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Please help me to Seduce my mom and Heck her.

The Problem: I have a strong feeling of attraction towards my mother right from childhood.I am 23 and my mom is 43.I would like to heck her and her in all possible manners.My dad is still alive and we are a family of 3.He does goes to office at 9.00am and comes back at 5.00pm.I want to do everything such that he doesn't even get a faint idea of this.My mom is very conservative lady and doesn't drink either.She is uneducated as well so I can't make her read *** stories to get her aroused.I have made sure she sees me ***** all the time I want her to see me but hasn't even given a slight hint that she draws any pleasure from that.I really need to her badly otherwise I will get crazy. Please help me.

Asked by: momdreamer at 06:12:46 AM, Thursday, September 16, 2010 PDT FLAG


we all wana have sex whith our hot mothers dude look i wana have sex whith my mom because her nice boobs nice body and hot face and im

wanahavesexdude Sep 19 2010 8:48pm FLAG

Bad genetics you idiot; all your potential children will come out as Zombie Mutants and have to be then killed by us Zombie Hunters with crowbars, shotguns, and other weapons before your soulless walking dead spawn can eat our brains!

Abbynormal Sep 20 2010 7:31pm FLAG
Why on earth would you want to "Heck her", as opposed to simply having sex with her?

Abbynormal Sep 26 2010 3:45pm FLAG
The last thing your resulting soulless Zombie spawn shall hear from my lips is, "DIE ZOMBIE SCUM! DIE! DIE! DIE!"

Abbynormal Sep 26 2010 3:48pm FLAG
lol that's a good one abbynormal!

the same boat as you Sep 28 2010 3:51pm FLAG
But momdreamer, if she hasn't had her tubes tied or uses the pills, then you can only do her with a condom, unfortunetly that sucks because with a condom you can't feel anything and you might as well be jerking off. However trojan or however it's spelled, made a condom that feels like it isn't there, so that may be of good use. But the best thing you can do if you've seduced your mother, or rather when you seduce her, is to use spermicidal lubricant to kill the sperm when you ejaculate in her, thus you get to feel how good her vagina is, and also get the fantastic feeling of cumming inside her! I'll post how to seduce her some other time cause right now i need to be getting to my own mother and sister. It's our first three way together! ;)

the same boat as you Sep 28 2010 3:55pm FLAG
PS. I don't know if they still sell spermicidal lubricant so you may have to try and order some online.

the same boat as you Sep 28 2010 3:57pm FLAG
rape her...beat the out of her and make her go down on you...then stick it in her ass and make her call you daddy

sick freak Sep 29 2010 8:57pm FLAG
all of you are liers no one here did this to a family member I know you are making all of this up

Anonymous Oct 07 2010 6:21pm FLAG
thats gross seriously im now gettin sick of people who wants to they mothers

bbgirl Oct 16 2010 7:30am FLAG
when she is in kitchen jest go touch her ass whole and her from there on words, if not tell me

sister ass whole sucker Oct 20 2010 12:27am FLAG

CRAZY B1OTCH. :) Oct 20 2010 5:20am FLAG
Sex with your mother is the greatest thing you will ever do! I have done it and recorded it! If you want it email me now Nov 05 2010 8:26am FLAG
u r totally ins@ne, hw cld u wnt 2 taste smthng whch u cme 4rm ag sis man. y dnt u buy a prostitute or go heck ur dog.

collen Dec 07 2010 8:43pm FLAG
hell thats bad you dirty son of the bitch

YOur Mother Jan 05 2011 6:09pm FLAG
you should go to your mom and tell her what are you want?

Jack Feb 20 2011 2:42pm FLAG
sick perverts go and die

indian Mar 18 2011 4:33pm FLAG
I myself am experiencing the urge to seduce my mom. I once gave her a hug and squeezed her titties a bit with my elbows with my arms wrapped around her shoulders and she told me I give great hugs so that must be a start! Now tonight before bed she gave me a kiss so I kissed her back (on the lips) and she told me I was a good kisser! I am and my mom is 54, but looks so good for her age! This is normal for most **** boys, it may be just a phase, it just depends on whether you take the opportunity to seduce your mom while you still have these feelings for her! I have interests in another girl right now but sexing my mom has crossed my mind a lot lately... Advice?

