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what is masterbating??

The Problem: im only and i want to know what masterbating meant cause i go to a christian school and my teacher came up to my friend and said, "is it true that you were masterbating in class"? and she said yea

Asked by: fallyn911 at 01:46:12 AM, Wednesday, October 13, 2010 PDT FLAG


Masturbating is when you pleasure yourself without someone (:

yo mamma ! Oct 13 2010 2:17pm FLAG

Masturbating is a girl rubbing her cl*t and slipping her fingers inside to get off after her boyfriend blows his load all over before he even gets his d*ck in her.

Frustrated Oct 13 2010 8:33pm FLAG
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text me on a weekend only Oct 13 2010 9:02pm FLAG
Girls are so lucky cuz we can do it almost anywhere. Get your friend to show you where to touch to make it feel real good. Boys do it too so get one of them to show you that too. Boys make some stuff when they masterbate thats real slippery so you can rub yourself real good inside and out.

Selena Oct 14 2010 6:14am FLAG
masturbating is when a girl rubs and sticks her finger or a dildo inside of her without a partner and masturbating for boys is when the jack off like they take there hand and go up and down on there d*ck wit there hand and pleasure themselves

bbgirl Oct 16 2010 6:57am FLAG
text me on the weekend only- i cant text u without ur erea code duh!

fallyn9 Oct 16 2010 7:28am FLAG
fallyn9add me to MSN... and then u can give me ur number and we cant text

usamattman Oct 19 2010 1:17pm FLAG

CRAZY B1OTCH. :) Oct 20 2010 4:57am FLAG
This response was flagged for inappropriate or offensive content.

CRAZY B1OTCH. ;) Oct 20 2010 10:16am FLAG
ok the guy inb da last comment u have been writting the same in all pages no it isnt a good idea not if u want ur dad to kick u out off the da house or kill ya!!! u are a sicko u motha fcking basterd

u juss got told by a ****! Oct 25 2010 6:26pm FLAG
ok the guy inb da last comment u have been writting the same in all pages no it isnt a good idea not if u want ur dad to kick u out off the da house or kill ya!!! u are a sicko u motha fcking basterd

u juss got told by a ****! Oct 25 2010 6:26pm FLAG
crazy biotch- i was just askin and ik im a christain and im not havin sex so shut the up! and the kid who wants my numer, no cause idk if ur like a raper or somethin so no and i have a bf

fallyn9 Oct 29 2010 8:38pm FLAG
crazy biotch- i was just askin and ik im a christain and im not havin sex so shut the up! and the kid who wants my numer, no cause idk if ur like a raper or somethin so no and i have a bf

fallyn9 Oct 29 2010 8:38pm FLAG
Why not call me Matt and we can talk dirty :-* 0754050 :-*

Crystal Kate Oct 31 2010 3:06pm FLAG
wat the...ewww!(im to) ewwwwwwwww!!!!

wat the... Nov 06 2010 6:09pm FLAG
Don't use my tag name you jerk!! Stupid bitch, you have no creativity. And you'r obviously not me since you used a winky smily face instead of just a smily face. And you've said the same in other threads. F**king moron. AND NO IT'S NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! JESUS!!! Oh, and Fallyn9, maybe you should shut up since your the idiot here. :) moron

CRAZY B1OTCH. :) Nov 10 2010 11:09pm FLAG
touching your middle part

so what Nov 20 2010 6:16pm FLAG
touching your middle part

so what Nov 20 2010 6:16pm FLAG

MISS LALA Nov 20 2010 11:47pm FLAG

~avenged sevenfold lover~ Nov 27 2010 1:04am FLAG
im only retard! and why the hell would I have sex? im single anyway!

fallyn9 Dec 12 2010 8:07am FLAG
Sigh. Kids these ing days.

