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The Problem: I want to sex with my sister in law (wife's sister) she is too hot and sexy. she talk with me about sex, but when i tell her for sex. she always refused and angry with me. i want to press her boobs (36) but she don't want what i do pls sugges me

Asked by: sexwithme at 03:50:00 PM, Wednesday, August 25, 2010 PDT FLAG


I got my wife's sister about a year after her divorce. She had always been flirty with me. My wife felt sorry for her and asked her to go on a cruise with us. One morning it was just her and I in the cabin. She slept in the top bunk and when she started to climb down, I got a good look at her . I went over and ate her out and made her cum right on the edge of her bunk. Then we went down on the lower and I screwed her to two orgasms. It was great.

Dave Aug 26 2010 8:11am FLAG

right ok.. heres the answer. your a sick fuk :) ' i want to press her boobs ' << what the fuk is that ?? if she gets angry, get the hint :) its not gonna happen wee chap:)! x

. Aug 28 2010 8:21pm FLAG
i aqreee wiith Heeer ^^ lOLLL(: sorry duude it aint gunna happennnd !

TUUREE Sep 07 2010 2:48pm FLAG
put ur hand in her neck and than slowly come down a bit and than put ur hand a bit more and than press her boobs slowly.

Anonymous Sep 12 2010 1:36am FLAG
dude? wat the fuk is this? ur wife's sister?? go get a life!

fuk_u! Sep 12 2010 4:07pm FLAG
I did my sister-in-law while on tour last year. DUDE, just do it already!

Justin Beiber Sep 27 2010 2:49pm FLAG
make her feel that u would be the best husband in the world,make feel that she is able to speak about her inner feeling i.e; sex.she would automatically tell u that she would like to have sex with u..)........since i have worked out

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