ItsTrue Mar 19 2011 7:37pm FLAG
Hello um... Hello um... Hello um... I like fossils in my ass i like to lick fossils and sperm all over them yes... um... and i love to put fossils in my mums vagina when she is asleep. and i like to eat my own poo. May 27 2011 9:07am FLAG
i want to me cuz wen i get up in the morning im just in my boxers and she always look down at my c*ck how should i seduce her please help me

mother er Jun 08 2011 9:49pm FLAG
just rape the out of her iam and my mom is 33 and fine luckly her tubes are tided but she wants to untie them and wants to have my kids

chase ruth Jun 25 2011 11:49pm FLAG
after ur bath just walk around her showing just ur penis under ur towel.and hug her tight and just kiss her on lips. She will try to move but dont let her and after some time she will response

almas Oct 22 2011 3:32am FLAG
I would like to experiance that im dowm

510 Feb 02 2012 12:23pm FLAG
bad idea

rocker Feb 08 2012 10:21pm FLAG
I also want to my mom im 18 and she is 36 but she shwows no singn and i have seen her *****

lauda Mar 02 2012 11:51am FLAG
Give sleeping pil

Su Mar 23 2012 8:28am FLAG
indian...i want to discuss abt mother erectiions... pls mail me at

machvetti Apr 01 2012 6:40pm FLAG
great dude even i too have lots of fantasy abt my mom ....i use touch her boobs and ass while sleeping .... wanna her any suggestion r experienced person can contact me .....pls mail at

rahul sharma Apr 08 2012 3:11am FLAG
tell her that u luv her

Anonymous Apr 18 2012 1:07am FLAG

Thomas Apr 21 2012 1:26am FLAG
thu nimmmana nan dengthini mother means a visible god u busturds u dont knw the value of mother.....dont think like that friends it is bad minded ...

manojavam Apr 25 2012 6:29am FLAG
ya friend i will obay ur words today on words i dont only other my friends mom by unknowing my friends,,,,,

rohith Apr 25 2012 6:32am FLAG
I dnt knw how to? But i do like to do with my mom

Kanan Apr 27 2012 1:58am FLAG
Guys by reading all this am got som courage. My name is Nikil age 21 & my mother 38. I wanted to see her ***** so i kept my mobile recorder on wen she went to hav bath & it recorded that she was bare top wearing a blouse. My moms bra size is 36 but her boobs size is very small may be cup size B, i didn't lik her boobs because it was sagging. Oh bye guys i hav to masturbate now.

Nikil May 28 2012 3:36am FLAG
Le sule maga manoj ninage esta adre ninna ammanna dengu ella berergadru degakke bidu. Do it or else leave som one to do it.

Nikil May 28 2012 3:47am FLAG
I wanna my mom me guys, email me at plzz!

iwanna Jun 21 2012 3:33am FLAG
I wanna my mom me guys, email me at plzz!

iwanna Jun 21 2012 3:33am FLAG
Wanna me plz

Ur mother Jun 27 2012 11:04pm FLAG
hey guys if u want to have with ur moms ,i can suggest u ,plzz write back

guyhot Jul 10 2012 10:10pm FLAG
i want to your mothers and sisters everyone of you which have any advise please give me with her/his mother and sister because i really need the advise and the one who i told you

mother er Jul 12 2012 4:29am FLAG
Omg Becky look at her butt

Her Jul 15 2012 5:31pm FLAG
plz. give me tips how to seduce mom...plz..i need it..

top Jul 24 2012 10:49pm FLAG
im four**** and i want to heck my mom. My brother gets off work at nine tonight. How do i seduce her?

four**** Jul 27 2012 12:59pm FLAG
Just give her passionate hugs from behind then make sure she feels your hard d*ck on her ass then start rubbing her tits then before and I'm

Aug 08 2012 11:14pm FLAG
i grabbed my moms sexy tits she scremed becased she was in the shower and i rubbed her an ran

anal61 Aug 12 2012 7:00pm FLAG

RAVI Aug 30 2012 2:03am FLAG
i am and my mom is 38 my mom change only bra infront of me and i am ***** also infront of my mom and they donot say anything so please guys tell me it is seducing me for a sex?

