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how can i get my sister to give me a blow job?...

The Problem: i want a blow job from my sister, how can i get one from her?

Asked by: blyop at 12:29:46 AM, Saturday, July 31, 2010 PDT FLAG


Eat her out then tell her she owes you one.

Anonymous Jul 31 2010 9:17am FLAG

you sick bastard. theres a word for this and its: INCEST. dig a hole and die.

little sister with regrets Aug 01 2010 10:44am FLAG
Incest is sex with sibling. According to a former President, oral stimulation of genitals is not sex. Therefore sucking off your bro/sis is not incest.

Elana Kagan Aug 01 2010 5:55pm FLAG

Anonymous Aug 02 2010 9:49am FLAG
Let her see you jerk off. When you see her watching ask her to help. Find out if she rubs herself then you can do it together . From there it is easy to move to blow jobs and licking. If she goes EWWWWW and runs away when she sees you jerking you are out of luck.

Horny Bro Aug 02 2010 2:25pm FLAG
Jeremy Kyle show for u... sick

Anonymous Aug 11 2010 8:18am FLAG
sick c*cksucking incest wtf is wrong with you

seriously Aug 19 2010 10:18pm FLAG
A good brother teaches his sisters everything they need to know to please a boyfriend. A good blow job is part of her training.

Muhammed Aug 26 2010 4:04pm FLAG
that is wrong, and how aquward would it be when your sitting down for dinner in your house knowing your sister has just given you a bl*wj*b sick freak

Anonymous Aug 29 2010 1:36pm FLAG
that is wrong, and how aquward would it be when your sitting down for dinner in your house knowing your sister has just given you a bl*wj*b sick freak

molly <3 x <3 Aug 29 2010 1:37pm FLAG
give him your hard d*ck bro!let her feel it! you know i need blow jobs too!anyone?

6inch_d!ck Sep 02 2010 3:05am FLAG
bf and gh always trouble.So do not go to gf.Prepare own sister.She will prove to be best gf once prepared and will give all pleasures always.not go after gfs only try own sister.I also enjoy with my brother.Take my

Anonymous Sep 20 2010 2:10am FLAG
Ask her to stand just behind you as you sit in a chair, have her blow on your hair. There; you just got a Blow Job from her, and best of luck on that normal sex thing, with normal people thing.

Abbynormal Sep 26 2010 4:26pm FLAG
Dude, it's so easy to find relief for this problem! Take your sister and go to the small town of Yunguyo in Peru, (South end of Lake Titicaca) find a local native priest named Maximo Coa, get him to take both of you up to the top of Mt. Kapia (Just Southwest of Yunguyo; there he will sacrifice both you and your sister to the Tiu he worships. Maximo Coa has been doing this for decades now and he's really good at it. Both your problems in this matter will be solved, and the Tiu will be propitiated as he should be with two more worthless human lives. Now go read "The Highest Altar" by Patrick Tierney for more advice to the lovelorn. Seriously; this method is a real problem solver for those who just will not let go.

Abbynormal Sep 27 2010 3:36pm FLAG
c*nt, , ass.

Q Sep 30 2010 4:31am FLAG
?unt, , ass.

Q Sep 30 2010 4:32am FLAG
?UN?, FU??, ASS.

Q Sep 30 2010 4:34am FLAG

Anonymous Sep 30 2010 4:34am FLAG
U sick twisted basterd wth is wrong with you !

John Dec 07 2010 1:14pm FLAG
Tell her to go to your room watch a movie that has a sex seen and talk about it make shore she gets horney then talk to her about blow jobs and ask her if she ants to suck it and there you go

paco Dec 07 2010 1:16pm FLAG
I've never met no one as sick as you that's your sister you doosh bagg like seriously who does that or thinks about that, I'll tell you who people that can't get punani

momasboy Dec 07 2010 1:18pm FLAG
Dued have yah played call of duty black ops its sick yah gotta play it

COD feen o_o Dec 07 2010 1:18pm FLAG
Sick bastard

Anonymous Jan 02 2011 12:50pm FLAG
wtf is wrong with you my advice is 1)go to the shop and bye a gun 2)dig a hole and lie in it with the gun 3)kill yourself 4) whooooooooooo 1 less sik basterd in the world

ghandi Feb 10 2011 12:27pm FLAG
You just need to find ht eright time ... it can happen.