BlahBlahBob Dec 27 2010 1:11pm FLAG
you guys are dumb asses cant you just say what masterbating is damn. im and i do phone sex with a guy and i wont call your ing number

haha yup Jan 09 2011 10:33am FLAG
I havee usedd myy Daughters bratz doll's Horse face and Cummed 19 times (every time i useedd itt) x

Anonymous Jan 10 2011 2:44am FLAG
i love masterbaiting it feels so good i usallly do it when i do phone sex or when im just sitting in a chair at home i do it alot though. but i usally do it with my fingers not really anything else haha.

haha yup Jan 10 2011 1:53pm FLAG
Dude no one take his number

Girl d Jan 23 2011 9:24pm FLAG
Dude no one take his number

Girl d Jan 23 2011 9:24pm FLAG
we know that

haha yup Jan 25 2011 6:53pm FLAG
Why was your friend mastrubating in class?? That's crazy youre only , and at a Christian school too! Wow that's sad...

ASDF wack-a-doo Jan 27 2011 3:21pm FLAG
ikr it sure is and the christians what would jesus do

haha yup Jan 27 2011 5:39pm FLAG
Crystal Kate i can talk dirty my number is 4-335-3536 text me or call me each one works.

Jay Jul 05 2011 10:29pm FLAG
I know what masterbating is and im 19 and I do it often

Anonymous Sep 02 2011 11:01pm FLAG
I know what masterbating is and im 19 and I do it often

Anonymous Sep 02 2011 11:08pm FLAG
uuuuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! doin it know

that guy Jan 17 2012 6:57pm FLAG
I'm and I no what it is

Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm Jun 24 2012 5:32am FLAG
wow wht kids wanna learn and do these days and no trying to have se.x with ur mom is just not right dude ur a sick retard ? _ ?

→p@t?h?$$← Jul 31 2012 7:39pm FLAG
oh and mia name is weird bcause im doing this on my dsi xD but still thats just plain grose who has se.x with their mom well is anyone on cause im board and dont know wht to do so ppl talk >:( →p@t?h?$$←

→p@t?h?$$← A.K.A →p@t?h&#8592 Jul 31 2012 7:45pm FLAG
Ye u guys r creepe u asked one q. Anc anser about massyurbating and u go in to sexong ur mom. Dude sex is done to some one u love...

Anno Aug 01 2012 1:19am FLAG

Anonymous Aug 01 2012 1:21am FLAG
shut up

anonymous Aug 01 2012 7:09pm FLAG
i think ur all just gross

awsomeness Aug 01 2012 11:41pm FLAG
o and y even ask such a gross question for a

awsomeness Aug 01 2012 11:44pm FLAG
awsomeness is rite y ask

Anonymous Aug 02 2012 11:59am FLAG
It's when you stick your finger(s) in your vagina. (: it doesn't hurt,it's quite good feeling

Me,the girl!<3 Nov 20 2012 8:36pm FLAG
This Ten year old said she had seen his boy friends c0ck and said she ASUCKED it I tinkering its SUPER GROSS Cause I'm 10

Kitten Nov 25 2012 7:33pm FLAG
People you ALL need God in your life so why dont you all just shut up about this stuff and go to church, read the bible, just do something GOOD and Useful with your lives. You may not know it but you all NEED God to sav you all from your sinful lives!

live_for_Him Dec 04 2012 9:11pm FLAG
by the way i love jesus and God with ALL my heart eventhough i am sinful. This fallen world needs god so yes i admit it, i am a jesus freak! "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son and whomever beleives in him shall not perish but have eternal lives" John 3:NIV

live_for_Him Dec 04 2012 9:14pm FLAG
BTW again, im am so.......

fallyn9 Dec 04 2012 9:15pm FLAG
sorry fallyn, i wanted to see what would happen if i tryed someone elses user......

live_for_Him Dec 04 2012 9:16pm FLAG
Only cause u masterbate doesn't mean it's wrong and Jesus will hate u it's natural

Wdygfjbgklbflhgjbhjk Dec 28 2012 1:14am FLAG
Reading these comments makes me really sad that this is what the world has come too

Anonymous Jan 03 2013 11:05pm FLAG

Anonymous Jan 03 2013 11:05pm FLAG
Hahahahahaha this is entertaining watching all u guys act like pedofiles :p... Yeah my boyfriend masterbates a lot

ramdom girl on the internet Jan 04 2013 6:47pm FLAG
I usually hump a pillow for an organism.. Mostly finger myself though.