anal Sep 25 2012 3:04am FLAG
it is too sexy guys medium boobs best figure mindblowing mom..

anal Sep 25 2012 3:05am FLAG
hai india no one hugs their mother .but even hw to seduce her.give me tips guys.plz

prashu@lover42 Oct 02 2012 10:45am FLAG
I need some advice on seducing my mom she has big ing BOOBS and a nice ASS its so tempting any advice pleas email me Oct 10 2012 6:43am FLAG
I am so hot to heck my mom I can't stand it. I really hope I can.

Paul Scott Oct 12 2012 4:26pm FLAG
Good vry good, , ,if u r a experienced then plz cntact me!??M a indian Oct 13 2012 8:45am FLAG
When u r alone with ur mom then raise ur d*ck in front of ur mom and give some smiles and talk to her in low voice.

Momer3 with mom Oct 16 2012 10:55pm FLAG
One night i had gone to my mom room n see through key hole that my dad pressing my mom boobs n my mom giving bl*wj*b.

Dirtyson@ Oct 16 2012 11:04pm FLAG
I also wants to my ho mom tell me the way how can I do this ? I can hugg my mom very easily , where I kiss by which I can seduce her fastly

moms dreamer Oct 20 2012 10:22pm FLAG
Just bend her over take out ur c*ck and ask her if she wants to sit on it simple answer there and then

mother er Oct 24 2012 1:35am FLAG
Give her a massage olied or lotion

Redneck Oct 25 2012 4:59pm FLAG
give some sleeping pills then enjoy ur night .bcz i tried 3 times its a nice experiance.but it is danger.apply condom also.

Ganesh Oct 26 2012 2:35pm FLAG
Hey I'm too I wanna heck my mom too I need advice I'm like the most freakin ever tho seriously

Fellow Oct 29 2012 6:03pm FLAG
shut the ot of you ASS HOLE NIGA Nov 04 2012 7:29pm FLAG
I want to FCK my mom and i'm i've tried loads but it doesn't seem to work any suggestions email here:

that guy Nov 14 2012 6:19pm FLAG
tell her u want to her in the ass n that it is harmless if well-lubricated

ssexx Dec 01 2012 7:08am FLAG
while she is sleeping i rubbed her pooku

seaw Dec 06 2012 5:23am FLAG
First all of you love her and have a strong and deep relation with her. Then while moving close with her you may touch her on her hands waist ect. Try to kiss her cheeks and then her neck and go on one by one. By this time if she is willing she herself take you to the next step.

advice Dec 12 2012 12:05am FLAG
Mom is the best teacher of sex

kamalkumar Dec 27 2012 10:49pm FLAG
I'm and i want to seduce my mom any tips

years Dec 30 2012 8:33pm FLAG
I'm to I want to her so hard my dads out of town tommorow what do I do

Zac Dec 30 2012 11:26pm FLAG
Has any had sex with their mom plz tell me so I can come to know how the experience is................btw any years gals in mumbai interested in sex call me 9930219562 plz totaly .....never had hav sex in my life want to try....

Mumbai Jan 14 2013 11:54pm FLAG
dear look first when she is tired tell her to relax and tell her let me give you same massage try to use your hands and give her massage start from her back side shoulders, arms go very slowly down but be very slow massage her back for long time when u realize that everything is quit and you mom enjoy your hands slow go down and give her massage when it u arrive to butt dont touch it go down to feet and come up slowly try to touch her butt not by you other body parts do that several time you will realize that she is enjoying then touch her butt with your palm once if she didnt shecked then do that again and again that is the time give her butt a good massage put your hand in her anu and touch it now from back side touch her put you finger and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what will happn and what is happining you know that not none of us

Tufan Jan 16 2013 11:32am FLAG
i made out with my mom and i tasted her hot wet slimey tongue in my mouth and then i did it with her and she tasted my jizz and it was hot. point of advice: its hot to do it with your mother.