Anonymous Mar 14 2011 8:34am FLAG

Anonymous Mar 20 2011 4:32pm FLAG
My sister allways gives me a blow job and i give it back too her were all one in the lord's eye so meaning were all brothers and sisters

Anonymous May 19 2011 7:36am FLAG
How many people here have had sex with a famly member? It is the best sex you will ever have. So dont say you think its sick until u tried it!!!

Anonymous May 28 2011 10:50am FLAG
Just rape her and say it was an accident

Brian Peppers, look me Up May 29 2011 12:20pm FLAG
BEG! Then bang her till you fill her with all your cum and it is dripping out of her!!!!

bang her! Aug 08 2011 9:37pm FLAG
I would just her and MAKE her suck my d*ck. Cant say no if shes passed out ;-)

$ne@ky_fuk Sep 30 2011 4:45pm FLAG
you could just pretend u a playing cod or something and u forgot to put ur d*ck back in your pants so she sees it and she might get and she might think ur emmbarressed so she might give u a blow job thats is wat im saying about wat has happened to me

ULTIMATxPANDA Oct 02 2011 6:18am FLAG
ok so those people that said this is wrong... you obviously looked it up dumass

pissygurll.5 Dec 21 2011 1:29pm FLAG
Unzip ur pants in front 0f her and ask if she stares at ur c*ck she is d0wn with it it happen t0 me its awes0me

Wh0urpimp Dec 21 2011 8:34pm FLAG
walk around with a boner. And when you see she is tell her if she could do it.

Josef Frizl Dec 23 2011 3:09am FLAG
Walk around with a boner bro...

Mohammed ally Jan 22 2012 8:43pm FLAG
Gregory!!! How dare you.

Your mom Jan 22 2012 8:44pm FLAG
I would just go int je bathroom and text you sis and tell et to come im the bathroom and ask if she cam reach something but also bring a extra pair of clothes and when she says ok start changing amd take it slow and when she opens the door make sure your pant are down and you have a boner a hard boner and them see wjat she does

Shawn Jan 29 2012 9:21pm FLAG
I would just go int je bathroom and text you sis and tell et to come im the bathroom and ask if she cam reach something but also bring a extra pair of clothes and when she says ok start changing amd take it slow and when she opens the door make sure your pant are down and you have a boner a hard boner and them see wjat she does

Shawn Jan 29 2012 9:32pm FLAG
I tried to do that tonight but my brother kinda got in the way of the plan because he had to go pee amd my sis has amimg lips she and me have sex evey day

Anonymous Jan 29 2012 9:34pm FLAG
She is giving me a blow job righ now and it is amzimg necause i am licking her amd putting my d*ck in her vagina

Shawn and the last one blog was me Jan 29 2012 9:36pm FLAG
im ing her in her bed she's a sleep so no one knows no condom she's gonna have my baby raping her is the best

anonymous Feb 12 2012 8:32pm FLAG
my sister is a 22 year old model and im and weve done everything from hold hands to have sex and still do

Sparky3 Mar 23 2012 3:22pm FLAG
Do her

jeff Mar 28 2012 2:22pm FLAG
my sister was going through videos in my laptop.'accidentally' she came across a video.i asked her not to open as i 'ddid not knew' it was a *** one. but she became curious and opened it. i was stunned as it was showing a girl giving a blow job to a boy. in 69 position! but she acted normally and continue watching the video. after minutes there was a ing scene.i asked her to stop. but she did not. the video ended with the girl blowing the guy and licking the cum. once finished, my sister look at me me and said. good one. i was speechless. while she behaved as if nothing happened. i told her that you should not have watched it. she replied. i am 18 and i can always watch therse stuff. after that there was a minute of scilence. then she told me. do you like to do it. i was stunned. i could not reply. then she statred to lower my pyjama and took my d*ck out and wanking me. in few minute she put my d*ck in her mouth and blew me. i was in heven! after that we never talkted about the incident. but my sister keeps on talking to me about her boyfriend and stuff!... i think it is normal to hav such incident!

