejjj3d Dec 04 2012 5:38pm FLAG
Juzz smh...

BadderDanU Dec 05 2012 11:08pm FLAG
text 4193569563 to tlk to me

john Dec 15 2012 5:35pm FLAG
I never had an older brother to please me :/ I need to be pleased :( 19 f NY hmu with how you would please me. send pics i'm so my vagina aches :(

gal Dec 15 2012 6:11pm FLAG

YOU Dec 17 2012 5:48pm FLAG

YOU Dec 17 2012 5:49pm FLAG

YOU Dec 17 2012 5:50pm FLAG
want to get my sis , but she alredy know things bout sex, she think im pervert, help?

slayer Dec 27 2012 3:10pm FLAG
hi everyone you are all gross and i don't know how you could me.

poppy adams Dec 28 2012 12:26am FLAG
lmfao i found this blog acsdentley (cant spell sorry) and read it because it has tips on screwing all girls not just 10-. i think every one on here is alittle f***ed in the head, me too. i am just a u spu out it to the world

slick back Dec 30 2012 12:13am FLAG
ok tenichal err, i am a **** who wants to f my gf. but truly ananomass u r messed up. i have a sister but i would never concider what u reguarly do to urs. come on man where in hell is ur gf. dude u just r sick i agree with "me"

slick back Dec 30 2012 12:20am FLAG
imagin the pyhic, mental issues like a infereority complex, or even death it is extrem case but it can happen. i mean when u get seruos with a girl, n u stop cold one day n ur sis walks in but u wont make her feel specal any more.

slick back Dec 30 2012 12:26am FLAG
she will want anwsers and all u have is that u need to make a other girl feel special insted of her. especaly if ur the only bf like experence she has ever had. she will start to question her self. and later in life when she sees that, acting like that is not right.

slick back Dec 30 2012 12:32am FLAG
ur sis may be mentaly hurt for life, it is molesting with concent, because u have permition does no make it right. molestating has mental issues that come with it for a reson, that is. if dady loved me so much, why? a girls virginity is a specal thing, because u want the first to stand out from the others

slick back Dec 30 2012 12:39am FLAG
its the same for a brother. i am not low enougf to do my sis. but if you want a young girl go find one dont break the trust of family. and idgaf if the world was built on insest we as a race, as a civilization have moved past thoughs days. we live in citys with plenty of women. so insest is no longer right in this civilized world so all sister f**king can cral back under there rocks and live without cars, metal, internet and moden food u are noting but the deepest filth of are citys so please go live

slick back Dec 30 2012 12:50am FLAG
like the famly f**king monkeys u are, how do u look ur parents in the eyes. i wouldent spend 25 cents on a bullet to kill u.

slick back Dec 30 2012 12:52am FLAG
U nasty mother ers

Tcr7 Dec 30 2012 1:46am FLAG
Go kill urselves

Anonymous Dec 30 2012 1:47am FLAG
Everyone who said they did their sis is a liar! How could u ever even try to seduce ur sis with the threat of her telling your parents. Get a life sickos

Uguysrallsickb*strds Jan 02 2013 4:43pm FLAG
I'm and want to a girl

Anonymous Jan 03 2013 7:01pm FLAG
a girl i mean

Anonymous Jan 03 2013 7:02pm FLAG
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Anonymous Jan 03 2013 7:04pm FLAG
My girlfriend and i have alot of akward moments but really like each other. I need help making less

rogoi is awesome Jan 03 2013 7:12pm FLAG
um.. EW. u guys should ready yourselves for hell. cuz its definitely coming your guys's way. sickos.!!!!

ew Jan 05 2013 1:30am FLAG
do what i do. i "wrestle" with my sister and get her into a sex position, keep wrestling till its essentially dry humping, then run back to my room and wank

a guy from texas Jan 06 2013 4:15am FLAG
hey im a guy I guess you could say im how but anyway, my kik is jacobiskewl and im looking for girls to chat or have fun with ;)

jacobiskewl Jan 06 2013 4:46am FLAG
Y'all some nasty motherers get a life and a girlfriend and treat your girlfriend nice be open with her and play truth or dare after you've fingered your girlfriend and she's touched your d*ck and she's dry humped you while she's wearing nothing but her panties and you are completely ***** when she does it then she will eventually dare you to have sex with her while your playing truth or dare that's what my girlfriend did.