Jan 27 2013 8:54pm FLAG
tell her

22 Feb 01 2013 9:49pm FLAG
Im and I want to do my mom but im sorta scared to try anything because if she says no I'll be grounded till im 18 but I really want to do her I masturbate to her almost every night I've seen her just not her and her boobs are big and so is her ass please help me

anonymous Feb 18 2013 1:57pm FLAG
To seduce my mom I let her see me masturabat at night with my door just a litle open several times Then i started to hug here with a bon*r and made shure that she woos feel it and kiss her on the cheek. Then i started getting erections on perpise in front of here faking that i didnt notice that e have an erection.And then when she whase taking a shower i asked here if i can use the toilet and then i took of my clothes and went in the shower with here.I started kissing here and touching her boobs at the same time , and then she sucked me and had sex ...Until this day 5 years later we still have s*x every day and our relation is still like before :

TheBoss20 Apr 03 2013 2:19pm FLAG
I am currently 18. i was having a fantasy to seduce my mom since i was . i then read various articles on net and tried seducing her by that various ways.i used to see her ***** in bathroom when she bathed and it was like my live *** show.every night then i started calling her in my room to sleep nd i use to kiss her on cheecks for mins...!! and then hug her tightly and sleep one day light went off and i was usually kissing her and then realising the advantage i kisses her lips and licked it she refused it but then i touched my hard pennis to her thighs and she let out a moan and you guys know that what would have happened next...:D

ultimateMomer Apr 05 2013 9:41pm FLAG
I've felt this. My mom has an amazing figure. Her ass is big and her tits are perfect for grabbing. I always try to cuddle with her on the couch. My dad works late night shifts meaning i get to sleep with her. I always hug her from behind and when i'm hard she notices. I was hard one night and coming to bed. I was making my way to hold her from behind, when she turned around. All she did was stare at my c*ck. (Through my shorts) I got up and went to my room. I grabbed a playboy magazine and was jacking off. She walked in, and i tried to hide it. Vut insteAd of walking out, she came over to me and pulled me in close. I got to feel her warm breats against me. It made me even harder. She told me to just stay in bed while she went to sleep. Well i have one of those blow ups. I ed the blow up all night. I wanted my moms attention. So i rocked my bed and made the loudest sex noises i could. She walked in on me banging the doll. I acted like i didnt notice. All i saw was her staring at my masive c*ck slide in and out of the doll. The next morning i didnt say much. I was making yself some breakfast when i noticed she was in the shower. I stripped down and crept into the bathroom. I jumpe in the shower with her. She didnt mind. Then i got hard again seeing her *****. All i did was lay in my room thinking about girl. Wow.

Jessica Tomlinson Apr 10 2013 7:12pm FLAG
Hey my names Jessica Tomlinson. Add me on facebook? Im blonde. You'll see me. (;

Anonymous Apr 10 2013 7:13pm FLAG
ask whether she likes to have drinks? Then the law of attraction will come in to force

xxx May 09 2013 7:39pm FLAG
Show your boner accidentally

Messi May 09 2013 7:42pm FLAG
try put pennis inside her when she sleep than everithnig go alone

kokot Jun 01 2013 11:49pm FLAG
read incest stories in

advice Jun 11 2013 11:32am FLAG
Just let her know how you feel my son told me how he felt and I let him me im 44 and my son is

Ashley Jun 18 2013 12:35pm FLAG
I had a dream about having sex with my mom. Now I think all the time about having sex with my mom. Alot of times when she hugs me I nearly cum. I really need to have sex with her

Nick Jun 23 2013 5:29pm FLAG
what should i do!! im yrs old and i want to my 55 ye old mom she looks great should i hig her from behind?

hi Jun 27 2013 6:23pm FLAG
Abuse her treat her like trash then she will let u her

Anonymous Jul 07 2013 11:02pm FLAG
Ok I'm mom is 52 wtf do I do I want to have sex with her so bad

Fang Jul 10 2013 1:50pm FLAG
hello guys already i am doing sex with my mother along with my friends

Anonymous Jul 20 2013 8:00am FLAG
me too doing sex with my mother but she having big size i think she having sex with some other guy !!!!

