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How can i get my sister to let me finger her?

The Problem: My sister is 18 and she is as hot as it gets. I have thought she was sexy for like 2 years and have wanted to finger her and have sex with her. I am dying to have something other than my hand rub my d*ck, like her vagina or her or her hand. It seems like she wants it as much as i do because her and i both watch a really lot of ***( not together) and she sometimes flirts with me. How can i get her in bed with me?( pleasseeeeee help! I am dying of boredom!!! and she is so sexy its unbearable!!)

Asked by: GoalieNoah at 02:55:02 AM, Saturday, November 20, 2010 PST FLAG


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begjessie Nov 20 2010 9:33pm FLAG

Since she likes ***, find some bro/sis incest ***. Let her see you watching it and stroking. Say her name as you cum. Then ask her to watch with you. Suggest watching each other masturbate while . Once her clothes are off tell her how hot she looks. Masturbate together then get her to touch you. When she is comfortable with that, touch her. Use fingers and oral to make her cum. After a few times ask if you can rub your c*ck on her . When she cums doing that, change the angle slip into her and shoot your load. She will love it.

Saytr Nov 21 2010 8:46am FLAG
bag jheri kid hoopsaalabadamoose

the mad hatter Nov 21 2010 3:10pm FLAG
Hit me on Facebook Or Hit me hotmail

The Metal blood Nov 22 2010 9:45am FLAG
are you blood related..? thats kinda sick.. but i understand xD everyone's got there "needs" how far apart are you in age??

Schuyler Amour Nov 22 2010 8:58pm FLAG
Go for it. At 18 she already had a few d*cks in her so one more makes no diff. I let my bro me anytime he wants.

Megan Nov 23 2010 4:57am FLAG
Megan is a dirty whore

Jesus Nov 23 2010 11:39am FLAG
Megan is a dirty whore

Jesus Nov 23 2010 11:39am FLAG
Megan is a dirty whore

Jesus Nov 23 2010 11:39am FLAG
Megan is a dirty whore

Jesus Nov 23 2010 11:39am FLAG
ok first, call about 30057 therapists. tell them exactly wat u just wrote. let them handle it.

Smarticle Nov 23 2010 3:08pm FLAG
I shower every day and never charge my brother for sex.

Megan Nov 24 2010 7:10am FLAG
Winter is here so snuggle up with her to keep warm. Let your fingers wander, first to her boob where you should play with her nipples until they get hard. At first she may push your hand away, but keep it up unless she gets pissed. Once she is comfortable with your hand on her boob, try to get her to touch your boner. It helps to wear boxers or pjs so she has easy access. Try to push her top up so you can suck on her nipple. If she resists, lean over and put your mouth on her nipple through her top. Soon she will be holding your head like a baby sucking milk. This is the sign to let your fingers wander down between her legs. At first just rub her through her panties. When she gets wet, slip a finger up the panty leg and into her vagina so that you are rubbing along the top an inch or so into her. Don't forget to rub her cl*t too. When she starts to squirm on your finger, suggest she take her panties off so you will have better access. While she does this, take yours off too. If you really want to get her hot, lick her cl*t while you finger her, then start kissing your way up her body. Suck both nipples then start little pecks on her neck and ears. By this time your d*ck will be rubbing between her legs. You can put a hand down between you and guide the tip to her entrance. If she is a virgin, push in just an inch or so and she will relax and start to feel real good. Wait until she starts humping up at you, then give her several good pokes until her cherry pops. Slide into her slowly and rest inside her until she is used to your d*ck. Then you can start stroking in and out and she will love it. I know. That's how my brother did me our first time.