Noneyobussiness Jan 06 2013 8:25pm FLAG
Nasty motherers

Noneyobussiness Jan 06 2013 8:26pm FLAG
I'm sister is how do have sex with her

jason Jan 13 2013 5:11pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 26 2013 3:04pm FLAG
I was and she was . She was pretty grown up for her age, and she was almost totally developed (36C I think). Anyway, her and I were home alone, I was on the couch with her beside me. I was wearing basketball shorts, she was wearing some tight fitting yoga shorts or something like that with a sports bra. I was flipping through channels when she asked, "Anon, am I attractive?" I looked at her awkwardly and said, "Sure... Why?" "Well, all of my friends have boyfriends, and I don't." "I'm sorry (I'm not gonna use her name), there are plenty of fish in the sea. Look at me, I don't have a girlfriend and I'm completely fine." She leaned over and hugged me, pushing her full breasts against my bare chest. Then she put her hand on my thigh. She said something like, "I just don't think I'll ever have one and get the chance to have sex." I have always kind of "liked" the idea of incest, but I've never really thought about trying it. "(Name), you are extremely attractive. If you weren't my sister, I would give it to you so hard." She started smiling and I could tell she was starting to blush. Then she goes, "but since I am your sister, you can't? Why not?" I was like, whoa. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I just looked at her and said, "Uh.. Well, because, that would be weird, wouldn't it?" "Not really. I've always thought about having sex with you." "Really?" "Yeah... I've fingered myself a lot thinking about you. I popped my cherry while doing it, so you won't have to worry about that." She started inching her way to the tip of my penis. I knew it was a bad idea, but I couldn't help myself. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her on top of me. I started kissing her and pulled her sports bra off, revealing her nice breasts. I started sucking on them. She was moaning as I did this. She got off of me and pulled my shorts down. (It's about 7 1/2 inches long while hard). She looked up at me and goes, "wow. I knew it was big, but not this big. I don't know if I can fit all of it inside of me..." "That's okay. You don't have to. Wait, do you have a gag reflex?" "Not any more. (Then she smiled and winked at me.)" She put almost half of it in her mouth all at once. My entire body felt amazing as she worked her mouth and tongue around my shaft. "Holy sh*t. That's awesome." "Do you want to do me?" She laid on the floor, and I pulled her shorts down to her ankles. Her p*ssy was clean shaven. I started eating her out and fingering her. She was moaning and grabbing my hair. This wasn't my first rodeo. "Do you have a condom?" she asked. "Yeah, I'll be right back." I came back with a condom and she snatched it from my hand. She threw me on the couch and opened the package. Then she slid it over my d*ck. "We're seriously gonna do this," I said. She just smiled at me and straddled me. She gently pushed it inside of her. I opened my mouth but no sound came out. It was so unbelievably tight that it almost hurt. After a few minutes of working it in, she started bouncing on it and started screaming loudly. I said, "I'm about to cum." She got off and pulled the condom off. I stood up and started jerking it pretty fast. I came. A whooooooole lot. I mean, an excessive amount. All over her face, in her hair, on her breasts, everywhere. She got up and ran to the bathroom. There ya' go.

Anon Feb 08 2013 9:16pm FLAG
Who lives in mission texas that's and is a guy who wants to dry hump ONLY

Natalie_34 Feb 10 2013 9:49pm FLAG
im and she is 9 how do i dry hump her ass

j2 Mar 05 2013 8:07pm FLAG
help with out her telling our parents

j2 Mar 05 2013 8:08pm FLAG
hey if ur a girl wanting to just msg ;)

zman Mar 10 2013 7:54pm FLAG
If your a girl and want to kik me @Ciabatoni27

Anonymous Mar 13 2013 8:41pm FLAG
Want to have sex girls kik me @Ciabatoni27

Anonymous Mar 13 2013 8:42pm FLAG
Wtf? Y'all are sad.