Anonymous Jul 20 2013 8:01am FLAG
my mom has been sexles for three years of a divorce. so she gets a ton. the thing i do is say sexy comments about her. then at night when she is by my room i moan ahhhh harder mom suck my d*ck. she got so turned on i made her my sex slave. for a day. so now i can rape whenever i want!

Anonymous Jul 21 2013 11:08pm FLAG
my mom has the best figure ever. she looks like brandi love. i used these tips to bang her. 1.) never push for sex if she doesnt want it. 2.) always make sure she is in a happy mood!!!! 3.) make her desperet for c*ck so she comes for more. 4.) try to sleep her and rub her leg, thigh, ass, tits, and then vagajj

Anonymous Jul 21 2013 11:20pm FLAG
hi guys . i too had sex with my mom when i was 19. it just happened accudently. once i woke up in the morning and dint notice that my penis was hard on went to the kitchen and said good morning mom. she started to stare at my pants. only then i noticed that my penis was hard and pointing at her. but she never made that an issue. after a few days i was laying on bed at night and i was masterbating and when she saw the light in my room she came quitly to see wat i was doing. i noticed her looking at me from behind. but i dint know how to cover myself and laid still. after 2min she left that place. the very next night she came to my bedroom slowly to see if i was doing the same. but i dint because i know shw would come. the next morning i was watching tv. mom called me from the bathroom and told me bring a towel for her and hang it out side the door. when i brought the towel she opened the door and said give it to me. at that time i saw her boops nacked and turned aside quickly. then she wore a nighty and went to kitchen. evening when i came from a cricket match mom was standing near the door and said You might be tired so go take a bath and come. i went to the bathroom to have a shower. i just removed my dress and went into the shower. my mom shouting from outside near the door. open the door honey. i need to piss badly. i said im already in the shower. we had the toilet and bathroom together as a same room. since i was i dint open the door. but mom started shouting please open the door . when i opened the door she ran inside and raised her nighty till her hips and sat down to piss. her ass was white and clearly visible to me. i saw her pee but only a few drops. when she got up and turned to my side she dint look at my face at all. looking at my stiff penis she said finish ur bath and come soon i have made some snaks for u. i said ok mom. after the bath i went and had a cup of coffee. mom came to the couch and sat next to me . she said that she had a lot of work today and her legs are paining. she asked me to apply some oil for legs. when i brought the oil i saw her lying in the bed with her nighty raised till her thighs. i asked mom where is it paining? she said its paining from where it is visable for me to apply oil. i started to apply the oil from her foot to knee. she said apply till the thighs. as i touched her thighs my penis began to get hard. while applying my penis was fully hard and mom was looking at my bulge in my pants. suddnly she said you are grown up now. i knew what she ment but i dint speak a word and only smiled at her. after the massage both of us had dinner and i went to bed. thinking if my moms thighs and ass i removed my pants and boxers till my knees and covered myself with a blanket and started to shake my penis slowly up and down. within few minutes mom came to my room. she said that she would lik to sleep with me so that incase if she has leg pain again at night i could help her. i said ok forgetting that my pants are removed half . she laid on bed and shared my blanket also. i was totally afraid thinking that i may get cought. i was not able to put on my pants also because she was quit close to me. she asked me whether i have done with all my work? i said yes im done. she again asked me whether im done with the work that i do all nights? i said theres nothing i do at nights. she smiled at me and said i know it dear. if its not yet done for today then do it soon now itself so we can sleep. i said i dont know what you are talking about mom. she the quickly removed the blanket out of me and was supprised to see my penis with little hard on. she laughed and said "HERE IT IS. SEEMS YOU ARE ALREADY READY FOR IT???" my face got red and i felt ashamed about that. mom said dont worry son . this is all natural go ahead and fini both of us got tired. mom said this is enough for today. and then we slept. from that day till now we.are having sex often. mother is the best sex company for me. hope you liked it guys its not a fake story but the trutj of my life

arunkumarnair Jul 26 2013 5:26pm FLAG
anyone want to have phone sex?