Anonymous Apr 11 2012 8:47pm FLAG

xxxx May 06 2012 10:46am FLAG
I have the same problem help me

Horney tim May 07 2012 5:10pm FLAG
I have the same problem help me

Horney tim May 07 2012 5:10pm FLAG
Why do you want a bl*wj*b from your sister you sick bastard! O I know, you just can't get a girl friend. You desperate sick bastards!

Just lick her out

Anonymous Jun 24 2012 12:42pm FLAG
when you wake up make sure only your sis is awake and don`t let her see you then go in your room get a boner and take off your clothing next walk by and make sure shhe she sees you finaly say that your penis hurts from all the cum inside you to your self loud enough for her to hear and boom she might ask you if she can suck you it worked for me and every morning she wakes me up to suck my ten inch c*ck and then lets me her hard and then goes back to my blow job for the rest of the morning my life is a *** movie

Anonymous Jun 24 2012 12:46pm FLAG
when you wake up make sure only your sis is awake and don`t let her see you then go in your room get a boner and take off your clothing next walk by and make sure shhe she sees you finaly say that your penis hurts from all the cum inside you to your self loud enough for her to hear and boom she might ask you if she can suck you it worked for me and every morning she wakes me up to suck my ten inch c*ck and then lets me her hard and then goes back to my blow job for the rest of the morning my life is a *** movie

Anonymous Jun 24 2012 12:46pm FLAG
Just go in her room or let her come in your room. Start a conversation about sex. At night she probably won't be wearing a bra. Look for hard nipples. When you see them you could possibly get a boner make it so she can see it. Bring attention to it she will look trust me. Talk about bl*wj*bs and how you want one so badly. Then offer to eat her out. She will soo give you a bl*wj*b.

Big C*ck Jul 04 2012 8:17pm FLAG
my sister is 23 and im . she sends pics of herself to her guy friends do you think she would give me a bj?

Chris Jul 19 2012 4:02pm FLAG
Drug her and while she sleeps shiv your in c*ck down her throat hard top u cum on her mouth.

Sisterer Jul 27 2012 10:01am FLAG
Suck her c u n t first the stick your big c*ck in her

monster Jul 27 2012 10:03am FLAG
Put on a pair of her pink panties and jerk off in front of her and her friends while they film you. Then blow your load on her face and she will suck your c o c k dry.

C u n t Jul 27 2012 10:05am FLAG
Promise to real good and make her c u m and then slide your big fat c*ck in her hot c*nt hole,

CUM in your mouth Jul 27 2012 5:16pm FLAG
Once my sister came home drunk and was half undressed in her bed playing with her wet c u n t . I walked in and she kept rubbing herself so I pulled off her panties and started to lick the c u m from her dripping p u s s y. SHEJUST GOT E D! And I licked her out. She turned 69 and sucked my stiff c o c k for a return favor! I blasted so much hot c u m in her mouth she couldn't swallow it so it dripped out the sides of her mouth. Just then mom walked in and saw my younger in her c u n t and my c*ck in her mouth dripping cum. So then my mom said stop that! And closed the door! Nothing was ever said againby anybody!!!