Ann Marie Nov 24 2010 7:41am FLAG
i feel bad 4 som of u

person Nov 27 2010 12:24am FLAG
i feel bad 4 som of u

person Nov 27 2010 12:24am FLAG
Ann Marie. Please I want to do that with my sister but I dont know how to start I really want your email to help me please I am very serious I need your advice to make my sister as you and my sister are both girls . This is my email. Please contact me for more detals

John willy Nov 30 2010 8:41am FLAG
My lil sis Serena is a yr old hot 8th grade cheerleader with a sexy bod like Lil Kim.She's been flirtin & flashin me.They won a game she wanted to celebrate.I treated her out to Sonic & opened 2 sex pill capsels in her drink when she went to the rest rm.When we left she was all over me.We were home alone so as soon as we got in I ripped off her outfit & fingered & ate her hot wet virgin ed her while I sucked her fresh titties till we came.

brotherluv Dec 22 2010 1:23pm FLAG
all of this is completely and utterly disgusting. you people are sick. go find someone that isn't related to you, you dirty american incest piece of

normal person Dec 23 2010 8:27am FLAG

Normal guy who thinks you guys are ed up Dec 31 2010 2:05pm FLAG
just have it man!

mini Jan 05 2011 4:47pm FLAG
i just and she likes it.

sis4ker Jan 07 2011 4:01pm FLAG
Look, i don't know if this is a joke or real. either way, it's sick! you should be ashamed of yourselves, seriously. dirty fools.

you don't need to know my name. Jan 09 2011 6:26pm FLAG
her hard from vince

funny cows Jan 10 2011 9:15pm FLAG
question: i really love my 22 yr old sis. she's abt 4 yr eleder. she is very sexy, nice body, i use to see her in bra n panty, now just cant resist to love my lovely sis. i wanna heck her wid passion, but dont no hw to seduce her, we r gud frndz n i have seen *** in her p.c which she doesnot no. if i talk abt dis 2 her it will b vulgar 2 her. hw 2 start?? plz advice me. i love my sis very much sexually. i want 2 be the LUKY man 2 take away her virginity. ................................................ eager 2 take my sister's virginity. please help me.............................................. i dont want 2 hurt my sister, i want 2 love her wid feelings, emotions, i dont want 2 rape my sister. i want to make her my girl friend , the most sexy n beautiful girl 4 me, i want 2 love her so much that she herself oofer me her virginity. my sis is very imp. 2 me, i care her, love her mentally and like her physically too. its a normal physical attraction 4 any1. i want her physically wid her permission, now how should i let her no my feelings, hw to start this and how 2 propose her. please give a strategic advice. BLESS U. PLZ MAIL ADVICE TO Feb 05 2011 9:24am FLAG
To all normal people... Thank You! I was worried that this is how the world works. Its absolutely disgusting and disgraceful to bang your own sister, as much as you want it, there are some thing that you should hold and not do so its kinda disgusting that you do this kind of

Normal Person Feb 09 2011 1:55pm FLAG
wtf is up with this sex blog i love my sister strongly but dont want to her!

A concerned Dude Apr 17 2011 8:57pm FLAG
ask to play hide and seek. then hide with her (in a small space like a closet or something) the darker,the better. ok, now accidently touch her boob or vagina then keep doing this until she dosent care. then start fingering her and kissing and then maybe...MAYBE go ahead and put it in(: hope this helped.

M4ngonuts is my Xbox live name(: Jun 02 2011 4:16pm FLAG
i want sex with my brother but i live in wales and it seems difrent her that out in america aso so if i do that to my brother he will litrily kill me

sexy slut Jul 17 2011 9:00am FLAG
dude. i know your feelings. i too want my sister idk why but i am 18 and shes like . i have a girl but i find myself wondering whayt itd feel like with my sister. as kids we messed around and did oral and finger and handjobs. never sex....well she let me put it in her ass before. but i want tha twat. idk what to tell you. ask her about her sex life and joke and say i bet i could do it better. and say jk. then say unless your curious...she may give in.

anonymous Aug 04 2011 10:08pm FLAG
U lot are weird why just why its just wrong!!! Normal person

Anonymous Oct 15 2011 6:19am FLAG
Sexy slut I'm from Wales where u from

big daddy Oct 15 2011 6:20am FLAG
Sexy slut I'm from Wales where u from

big daddy Oct 15 2011 6:20am FLAG
i my sister all the time

ing man Mar 31 2012 3:20am FLAG
I ed my sister before. She was asleep and I walked into her room, and yeahhh. JOKES I'm a girl for crying out loud!