7''ofglory Jul 26 2013 9:04pm FLAG
i once wanted to have it with my mom but it is wrong and sick in a nutshell. just pray relax and get a god for saking gf. she is your mother not a ***star! and none of you have had sex with your mother, so grow up and be mature. P.S. may god forgive all of you!

markopolo Aug 13 2013 9:54pm FLAG

radhe Aug 14 2013 7:29am FLAG
sex with mom is good thing ? If it means then anyone give some reson

Anonymous Aug 15 2013 11:20am FLAG
hello guys i want to have sex with my mom.....if any experienced person is here then plz help email address:- jprakash88766@gmail.como

Anonymous Sep 09 2013 2:17am FLAG
is it good thing sex with their mom?

xxxxxxxxxxxx Sep 13 2013 5:58pm FLAG
you want to touch your mom then here is some advice, first of all try to talk with her everyday,increases ur communication with her,your speak must be honest , but your eye must be move here and there of your mom parts...step by step try to normal touch, because normally young boy or married boy stop to touch his mom..but you have to improve yourself to touch your mom, very rare in weak 5 to 6 must wait long because you are gonna to do some impossible, your work is hard..but you have to try a lot..step by step...improve ur touch..without see notice try to wear some less cloth in night dress, open ur chest always... move your hard to ur chest and very rare to ur pennis with aim that ur mom see it..still u r so far to suck her..step by step..when u alone with her...same way try to see ur tool excited way..make her to see that ur pennis is strong but dont let her know that...pennis strong due to it upto 2 to 4 week.... now next step is improve your touch to ur mom..because u already start to touch ur next turn is improve more touch..WHEN SHE COOK, at that go her behind and touch her shoulder and just touch her should upto 5 minite...she never reject because you only touch her shoulder..u hv to do it upto one she is habituated to shoulder touch.. now tell her some times about ur body pain like..leg hv lot pain..head hv big pain...and says her to massage there with she is ur mom she defenetely says ok..u hv to play more..that really good pain..when she massage your leg only wear underwear with small trousers which is fully during leg massage ur mom easily see ur thigh. so improve like this is turning now with final move...when she again cook now she already hebitate to should ur role is press the shoulder ,,, every time you start to press shoulder..she smile but u hv to press not continue but time to time...still ur vision must be as a son not as a wants to suck her..once 2 to 3 week go final turn is you have to see that u r interested with her...after 3 week of should move and when she cook..try to stay behind to behind..means against her back ur chest, means totally back to back plz not that first day nooooo touch to anypart..just goooo too closed and touch her should, next time u hv to closed fully and..accidently closed parral parts like this your erected pennis must touch and feel by her...then stoppp all..i sure she move here and there to out of ur erect pennis..u hv to behaves normal and day same story...upto when try to cum ur sprum on ur mom underwear..stop all...only do this..plz note ur mom must feel very lightly..if ur mom see ur sprum very fresh, then may be all ur hardwork going to u must do when she dont touch her bra, underwear upto 3 to 4 hours..that time only u masturbation andput ur cum on when she touch her bra and underwear she deferentially note it that its u put cum on finall look is..try whatever you have...when she leg massage u dont wear underwear..time to time when ur mom see touch ur pennis...she must look everytime..ur pennis always excited..more communicate...look her as a woman not as mom now...try tocum more...when she come to ur room...try to masterbation ..means all this u hv do hidely...even she reject must follow ur way nw..because u alredy do very hard work on now result must be positive..and wait for real hv do all..that i mentioned dont think of mom angry or anything..just do do do do..i sure one day...she open herself..she dont tell you that ..but i win too soon..i already win ..and she already start to give me good luck!!

HHH Sep 13 2013 11:47pm FLAG
sex with mom is good or bad

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Sep 14 2013 5:10pm FLAG
sex with mom is like heaven

incest Sep 17 2013 1:02am FLAG
why you all thing, mom son incest is good ? Anyone can tell this

Anonymous Sep 19 2013 5:22am FLAG

bieberhot Sep 25 2013 11:22am FLAG
I wanna my mom real hard :)

amazing Oct 19 2013 10:36am FLAG
why u want your mom

Anonymous Oct 20 2013 10:01pm FLAG
qyQR6U Thanks a lot for the article.Really thank you! Cool.

jdBwOwRyfNm Oct 23 2013 4:48pm FLAG
I really wanna have sex with my mom. she turns me on I sniff her panties in the laundry i wanna eat her bum and vagina