Bitch. Jan 06 2013 1:03pm FLAG
wtf u lot are all crazy and y would u wanna have sex with your mum that is just rong im and i dont fink bout anything like this !!!!

THE INDIE GIRL XXX Jan 07 2013 9:32am FLAG
Anonymous- i totally diddo that, everyone is so messed up...including me, EVERYONE is!!!!!!

live_for_Him Jan 11 2013 4:04pm FLAG
Oh I just finished masterbating it felf good masterbating is when you Finger yourself

The cool kid down the street Jan 19 2013 10:18am FLAG
For the people who say this is sick y r u looking it up!! And I do it a lot it feels so good

Anonymous Jan 19 2013 11:28pm FLAG
you are weirdos you shuld not even look at this website you herd nothing:]

meap Jan 27 2013 8:08pm FLAG
Yall r stupid I'm 88 and got and iPad so grand maws rock I had sex at 3

Sex Jan 31 2013 1:18pm FLAG
I'm only 1

1 year old kid Feb 06 2013 2:01pm FLAG
But I nw it all

1 yr ld kd Feb 06 2013 2:02pm FLAG
stupid u shold not be thinking about that untell u are older

bionder7777 Feb 19 2013 11:06pm FLAG
I masterbate like 24/7 and it fells GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! but not in school

The HOTTEST girl in school Feb 23 2013 11:00pm FLAG
BTW im like 21 now and is anybody on if not i'll be on tomorrow

The HOTTEST girl in school Feb 23 2013 11:04pm FLAG
well i didn't do it when i was in school

The HOTTEST in school Feb 23 2013 11:07pm FLAG
Da hell

Anonymous Feb 28 2013 6:41pm FLAG
Y the

duck579 Mar 08 2013 5:14pm FLAG
I have never did anything but now I wanna

Bored Mar 09 2013 6:44pm FLAG
Who has had oral sex and is under the age of 18?

Dude really?! Mar 09 2013 6:45pm FLAG
wtf? stop talking about sex oh yea and all people know masterbating is good so bye

jjbgamers101 and braderifuke Mar 13 2013 3:41pm FLAG
also i had sex and i'ma , also wtf?(p.s i put wtf? at the end of

jjbgamerd and braderifuke Mar 13 2013 3:44pm FLAG
p.s i will be posting comments on the /3/

jjbgamers well u know the rest Mar 13 2013 3:47pm FLAG
wow you guys are so weird who wants to have sex with your mom, you know your weird and when...and noone take nones phone# they might be like a freaken rapest

weird peep Mar 14 2013 3:45pm FLAG
u bicth wtf?

jjbgamer101 Mar 14 2013 3:46pm FLAG
ahh rapist!! wtf?

jjbgamers101 Mar 14 2013 3:47pm FLAG
anyone gonna be here on /3/? wtf?

jjbgamers101 Mar 14 2013 3:50pm FLAG
wow thzt waz la time of my life ssseeeexxx wtf!