Me. Apr 25 2012 2:55pm FLAG
Which hot girls out there are lonely

LOver boy Apr 27 2012 5:10pm FLAG
ive experienceed that before. your just with a twist of desperation. u natrually see ur lovd ons ***** so u getcurios. incest isnt "wrong" persayy, its how life originally was, if its safe, untampured with or influence n of age i dnt see a problem. but just ignore your hormones, itll pass

The one who understands May 03 2012 9:40am FLAG
and ppl r saying ur discusting when they searched the same thing. u cant ad advise without going to this so i think they "got sum" already and r embarrassed

The one who understands May 03 2012 9:42am FLAG
Lmao what the !

Anon Jul 18 2012 3:52am FLAG
I wish I had a bother to finger me. Ugh I'm

HOrny girl Jul 20 2012 1:39pm FLAG
I wish I had a bother to finger me. Ugh I'm

HOrny girl Jul 20 2012 1:39pm FLAG
im 18 yr old girl (im a virgin), and im an only child, i wish i had a brother or sister to

Sexy_Lone_Child Jul 28 2012 6:44am FLAG

Nero Jamz Aug 07 2012 11:53am FLAG

Nero Jamz Aug 07 2012 11:53am FLAG
One night when i was twelve i was in my room ***** shoving a carrot up myself when my brother walked in. I squealed and tried to cover myself up but he said he didnt mind and he liked it. He stuck his whole 8 inches into me and we both came! Ever since we have been ! Insest is defenatly best! I shagged my dad before too.

Horny little whore Aug 13 2012 2:40pm FLAG
one day i was in my room fingering myself when both of my brothers walked in (we were all home alone) and 1 of them yelled "wow (name) u r cumming so hard" then my other brothe said the same thing the they came ova and sat down on my bed (one on one one side) and started sucking on my big ass tits the one went on top of me and then made out with me and the other one started rubing and licking my sweet wet till i was cumming hard

3sm Aug 18 2012 10:30am FLAG
I LOVE LICKING MY sister clean she tasted so so so so so soooooooooooooo GOOD she was cummimg so hard and socking wet through her thongs


HORNY WET BITCH Aug 20 2012 7:51am FLAG
I'm so reading this <3

bitch Sep 03 2012 2:17pm FLAG
ing my sis right now

u dont need to en no my name Sep 16 2012 1:43pm FLAG
U dont need to he ken no my name, how did yu come on to her?

akdneedshel Sep 16 2012 4:28pm FLAG

yo moms date Sep 16 2012 4:31pm FLAG
i wish i had someone i wud scream so loud if u popped my cherry

WANNAFUCBOYS Sep 24 2012 2:39pm FLAG
I am and my sis is , how would i her? i really want to but i dont know how....... if you can help send me an email at (my sis's name)

I WANT TO ING HARD Oct 03 2012 11:44pm FLAG
I walk around ***** and my sister does too. She bends over and rubs her on my d*ck

Anonymous Oct 10 2012 7:21pm FLAG
When my sister first refused my temptations, I pretended like a didn't mind.... For a week. Both my parents Aren't home on Tuesday nights so I asked my sister to help me move something in the garden shed. When she came down in her hot, hot tight slutty outfit, I struck her with a shovel and took her 8 year old cherry with force. My 27 year old body dominated her every hole. Signed yours truly, Sir Walter of Devonshire.

Lord of the Devonshire estate. Oct 13 2012 4:29am FLAG
I have a yr old sister when my mum and dad go. Out on a Monday I allways heck and she enjoys it

cool kids BD Oct 30 2012 2:47am FLAG
I wanna be ed!wish I can get someone who would rock me hard!

hot sex Nov 04 2012 5:32am FLAG

Anonymous Nov 06 2012 3:36pm FLAG
I dont know how i ended up on the sister side of things but i have done something with my cousin one minuite we were watching t.v the next i had my finger in her wet and it doesnt bother me too much as i know it happened out of curiosity but i know how you feel because sometimes i want to do it again but im afraid to ask but you just need to get her at the right time :).