Anonymous Nov 03 2013 10:01pm FLAG
I also took her digi cam from her drawer and found picture of her ***** and cucumber in her ass. I saved all the pictures

Anonymous Nov 03 2013 11:07pm FLAG
incest with mom is right or wrong

Anonymous Nov 09 2013 7:41pm FLAG
I desperately want to my mom... pls help me guys!

somyc Nov 25 2013 2:06am FLAG
somyc I will help u out don't worry

Preetham Nov 25 2013 4:48am FLAG
speak with your mom daily in midnite u 1st confirm that your mom was slept then touch your mom's boobs make sure that she was not noticed then increase your love no her act like you are the person to take care of her touch your mom while you are talking to her then try to sleep with your mom first few days dont do nothing then touch your mom boobs and belly he she noticed that you must act as slept daily do like this one day she will not bothered about it after that day try to touch your mom's ass in between me there days show your c*ck to your mom by mistakenly

drift Dec 01 2013 9:12am FLAG
Its insane by thinking to sleep with ur mom.what happen to all the girls in the street? if everybody go their mom for sex then the young girls will go to the beast. its insane

annonymous Dec 22 2013 2:43am FLAG
Devil has taken over a lot of young boys & girls & don't be among them.Run for your life.I tell you the truth, You will rot in HELL if you did not repent of all these sins.wait until you will mature to a full adult & get then you can enjoy sex & the benefit of it.remember sodom & gomorrah, its this kind of sin that provoked GOD to destroy that race.BE WISE WHILE THERE IS YET ANOTHER CHANCE FOR YOU.IF YOU DIE DOING THIS,YOU WILL BE SORRY FOR YOURSELF & GOD WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU.GOOD LUCK

Annonymous Dec 22 2013 2:55am FLAG
its bad

annonymous Dec 24 2013 10:47am FLAG
make a hole in the bathroom gate and let her know that you are peeping from the hole . she will ask you then you should refuse . she will one day open up

xxxxxxxxyyzz Dec 25 2013 3:03am FLAG
Catch your mom in an act. Then use it against her . Worked for me and after that she keeos on coming back for more i can even last minutes now ()

momer Dec 26 2013 6:55pm FLAG
i just giv her hugs from behind

appp Jan 07 2014 11:51am FLAG
Z3wpow Hey, thanks for the article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

AcoAIMMoAjMQhLAjWY Jan 08 2014 7:06pm FLAG
I wanna lick my moms ass so hard when she drives me to work I can't resist.. maybe I should just jump on her and do it? What would she do?? would she resist?? or would she let me? I have a feeling she would let me kiss her all over and undue her pants and finger her and than let me c*ck out? Its hard to know when...

trevor Feb 15 2014 6:39am FLAG
I didnt had sex with my mom by i was daily sleeeping with her.. She usualy take some medicine which makes her so sleepy every night.. So its easy for me to touch all her part.. I am so happy for that.. Time to touch her boobs.. Bye :)..

Rhoony Feb 16 2014 1:14pm FLAG

Catman Feb 23 2014 1:21am FLAG
Please save the world pserveert

Anonymous Feb 23 2014 3:23am FLAG
rBQJED I loved your blog post. Awesome.

CXGMZFMvNB Feb 28 2014 3:37am FLAG
sleep with your mom , slowly rub your c*ck on her ass.

motherer Mar 14 2014 4:31am FLAG
You are fgt.

whogivesa? Mar 16 2014 8:05pm FLAG
yj2nIH Really enjoyed this article. Awesome.

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Why don't u musterbate watching ur mom sleeping!

You mother er! Mar 26 2014 11:20am FLAG
zy4SL2 Really enjoyed this blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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OGUO4P I am so grateful for your blog. Really Great.

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incest between two consenting people is nobodys business. It makes the bond between u 2 even greater

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I am also green horn. This is idea I thought of. Why don't you ask your mother like "will you report to police if I kill some one.". Wait for positive answer. Than ask for play like truth and dare. Ansure that they have to do or tell.. Try to ask some simple question and than to a complex one. It I guess is a simple way where you can ask for axe at last.

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God isn't real and if u live in southeastern us its legal

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