jjbgamers101 Mar 14 2013 4:36pm FLAG

sex oh gloreous seX SEX Mar 14 2013 4:42pm FLAG
ok if no one is gonna be on im going gay then and hacking this website

sex oh gloreous seX SEX and jjb gamer101 Mar 15 2013 4:04pm FLAG
Its Just When You Touch Youself :)

xxxx Mar 17 2013 11:32am FLAG
ur all crayz if u feel like u need to know then go for it i learnd about sex at age 5 and had gf back then and im now and have a hot gf so if ur still fighting let it be war

i have not yet begon to fight Mar 19 2013 8:04pm FLAG

Anonymous Mar 20 2013 6:46pm FLAG
u guys r weird XD

YO MAMA XDDDD Mar 24 2013 3:41pm FLAG
ok im a dude and i masterbait so what! funny i can reply im useing my 3dsxl cuz my computer has cloud care on it (we all know why) so yeah the 3ds internet browser sucks cant even watch videos :p

my 3dsxl fc 3007 9421 0622 XD Mar 24 2013 4:14pm FLAG

ANONYMOUS Mar 29 2013 5:50am FLAG
ok why are you going to put your d*ck in your mom in the shawor grose i know that and im only 9 going to be 10 in 7 months

masterbaiting girlβ˜† Mar 30 2013 10:49pm FLAG
ok i need to know can i suck my brothers d*ck in the middel of the night i really want to i am

Sex,penis,d*ck,boobs,hymen Mar 30 2013 10:53pm FLAG
ok master baiting is when ok if your a girl you can put your fingersin yourself or you can grab some zukeni and put it in your thing but if your a boy and you have a long d*ck you can put it in your but or you can spit on your d*ck and rub it . and thats how you can masterbait alone i know that and im 10 .p.s i'm on my 3Ds it prety much sucks i can't even watch s*x videos on 3Ds internet browser it sucks my conputer crashed and the mouse broke so ya sory for writing this so long :/

Ashley 10 years old citrus heights Mar 30 2013 11:03pm FLAG
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz now you know your ab'c now jeses will come for me

Anonymous Mar 30 2013 11:09pm FLAG
I am getting this funny feeling down there from reading these comments lol

girl Apr 02 2013 6:33pm FLAG
How the did you guys get so off subject hahaha how did you not know what masterbating is you sums idiots hahaha :)

Bitch plz Apr 08 2013 1:06pm FLAG
Lol hahaha

Bitch plz Apr 09 2013 4:53pm FLAG
Ew this is really disgusting lets talk about ponies !

:p Apr 17 2013 7:39pm FLAG
Hey fallyn where you from? You said you had a bf then you said you were single??? I am single and as well

joe Apr 19 2013 11:59am FLAG
Dude ur an emerald. One sparkling emerald but if Uve got a bf I'll step back. If not I want U under the moonlight

Joe Apr 26 2013 4:31am FLAG
I do it with my hand

hi Apr 29 2013 1:45pm FLAG
Me too

Bitch plz May 07 2013 1:22pm FLAG
Sex is such an amazing thing because us girls get to suck d*cks and play with them like a toy I love d*cks they are awesome by the way I'm having sex right now with my boyfriend

Sex girl 101 May 11 2013 5:19am FLAG
It feels good !!!!!!!!!

Good May 11 2013 6:58pm FLAG

I am a sexy boy 101 May 11 2013 6:59pm FLAG
Im 8 and i masterbait when my friend comes ovet he always takes his shirt off then he takes my shirt off then we will start having sex until my patents come home his big d*ck for a 10 yr old then he cums all over an my started bleeding

8 yr old er May 12 2013 9:13am FLAG
Jk im 18

Anonymous May 12 2013 9:15am FLAG
1 that girl was just wondering 2 there are lots of siccos in the world so dont listen to people that ask where your from or for your phone # 3 masterbateing is perfectly healthy 4 one of my fav songs has a verse that says: β€³jesus loves me when im bad thought it makes him very sadβ€³so u see it dosnt matter whether ur bad or good as long as u keep asking for forgiveness and accept god in your heart 5 i would recomend not getting in a sexuale relationship with a family member because its illegal in canada most plcese in the us and im sure thier are lots of other contries too but thats just from what i hear so i might be wrong6 im and i have very good statisics so i hope u enjoy my littel words of wisdom

wise cookie monster May 12 2013 11:58pm FLAG
I can't beliv im reely reedin ths

WOW May 16 2013 1:23pm FLAG
U A**holes r so stupid

WOW May 16 2013 1:25pm FLAG
Sory im mad

WOW May 16 2013 1:25pm FLAG
I am 18 and I want to know why s who have no boobs or ass want to masterbate...... and all of you guys saying that this is nasty and asking why people wrote this....... yoy looked It up perverts.