understanding Nov 15 2012 5:22pm FLAG
I am in the same sort of situation because my sister is 18 and i am but i was watching *** and she come and said that is rubbish i will give you the real thing so she got ***** and give me a title wank and sucked me off then told me to finger her so i did then we had sex and have sex every day now and it is grate

jack Dec 02 2012 8:03am FLAG
i wish i has like a twin bro or someone to finger me but i just have a 19 year old brother and i'm a girl

CHEESEPUFFAA Dec 02 2012 4:45pm FLAG
im and my sister is 18 but one day i caught her fingering herself over *** and got hard and ever since i wank over her is this normal

your mum Dec 07 2012 12:04pm FLAG
Basically first start touching with your knees and stuff then if she starts moving in o. You get more and more into it.

Maria Dec 21 2012 12:47pm FLAG
first off; all of you people taking about how sick this is why the on you on here second; be careful because you could easily get charged with rape-consintual or not-but if she is up to it go right on ahead (sorry for the miss spelling)

you Dec 21 2012 7:11pm FLAG
I play a game with my cousin where ou touch her boob outside clothes and say boob (or vag etc.) And she does the same to me but if really want to go a couple of steps further HELP

Anonymous Dec 23 2012 7:20pm FLAG
i wish i had some girl to sleep wid me

harris Dec 29 2012 11:09am FLAG
Want to drink sisters pee

Anonymous Jan 09 2013 2:11am FLAG
i use to sleep in the bed with my little sister i would put my hand under her shirt and rub her breast she sleeps in her thong and i would put my finger in her and just leave it there for moments while my junk got rock hard she would act asleep but i could hear faint moaning then a few nights ago she rented a movie and asked if i wanted to watch it with her next thing i know she put her hand on my junk and felt my boner thru my pants i fingered her until she came i caught my older sister flirting with some guy i told her i was going to tell her boyfriend when we got to her house she told me to come in her room to talk she then said if i need anything to let her know i was drinking and said i need a bl*wj*b she told me to pull my pants down and she sucked me dry then i stuck it in her butt im 24 my little sis is 21 and my older sis is 28 probably going to have a 3sum in the very near future it would be hot to see lil sis eating big sis while i anal lil sis

KING Feb 09 2013 7:42pm FLAG
OK i was at a friends house and her friend came over we spooned for a while and then i shoved my hand in her bra and thong i was so close to fingering her

HORNY yr old haha Feb 18 2013 8:20pm FLAG
i play with my sister when she sleeping...before 2 year i cant iam now researching how to gets once more...iam now get conclusion and got answer for that contact me advice neeeded...... Feb 21 2013 9:12pm FLAG
I'm a lonely girl

sexyvirgin Mar 09 2013 11:02pm FLAG
Any guys dat wna help me

sexyvirgin Mar 09 2013 11:04pm FLAG
I want to watch my friends take in turns on my youngest sister maddy

Gman Mar 11 2013 5:45am FLAG
im 18 and my sister's 28 she has a slim body i've been craving her ever since i can rember...i dont know how to get her because she's a moody person

wanna slide into sis Mar 17 2013 11:57pm FLAG
Are you ing kidding me? Your sister give it up pervert

Jose Joplin Mar 23 2013 10:04pm FLAG
Remember one time my sister bent over in her bikini and jumped into the pool and I said "come do a better one" after she got and bent over she had a wedgy so I took my " c*ck and went up to her and put my d*ck up her bikini bottoms and she moaned like a walrus (lmfao). But then all of a sudden I woke up and realized I was sleeping and realized I had no sister and it was actually my GF I was dreaming bout.

Non-incest-n*gga Mar 31 2013 10:35pm FLAG
Dude if she watches a lot of *** then she is obviously desperate for sex so go ahead and stick your fingers in her

Anonymous Apr 04 2013 11:10pm FLAG

Anonymous Apr 15 2013 10:11pm FLAG

Jonez Apr 16 2013 8:30pm FLAG
Ma sister used 2 be sexi as fuc. Everytime she walks by me in her bikini I always stare at her and she would be like" wat are you looking at, Cody" One day she said we shuld watch *** so I turned on ma galaxy tablet and went 2 *** She got really ed me all night long.