Lucky Jul 28 2012 6:29am FLAG
Just go into her room take ur undies of and stick it in lol !!!

ur grandads anus Sep 01 2012 3:50pm FLAG
talk to her about you wanting to lick a pussey and practice and she will let you and then say can you suck my BIG HORNY C*ck and she will do it! HAVE FUN :)

PUSSEY LICKER #1 Sep 23 2012 9:01pm FLAG
Just pretend that u got out of the shower & get ***** and wait for her to pass by and see u it worked for me

Mr 3000 Sep 30 2012 6:01am FLAG

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 6:14pm FLAG
chock her out and put her head in the toilet and her behind

Anonymous Oct 24 2012 6:15pm FLAG
can anybody that has a sister give me there number i want a blow job only girls

en machine Dec 02 2012 3:28am FLAG
one time when i was three my brother made me put my c*ck in my cousins mouth and me and my cousin had been having sex since then

Anonymous Dec 02 2012 7:26am FLAG
go and tell her that a bl*wj*b is a part of close relationship between brothers and sisters , our negative energy from brain but we eat good food that our positive energy is down of our body and we put are mouth in each others d**ck and a**es.

try it Dec 02 2012 9:53pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 09 2012 3:12pm FLAG
Ask ur sister to that u want gift for bday, and close ur sister eyes with cloths and give ur part in his hand

Anonymous Dec 12 2012 3:14am FLAG
Be touchy with he in a way. That's starts to her to pay attention to you. Then you have to make surre you have a boner and that it is obvious. Don't have your d*ck out but make it bulge out in your pants. When she is talking to you, play around with it and she will most likely notice it. Start jacking off and call her over. Pretend it was an accident when she sees you. This worked for me but if it doesn't, your out of luck. Holy ing nice. I was nervous she was going to freak out and maybe say something to my parents. She came over and Sid she wanted to look. She started to stroke it and then she started to suck the living cum out of it. Then I had my girlfriend over the same night and I was bangin her. It was a good night for me.

John smith Dec 30 2012 5:26pm FLAG

jadmmwtpgj Feb 09 2013 10:20pm FLAG
How ing sisters/brothers ?

ACDCFan4Life Feb 25 2013 10:48pm FLAG
Just ask her and see what she says and offer to return the father

Johny69 Feb 26 2013 10:54am FLAG
Just rape her because I want to rape my fine ass sidtaer because I bet she has a nice . My sister has a sexy ass and that is why you should just rape her

Anonymous Mar 20 2013 8:13pm FLAG
I would like my sister to give me one and then I would like to her up the arse

tb Apr 07 2013 9:14am FLAG
iput my finger in wendy cooke,s arse

bbn Apr 07 2013 9:16am FLAG
For play, become friends close friends best friends. Make her laugh make her feel your pain desire and fantasy that has smart soundings good helping handouts type of reason. That will help both of you.

theonlyway Apr 11 2013 3:06am FLAG
Just ask her

little boys 69 Apr 20 2013 4:47pm FLAG
hard cox

Anonymous Apr 29 2013 10:33am FLAG
do it or youre scared.

HardRich May 15 2013 8:05am FLAG
my sister was pissed once when i was like 18 she was 20 at the time and she was ed her we been sex buds for years shes got a bf but every saturday she comes down my house for sex its not cheating because we family. i would go for it maybe she feels the same

Anonymous May 30 2013 12:14pm FLAG
go for it man she probably feels the same way. most girls do but they afraid of being found out my sister lost her job and we regularly have sex to make money on the side i give her 40 dollars a day but she's my maid and i regularly her its so easy i don't even have to leave the house.on day she said i need to make money i said ummm what can you do she said i can do this and started giving me a blow job

Anonymous May 30 2013 12:24pm FLAG
im how to get my sister 10 me a blow job

poop Jun 22 2013 2:45pm FLAG
I have a hot sexy sister with big tits and I was going through her texts and she told her friend she is so ed and the her friend said what are you doing and then she said I'm masturbating so ever since then I wanted to ask her if she will give me a bj

I'm so H0RNY Jun 24 2013 1:37pm FLAG
Start by playing truth or dare and say somthing like I dare u to take your panties off and slowly work up to a bj

Bjeveryday Jun 25 2013 1:08am FLAG
Wait till she sleeps then slip c*ck in her mouth