babygirllatina May 21 2013 8:12pm FLAG
I just wanted to no what it was oh god now im f up

epic poop May 22 2013 4:17pm FLAG
Y'all is stankie who wants to there mom in the shower u r a prev ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Nun ya May 22 2013 9:01pm FLAG
Wassup I'm bac fingering is not cool don't be nasty and if u got a problem wit me to f***ing bad ok bye

Nun ya May 22 2013 9:04pm FLAG
Im a 6 yr old girl and i think my older brother who is raped me or whatever u call it. Sex?

Gracie May 29 2013 9:28pm FLAG
OK guys. U Are JustDiscussion little Kids little girlsDont. Need to do that or know. About. It get. Maners. Kids

Anonymous Jun 11 2013 12:10am FLAG
Nasty wats wrong with y'all

Anonymous Jun 14 2013 12:12am FLAG
I masturbate while watching *** on my iPod 5th gen. Lol and I'm a guy

Bitch plz Jun 16 2013 11:03am FLAG

AUSTIN MERTINS Jun 19 2013 7:39pm FLAG
Wtf we talking bout i just scrolled all da way to give advice.........i saw on comment wen i was scrolling down and 88 yr old er........#1 we don't wanna know da details even if u did it #2 wtf y yo parents leave u at home by yoself anywayhat

nasty ass litttle and girl just go seek death Jun 19 2013 8:39pm FLAG
*8 yr old

nasty ass little ass girl just go seek death Jun 19 2013 8:41pm FLAG
gross mo fo's

jojo the clown Jun 23 2013 9:56pm FLAG
just shut up

just shut up Jun 30 2013 12:26am FLAG
what happens if you started masturbating when you were five?

girly Jul 01 2013 8:10pm FLAG
Ok, um I never knew what masterbating was till now, and I use to always do it with out realising it, sometimes I feel w so I do it. Is it bad? I'm by the way and I've never had sex, but I really badly want to.

W Jul 05 2013 1:42am FLAG
786083 i need some girl to have fun with any age if u like older

mud Jul 07 2013 11:08am FLAG
Hello any one there?

secret Jul 09 2013 7:36pm FLAG
really u people are making such a big deal out of this. Stop leaving ur phone#s.By the way MUD no 1 is dumb enough to take ur #. Little kids,stop looking at this stuff ur 2 young.U should be enjoying ur childhood. P.S. its no cool to hookup wif ur mom.(':/)

Edvice giver818 Jul 09 2013 9:43pm FLAG
i like masturbating and im gonna do it right now sense evbody else is

nunyabisniss Jul 14 2013 11:53pm FLAG
y the hell would u do yourmom grow up

care taker of death Jul 17 2013 7:02pm FLAG
ps y the f*** would 6 year olds be on this site the should not know about this stuff tell there at least

care taker of death Jul 17 2013 7:06pm FLAG
and i do believe in god

care taker of death Jul 17 2013 7:12pm FLAG
i am and i am on my 3ds too. and your right it sucks u cant watch sex videos :( sh*t also i now say sh*t at the end of everything sh*t

care taker of death Jul 18 2013 7:11pm FLAG
hey caretaker of death im on me 3ds tooooooooooooo ill call u mr.t

lolo Jul 23 2013 4:56am FLAG
i ment*t

lolo Jul 23 2013 4:57am FLAG
Its when u finger your self

Anonymous Jul 25 2013 10:21pm FLAG
I'm nine it Feels good

Cassidy Jul 27 2013 8:26pm FLAG
My dad masterbates

Dumbass Jul 29 2013 7:35am FLAG
If you masterbate you will no it feels good and text me at. 3-308-3643

Sexy girl Jul 30 2013 11:25am FLAG
You guys think so wrong. I cant believe im even on this website. Im and didnt know what it was but now i do which was a bad idea. Smh!