Cody Johnson Apr 16 2013 8:34pm FLAG
For Goodness sake stop fantasizing n ing ur siblings its incest a very big sin people.

lydia Apr 17 2013 7:23am FLAG little sis watches *** with me and lets me touch her. i have fingered her before and she loved it. but we stopped. it is a sin and we promised never to do it with each other again!

Jake Apr 18 2013 3:52pm FLAG
when shes sleeping pull down her pants and slowly finger her. when she wakes up she will know what your doing but just in case put your other hand on her mouth so she cant scream. then slowly get under her covers with her and slowly ease your d*ck in her. (this only apply's if she is ok with abbortion)

Chris May 03 2013 12:04pm FLAG
megan. i wish i had a beautiful sister like you so i could have wonderful sex. it may be incest but they say family is forever and their the closest so why not this close?

Chris May 03 2013 12:06pm FLAG
U guys are disgusting people why did I even come to this sir

ur mom and shill kill u May 06 2013 10:05pm FLAG
Finger and slag !!! Stick your d*ck inside me ;)

The Slag ;) May 08 2013 9:03am FLAG
Sexyvirgin you got a kik?

Jordan May 24 2013 3:48pm FLAG
im in love with my step sis. and she hate me what do i do

i ant got time 4 that May 25 2013 1:38am FLAG
and i want to have sex with her 2,&i put 1 of her sock on my d*** at night

i ant got time 4 that May 25 2013 1:46am FLAG
sexy v ill take u

king man May 25 2013 1:56am FLAG
just ask her damn dont b a

Get Laid Virgin May 27 2013 1:22am FLAG

AliceANDMe May 27 2013 1:24am FLAG

Anonymous May 27 2013 1:25am FLAG
Wow lol

WAtson Jun 01 2013 3:10pm FLAG
Get a girlfriend

C*ck blocker Jun 01 2013 3:10pm FLAG
Watsons loves to gobble

Haha Jun 01 2013 3:12pm FLAG
I also have a my sister is she is hot as fahk...all started a few years back when we were talking about her lesbian friend, and we get just as i do and we started doing it and our parents caught and we pretend like nothing happend and after parents situation she would ask me to get to the shower with her...ok so let me tell you something about her. She is ordenary girl and she likes to play and walking. Every time i mention sex she gets pissed i can talk to her about sex when she doesnt notice that were talking and when i start about us having sex she says angry no...and i dont get it she used to have sex with me i mean i finger her And now i every night try to finger her when shes asleep...we sleep in the same room and every summer were alone with our have blind and deaf grandma. Please tell me what should i do please help im desperate contact me here or thru

Horny broo Jun 02 2013 2:16pm FLAG
All started a few years back when we talked about her lesbian friend and we one day got real and we started to masturbate to eachother and one day when we masturbated together our parents came in and they caught us. So we pretended like nothing happend. And a few days later she asked me if i would join her in the shower and i wanted to but all i just did was jerking off on her*

Horny broo Jun 02 2013 2:22pm FLAG
How to finger my light sleeping sister?

Jacob Jun 03 2013 8:01pm FLAG
Ewwww your all gross if my lil bro tried to do that id call my boyfriend over and get him to beat my bro up even if i am related to him btw im and hes he is quite cute but i have a bf and hes waaaaaayyyyyyyyy to young lol and if u really wanna do dat stuff get a girlfriend, dude!!

You dont need to know my name ;) Jun 16 2013 4:56pm FLAG
How can I get my sister to let me finger her I'm

jacob Jun 23 2013 9:18pm FLAG
girl do you wanna date you sound sexy

sexy boy Jun 24 2013 8:07pm FLAG
lust and fornication are an abomination against god you americans are sick like really lusting with your own brother or sister sick yuckkkk

anonymous Jun 24 2013 8:10pm FLAG
I want to my yr old sister ( I'm ) an i don't know wher or how to get any pills or what to do plzzzz help me i want her so bad