Anomonous Mar 18 2013 8:59am FLAG
When she sleeping but udmr parents rare not around quietly hold her breast amd her vagina when she shock rape her... Thats all.

Yikes. Mar 30 2013 8:38am FLAG
I'm 26 and I want to my 18 year old Girlfriends 2 sisters, one is and the otha is 9, my girlfriend thinks it's hot that I want too... We all stay together, how do I do this ?

South-African-Hot-Guy Mar 31 2013 3:38pm FLAG
just sit in her bed then unzip your pants to shoh ur bonr through ur pants and if she dosnt freak out start masterbating and see what she does.

Anonymous Apr 21 2013 2:19pm FLAG
I'm , my sister is . I try humping her all the time.

Anonymous Apr 22 2013 8:07pm FLAG
i never new guys were dat stupid i new day were stupid but not like dis

pretty bitch Apr 26 2013 4:37pm FLAG

iedmy™©®%〒※°/\∞& Apr 30 2013 3:31pm FLAG
Your correct Pretty B those guys are so sick! I have to agree with you comment I Quote: i never new guys were dat stupid i new day were stupid but not like dis getting sis hot n at those early ages they need to wait n get them selfs a Gf for cripe sake. she at those ages will destroy there life. Nuff Said.

willis a dad May 01 2013 4:02am FLAG

looker May 02 2013 1:32pm FLAG
That's discusting my brothers and I have great family relationships and if u r desbrate enough to have sex with ur little sister then u should rot in hell!! Get a girlfriend for peet sake!!!!! Do u seriously want ur little ,,sister to have an imbread child with u!!!!what will ur parents think!!!!! Ur a horrible person and my brothers don't even want me to go swimming with a bikini on becuz they're scared that people will be checking me out!!!! Btw I'm my brothers r , and 22

Tia Jun 05 2013 2:02am FLAG
And if my brothers did that they would feel bad and I would to I would be pissed off and I'm sure they would feel very horrible and everything would be awkward sitting there watching tv and ur wondering if ur brother is looking at ur crotch through ur shorts thats discusting

Tia Jun 05 2013 2:05am FLAG
Ok so I was reading and I think that slick back person might be my brother but I'm not sure becuz I don't know what half the crap he said meant but yeah

Tia Jun 05 2013 2:20am FLAG
im and i need a younger gf some one , anyone

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Ok i got mixed feelings about this....thing with sisters. First of all, as i was reading these posts i was like, there is no way that your going to get your sister to do this. Second, when she says she wont tell, she ends up telling. Trust me i know, ill tell my lil sis something like for example: were going to buy dad a present. She promises not to tell, but when he gets home the first thing out of her mouth is: dad we got you a present! Trust me guys, for the love of god, dont bang your sis.

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I kinda agree with @Truly Anonymous back there, except that he's 24 and his sister like . Not the point though. Guys, i've actually have had sex with my sister a few times and i know it's wrong, but i love it! After each time, we can't help but feel guilty by what we've done each time. Its a bad thing yes, but here's a story from me; we started by just touching eachothers bodies, that went on for a fuking YEAR! after a while we started touching the private parts, and it was still followed by depression and guilt. After a long time, 4 years, i ed her when i was doing anal with her. After that we had sex every few months. She's now going out with my best mate and im going out with hers, so not only are we cheating, we are commiting a terrible thing. Just think about it from now on people. its a lot more common than you think. You dirty s disturb me.

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What was wrong with all these people who could not spell or write grammatically correct? Also, the people who kept saying you all are sick for writing I want to hump my sister. Do they really think that would stop people from wanting to do it or writing it here. And how did they find it? They searched for it!

Aynoniemouse Oct 21 2016 11:51am FLAG
That is called incest. It is against gods law and immoral. What kind of person thinks like this. The same kind of people that go to jail and turn gay while inside. No real man or boy with any kind of feelings for their own siblings would stoop to this kind of behavior. By the way most of these animals spell I already know the color of their skin. P.S. Do you know what this can do to your sisters self confidence or future mental health? No, I didn't think so. I hope you all get raped in jail or better yet get shot down in the street by a cop. Bye skum. ing perverts.

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