Jonny Aug 01 2013 9:31am FLAG
masturbation is taking a finger and inserting it in your 'special place' over and over again until you reach desired feeling.

me Aug 11 2013 1:39am FLAG
Get a damn job!

tits mcgee Aug 14 2013 7:22am FLAG
oath mateys sex sex sex it's amazing 😍

oath Aug 18 2013 2:06am FLAG
Fuk oath mateys sex sex sex it's amazing 😍

Fuk oath Aug 18 2013 2:07am FLAG
what the hell who the off you men and girls are freeking horney i mean like how tell the ppl that your masterbating and this is stupid how have sex and tell us what ho by the way im and a guy I donot tell my bissniss and kid are freeking hereing what you are saying i fill dome even getting on this danm wibsite

brianwilliams Aug 25 2013 1:05am FLAG
I'm 10 years old I got to privet school my friend is a boy he comes in the locker room and takes off his clothes then he said to take my clothes of i said ok then he stickes his d*ck in my mouth I bit him than he smacked me then turned me on my back then put it in my

Josy Wolf Aug 30 2013 11:49am FLAG
hey lolo send me your friend thing

care taker of death Sep 07 2013 4:21pm FLAG

care taker of death Sep 07 2013 4:24pm FLAG
lolo if u have an xbox 360 send me friend request i am speart of death

care taker of death Sep 07 2013 4:35pm FLAG
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DARRONR808 Sep 13 2013 4:50pm FLAG
U all r disgust ing

nun ur bisness Sep 14 2013 6:53am FLAG
Omg I feel so sorry for u josy wolf but ALOT of of u r disgusting

nun ur bisness Sep 14 2013 6:58am FLAG
Sickos. Girl, I am twelve and I even know what this is! Stupid mother ers think that kids don't know when their being raped! Hav u heard the news? This is boring I'm going to dare my BFF to lick the floor.

Sargent cuteness Sep 18 2013 6:05pm FLAG
text or call at 3308 3536

sexy 10 year old Sep 22 2013 1:49pm FLAG
vadyDM A big thank you for your blog post.Thanks Again.

WmIWpiiHZzUwDbcgKGB Sep 24 2013 1:33pm FLAG
I hump a pillow while watching *** it's . I also finger my cl*t alot. I'm and not a virgin, I have a boyfriend and we have had sex alot at his house when his parents aren't home

Laurel <3 Oct 05 2013 6:13pm FLAG
VkWp23 I think this is a real great blog post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

ChTXiCOGJR Oct 15 2013 12:34pm FLAG
you people are so gross and by the way why would someone want to masterbate

10 Oct 29 2013 6:42pm FLAG
I am ten and I know what masturbating is. by the way it feels so good and you can start doing it at any time

bitch 7 Oct 29 2013 6:48pm FLAG
nAjA9C Really appreciate you sharing this blog article.Really thank you!

kGwhMMwF Oct 31 2013 10:11am FLAG
I'm 18 and I masturbate all The time

crazy bitch :) Nov 08 2013 3:35pm FLAG
I'm and master bating does feel good. Plus I think dirty quite a lot

sexy mama Nov 16 2013 2:23pm FLAG
In really (girl) but will someone kik me cos really need a boy my age to talk dirty to

Sexy , keep licking Nov 17 2013 1:45pm FLAG
That was h*rny

Sexy , keeping licking Nov 17 2013 1:46pm FLAG
Names @floppy_woppy

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XpvuZHDHJ Dec 15 2013 8:45am FLAG
Jesus Christ... The is wrong with you people? 0.0

Who do you care? Dec 19 2013 2:37pm FLAG
Meant to say the ing life.