Gmoney Jun 30 2013 9:05pm FLAG
hey megan u sound nice i would like to the shiznit out of you so hard. email me at if you want to talk

kgkilla Jul 07 2013 8:14pm FLAG
Im and i sleep or take "naps" with my sister she is 21 and one day i was laying down and she fell asleep so i started to finger her then i started rubing her boobs and i guess she was acting asleep because i heard her groan then i stuck my di** in her she moved way more then i just made out with her and then i left

ghost Jul 10 2013 12:19am FLAG
im i live in richmond texas im a dude any girl wunt some

john Jul 13 2013 10:30pm FLAG
Your all sick . I mean are u guys country or from da mountains smdh . I really hope this is just a really sick joke and if not seek help

None of you perves need my number Jul 16 2013 10:14am FLAG
hey i am a guy near Buffalo, NY... any young girls near me that want to ???

erBoy240 Jul 22 2013 11:01am FLAG
Hey im any got guy wanna talk dirty with me email me at at

sluty Jul 28 2013 1:02pm FLAG
When i got home from school one day my mom and dad were away so my sis had to watch me overnight and she asked me to get her a glass of water with ice so i gave it to her and she asked me to leave the room but i was so attracted to her so i spyed on her she took an ice cube and started to put it up her hole she heard the door creek and invited me in i got to use the icecube on her and i sucked her do hard and we had sex it was the best nigjt ever!

Josh Jul 31 2013 3:51am FLAG
I want to finger my sis i can do it now cuz shes alseep but im worried she might be a light sleeper and her door creaks when i open it help

Its hard u no Jul 31 2013 6:52pm FLAG
Oh shes downstairs on my down stairs to how do i get her blanket off her without her waking up cuz she might be a light sleeper

Its hard u no Jul 31 2013 7:12pm FLAG
im in southern wisconsin amyone want to f***

goodguy Aug 02 2013 12:52am FLAG
preferably in janesville. just a sex buddy, no dramatic relationship thing.

goodguy Aug 05 2013 8:59pm FLAG
just cuddle with her while watching a movie n get ur d*ck hard so she can feel it she will get turn on thats what happen with my 2 sisters

sebastian Aug 06 2013 10:42pm FLAG
I have 2 sisters and my parents were gone for the weekend. So we throw a Mini party. Im my oldest sister is 19 and my older one is . Anyway we are all drinking playing truth or dare. One of m friends dares me to make out with my sister. Me being as drunk as I was started making out with her. Later that night after the party me and my sister was watching tv. She started asking me how I felt about he kiss. Well one hing led to another and I was rubbing her cl*t. She was so wet and moaning so loud my other sister walked in. She was shoelace and flipped out so we stopped and started to wonder what it would be like she came back a few min later saying it was only going to be a one night thing. So me and my sisters started at in my sister was taking in the vag while my younger sister got eaten out Then the next day I went to this weird website where I made up a story about me fking my sisters

TheGuyWithNoSisters Aug 14 2013 12:36am FLAG

BAMBAM Nigguh Aug 14 2013 12:38am FLAG
I'm and would die for a older brother who will have sex with me

Anonymous Sep 04 2013 7:04pm FLAG
What du are y'all doing giving him all that bad advice. If y'all blood don't if y'all not blood. Tell me I'll go more into detail on what to do.

NoneOfYallingBuisiness Sep 05 2013 3:08pm FLAG
Does anyone here live in England? I'm a guy, , want some so bad.

HORNYER. Sep 06 2013 3:54pm FLAG
I need help. I really want to my sis but I don't know how to ask her. Can someone help me???

Tom Sep 08 2013 6:31am FLAG
Are there any girls that live in England that want to hook up??

Jack Sep 08 2013 6:35am FLAG
Giving pills is rape, and so is forcing so if she wants she will, don't force it

Anonymous Sep 15 2013 12:58pm FLAG
To All the people who say this is sick. If this is sick y the r u lookin this up dumbasses

Jesse j Sep 22 2013 10:59pm FLAG
I'm i have been watching *** since i was 8 now internet *** just isnt enough I have a hot as sister and I need a way to her but she won't let me help plz

Jesse j Sep 22 2013 11:22pm FLAG
im from wales n i cum in my sisters thong

the valleys Sep 23 2013 2:30am FLAG
Wow... Just wow. You people are complete nutters. 1. Stop lusting for your siblings and 2... No! Just no! Bad!