Anonymous Jul 27 2013 11:53pm FLAG
I'm guy I after she sucked my c*ck itsinches long and 4inches wide my sister loved it so did I my mom walked in on us once and she took off her bra and gave me a tit job with her huge tities

Anonymous Jul 28 2013 11:32am FLAG
I'm she is . How do I get her to want my d*ck

me Jul 31 2013 10:43pm FLAG
I am also and she is eleven. When we were young she licked my d*ck i licked her p*ssy. Idk what to do. I'm afraid she might tell if I do something with her, or ask her.

Anony Aug 15 2013 9:02pm FLAG
Ask her straight up "will you give me a blow job" and tell her how you feel sexually if she says no it's fine your sister loves you she won't tell your parents #Real Advice

Anonymous Aug 23 2013 8:26am FLAG
Tell her I will give u 100+ money if u do something with me and if that dosnt work try to find out a big big secret that she dosnt want anyone knowing and say if u suck my d*ck I won't tell anyone

Lmaoo:) Aug 24 2013 11:13pm FLAG

Pedobear Aug 25 2013 4:23pm FLAG
just act drunk and put your d*ck in her moutg

Anonymous Sep 14 2013 1:40am FLAG
I agree with Lmaoo: offer her money. A prime time to do it is when she has had the " birds and the bees" talk, but doesn't know what a bj is. Then tell her what it is and offer her money. Give her the money after u tell her that she cant tell mom or dad.

adviceforsex Oct 09 2013 2:35pm FLAG
JUGcpL Great post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

exFIAkwSQedugGq Oct 24 2013 3:39pm FLAG
my sister loves giving head for money we went shopping she said i like them shoes i said if i buy them for you you need to pay me back she said ok got the shoes went home told her to dress like a slut she said ok she was sucking me off dressed like a slut and i blew my load all over her face.

Anonymous Oct 27 2013 6:54am FLAG
my sisters cheating on her bf i told her i'm going to tell her bf she said what do you want i said suck my c*ck she said omg you so sick then she got on her knees and sucked me off then my hot mother walked in she was like omg!! you 2 are sick then i said shut it and pushed her on the floor and made her suck my c*ck now i got the 2 them as sex buddies and they love it..

Anonymous Oct 27 2013 7:05am FLAG

A Theripist Nov 02 2013 9:38am FLAG
just raped you sister as i do.later you can ask her to bl*wj*b.

Gundo Nov 08 2013 12:34am FLAG
Go to her room and ask her if she fingers herself, if she says yes, then ask her if she wants to get real action on your d*ck

muncher Nov 10 2013 12:25pm FLAG
Rape her

Petifileboy Nov 10 2013 12:26pm FLAG
WbpUOu Awesome article post.

MGTTgDiAGURfqCBq Nov 18 2013 4:02pm FLAG
Kill urself u INCESTIAL futherer

Cool guy Dec 16 2013 11:20am FLAG

ing retard Dec 16 2013 11:23am FLAG
she will regretted

pipi Dec 26 2013 5:56pm FLAG
Watch *** together then pull out your clock let It hang out sometimes masturbate in front of her then ask if she will suck the tip as she as her mouth around put your hand on her head and very quickly push her head on your d*ck after she give a blow job bend her over and her

blow job guru Jan 12 2014 9:35pm FLAG
Wrestle with her then when she on top wip it out and have her stroke it

Hdsjsn Jan 22 2014 11:42am FLAG
After taking a fake shower come out in a towel and then drop the towel:-)

expert Jan 23 2014 6:26pm FLAG
Tyou3p Thank you ever so for you blog post.Really looking forward to read more.

uUiAusgjfcbFHMz Jan 31 2014 11:35am FLAG
Get really drunk then walk around the house *****

Anonymous Feb 17 2014 11:49pm FLAG
6inch_d!ck- i can give u a nice LONGGGG BJ

anonomys Apr 22 2014 11:21am FLAG
7gKYx5 Thanks for the article.Really thank you! Awesome.

tcngRJFg Jun 17 2014 4:24pm FLAG
Every one is so judgmental and doesn't understand a persons mind set. All you bible thum

Anonymous Jun 23 2014 9:30am FLAG
All you bible thumpers are brother and sister your great great parents are Adam and Eve. Get the over. If it is so sick why are you on this thread to begin with.