Dat one^ Dec 19 2013 2:39pm FLAG
I didn't even ing say that

Anonymous Dec 19 2013 2:40pm FLAG

Anonymous Dec 19 2013 2:41pm FLAG
I didn't even say "life" go f**k this f****ing page.

Anonymous Dec 19 2013 2:41pm FLAG
Im and you all are weirdos!!!! -_-

nobody Dec 30 2013 11:10pm FLAG
Masterbating is sexual enjoyment what i do is lie the bath ***** spread my legs and us an electric toothbrush on my c1it and use a pen to finger myself its sooo good

Katie howard () Dec 31 2013 4:58am FLAG
Can I just say all of u who say it's a sin, well that's offensive to mom religious peeps so just watch ures mouths!!

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Da ya'll cussing for u ratchets bitchies!!!!!!!!!

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all u

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hello there

Anonymous Apr 02 2014 10:56pm FLAG
Omg I masterbate all the time I'm doing it know and it feels good

sexy Apr 13 2014 6:53pm FLAG
If u want to masturbate just stick ur finger in and wiggle it around

sexy Apr 13 2014 6:55pm FLAG
ai8o6k Fantastic article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

HKcAGBGC Apr 17 2014 2:20pm FLAG
you guys are so gay its midnight now so shut the up bitches LIVE LAUGH LOVE ALWAYS and FOREVER ps that is my sign

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MyXMWTtbWQmfXXXJ May 12 2014 6:33am FLAG
masterbating is when a man touches is d*ck and jerks it and a woman masturbating is when she shags her own hand or touches herself

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#justgotdonemasterbating #loveit #fags #ANONYMOUS sh*t

care taker of death Oct 27 2014 6:42pm FLAG

care taker of death Oct 27 2014 6:44pm FLAG
the *** is P.O.R.N IT GOT .I.N.G CENSORED

care taker of death Oct 27 2014 6:46pm FLAG

care taker of death Oct 27 2014 6:48pm FLAG
It's perfectly normal

Anonymous Feb 20 2015 3:26pm FLAG
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7fNsIl You can certainly see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren't afraid to say how they believe. Always follow your heart.

MBCwpMjCMNhnynnghN May 05 2015 9:34pm FLAG
Everho e needs to shut the yourself and your friend shouldn't have. Been doing it in school. At home is fine but not at a Catholic school. Also sex is litterly the best thing on the earth. Besides girls sucking each others boobs!πŸ†—πŸ†’πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Sex is the best!!!!!!!!! Dec 25 2015 7:51pm FLAG
Everyone should have sex with eachother because it is so cool. Masterbating is only for people who are such asses they can't even get someone to have sex with them. I've had zex 86 times this month and each time it was with a different person.34 of them were girls BTW. I had fun sucking them. Their milk was amazing!!!!!!!!

I love to suck other girls boobs and people asap Dec 25 2015 7:55pm FLAG
You should come over to my house and I can show you what masterbating is. After that we can have sex. But if you don't want to then I can just rapeyou and you as hard as I can to where you can't get out of bed. I will do this every day!!!!!!!!!

I will duck you whether you wNt me to or not Dec 25 2015 7:58pm FLAG
Masterbating is stupid. If you want sex so badly just come over to my house so I can some too! I'm bye by the way! So don't worry if your a boy well I'll still suck your d*ck! As long as you push in hard I'm fine! If your girl and you don't have big boobs that's OK too. Sex makes your boobs bigger and is super fun at least to one person in your party. You probably have a big puszy anyway! Also a big ass. I'm a girl and my name is Bridgett I live in Kentucky in buffalo! Please come have sex with me. Or let me rape you! Or grab your ass or boobs! Especially boobs! I love she. Milk comes out if them!

I will you and drink all of the milk out of your boobs! Dec 25 2015 8:18pm FLAG
Dude really?! I have exactly 69 times this month. I'm only twelve and if you wNt we can. Have sex. Whether your a boy or a girl.

Suck my ass Dec 25 2015 8:20pm FLAG
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im gay

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