Baffled Girl Sep 28 2013 7:49pm FLAG
I have a situation... I'm a guy and I'm , my little bro is and my big sis is 18. I'm bisexual and I fantasize about him sometimes. We've kinda had sex before but all I did was rub on him a little and I tried to kiss him but he wouldn't go for it. And one day my parents found out and we never did it again. But anyways I really like him and want to have actuall sex with him but idk how to get him to do it again. The same with my sister she's really really hot and I fantasize about her A LOT but idk how to get her to let me. She's sent ***** pics to one of her boyfriends before but my dad found out and so I can't black mail her or anything help me please I want them both!!!

Anonymous Oct 12 2013 6:41pm FLAG

69master Oct 12 2013 6:45pm FLAG
Anyone on snapchat .. I'm boy

yup Oct 15 2013 3:30am FLAG

: Oct 15 2013 3:41am FLAG
Is it just me that looks this up to see how many incest comments there are?

Grammar Nazi Oct 17 2013 8:18pm FLAG
xyFY1T Thanks a lot for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

nLxWpBdKEFeKItgywK Oct 25 2013 9:40am FLAG

Anonymous Nov 02 2013 10:06pm FLAG
Wank and play hard

james crowe Nov 03 2013 1:31pm FLAG
I got so turned on by all of this. I'm fingering myself real hard right now...

Iwannascreamandshout Nov 05 2013 11:32am FLAG
Me and my sister sleep together some nights, and it's really frustrating cuz she always wears this tight shirt with only panties on. And everytime our legs touch I get a boner. So one night when we were sleeping together I could both hear and feel her fingering herself. I got so turned on that I too started fingering her. At first I thought she would push me away, but instead she started moaning really loud which only made me more turned on. She suddenly grabbed my d*ck inside my boxers and started going up and down. She was practically humping my fingers, and just before she came she said: " or finger my sister btw. I mean i love her but not in that way)

Yo_Bro Nov 05 2013 11:44am FLAG
" me" so I entered her vagina hard and deep. She screamed as she got an orgasm. And not long after I came inside her, she got another orgasm'

Yo_Bro Nov 05 2013 11:47am FLAG
Snap chat me: tahjm8

Tahj Nov 08 2013 3:10am FLAG
This is just sick ... (Also I hope all of these comments are fake, cuz it's wrong to your siblings)

this is weird Nov 25 2013 5:21am FLAG

This is weird Nov 25 2013 5:22am FLAG
Why can't u type the word "" here? (Fu€k)

Idk Nov 25 2013 5:24am FLAG
Wow...all for love 'weird' love but this seems pushing it a little too far to be...right.

Lil Ol' Me Nov 28 2013 1:07am FLAG
if i forcely kiss my sister and rub her vagina will she be and ready to do sex with me? what if i also do oral to her?

james Nov 29 2013 2:19pm FLAG
ur fuking gay

ur left tit Dec 01 2013 2:13pm FLAG

ya nan Dec 01 2013 2:17pm FLAG
I had a threesome with my stepmom and sister

Anonymous Dec 02 2013 1:46am FLAG
On three different occasions I had a threesome actually; one with my stepmom and sister, one with my sister and brother, and one with my stepmom and brother

Anonymous Dec 02 2013 1:48am FLAG
give up on her vagina. She can always jerk you off on her tits.

Nomad92 Dec 24 2013 1:37pm FLAG
Ok, so all these people saying that Incest is a sin. 1) That means you believe in God and how the Earth was created. 2) So if everyone in the old times was created through incest how is it wrong? 3) If you don\'t like it shut up and keep your opinions to yourself because obviously people here don\'t care.

Anti-Hater Dec 26 2013 3:38am FLAG
Just give your sister sleeping pills and go for it

Mother er Dec 29 2013 12:44pm FLAG
I fkt 2 of my cusns lol ;) best sex eva I'll never forget it I say just go for it let your fingers wander

funfun Jan 04 2014 10:17pm FLAG
Please tell me how to f**k my mom

Anonymous Jan 14 2014 2:19pm FLAG

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