Anonymous Jun 23 2014 9:32am FLAG
Gross wtf

Anonymous Jul 06 2014 4:59pm FLAG
Offer her $50.00 I would blow my brother for $50.00

Candi Kane Aug 25 2014 12:57pm FLAG
my sister loves to blow me its so funny her bf haven't got a clue we been cheating for years last night she come over she was in a mini skirt dressed like a slut she striped for me we had sex then she went home she told me i got to her properly

Anonymous Aug 31 2014 6:23am FLAG
Dont have a sister but i got a cuz she lick her nipple an her pant un button with her playing with her so bad she dose this every time she high an when she at my house she wlak around with hard nipple an her pants un button i real shy an scared to try any thing she always bend over an show me that nice ass help me plz she hotter than hell

Hard d*ck cuz Aug 31 2014 6:52pm FLAG
GiVe me a girls number who is willing to give me a blow job

Horny Oct 11 2014 5:50pm FLAG
My sister would but what do I say?9

Gkbxfjvsr Oct 12 2014 3:16pm FLAG
If u have a sister give me her number I want to so bad and I'll tell her to give u a blow job or have sex with u

Anonymous Oct 21 2014 9:23am FLAG
And I'm really my sister every night it's the best

Anonymous Oct 21 2014 9:24am FLAG
I think if you just talked to her about it.Its just sex.Like you friend doing it for a friend.

woody Nov 28 2014 1:17pm FLAG
Truth or Dare. Dare her to

Anonymous Dec 06 2014 5:19pm FLAG
i think ing a two month baby deep and getting the pergant but i have had sex with a baby and if i get beat up my name is ashley gibson and i live at 19 egdewell cresnet

ashley gibson Feb 17 2015 2:01am FLAG
i love to have sex with my sister in front of my mum and dad but my sister is preggers with my baby and i hope the baby dies in front of me so my sister will blow me off and i my mum and daddy

adam james cokley Feb 28 2015 1:17am FLAG
Black mail her into giving you a bl*wj*b.My sister is and a bedwetter and wears a diaper and plastic pants to bed every night,so i get a bl*wj*b from her once in a while for not telling anyone she wears the diapers.

Trevor Mar 11 2015 6:45am FLAG
I black mailed my sister into giving me a bl*wj*b last may after making her first communion.Our parents made her wear a diaper and plastic pants under her communion dress like the little girls do,and i took a couple of pictures of her with the diaper and plastic pants on under her dress and told her i would should them to her friends if she didnt give me a blow job.I snuck into her room and she got down on her knees and sucked me off wearing just her diaper and plastic pants!.

Kyle Mar 20 2015 6:13pm FLAG
Anyone wanna suck my d*ck I'm so

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Rape her sick son of bich

you Jun 03 2015 7:47am FLAG
My big sis blows me practically daily... I think she enjoys it a little more than I do >_>

Anonymous Oct 26 2015 11:06am FLAG
What do i ask her

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AASHIQ AAWARA Jan 07 2016 9:54am FLAG
Tell her to close her eyes and open her mouth, then stick your d*ck in her mouth

Anonymous Apr 01 2016 5:30pm FLAG
all you guys that say it is sick you had to search this question to find this conversation

anyone Apr 22 2016 1:46pm FLAG
My sister is and a bedwetter and wears cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.Every so often,i go into her room during the night and she takes off her nightgown and gives me a bl*wj*b in just her diapers and plastic pants!

Josh Jul 15 2016 6:27am FLAG
play c*cksuckers now!!!

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